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Seducing the Enemy's Daughter ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Seducing the Enemy's Daughter Author Jules Bennett – Brady Stone had just learned the new manager of the property he wanted was a womanand uite desirable Charming Samantha Donovan into giving away corporate secrets would be even sweeter considering she Brady Stone had just learned the new manager of the property he wanted was a womanand uite desirable Charming Samantha Donovan into giving away corporate secrets would be even sweeter considering she was the enemy's daughterThe business magnate had been planning his revenge for years Now the only thing standing between Brady and victory was a beautiful innocent pawn His head told him to forget about any possible future with Samantha But his heart knew that in destroying the Donovan empire he would be ruining his last chance at happiness.

About the Author: Jules Bennett

USA Today Bestselling Author Jules Bennett has written for multiple publishing houses and currently has books with Harleuin and KensingtonShe loves to chat with readers through Twitter or her Fan Page on Facebook You can also contact her through her website as well as stay up to date on her latest releases book events and awards julesbennettcom.

9 thoughts on “Seducing the Enemy's Daughter

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    I just can't seem to connect with Desire titles even when the story has all the tropes I like This one had a hard working heroine trying to please her father by running the Hawaiian resort he had swindled out of the hero's dying father Hero decides to seek revenge and seduce the heroine while plotting to buy back? the resort That was never really spelled outH seduced h who is so loved starved that his really really corny compliments are a balm to her self esteem She was so enthralled with the flowers he sent her and the room service he ordered that she never noticed his clunky overtures to get his hands on the data she was sending her father Hero had pangs of conscience but he kept snooping and sneaking and lying to the heroine Supposedly they fell in love while whispering sweet nothings about the hotel business there was lots of business talkThe other shoe drops when heroine's brother recognizes the hero as their sworn enemy Heroine has just found out she's pregnant and she runs away from both of them Now is the time for any author worth their salt to milk the emotions of such a betrayal but we get less than a page of the heroine's feelings the author spent page time on the renovations the heroine was planning than the black moment sighBack in San Francisco hero realizes he loves the heroine Heroine confronts her dad about being so mean to her her whole life spoiler she looks just like her dead mother and it hurts to much to be nice They kiss and make up because one paragraph undoes a lifetime of neglect and emotional abuse sigh Hero shows up to win heroine back but has to snoop around her room and finds the ultrasound picture This guy is not to be trusted Caught in the act he tries out righteous indignation about not being told for all of two sentences and then it's back to placid emotions sighThere's a final last minute black moment of a miscarriage scare that turns into twins And that happy news leads to the hero and the heroine's brother joining forces to make the resort awesome Gross These are all backstabbing shallow people and now they're best buddies I didn't buy that bromance I didn't buy the fatherdaughter reconciliation and I'm still disappointed about the lack of betrayal angst This was a great premise but the execution needed work

  2. Nikki Nikki says:

    This book went nowhere fast It dragged until the middle of the book And the “villains” are cool guys and everything they did is ignored and the reason was cause they were sad K I think the heroine is cool she is a hard worker but doesn’t know how to stand up for herselfluckily the hero shows up He is pretty bland overall he likes to compartmentalize his revenge and the heroine when they are one in the same to him I did like that he saw the potential in the heroine’s ideas Eh not very romantic skip

  3. Virgínia Mareco Virgínia Mareco says:

    Read the review in É uma história de amor bonita Contudo a Harleuin tem romances bem melhores Faltou imaginação Teve um desfecho muito previsível

  4. Anna& Anna& says:

    This was my first time reading Jules Bennett The writing was simple and easy to read I really enjoyed the character of Samantha She's hard working determined treats people well and cares about her job and the people who work for her Samantha is throwing everything she's got into making the Hawaiian resort she runs a success She loves the resort and wants to earn her father's respect as a business woman She's someone I'd want to know and be friends with Someone you want to see succeed She's a lovely woman who is surrounded by less than stellar men Father brother and our hero Brady Honestly they all fall firmly into the category of bastardsI really should have paid better attention and picked another book of Bennett's to read because this one has one of my least favorite storylines to read about Brady Stone decides to use Samantha to crush her family and get ownership of her resort His family owned it previously and feels that her father underhandedly stole it out from his when his father was ill I really do not like dishonest heroes and Brady was nothing but He said all of the right things was sweet and thoughtful but all with an ulterior motive He knew how little support she was getting and how hurt that made her feel but kept on using her knowing he was just going to break her heart and spirit Just wanted to slap him around a bit for being such a jackass While all the men eventually redeemed themselves it felt too rushed and either I'm too much of a bitch or Samantha is way too nice because no way in hell would I have let them all off the hook so uickly and easily I would have liked to see of their relationship together after everything was out on the table instead of the you're a bastardI'm sorryall's forgivenhey lets get married bit that happened in such a short amount of time Seeing Brady actually fixing everything and making things right with Samantha instead of just flitting past it all and her forgiving him Would have also loved to get explanation about the past and what brought the two families to such odds We get the general background but it would have been nice to have it better developedOverall it's not a bad read if you're looking for something uick and easy for an afternoon read and my general grrr feeling had to do with my own feelings on the topic and not the actual writing I'm going to pick another of Bennett's books and see how it goes with a different storylineOriginally posted at Herding Cats Burning Soup

  5. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    This is a great debut novel a wonderful revenge story Brady is a strong focused hero matched by an eually strong focused heroine Neither has time for anything but business but love has a way of sneaking up on them from a review posted by an eHarleuincom member read here

  6. Rae Rae says:

    I read these out of order so the second book hinted what happened in this book but it was a sweet sexy read I do have it as an ebook and there is no spacing between pauses so it was confusing to be reading and suddenly go to a different day with different characters That was my only issue with this book

  7. Lindsey Faber Lindsey Faber says:

    A wonderful Desire debut What's not to like? All the glamorous fantasy of a Desire with characters who are likable and easy to relate to I found the heroine especially charming and a revenge turned true love plot Very enjoyable and I'm excited that I don't have to wait long for the author's next book

  8. Erin Erin says:

    This book was ok it wasn't bad and it wasn't that great either Although Bennett writes well there's not enough background to explain the animosity between the two families or to propel the revenge scheme

  9. E. R. E. R. says:

    I had the good intention to read this thoroughly but I lost interest during my shopping trip with family members so I decided to skim through it

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