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Der kleine Eisbär und der Angsthase [Reading] ➹ Der kleine Eisbär und der Angsthase Author Hans de Beer – Lars der kleine Eisbär hört eines Tages ein lautes Wimmern Es kommt von einem Schneehasen der in ein tiefes Loch gefallen ist; Lars hilft ihm heraus Der Hase heißt Hugo und die beiden rennen um die Lars der kleine Eisbär hört eines Eisbär und PDF ↠ Tages ein lautes Wimmern Es kommt von einem Schneehasen der in ein tiefes Loch gefallen ist; Lars hilft ihm heraus Der Hase heißt Hugo und die beiden rennen um die Wette Der kleine eBook ☆ spielen Verstecken rutschen den Hügel hinunter und Lars tobt immer wilder Er will zeigen wie mutig er ist Besonders weil Hugo eher ein Angsthase ist Es beginnt zu schneien und die beiden finden nicht mehr nach Hause; es kleine Eisbär und Kindle Ñ wird dunkel Hugo fürchtet sich und Lars fürchtet sich auch aber er sagt es nicht Die beiden werden von einem rasselnden Ungetüm geweckt Lars weiß dass das Schneemobil zur Polarstation gehört Und sie folgen der Spur Lars klettert aufs Dach der Polarstation guckt neugierig in eine komische Luke und fällt schließlich einen Luftschacht hinunter Was nun Lars ist in der Polarstation gefangen Zum Glück kommt ihm Hugo zu Hilfe Zweisprachig; in englischer und deutscher Sprache.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    Lars the little polar bear returns in this fourth picture book devoted to his ongoing adventures When he hears a whimpering noise one day our ursine hero discovers a little white hare named Hugo trapped in a hole and helps the creature out The two become fast friends and enjoy playing together but when Lars himself gets into trouble trapped in the nearby human power stations after foraging for a snack it falls to little Hugo to rescue his friend in returnOriginally published in Switzerland as Der kleine Eisbär und der Angsthase literally The Little Polar Bear and the Scaredy Hare this entry in authorillustrator Hans de Beer's ongoing series about Lars and his adventures departs from its predecessors in that its eponymous hero isn't accidentally carried far from his home as he was in those others The story here is fairly gentle but also appealing with an adventure that is exciting but never that frightening The artwork as is always the case is adorable Recommended to fans of Lars and to anyone looking for picture books about polar bears

  2. Joan Joan says:

    Lars the little polar bear rescues Hugo the hare from a deep hole and the two become friends They enjoy playing together but Hugo is afraid to slide down a steep slope and Lars calls him a scaredy hare But when the two friends get into trouble at the polar research station will Hugo be able to find enough courage to rescue his friend?Charming pastel illustrations accompany the text in this picture book for pre readers and beginning readers The AD510L Lexile level for this book designates it as one for adults to read to a child While enjoying the story children will learn about bravery and the importance of friendship

  3. Diane Diane says:

    Lars the little polar bear discovers Hugo the little hare in a deep crevice Lars helps the frightened Hugo out of the hole and they become fast friends Lars is the risk taker; Hugo the cautious one But when Lars decides to explore the polar station and falls in it is Hugo the “scaredy hare” that rescues himCute pictures

  4. 21netivas 21netivas says:

    Still one of my favourites

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    This is a nice companion book to Ahoy There Little Polar Bear It's another story about friendship I like the hare in this and I like that both the polar bear and the hare come to each other's aid at some point in the story Lars the polar bear learns a lesson about kindness and both characters gain a friend in the process Just like the other title this is something that I could see reading with children

  6. Tynisha Thompkins Tynisha Thompkins says:

    I read this book to my students We predicted what the story was going to be about However when we began reading the title seemed a little misleading But by the time we finished the book we knew exactly why the author titled it the way he did A great book to read when you want students to NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANYONE u NEVER DO KNOW

  7. Christina Camp Christina Camp says:

    This was a kind of long book but it was still adorable It is about a hare and a bear that happen to meet and discover what true friendship is about They go through many different problem and realize how glad they are that they are friends It would be a good book to read aloud over a few days or for older students to read

  8. Judy Judy says:

    The arctic One of my favorite regions and this takes place at the interface between humans and the wild which sets up all kinds of possibilities I like the idea of a research station but I don't like that they leave garbage accessible to the local wildlife Well that's an opportunity for discussion This could be seen as an adaptation of the fable of the lion and the mouse

  9. Beth Beth says:

    Gabriel really asked some interesting uestions about the Polar Bear and the Hare what’s a hare? why are there people at the north pole? why does that truck have caterpillar tracks instead of wheels? He really enjoyed this one

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    Cute book about a hare helping out his polar bear friend

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