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10 thoughts on “Too Big for Diapers Too Big Board Books

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    I dunno I didn't get any major revelations out of this one If you're gonna choose a potty book I don't know that I'd make it this one I barely even remember much about it so I doubt it makes much impact on the kids

  2. The Campbell Family The Campbell Family says:

    Linden 2 was not impressed with the theme of this book 😂

  3. Cyndy Cyndy says:

    Cute way to introduce a potty to a young child

  4. Bonnie Jean Bonnie Jean says:

    We read a lot of potty training books around here This is not so much because I'm wanting to read them as much as it is that are a TON of potty training books over in the board books section of the library and the kids each get to pick 5 books to take home every week so inevitably a lot of them are going to be about potty training For some reason despite the fact that they've never watched Sesame Street before the kids really adore this book about Ernie learning to use the potty and it has inspired several conversations about how like Ernie learns it's important to stop whatever you're doing if you need to go potty I appreciate that unlike some of the other books it takes kids through all of the steps stop playing an important one around here go potty wipe wash hands a step freuently ignored by potty books then go back to playing Definitely one of the better potty training books we've read

  5. Destiny Dawn Long Destiny Dawn Long says:

    I usually try to avoid books and toys that are based off of licensed televisionmovie characters like the plague However if it's got to be at least it's Sesame Street We mostly borrowed this book from the library because my daughter had started to express some interest in toilet training I appreciate that it's positive and encouraging and provides all of the basics stop playing use the potty wipe yourself wash your hands It's straightforward and easy for young ones to understand There's no melodrama around the toiler No making it into s BIG THING No fear Just a message of Hey when you're ready here's what to do

  6. jacky jacky says:

    Natalie saw Ernie and wanted to read and carry this book around We aren't really into potty training literature yet It seemed to me it might help to reinforce the idea

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    The other most reuested story at bedtime 6 weeks and counting

  8. Adele Adele says:

    This shows that big kids stop playing use the potty wipe and wash hands Bert and Ernie are adorable too

  9. Jenn Jenn says:

    A favorite of my daughterA favorite of my oldest son

  10. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Kate read this to Sophie on May 20 2016

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