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  1. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    A good solid three stars maybe even 3 12 The most interesting thing about this book was that Hosp built a fictional mystery around a real event the biggest art theft in history The theft took place at the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990 The art works have never been recovered and are estimated to be worth half a billion dollars In this story Hosp creates an entirely fictional scenario about the theft and its aftermathIn a previous book I really enjoyed the snappy dialogue among Finn Koz and Lissa In Among Thieves they've got a new sidekick the saucy and streetwise 14 year old Sally Malley She fits right in with all the wisecracking I love what she tells Koz about marriage Don't be too old to change If you leave the toilet seat up you'll lose her Listen up boys

  2. Bettie Bettie says:

    Narrated by George GuidallDescription Best selling author David Hosp weaves a thrilling tale of betrayal set against one of the most notorious art heists in history In 1990 300 million worth of paintings are stolen from a museum in Boston and are never recovered Twenty years later as criminals connected with the heist begin to turn up dead lawyer Scott Finn discovers one of his clients was involved in the job As the search for the missing paintings begins anew Finn is pulled into the crossfire of a trained killer who wants the paintings for himself A fictional version of a true crime

  3. Mark Soone Mark Soone says:

    My wife and I went on a mini vacation up to lancaster PAYes that means because I love my wife I would be freuenting many clothingdecorating outlets forUuuuggghhhhhhh hours on endFortunately I believe she also loves me and endured a couple of hours of watching me rummage through newused book storesThat is where I unearthed this gem I would probably call this a 45 star if that option was available I have never heard of Hosp and was not aware that I was reading the 3rd book of a series untill just now I hope that they are as good as this because I am on a mission to read them as wellThis is one of the coolest crimethrillers I have read in uite some time Based upon an actual crime that took place in Boston the largest known art heist it seems is crafted by Hosp into a fictious version of what could have happenedwhat he crafts is one of the finest surprises I have come across in this genre The characters are likeable enough with our protaginist trio of Scott Finn's Law firm as well as supporting good guys SanchezStone and possible goodbad guys HewittPortersprinkled with a nice dose of a methodicaldriven antogonist Mr K I don't feel like spelling his name and of course some street thugs and yes the mob and the IRA as wellI can't really think of any major flawfault that I find or have with this bookOne of the intricle secrets I was surprised by how it unfolded in the final 5 10 pages making the mystery a little sweeterI guees I was mildly disappointed at how things with Liam unfoldedHe was a methodicalviciousskilled soldierkiller who planned everything well paid meticoulous attention to detail and then carried it out in brutal efficiancyand then he makes a rash decision with no planning having given little heed to his surroundings andOh well perhaps it was the excitement of being on the cusp of achieving his lifes workdream that caused him to act out of characterit just didn't seem consistant with who he wasA vry cool book with plenty of acton as well as dialougecharcter development

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Synopsis Portion from the front jacketIn the early morning hours of March 18 1990 two men dressed as police officers entered Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum tied up the guards and escaped with 500 million dollars' worth of paintings The heist provoked a massive search for both the thieves and the lost masterpieces But the paintings never surfaced and the mystery remained unsolved Now almost twenty years later there case threatens to break wide open My thoughts Scott Finn who has known the streets of Boston and the foster care system as a child but was able to turn his life around and become an attorney He is asked to take on a theft case from a former acuaintance of his earlier years And accepting to defend Devon Malley it thrusts Finn into a situation that is far from easy Enter Boston's mob associates murders having to become care taker to Malley's 14 year old daughter and a kidnapping And how does this all tie into an unsolved 20 year cold case art heist? My opinion and rating Rating 5 Once again I was given the opportunity to read an extraordinary book It was Grisham meets Parker From the first chapter to the last page the fast paced action never stopped at times the reader forgets to breathe The ending is a total surprise one that this reader never saw coming I could not put this one down Bravo

  5. Gerald Sinstadt Gerald Sinstadt says:

    David Hosp a Boston lawyer gets a back cover mention in the same breath as Grisham Connelly and Turow It's true he inherits the same territory but Among Thieves has a feel of having been manufactured rather than written Scott Finn a Boston lawyer what else? has a client thrust upon him; the accused has been caught red handed in a clothing robbery but a link soon emerges to a major art theft Around this real life event Hosp embroiders a tale that features unsavoury members of the IRA and the Massachussetts underworld together with sundry officers of the US law enforcement agencies There are the nasty scenes of torture and murder which have becpme too readily prevalent in this genre there is a romantic sub plot which just about works and a fifteen year old girl who strains credulityI read on without difficulty but at the same time without deeply engaged compulsion The dénoument had been provided with enough clues not to seem too arbitrary but still didn't ring entirely true What is missing is the showdown court roomdrama that peer association seemed to suggest The case for David Hosp remains unproven

  6. Shelley Fearn Shelley Fearn says:

    How did I miss the news about the Gardner Museum heist in 1990? The book starts out with an introduction telling the reader that the paintings valued at half a billion dollars are still missing and that the case was never solved Then the book starts About 5 pages in I was hookedNext the book introduced Whitey Bulger and I realized that he was the gangster discovered in California and extradited to Boston on racketeering charges in 2011 a year after Hosp's book came outThe theft is the basis of this suspenseful mystery Hosp masterfully offers a fictionalized theory on what might have happened in the heist interwoven into the story of a lawyer trying to defend a thief with ties to organized crime in BostonThe action starts early on in the book and doesn't stop And without being maudlin Hosp moved me with the ending which rarely happens in suspense thrillersWell done

  7. Christine Christine says:

    The Gardner Museum art theft is the largest unsolved art theft ever perpetrated The thieves got away with priceless pieces of art and a few incidental tokens The mixture of the items taken has baffled investigators since it occurred in 1990 There are many factual books written about this theft This one is an excellent fictionalized version of the story Mr Hosp takes the facts of the case and weaves a plausible account which reads as a good story Enough intrigue and bloodshed to keep action fans interested and enough art history to keep art fans happy The characters are interesting and the reader starts to get involved in their lives as well as the action in which they are involved To me it even seems one of Mr Hosp's FBI agents bears a striking resemblance to renowned art theft investigator Harold Smith Overall an interesting well researched and well written book

  8. Deb Mj Deb Mj says:

    I'd give it a 35 if I could This was a very slow start for me despite having read the previous books in this series I seriously considered giving up on it for a little bit; however it really picked up a little less than halfway through and I ended up enjoying it a great dealThis is fiction based on the real life theft of millions of dollars worth of art from the Gardner Museum in Boston Really interesting take on the theft It took a while to get back into the swing of things with Finn Lissa and Koz but they're good characters if a little devoid of emotion I'll look for the next in the series

  9. Marshall Marshall says:

    This book is a thriller but not a legal thriller and a mystery but not in the traditional sense Scott Finn and his crew take on a client accused of robbery which takes a bizarre twist when the client turns out to be one of the principals in the Isabella Stewart Gardner thefts As a Boston native I thought Hosp does a great job of capturing the charm of the museum I also enjoyed the way he brought in Whitey Bulger and laid out the incredible relationship Whitey had with the FBI If you like books which incorporate real events and people you will enjoy Among Thieves The characters are interesting and the dialogue is smart and sharp The plot is mostly credible except for the Irish super soldier but I was ok with that Hosp's fictional account of the Gardner theft is terrific and accounts for all of the facts and oddities in the robbery which remains the largest art theft in history and the paintings are still unrecovered I like tense courtroom scenes and legal maneuvering and there are none here

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    My goodness this book My first David Hosp and i loved it Fell in love with both the characters and the story itself This book was my savior for the past couple of weeks It was a good escape from reality when the stress of everything i had to do was weighing down on me Everything about this book was amazing from the characters to the story line The plot of the book was a simple one but well executed The fact that i didn't feel like i was starting a new story every time the perspective or character voice changed was a big plus in my book The little plot twists just made the book even better As for the characters they were all phenomenal I can't bring myself to choose a favorite because the all impacted meI just loved this book it is a definite recommendation to everyone and i'm glad it was my first Hosp because i'll be looking for of his works

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Among Thieves ➶ [Read] ➲ Among Thieves By David Hosp ➾ – In 1990 300 million worth of paintings were stolen from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in what remains one of the greatest unsolved art thefts of the twentieth century Now nearly twenty year In million worth of paintings were stolen from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in what remains one of the greatest unsolved art thefts of the twentieth century Now nearly twenty years later the case threatens to break wide open Members of Boston's criminal underground are turning up dead and the MO suggests IRA training When Scott Finn learns that one of his clients Devon Malley was part of the heist he's uickly drawn into the crossfire.

  • Hardcover
  • 577 pages
  • Among Thieves
  • David Hosp
  • English
  • 13 January 2016
  • 9781410424556

About the Author: David Hosp

David Hosp is a trial lawyer who spends a portion of his time working pro bono on behalf of wrongly convicted individuals He lives with his wife and family in Boston.