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  1. Chris Chris says:

    If you want I'll give you one marshmallow now If you read through the whole review however I'll give you two Ready? Let's goDo you have problems? Of course you have problems We all have problems Maybe you want to land a new job or lose weight or finish a project you're working on Maybe you find that you procrastinate too much or you don't get along with people or you can't be creative Maybe you just want to be happy you poor sad little personThese are the kinds of problems that have spawned an entire industry of books the Self Help genre Go to your local bookstore and look around There are countless books that tell you how you can make yourself better through positive thinking creative visualization listening to Mozart or joining up with groups They'll tell you that if you want to find romance you should look for an opposite you should play hard to get or you should plan a perfectly romantic evening They'll cite ancient wisdom or have countless testimonials from people who have tried their methods and almost all of them have one thing in common they don't workThe self help genre rests on a foundation of common sense ideas things that sound like they should work rather than an understanding of how the human mind actually does work Often much to our chagrin our minds don't follow the rules and we fail Take positive thinking for example The general gist of positive thinking is that you should never allow a negative thought to enter your mind If one pops up just push it away and focus on the positiveuick experiment I want you for the next minute to not I repeat not think of a pink hippopotamus Ready? GOWaiting waiting waitingHow'd you do? I don't know about you but my pink hippo is rather contentedly sitting on my sofa right now The fact is the we try not to think of something the harder it is to not think about it You then end up obsessing over the thing you're trying not to think of which is what you were trying to avoid in the first placeIt's an idea that sounds like it should work but it doesn't and that's what Wiseman has collected in this book Wiseman is a psychologist from the UK and he has a particular interest not only in the science of self help but also magic optical illusions and the paranormal In other words he's very good at knowing how we humans fool ourselves And boy do we know how to fool ourselvesWe want to believe that humans are rational creatures intelligently designed to make the best decisions We spent years studying the world around us trying to figure out how to motivate ourselves and others and operating under the assumption that we know what our brains are doing at any give time Problem is we don't We have no idea what our brains are doing while we're trying to get things done The good news is that there's are entire branches of psychology that are doing their damndest to figure it out Wiseman combed through the literature looking at scientific studies on human psychology and behavior to try and find simple clear and effective ways of making your life better The bonus is that many of these things can be done in under a minuteSome of the things he presents are so simple that you don't want to believe they'd work For example do you want to be a little cheerful to have a brighter outlook on life and be generally pleasant to be around? Go get a pencil and hold it with your teeth making sure your lips don't touch the pencil Your mouth will basically be making a grin which will have a positive impact on your mood Seriously While you're at it sit up straight use expressive gestures when you talk and try to use a wider range of pitch in your speech Your body and mind are hooked up in such a way that your body can tell your mind what it's feeling So if you have a grin on your face and you're talking in an animated and upbeat way your brain will think Well these are all physical conditions that are associated with happiness so I guess I must be happyYou can use the same trick on a first date Instead of a nice placid picnic in the park or a boat ride on the river go to an amusement park and hit the roller coaster together The fear and excitement will make your date's heart beat faster breathe harder and generally be excited These are also physical reactions to being attracted to someone and your brain really can't tell the difference very well It feels your heart pounding your blood rushing your adrenaline flowing and it thinks Huh I guess I must really like this person So once you get off that ride you have a little window of opportunity to increase the attraction you have for each otherNow let's say you're angry about something I mean you're hitting George Constanza levels here and all you want to do is just hit something There is a way of thinking that says you should go hit your pillow Or go to the gym and do some work on the heavy bag punching your anger away If you live far enough away from others maybe you could do some primal screaming or something It makes sense right? You have to let your anger out somewhere right?Wrong Studies have shown that kicking and screaming and beating up your pillow will make you aggressive and irritable not less It's like trying to put out a fire with a bucket of gasoline What you should do then is to look for the benefits to your experience Researchers asked subjects to think about a painful and unpleasant incident in their lives and to focus on their anger Another group was asked to instead focus on the benefits they had learned an important lesson had become an emotionally stronger person or had otherwise changed for the better When uestioned later the second group turned out to be much less angry than the first and to be likely to forgive the person who had hurt themOkay one you want to be creative right? We all want that So should you brainstorm with your colleagues? Focus on the creative task at hand? Listen to Mozart? No no and no although there's really never any reason not to listen to Mozart Again research has shown that people tend to work less hard in groups than they do on their own Being in a group makes you lazier so if you want to get good ideas from a whole bunch of people have them work alone first You'll get and better ideas that way As for focusing on the problem at hand other studies have shown that the best thing to do is to distract yourself with something totally unrelated so that your unconscious mind can get some work done Work on a puzzle draw a picture think of a hundred ways to use a brick anything but the problem you're trying to solve Then when you come back to the problem you're likely to generate better ideasAs for the Mozart it turns out that listening to Mozart does make you slightly creative and intelligent for about fifteen minutes Neither you nor your baby will become a genius if you listen to Wolfie's music every day What's actually effective is modern art especially art that breaks our expectations In one study two groups were given a creativity task One was seated in a room with a large print that featured twelve dark green crosses on a light green background The other had almost an identical picture except that one of the crosses was yellow and they came up with the creative ideas Why should this be? The idea is that the impression of unconventionality of a pattern being broken may be enough to stimulate our own creativity Now it won't turn you into DaVinci or anything like that but it should help at least a littleAnd that's what this book is lots of little ideas that are designed to help you out Put a mirror in your kitchen put a baby photograph in your wallet buy small gifts for no reason Put a plant on your desk start keeping a journal and don't praise your kids for how clever they are praise them for the work they've done Everything Wiseman puts in this book is a small thing a little effort but when put together they add upEven if you don't really need a lot of alteration to your life maybe you're as happy as happy can be it's still a fascinating look into how our mids work and the different ways that they can be hackedGood work Here are your marshmallows Now if you take part in a study and the researchers explain that they need your telephone number in case of a hard disk failure they are up to something Richard Wiseman 59 Seconds

  2. David David says:

    I've read a lot of pop psychology books but this one is uite different from the rest Each chapter of this book takes a topic and describes various scientific psychology experiments that have direct bearing on the topic Many of the experiments came to non intuitive conclusions about human behavior Then the book shows how you the reader can take advantage of these conclusions in your everyday life Scattered throughout the book are short psychological uestionnaires that help focus the approach on your individual personalitySo many myths about human behavior are turned upside down in this book The myth that brainstorming with a group of people will come up with better ideas is exploded If you want a first date to be successful take your date to some activity that will get your excitement levels up that will elevate your heart rates Praise a child for the effort that heshe showed in some endeavor rather than praising the child for being smart or fast If you want a big favor from someone first ask them for a small insignificant favor It is difficult if not impossible to detect a liar by his facial expressions eye contact fidgety behavior or tone of voice The best giveaway is actually his choice of wordsThis is a truly entertaining book It successfully melds scientific research with advice on handling situations Highly recommended

  3. Sean Sean says:

    I liked itSpeaking as a former cognitive psychologist I take issue with the interpretation of some of the results But speaking as a former cognitive psychologist this is the best self help book I've read in a long long time and I've read a lot of 'em The suggestions here are backed by research and are very easy to implement I might make a goal of focusing on one a month until I become so happy I'm insufferable

  4. Sara Sara says:

    Why are all of the really cool people in the world British? Richard Wiseman knocks my socks off every time he publishes If you're going to read his work though I have a couple of caveats for you1 His work is non fiction of the sort that uotes a LOT of numbers and makes both macro and micro adjustments in viewpoint sometimes within the same paragraph If you don't read heavy duty nonfiction well this is the wrong author for you2 He uses his own work as a BASIS for his books He uses other people's work sometimes fifteen or twenty examples of other people's work to back up the results his work shows Does this mean his work is useless or that he shouldn't write a book until he can FILL a book? Heck no It means that he's showing you that not only are his results valid he can show you ten other studies that support the validity59 seconds is cool in that it focuses on research proven ways that you can change your life starting with your basic attitude positive or negative Everything in the book takes less than a minute to do The first section of the book even goes so far as to disprove in several different ways all the bunk published in self help books Interspersed with the life changing stuff are tidbits about human behavior which is the part I find fascinating For example did you know that trying to forget something an argument a phone number anything actually makes your brain try to reset itself by going over and over the item you're trying to forget? You're better off spending ONE MINUTE writing down your problem resetting your brain then ONE MINUTE making a list of several specific things for which you are grateful Doing these two exercises not only improves your mood for three months it improves your general outlook about life Like Wiseman's other book uirkology I recommend this book for anyone who wonders why people do what they do

  5. Lena Lena says:

    Professor Richard Wiseman has long been dubious about the self help industry feeling that many of the popular books promoting techniues for personal change have at best no evidence to support them and at worst can actually make you to feel bad about yourself when following their instructions fails to produce the promised results Over lunch with a friend who had just bought one of these kinds of books he got to thinking about what the research actually says are effective ways to create personal change in a short period of time This book attempts to bring together the best of that research in a way that's actually useful for laypeopleThe topics covered include happiness persuasion motivation creativity attraction stress relationships decision making parenting and personality Each section begins with a discussion of the relevant research into the subject at hand and ends with practical suggestions for how to make use of the findings to improve your own lifeThough each section is well grounded in some very interesting psychological and sociological research not all of it is necessarily cutting edge In fact the book got off to a bit of a slow start for me as I had already read about many of the studies in the opening chapter in other books As I got further into it however I learned uite a few things I didn’t know and came to appreciate Wiseman's odd sense of humor So if you are looking to find out what science says is the best way to think creatively encourage your children get your lost wallet returned make a good decision or find out which sport is the most likely to make you attractive to the opposite sex hint it’s not golf you'll find a lot of value in this book

  6. Erika RS Erika RS says:

    Finished 59 Seconds Think a Little Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman 35Books in the self help genre tend to promise uick fixes grounded in little evidence and not uncommonly contradicting actual evidence Psychological literature sometimes has validated advice but much of it not surprisingly reuires a large investment of time and effort Wiseman wanted to share the scientifically validated but easy to apply tips that people could use to improve their livesThe number of uick tips which have evidence behind them are few and lack the miraculous impact self help books promise In this single volume Wiseman covers many of the stable topic of self help happiness persuasion motivation creativity attraction stress relationships decision making parenting and personality It works out to only about 30 pages per topic compare that to the shelves of self help books on each topic You can read the book if you want background but here's a taste1 Listing things you are grateful for or things that have gone well increases happiness Acts of kindness even small ones increase happiness Donate give blood buy a surprise gift Placing a mirror in front of people when they are choosing food reduces consumption of unhealthy food Plants in the office seem to boost creativity Possibly by reducing stress and improving moods Write about your deepest feelings about your relationships to increase the odds of the relationship lasting Writing tends to remind people of all the good things about the relationship People lie less over recorded communication media like email When speaking liars tend to have less detail use ummms and aaahs and use less self reference words I me my Praise a child's effort not their ability Visualize yourself working through the process of achieving your goal rather than the actual success Visualization from a third person perspective seems to be effectiveSome criticisms The first is specific to the uality of this as an audio book Many of the In 59 seconds summaries at the end of each chapter involve forms or checklists These make for tedious listening and it's not very useful to just have them in audio It would have been nice for the audio book to come with supplementary material for all of these formsI don't know if it's the author or the research community but the chapters on relationships and attraction seem to exude a subtle sexism Almost all of the tips and studies mentioned describe men as active agents and woman as passive agents This activepassive division was not the conclusion of some study and therefore worth considering even if I don't like the result Rather they were baked into the setup of the studies For example a couple of studies focused on how various factors such as a man's confidence or a woman's breast size affected behavior in a night club results were not surprising In each of these studies regardless of what was being varied the researchers decided to use a setup where men were always the approachers and woman the approached This was to put it mildly annoyingFinally this is a book that you should read for its content not the uality of its writing It's not bad but it can be formulaicSince I tend to prefer books categorized as psychology over those categorized as self help many of these tips were not new to me However if you want a concise look at the science of improving your life this book fulfills that goal1 Dear Audible when I buy the audio version of a book it would be really nice if I were allowed full text capabilities on theSearch Inside version when it exists Pretty please?

  7. ♥ Ibrahim ♥ ♥ Ibrahim ♥ says:

    It is another self help book telling you why all other self help books seem to have got it wrong while he is just so smart and got it all right and in 59 seconds You can't beat that It is the uick fix book in 59 seconds He even criticized visualization when it is proven to be working medically Just go to google and type cancer visualization and you will be grateful for the power of visualization Not everything have to be really philosophized; some things we just take in simplicity and they work magic

  8. Adrienne Michetti Adrienne Michetti says:

    I'm giving this 5 stars becausea this book reveals fascinating insight about research into and strategies to cultivate happiness be persuasive have lasting relationships be a better parent and b it is VERY well researched and referenced with many pathways to choose afterward for reading in areas of continued interestc it is extremely relevant to any and every human being on the planet Basically if you are a human you can benefit from this bookd it is organized in a way that you can use meaning it's very practical and has tips that can change your life pretty much starting nowI would like to give it 45 stars rather than 5 becausea a small handful of the research has gender sexual orientation and cultural Western cultural bias all of which the author acknowledges but he doesn't offer much in terms of alternative ways of approaching the areas where research is lackingb a couple of the sections namely persuasion and relationships lack an approach from a woman's point of view For example Wiseman seemed to be focused on How can a man persuade a woman to go out with him? and How can a woman get a man to stay in a relationship? rather than How can people be happy in a relationship? Even if the research focused only on hetero couples that would be okay by me if clarified and acknowledged but in this section the scales seemed heavily tipped toward what men can do to get women and what women can do to keep men That the author chose to perpetuate this stereotype rubbed me the wrong way but it's such a small section of the book that I've decided it's not worth NOT reading just because of this Rather it's just something to be aware of as a readerbut 45 stars isn't an option and I'm giving Wiseman the benefit of the doubt I can safely say that this is the kind of book that I will keep at hand all the time Similar to Growth Mindset it's a book I will approach and re visit when I need a reminder about what to consider when applying for a new job playing with a baby or leading a team discussion at work The book's title is based on a conversation the author had with a friend about the abundance of pop psychology self help myths out there and how many of them despite being popular and well known are utterly wrong and not backed by research of any kind His friend a busy lawyer told him that as much as she wanted to use real research based things that work for her own self growth she really only had a minute each day to learn about them and make changes in her life Wiseman took that as a challenge and he has in my opinion done an excellent job Each section has a list of tips and techniues at the back that anyone even the busiest of the busy can do In 59 Seconds I've bookmarked them all and have already started with some of them Short sweet to the point and incredibly usefulThis book is worth your time

  9. Mag Mag says:

    Many people are attracted to self improvement and self development but don’t have a lot of time to devote to elaborate and time consuming techniues This book is about how to change in 59 seconds with psychologically proven uick and dirty strategies that won’t take a lot of time to implement Wiseman deals with almost everything under the sun found in the self help section from improving goal setting through getting better at lateral thinking to good selling and dating techniues And he promises they are all based on the solid scientific researchHere are the highlights of what interested meTechniues that work• Write things out – both when you’re unhappy and when you’re happy If you want to be happier write what you are thankful for for a few minutes every day• Write if you want to change– set your goals and keep a journal• Go for experiences and share them with many others but not for possessions Unless they are books of course • Give and help people and ask them to help you• If you’re prone to losing wallets put a picture of a smiling baby behind the plastic cover 35% of those wallets were returned beating the wallets with a happy family a puppy and an elderly couple respectivelyTechniues that don’t work• Visualization may backfire since we may get frustrated with a huge discrepancy of the ideal we want to attain and the reality • Positive thinking does not lead to solving problems• Trying not to think about something As Dostoyevski observed in Winter Notes on Summer Impressions ‘Try to pose yourself this task not to think of a polar bear and you’ll see that the cursed thing will come to mind every minute• More money people whose life basic needs are covered don’t get happier with money • Gossiping about others in a funny psychological paradox people will assign the traits you’re criticizing to you so say positive things about other people

  10. biblio_mom (Aiza) biblio_mom (Aiza) says:

    We all get used to what we have very uickly Buying a new car or bigger house provides a short term feel good boost but we uickly become accustomed to it and sink back to our pre purchase level of joy Thanks to our capacity to adapt to ever greater fame and fortune yesterday's luxuries can soon become today's Necessities and tomorrow's relics If money cannot buy happiness what is the best way of putting a long term smile on your face?Consist of 10 chapters my favourite point would be the first one which is Happiness Why positive thinking often fails how the real route to happiness involves a pencil keeping the perfect diary small acts of kindness and developing the gratitude attitudeIn this particular chapter I like to uote a passage that is very relatable to me Happiness makes people sociable and altruistic it increases how much they like themselves and others it improves their ability to resolve conflict and it strengthens their immune systems Right after reading the first chapter I've made the point into my youtube content Biblio Mom about the act of hoarding books In that video I mentioned that our happiness is fabricated by consuming things and it is temporary That feeling always ended up being washed awayIts a good read for personal and general growth According to the title Think a little change a lot it tells us to get things done rather than just thinking about them all the time Because actions should speaks louder than words and thoughtsAs Malay's saying Angan angan Mat Jenin that mean someoe that has dreams but only live in his dreams without even trying to achieve them So pick up an insightfull books read them and ACT

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59 Seconds Think a Little Change a Lot ➽ 59 Seconds Think a Little Change a Lot Download ➺ Author Richard Wiseman – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A psychologist and best selling author gives us a myth busting response to the self help movement with tips and tricks to improve your life that come straight from the scientific communityRichard Wise A psychologist and best selling author gives Think a eBook ↠ us a myth busting response to the self help movement with tips and tricks to improve your life that come straight from the scientific communityRichard Wiseman has been troubled by the realization that the self help industry often promotes exercises that destroy motivation damage relationships and reduce creativity the opposite of everything it promises Now in Seconds he fights back bringing together the diverse scientific advice that can help you change your life in under a minute and guides you toward becoming decisive 59 Seconds PDF/EPUB or imaginative engaged and altogether happyFrom mood to memory persuasion to procrastination resilience to relationships Wiseman outlines the research supporting the new science of “rapid change” and with clarity and infectious enthusiasm describes how these uirky sometimes counterintuitive techniues can be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday life Or as he likes to say “Think a little change a lot” From the Hardcover edition.