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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Heres to You, Rachel Robinson
  • Judy Blume
  • English
  • 06 August 2014
  • 9780440219743

10 thoughts on “Heres to You, Rachel Robinson

  1. Kerri Kerri says:

    I'm so glad I had a copy of this so I could go straight to it after finishing 'Just As Long As We're Together' This would have been a perfect book for me to read as a kid while I wasn't a gifted child I would have related to Rachel in so many ways in particular her worrying and her inability to express that worry Even now I have to say this book about a thirteen year old was surprisingly cathartic I really liked the way Rachel's older sisters acne was discussed so openly and frankly how it was genetic and the arguments for and against taking Accutane I understood why her parents wanted her to wait but also why she wanted to try it It's a shame there isn't a third one from Alison's point of view to round out a trilogy of three very different personality types

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    You know sometimes I am very embarrassed by the uantity of teen fiction I still enjoy but I'm not by this one I really do think this is Blume's most underappreciated if not because it strikes a real chord with me When I first read this book I wanted to be Rachel Robinson I wanted to be in super advanced math to make out with a Jeremy Dragon to have a lending library on my bookshelf that my friends could come and go when they pleased I definitely tried this too didn't work And when I read it again recently it struck me how much I still aspire to be like Rachel Robinson Though now I totally get that the book is supposed to be about how overachieving is kinda difficult and sometimes you just want to be a normal kid absent of parental and peer expectations and nobody in their right mind would want to be like Rachel Robinson In a oh she's so perfect but not really kind of way it's like the bitchy cheerleader story all over again But this doesn't entirely address the uestion I think what Judy Blume hints at is that Rachel doesn't necessarily want to be in the same situation as her less intelligent friends she still wants to retain her brilliance and be the self she's always dreamed of being Yeah she's struggling with expectations of her teachers and parents to do super well but it's not like she doesn't want that either But at the same time she doesn't want to be singled out for it she doesn't want to lose friends or be labeled the smart one she just wants to be and do And that's where the conflict with her brother comes in It seems that he has all the freedom in the world to assert his own personality sans any conseuences or judgment He's like spoiled hippie middle class Dr Spock kid x 1000 And Rachel is so so jealous of it There's an implicit tension between their relationship because Charles embodies Rachel's secret desires while her mother embodies all that she ought to be

  3. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Judy Blume's Here's to You Rachel Robinson is the seuel to her Just as Long as We're Together and does in fact and of course feature many of the same characters except that while in Just as Long as We're Together it is Stephanie Hirsch who narrates and whose story is for the most part being told Here's to You Rachel Robinson is narrated by Stephanie's best friend Rachel or rather by one of Stephanie's best friends as Alison Monceau is also part of the team now And therefore Here's to You Rachel Robinson first and foremost shows the Robinson family their dynamics but especially and in particular the multitude of serious issues Rachel and her family are continuously experiencing with wayward and troubled son Charles which indeed certainly does make for an interesting storyline with regard to Here's to You Rachel Robinson with Judy Blume presenting and in a way also analysing themes and scenarios that feel not only much frustrating and often rather irritating but also and appreciatively also very true to life very painfully realistic and while I love Rachel's voice her narration and how close she is to her older sister Jessica when I read about Charles and how ineffectively especially Rachel's parents deal with his outbursts his verbally abusive nastiness towards his two sisters and so on and so on it really does make me cringe and want to shake some common sense into both the father and the mother as in many ways thirteen year old Rachel seems both mature and thoughtful than her parents and certainly seemingly willing to actually tackle Charles and be critical of him to his face something that is NOT her job though something that her teacher father and lawyerjudge mother should be the ones to handle and engage inHowever and the above all having all been said and while I certainly have much enjoyed reading Here's to You Rachel Robinson even with my frustrations regarding Charles for let's face it these types of family scenarios are not all that uncommon and I do applaud Judy Blume for portraying such a painful yet realistic picture of a family that clearly needs help and is obviously being both ruined by and run by their troubled and in need of serious help and perhaps even therapy teenaged son I cannot say that I have in any way liked Here's to You Rachel Robinson nearly as much as Just as Long as We're Together For in my opinion although Rachel and her family are strongly depicted and represented especially Rachel's two best friends Stephanie and Alison are totally and utterly one dimensional and basically just cardboard like add ons and thus not at all like in Just as Long as We're Together where although it is Stephanie's story to tell both Rachel and Allison are eually nuanced and interesting and we find out we discover almost as much about Alison Monceau's family and her being adopted from Vietnam and Rachel Robinson's nearest and dearest including the fact that Charles is considered a major family problem as we do about the Hirsch family and that Stephanie's parents' marriage is on the rocks is in serious trouble And thus and because after reading about not only Stephanie Hirsch but also uite substantially about both Rachel Robinson and Alison Monceau in Just as Long as We're Together I do indeed find that both Stephanie and Alison are at best rather one line minor and cardboardy characters throughout Here's to You Rachel Robinson I can and will only consider a two star rating for Here's to You Rachel Robinson as in my opinion there is than a bit missing and that in a novel that supposedly deals with three best friends all three should be adeuately and interestingly enough depicted and shown even if even when the main focus is clearly on one of the three

  4. Tatevik Najaryan Tatevik Najaryan says:

    I liked the first book better but still this was a very enjoyable read I wish there was a seuel Where were you Judy Blume when I was struggling with Jules Verne and returning the books unfinished to library?

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    The seuel to my all time favorite Judy Blume book Just as Long as Were Together Jeremy Dragon returns and Rachel says the Fword Yep I was totally shocked and could not believe it I think it made me love it

  6. HeavyReader HeavyReader says:

    Judy Blume must have written this book after I uit reading young adult fiction because I had never heard of it until I started looking for books to read for this challenge I am participating inIn many Judy Blume books there seems to be some physical condition that is an obstacle In this one the main character is not the one with the physical condition it's the older sister and she has cystic acneDon't worry the protagonist has plenty of problems of her own She is an overachieving child prodigy who worries incessantly and grinds her teeth The big family problem is her older brother a mean 15 year old with a bad attitudeAre all of Judy Blume's characters so poorly developed? These characters are like paper dollscardboard and flat I do not care about these people and probably won't remember them by the end of the weekAlso this book is written to the Judy Blume formula which may have thrilled me in 1981 but now it's just boring

  7. Heather McC Heather McC says:

    Rachel Robinson a wise beyond her years tween still has plenty of life lessons to learn Often described as being 'mature for her age' according to her mother she was born 35 and a prodigy Rachel feels herself starting to crumble under high expectations and family pressure This high achiever will need her best friends Stephanie and Alison to navigate another year of firsts A companion to 'Just as Long As We're Together' Rachel is a kindred spirit for anyone who's ever tried a little too hard

  8. jacky jacky says:

    This is the seuel to Just as Long as We're Together I read it when I was a little older than when I read the first one I didn't like it anywhere near as much This one follows the character of Rachel and doesn't deal with the friend issues as much as family

  9. Diana Welsch Diana Welsch says:

    I don't know how she does it but Judy Blume really nails what it's like to be a kidteen I recently reread Just as Long as We're Together which really stuck with me from my childhood even though I only read it once and when I found out about this seuel I knew I had to read itHere's to You Rachel Robinson was just as good as Just as Long as We're Together It's from Rachel's perspective instead of Stephanie's Rachel is the super achiever who is pushed by her parents friends and school to participate in all these programs and activities to the point where she's so stressed she grinds her teeth To make things harder her attention seeking older brother got expelled from his boarding school and is home making life hard for the whole family There's also drama with Stephanie's mom dating a younger man Rachel's sister looking for a job sexy classmate Jeremy Dragon Rachel's college age cousin Tarren getting involved with her professor and Rachel's crush on her brother's tutor This book is incredibly realistic It doesn't bludgeon you with morals and values Not every detail mentioned gets worked into its own thread which is nice sometimes things just happen and that's that For instance Rachel's sister sneaks her mom's too sexy black dress to wear to prom and doesn't get caught Even though this book is pretty old I could see young people today wanting to read it The voices ring true it's not riddled with cliches or dated references and the plot makes you want to keep reading I was only disappointed how uickly it was over

  10. Morgan Morgan says:

    First off the sibling dynamic in this book was PERFECT Especially between Charles Jess and Rachel Judy Blume completely nailed just how siblings get under your skin in a way only siblings can I couldn't help laughing at how mad Rachel would get at her friends for not sharing her hate for her big brother I also felt slightly bad for Charles he was just trying to find himself in a family that paid little attention to him I hope they get things figured out I did like that towards the end Rachel and Charles seemed to understand each other slightly better He just likes picking on her like all big brothers Can I just say THANK THE LORD Paul did not make a move on Rachel? I loved that she had this major crush on the cute college tutor but there were too many times where I truly thought he was going to make a moveall I could think was SHE IS IN SEVENTH GRADE PHEW Close call but we made it to the end This is another win from Miss Judy Blume

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Heres to You, Rachel Robinson[Read] ➪ Heres to You, Rachel Robinson By Judy Blume – Trouble in Rachel's family is spelled with a capital C—for CharlesFrom the outside Rachel looks like the perfect daughter in the perfect family She’s a straight A student a gifted musician and a g Trouble in Rachel's family You, Rachel PDF ´ is spelled with a capital C—for CharlesFrom the outside Rachel looks like the perfect daughter in the perfect family She’s a straight A student a gifted musician and a good friend But her older brother Charles seems determined to ruin everything Rachel feels as if it’s all falling apart Her best friends Stephanie and Alison find Charles funny They urge Rachel to lighten up and enjoy the end of seventh grade Easy for them to say Not so easy for Rachel Not even when Jeremy Dragon Heres to PDF/EPUB ² the coolest boy in ninth grade notices her Is it possible that perfection isn’t the key to an exciting life An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.

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Judy Blume spent her You, Rachel PDF ´ childhood in Elizabeth New Jersey making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It's Me Margaret; Blubber; Just as Long as We're Together; and the five book series about the irrepressible Fu.