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French Pressed (Coffeehouse Mystery, #6) ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ French Pressed (Coffeehouse Mystery, #6) By Cleo Coyle ➢ – Book #6 in New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series Clare Cosi's daughter Joy is interning and falling for a top New York chef when his kitchen turns cutthroat and Joy Book in New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series Clare Cosi's daughter Joy is interning and falling for a top New York chef when his kitchen turns cutthroat and Joy becomes a murder suspect Clare knows she must catch the real killer even if it lands her in the hottest water of her life.

10 thoughts on “French Pressed (Coffeehouse Mystery, #6)

  1. Petula Darling Petula Darling says:

    That's it I can't take any of this series The never ending drama of Clare and her creepy lying condescending sex addictdouchetard ex husbandhousemate finally proved too much for me The mysteries were often fun but the suick factor of their onoff relationship is just toosuicky Somehow I made it through five books but when it was still going on well into book number six I unlike Clare Cosi decided I'd had enoughfull disclosure like any abused partner I was still holding onto a little tidbit of hope that things would get better that this would be the book where say the ex husband dies in an espresso machine explosion Not wanting to read on without some sort of assurance of improvement I skimmed the descriptions of later books in the series but when I continued to see Mat's name with no reference to funerals or shark attacks I had to admit defeat

  2. Debbie Debbie says:

    I really love this series I'm going to get a cup of coffee now

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Cleo Coyle's coffee house mysteries are hard to read WITHOUT drinking coffee on the side which is part of the reason this series is so enjoyable I love how the author infuses knowledge of coffee in each of these books educating readers while entertaining them with the storyWhile the ride was certainly fun I wasn't impressed by the mystery itself and the unveiling of the murderer I didn't feel too surprised when finding out the killer's identity As I don't think the author is trying to be deliberately humorous I really like Clare's character and her demeanor I was happy to see her relationships further developing with Mike the cop and her ex husband Matt in interesting ways With Joy being blamed for murder I was slightly disappointed that her character had less speaking parts in the book because she is really becoming uite funI am really looking forward to the next book in the series

  4. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    Digital audiobook performed by Rebecca GibelFrom the book jacket Clare’s daughter Joy is immersing herself in an internship at Solange one of New York’s hottest French restaurants – and she’s getting pretty intimate with the older married Chef Tommy Keitel as well Resolved to keep an closer eye on Joy Clarre makes a deal to provide exclusive coffee blends for Tommy a man she wouldn’t mind seeing roasted and pressed Then the competitive kitchen turns cutthroat and Joy’s a suspect To clear her daughter of the crime Clare knows she must catch the real killerMy reactionsThis is book six in the Coffeehouse Mystery series and I’m really enjoying them I do think that Clare’s insistence on investigating on her own is a bit over the top but it wouldn’t be a cozy mystery without an intrusive amateur sleuth I do enjoy the information on coffees even though I stick with grocery store blends myself and this book really delves into foodie culture which had me salivating in places I also like that the romance with detective Mike uinn is heating up despite Madame’s Clare’s mother in law and co owner of the shop efforts to get Clare back with her son Matteo Not a fan of the cliff hanger ending but that’s a pet peeve of mine Still I found it deliciously entertaining – a perfect “escape” during these unsettled timesRebecca Gibel does a fine job performing the audiobook I really love the voice she uses for Madame

  5. Melissa Cochrill Melissa Cochrill says:

    35 but I rounded up I'm still on the fence about this series I like a few books and then I read one that isn't that great I'll read the next one since this one ended in a cliff hanger

  6. Jamie Jamie says:

    More of an autocorrected rant than a review I had so many frustrations with this book It was depressing and boring and I just was incredibly annoyed with all the characters I liked the last two books so much that I hoped the series was picking up but this book proved me wrong First of all I hated the 'friendfamily member suspected of murder' last time they did it but it was even worse this time It was sad and upsetting to see Joy and Tucker in book 3 suffer and the solution was much messier as far as Joy's involvement went The solution was so painfully obvious which I don't necessarily mind but there was so much 'aha this will throw them off' boring nonsense distracting from the main mystery There were a bunch of threads in this that just went nowhere and didn't tie together and the lack of craftsmanship was frustrating The strength of these books imo is the detailed info about new Yorkcoffeewhatever but this book had so many dull subplots there was no time for any of that Also Madame was barely in itThere was also sooooo much judgement wrt joy sleeping w her boss who is much older and married and like while i agree that is not good the boss was waaaay worse and I spent the whole book wanting to punch him Also why is Clare so bad at talking to her own child Who she has been the primary caretaker for since always Like she seems to magically forget that Joy is stubborn before every convo and seems to have no idea how to get Joy to listen to what she says Like obvi Joy is gonna make her own choices but it would have solved so many problems if Clare had just calmly said 'this is a bad idea and here is why I think that but you are an adult and you have to make your own choices ill be here for you no matter what' wow so hard to talk to your own kid She is also soooooo condescending about her ex's relationship when a of all it's none of her dang business and b people can be fulfilled by different types of relationships Chill To be fair Mat needs to fuck off with the constantly hitting on her I don't like him rn either And stop judging brianne Like her big flaw is what being successful and Buying the guy she is banging a bunch of stuff What a monster So emasculating Gender is fake you're just an asshole ClareA final complaint I don't get why Clare is so often like 'oh I can trust mike bc he's a cop' when literally all the other police officers she encounters are both bad at their jobs and all around shitty people tbh including mike he's so controlling and fucking breaks the law bc he thinks he knows better all the timeSome of these issues obviously are reservations I have w the series as a whole but they stood out really starkly while reading this book because the plot was terrible and it was just all around uninteresting

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Clare does some of the boroughs a fancy schmancy restaurant and ventures into Bumma territory of Brighton Beach and borscht Plus some relationships get defined And my favorite East Coast coffee roaster outside of javaczuk Counter Culture Coffee of Chapel Hill NC gets a mention in the thank you's and in the story itself Yes I'll keep my eye out for book 7 Espresso Shot though I don't think it'll make me drink espresso One of the books got me to take out my mocha pot but this one didn't drag the French press off the shelfOh before I forget javaczuk calls these books the Sookie Stackhouse of coffee

  8. Fallon Fallon says:

    4 StarsI absolutely LOVE this cozy coffee house series This is book 6 and I am enjoying them and with each one Cleo Coyle has created such an amazing set of characters I cannot recommend the audio version enough The narrator is FANTASTIC Don't pass this series up

  9. Ellen Ellen says:

    Clare Cosi manager of a popular New York City coffee house is not particularly happy with her daughter Joy Although she is now an adult Clare can't seem to see Joy as anything but her little girl Seeing Joy with her new boyfriend the head chef of a fancy restaurant and a man who is than likely twice Joy's age doesn't sit well with Mom Her problems are just beginning because the chef is soon a corpse with a fancy French knife in his neck Learning that the chef had just ended his affair with Joy the police immediately arrest her for murder Clare must now try to find the real killer placing herself in dangerous situations that just may end her own lifeThis is another good cozy mystery with a fairly good plot I like the characters in these books and the audios are particularly well done

  10. Jammin Jenny Jammin Jenny says:

    I really liked this installment in the Coffeehouse Mystery series In this one the Clare Cosi's daughter is accused of murdering a famous chef Clare must use her wits to try and figure out who really did the deed and why And her relationship with the hunky police detective Mike heats up

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