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Cordina's Royal Family [Read] ➳ Cordina's Royal Family ➻ Nora Roberts – Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Cordina seems a fairy tale kingdom But a scheming traitor lies in wait Nora Roberts weaves a mesmerizing tale of palace intrigue and royal romance in Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Cordina seems a fairy tale kingdom But a scheming traitor lies in wait Nora Roberts weaves a mesmerizing tale of palace intrigue and royal romance in three sizzling stories about Cordina's Royal FamilyAffaire RoyaleRecently kidnapped Princess Gabriella has amnesia but in the arms of bodyguard Reeve MacGee she finds a passion that's unforgettableCommand PerformanceThough His Royal Highness Alexander is destined to rule Cordina Cordina's Royal PDF/EPUB ² it's regal and elusive Eve Hamilton who rules his heartThe Playboy PrinceWhy is reserved Hannah Rothchild so intriguing to dedicated ladies' man Prince Bennett Is it her secret mission or the fascinating lady herself.

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  1. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    This anthology collection contains reissues of the original 3 Cordina series books There's a 4th book NR wrote years later featuring a 2nd generation Cordina characterAll three of these books were originally published by Silhouette Intimate Moments So they are short romances with a dose of suspense to go along with them They have a connected story arc about how the royal family of Cordina is being threatened by a wannabe terrorist named Deboue Affaire Royale features Princess Gabriella who was kidnapped by a Deboue's people She manages to escape but the stress and terror have caused her to lose her memory The only person she feels comfortable with is the American security specialist Reeve MacGee her father brought inOf the three original Cordina books this one is my favorite I liked Reeve and Gabriella the best and their romance was the sweetest of the 3 And the overall storyline was the most appealing for me Command Performance is about Cordinian heir to the throne Alexander and a young American named Eve Years before Eve came to Cordina with her sister who was friends with Gabriella Alex was entranced by her but masked it with distaste for her brash ways Years after their first meeting neither can forget each other Eve now runs a theatre troupe and Alex has reuested they come perform in Cordina The continuing threat from Deboue and Eve relationship to the royal family ends up putting her in dangerThe overall story of this book was appealing but I didn't find the characters as likable as the first book Not that I didn't like them but they just didn't have as much appeal Alex was a very stiff characterwhich he had to be because he was the heir to the throne That uber control just made him kind of detached But Eve was fairly cool And I liked how the suspense angle played out The Playboy Prince focuses on Prince Bennett who has a vast reputation of being a playboy and having affairs with every pretty woman he meets So when dull understated Lady Hannah arrives at the palace he's baffled by his attraction to her But what he doesn't know is that Hannah is hiding a big secret And all the while the threat from Deboue is at its greatestFor me though I enjoyed the story uite a bit there is an air of unbelievability to it I won't say why because it would give away part of the plot But it just didn't uite work for me But I did like the story Seeing Bennett fall was sweetLike many other NR series this is another great family set It's got a bit of a different flavor because of the royalty aspect And the suspense angle gives the books some meat I enjoyed reading the first time and the 2 other times I've reread themFor NR fans considering these books they aren't like her new stories the full length books These are old ones and are category romance So they might not be for you Only read these if you're a real big NR fan or if you don't mind the short HarleuinSilhouette romancesNOTE The Cordina books were recently reissued in 2 anthology editionsCordina's Royal Family Gabriella AlexanderCordina's Royal Family Bennett Camilla

  2. Lida Lida says:

    As always Nora Roberts drag you in and this time captures you in a fairy tale story in with all the dark twists and secrets that makes her books so captivatingBetween the stubborn royal princess the stoic heir and the rake all are kept entertained enthralled and enraptured page by page

  3. DemetraP DemetraP says:

    I was looking forward to this idea a royal family and each one falls in love In the first book the heroine princess had amnesia after being kidnapped Yet her father the king suspecting who did it LEAVES THIS PERSON OUT THERE TO TRY AGAIN saying he needed proof Wow

  4. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I'm completely embarrassed about how much I love this book But I don't care

  5. Mary Mary says:

    Affaire Royale Cordina's Royal Family #1👉🏻 Gabriella de Cordina Reeve McGeeCommand Performance Cordina's Royal Family #2👉🏻 Eve Hamilton Alexander de CordinaThe Playboy Prince Cordina's Royal Family #3👉🏻Hannah Rothchild Bennett de CordinaCordina's Crown Jewel Cordina's Royal Family #4👉🏻 Camilla de Cordina Delaney Caine

  6. Paula Lindo Paula Lindo says:

    Lovely series written with Roberts's usual flair for creating characters you empathise with

  7. Leah Hyndman Leah Hyndman says:

    I only read the first story in the collection the Affaire Royale The characters of the story were not compelling enough for me to continue with the series

  8. Katie& Katie& says:

    Affaire Royale Book 1 'Panicked like a rabbit caught in beams she froze They'd found her They'd come after her They The horn blasted tires suealed Submitting at last she crumpled onto the road unconscious'I'm only now beginning to read Nora Roberts work which is absolutely remarkableHer writing style is delicate and classy soft but bold It reminds me of drinking smooth rich thick port Very satisfying Command Performance Book 2 'She'd been to the palace before The first time nearly seven years earlier she'd thought it was a fairy tale sprung into three dimensions She was older now though she wasn't sure about wiser Cordina was a country The palace was a building a beautiful one Fairy tales were for the very young the very naïve or the very fortunate'I highly recommend Nora Roberts novels as she has uickly become one of my favourite authorsI admire the commitment the royal family has to one another whilst in difficult times Their characteristics are so vivid I feel as though I know each of the characters personally The Playboy Prince Book 3 'Avant Dracular The command was low and challenging as was the laughter that followed The tone was one of a man who considered fear a banuet and speed the wineview spoilerHow does Nora Roberts do it? I was like no no no Hannah can't be the bad guy then Woooooohoooooo YAY She's working with Reeve hide spoiler

  9. Stacie M. Ritchie Stacie M. Ritchie says:

    This is an early trilogy of Nora Roberts In the first book Princess Brie is recovering from a kidnapping She can’t remember her family and only wants Reeve because he is unknown to her Falling in love and finally remembering everything is almost than she can bear With a grave wound given to her brother they discover who is coming after them She refuses to back out of the “mock” engagement In the next story it has been about five to six years and this story about Alex the oldest male He met Eve in Brie’s story and has been trying to get her out of his mind He always believed that Eve was his brother’s and refused to poach Eve comes to Cordinia to put on three plays He is frustrated by his lust for Eve and Eve doesn’t understand why he hates her He finds that there is nothing between Eve and Bennett and is relentless on going after her When she is threatened in the theatre to send a warning to him he rages He loves and can’t help but ask her to give up her life to be his wife They ferret out traitors to the family and with a flourish she takes his name and country The last story in this book is of Prince Bennett the playboy He is known to have wooed many a lady and non ladies throughout Europe He has been chaffing against the boundaries that have been set for him The enemy of his family that has used his minions against them is getting out of jail When he meets a dowdy woman named Lady Hannah who is guest to Eve he wonders why he is intrigued by her He pursues her to learn about her and finds that underneath the woman’s manner and dress is a lush body and yards of hair When he finds who she is he is hurt but he protects her With the final takedown of their enemy he can’t let her leave with her job done When he offers the world she looks into herself and finds that she chooses love These three books together into one volume were nice because they are uick easy reads I highly recommend reading them this way

  10. Maria Maria says:

    Affaire Royale Gabriella's story includes kidnapping and amnesia so her story did not go over as well with me She has a confrontational relationship with Reece which turns to a sexual one a bit sooner than I would have expected I could have accepted it better if the amnesia weren't an issue since both had feelings for each other previously but to go to what is supposed to be a complete stranger that uickly didn't work for me The writing on the other hand is a step up from what I have come to expect of a HarleuinCommand Performance Alex's story is delightful from the get go The mixed signals and misunderstandings between Eve and Alex are compounded until you want to grab both of them and knock their heads together On the other hand it was all about timing and very realisticThe Playboy Prince An intriguing story about Bennett who has come across up until now as a carefree and easy going younger brother Hannah is a fantastic character I love her understated appearance her dull conversation and her practical approach to life and men but like the Scarlet Pimpernel she has an alter ego Bennett's reaction to her is priceless in all its forms except perhaps the one where he loses his temper That cut a little too close to violence for my tastes

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