Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create

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  1. Narasu Narasu says:

    I really didn't like this book It was too condensed and too self help y with all the anecdotes of people with no last names Plus there was one anecdote about a woman who saved her marriage by doing all the things her husband wanted like baking fresh baked bread out of selfless love while stopping the things that he didn't like such as showing her hurt feelings because they annoyed him Yeah the relationship got better but at what cost? I don't think that is good relationship advice I like Deepak Chopra's book Perfect Health a lot That one is grounded in fact This one is basically one man's musings and personal philosophy which is interesting but too many other people are going to take it as gospel because of who he is and I don't think it would work for everyone

  2. Irene Irene says:

    It took me a long time to get through this book but only because I had to digest it every few pages and let it simmer and percolate I actually need to re read it again so that I can actually live not just read and digest the message A wonderful book with a great message in living a concious life

  3. Lola Lola says:

    I really don't know where to begin my review but here goes I have read many books on mindbody spirit but this one is written in an easy to read understand format I like how Deepak explains the concept of our beings as essentially energy that can be guided or redirected in a desirable direction His philosophy is Science meets Buddah meets God The bottom line to this book is that we all are born with God in us and we must make an effort to connect with the God in us in order to know our real selves and experience a true peace I also appreciated the exercises on connecting with our bodies So true that our minds are expert liars while our bodies are only honest and will reveal our true feelings This book is a keeper and will serve as a permanent reference

  4. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    There are massive amounts of information in this book That was my only complaint that Chopra covered so much he sacrificed going into specificsMy favorite part was when he discussed how the body is literally shaped by repressed emotions By examining someone's posture you can determine if they or you are subconsciously angry fearful defensive even when they or you may not realize it themselves The mindbody connection is for the most part dismissed in the western world so I found everything he had to say on the subject fascinatingI also liked the various meditations that he suggested to release emotional trauma or just to encourage your energy to move around Chopra excels at meditative techniues I wish he'd talked about contemplative practices but again he went through so much material that I can see why he didn't dwell too long on one topicI'd recommend this for anyone interested in the bodymind connection spiritually enlightening practices or if you're just curious about Chopra's thoughts on the nature of the soul

  5. Marina Sarra Barigelli Marina Sarra Barigelli says:

    I loved everything about this book I listened to the whole unabridged audiobook twice and couldn't stop taking notes I finally bought a copy hoping my daughters would read it and will buy another to keep for myself It is by far the best book written by Chopra

  6. Juliana Juliana says:

    Definitely not for me I was curious and thought that worse case this book would give me new tools to deal with stress and it did I really liked one of meditation techniues he describes But his belief system is not my own and if you are cringing than enjoying the book it’s time to stop

  7. dirt dirt says:

    Don't consume this book Have a relationship with it because it cares about how you look in lingerie Buying a bra helps you align yourself with your soul If you don't believe me take the uiz from the section In Your Life Tuning In It was on page 85 of the edition I readconsumeddated brieflyThis book is chock full of good ideas about taking care of yourself being calm and being aware You will be reminded to be open to new possibilities You will judge yourself and others less You may even bake bread Definitely slow down There is one idea that you can completely ignore Deepak has this weird notion that you don't have to experience negative emotions Somehow you can use inner guidance to go through life without confusion uncertainty and conflict To me that would be missing out on half of the experience We need guilt regret and embarrassment or else the Tree People's 1991 release wouldn't have a title Sometimes life sucks That suckiness is a signpost for you Yeah you may feel bad about how a relationship ended or an experience turned out You ask yourself uestions Was it me? Was it the circumstances? Probably a mixture of both? You can find the underlying message if you are honest enough with yourself Then when you find yourself feeling the same way in another relationshipexperience you can put together the clues uickly to say Fuck this noise I'm out Don't try to transcend negative emotions use them to your advantage Deepak also uses god and love interchangeably throughout the book to name the great unifying force which your soul can tune intoPop uiz time Would you rather live in a country whose slogan was One nation under god or One nation under love?Give yourself 10 points for choosing an answer A metaphor that boggled my mind was when Deepak stated Of course you will accept one slice of bread at a time if you don't know the whole loaf can be yours I love carbohydates as much as the next guygirl especially if the next guygirl is a biologist I never met a biologist who was on a low carb diet But still no thanks to the whole loaf I'll just take two slices some peanut butter and a smear of apple butter or honey I will be perfectly content and satiated Then we can share the rest of the loaf with everyone else This way people won't think we're arrogant selfish assholes on some sort of holier than thou trip with a Look I have the whole loaf attitude

  8. Experience Life Experience Life says:

    “We don’t really know what a body can do” wrote 17th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza in a reflection on the body’s unrealized potential Centuries later according to physician and mind body expert Deepak Chopra we still don’t really know — and this is great news for those of us interested in expanding our physical and spiritual limits In the first half of the book Chopra “reinvents the body” as a manifestation of energy and his five breakthrough ideas show how the body can be changed through alterations in consciousness The second half offers five breakthroughs for “resurrecting the soul” that emphasize reestablishing the connection with our inner guidance through “subtle action” practices like meditation and contemplation The concluding 10 steps to wholeness include practical actionable suggestions Learn to wait for solutions to present themselves organize your physical environment to support the most efficient use of personal energy prioritize relationships over consumption and so on Along with these simple steps the book is richly layered with mind expanding and provocative ideas — like the contented nature of a cell or the timelessness of the soul For those of us who feel that profound transformations of the mind and body are possible this book provides some very satisfying leads

  9. Deanna Deanna says:

    This book taught me a lot about how to think of my body as the interface between the material and spiritual worlds and also how to reconnect to our own souls Chopra gives a list of ten breakthroughs in how to think of our bodies and our souls five different ways to think of our bodies and five different ways to think of our souls It also reiterates the idea that Chinese medicine is based upon that our bodies are made of energy and we can manipulate that energy both with our minds through intention and awareness and also physically I like the idea that part of the energy field is made up of our spirit at least if I remember that last part rightI particularly like the idea that God or the Divine or whatever is not this entity that sits down and observes us from above Rather we are all God we are all Divine and we're all part of the same universal entity and it's up to us to reconnect with that part of us that has been taken away by scientific empiricism and religious doctrine that says that the Divine is separate from humans Once we reconnect to our soul and our divine selves we can bring about change within us and outside of us

  10. Greta Greta says:

    I don't know what it was about this book that made me sort of not like it It has some fascinating ideas about the body and its relationship with the soul There wasn't anything I found unbelievable or unhelpful Maybe it was his anecdotal writing style Maybe it was just a bit too deep for me to comprehend all at once While I've read other books on this topic and find the subject to be an important one I don't think this is the best book to read about it I know this is not a very good review but then again I don't think it's a very good book

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