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Happy New Year [Download] ➹ Happy New Year ➾ Kenn Dahll – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Zane and his lover survived a horrendous year which began last New Year’s Eve with a car accident on the way home from a party Misfortunes abounded including a rained out orgy a Halloween costume mi Zane and his lover survived a horrendous year which began last New Year’s Eve with a car accident on the way home from a party Misfortunes abounded including a rained out orgy a Halloween costume mishap and a bed collapse in the middle of heavy sex They were hoping that the New Year would bring better luckThe evening started out great The two couples seated on Happy New PDF/EPUB ² either side of them were both fun to talk to and very attractive Plans were underway for a future get together for six way sex when calamity struck.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Tam Tam says:

    Zane and the unnamed narrator have had the year from hell Car accidents lost jobs a birthday party orgy that is marred by a sudden thunderstorm illness house repairs and a collapsing bed leaving our narrator impaled on a giant dildo They hope that New Year’s Eve at a gay restaurant do such things exist? will be the start of something new as they flirt with their neighbouring diners however it seems the luck or lack thereof seems to be holding into the New YearI did find some of the descriptions of the mishaps amusing however I personally find the language used in this story off putting Some examples are “ass lips” “shitter” and “anal starfish” I got the feeling that this is a depiction what some people think or wish that being gay is like Life is just one long unadulterated orgy while being in a loving relationship Best of both worldsI know this type of erotica appeals to some readers and that is who this book is aimed at But personally it was very much not to my taste as I didn’t find it erotic nor romantic if that was the point The fact that it held a fair dose of humour saved it for me along with a cover I actually rather like Readers who enjoy a raw style of erotica will likely enjoy this little taste much than I didThis book was free at All Romance eBooks which is the link above

  2. L-D L-D says:

    These two guys are pretty comical They are like the anti couple moving from orgy to orgy and yelling sweet nothings to each other like Take it slut Sure it's a free download so I don't expect too much but I think it would get stars from me if it had a glossary so I could look up descriptive literary phrases such as ass lips I give this story one anal star out of 5

  3. Lennie Grace Lennie Grace says:

    MehNot great I mean it was kinda funny It wasn't a total waste of time It entertained me for about ten minutes But i don't think I'll be rereading it any time soon Some of the word choices were really awkward and jarred me out of the story

  4. Erica Pike Erica Pike says:

    This was actually fun to read It was fast paced and to the point like a uick screw that leaves you both surprised and smiling I usually dislike it when people start talking about the difference in how men and women write but this was clearly written by a manZane jabbed another couple of inches into my shitter Uh yeah a woman wouldn't write that lol That one word usage aside I really enjoyed this read

  5. Suzie Letner Suzie Letner says:

    Work on improvingUpon reading this very very short story I have found many errors as well as many grammatical issues Further there is very little details no back story it's just there To put it lightly it was a waste to read and not really worth a rating However with some work it would be a really nice read

  6. lesley dawn wallace lesley dawn wallace says:

    Happy New yearHappy New year is a great read very cute an sexy it's a page turner an so hot to

  7. Gerisgrltrl2 Gerisgrltrl2 says:

    Silliness thrown in between sex scenes Dahl has written better stories

  8. Lily Lily says:

    This was super short just 5 pages with an added 7 pages of filler and tells the story of a couple who's been having a really unlucky year I liked the sound of this one but was ultimately disappointed There's not much substance to the story no real connection to the characters and the one sex scene that's just between Zane and his lover was filled with phrases that don't appeal to me such as ass lips anal starfish and having a huge dildo shoved up his shitter The best thing about this okay story is that it's free

  9. Carl Carl says:

    There's not much to say for a poorly written story I remarked positively on the cover earlier however even for a free read this should have uality cover design without the botched ruckus that it appears once enlargedThe story is only 5 pages which isn't a downfall necessarily Though for the 5 pages that it is they contain a huge disconnected story jammed around a sex scene with inappropriate adjectives1 star out of 5 stars

  10. Princess Smith Princess Smith says:

    OkayThis is a series of unfortunate events like skits on a variety show x rated SNL There is no story here but the telling of these incidences is entertaining The characters are superficial by design I suspect A bit background on some of them would make this way hilarious

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