Adoption Is a Family Affair What Relatives and Friends

Adoption Is a Family Affair What Relatives and Friends Must Know [Reading] ➭ Adoption Is a Family Affair What Relatives and Friends Must Know ➵ Patricia Irwin Johnston – A child is coming whether you approve or not it's time to get with the program If someone you care about a family member co worker or close friend has recently announced that their family will be grow A child a Family Kindle × is coming whether you approve or not it's time to get with the program If someone you care about a family member co worker or close friend has recently announced that their family will be growing through adoption you may have uestions After all unless you have personally experienced adoption you may know very little about how adoption works and what it means Are you worried that your loved one may face disappointment Do you find yourself wondering exactly what Adoption Is PDF/EPUB ² your role is going to be in the child's life Does the term open adoption confuse and concern you Just what are the privacy boundaries Is a Family Affair What PDF/EPUB ² for families built by adoption what is okay to ask about Adoption Is a Family Affair will answer all of these uestions and offering you information about who can adopt why people consider adopting how kids understand adoption as they grow up and This short book is crammed full of the 'need to know' information for friends and Is a Family ePUB ☆ families that will help to encourage informed happy and healthy family relationships.

10 thoughts on “Adoption Is a Family Affair What Relatives and Friends Must Know

  1. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    Johnston did a very good job in making valid points on what relatives and friends should know Some of the things were common sense to me but of course we know not everyone has the same level of common sense One thing that definitely struck me was the bonding necessary for the parents and the child immediately after the child has joined the family Some time relatives mean well with offering to take care of the child or insist that they immediately become part of the child's life but it is necessary according to the author for the first few months of the child to interact as much as possible with the 'new' parents There are lots of tips inside the book

  2. Kelley Cathcart Kelley Cathcart says:

    This book was written with the tone that parentsand other relatives of the person adopting should Get with the program and while I'm certain that many people need such encouragement my family didn't I suggested this book to people before I'd read it and when I read it I was shocked by the tone used My mom was really upset because she and all of my family have been really supportive of our decision to adopt Even my in laws who aren't always that savvy on things that aren't mainstream are very supportive and would most likely be upset by the tone of the bookIt does have a ton of valuable info in it butI should have read it and forewarned my mom about the way it was written But over all it is great book full of fantastic information for friends and family And it is also a good resourse on the how to deal with insensitiveignorantintolorant people

  3. Brianne Brianne says:

    Pretty sure I am going to reuest everyone in my life read this Cliff's Notes version of what it means to have adoption be a part of your community's story Great overview of the process the misconceptions and hurtful things you might accidentally say or do while trying to be encouraging along the way

  4. Nickie Mariager-Lam Nickie Mariager-Lam says:

    The book seems to have the basic belief that the extended family andor friends unconsciously are gonna be against adoption or at least have some prejudgements about it I think that basic belief in many cases are wrong and I would have liked the book to have put emphasis on what to do as a relative to people adopting instead of what not to Maybe I'm naive but I genuinely believe that our friends and family have the best intentions when it comes to being a part of our adoption journey but that this way of creating a family might be new to them and that they therefore might unintentionally formulate themselves in ways that are inappropriate and I'm willing to lovingly correct them when that happens instead of acting offended

  5. Sally Martin Sally Martin says:

    Just What the Title SaysGreat for families and friends of those adopting I'll recommend it for our closest loved ones although they can skip the sections about adoption since they dont need to know the whole process The best part was telling them stupid things people say and what they shouldn't

  6. K Bayko K Bayko says:

    While the book had uite a lot of good information in it I felt the general tone towards families to be automatic disapproval about their actions with pre adoptive parents I wouldn’t share this with families for that reason

  7. Susie Susie says:

    Concise primer on the adoption process I don't agree with everything but this is a book I recommend to get a uick overview of adoption

  8. Gayle Swift Gayle Swift says:

    A Finely Honed Sense of Adoption attunement “Adoption is a Family Affair by Patricia Irwin Johnston” is a remarkable book written with compassion professionalism and a finely honed sense of adoption attunement While the book is written to address the uestions and knowledge gaps of the extended family and friends of an adopting family this book has a great deal to offer adopters as wellJohnston addresses the adoption journey with such great depth wisdom and practicality that it is sure to assist all who explore its pages Adoption practice has evolved considerably in the last twenty five years yet much of the advances in understanding and methods have not flowed down to the general consciousness of our culture This means that adoptive families will find themselves slamming headlong into outdated beliefs and assumptions that have little understanding for the complexity that comprises the adoption journey While their agency adoption professional of DCF worker may prepare parents it is essential that parents also prepare their family and friends Parents will be wise to teach them how to be a part of the essential support system Inform them of the uniue parenting strategies that will govern your family Help them to understand the why and how adoptive parenting differs from parenting children born and raised by the family who gave birth to them Parents will benefit from Irwin’s excellent explanation for establishing holding and respecting privacy boundariesThis gem of a book provides a wonderful way to educate oneself family and friends Irwin is herself an adoptive parent has been an adoption advocate for decades and has written books that are classics of adoption literature This book should be on every adoptive family’s shelf The adage that “It takes a village to raise a child” is never true than in a family touched by adoption They need a supportive team of committed family and friends who will understand support and not criticizeAs an adoption coach an adoptive parent and former foster parent I HIGHLY recommend this exceptional book —Gayle H Swift author of “ABC Adoption Me A Multicultural Picture Book”

  9. Krista Krista says:

    This book about adoption is directed towards the extended adoptive family the adoptive grandparents aunts and uncles The format is very readable usually a short chapter on a topic following by several ways to get information ie books and websites The first section of the book attempts to talk about some common grandparent reactions to adoption including what not to say when your adult children announce their decision to adopt Then the book goes into several chapters of describing the adoption process how it works the wait adoptive parents go through difficulties with transitioning the child and the ongoing issues the child may face about hisher adoption The book wraps up with another what not to do section which relates some horror stories from actual adoptive parents Our family has been very supportive and some of the what not to say advice that the author gives is a bit hard hitting so I would be concerned that our family would think we were mad if we gave them this book or recommended it There is also a section about adoptism defined as a prejudice against and criticism toward the adoptive triad birthparents adoptive parents and adopted child Again I feel that some of the philosophies here I agree with fully ex the real parents are the adoptive parents the biological parents should be referred to as the birthparents Other items I did not agree with and would hate for my extended family to think I am espousing I did love the middle chapters of the book though which accurately outline the ups and downs of the adoptive process and correctly reflect the emotions that we went through as a couple during that process I may recommend it to our family for that center informative section but only with the disclaimer that the beginning and ending sections should be taken with a grain of salt so to speak

  10. Emily Emily says:

    Purchased this book to give to my in laws as we pursue an open domestic adoption Unfortunately they wouldn't read it I don't know why So I ended up reading it myself and summarizing it for them I'm glad I read it It was very useful and definitely clarified some things for meI've read many books on adoption but most of them have been from the perspective of an adoptive parent These books are focused on how to build healthy attachment how to talk adoption with your children how to talk about race and privilege etc These topics are also covered but in very different ways in this bookSometimes as an adoptive parent you just feel like you are constantly educating people There are so many negative adoption attitudes and representations out there It's really nice to have your family on board without having to explain every little detail Two big topics are positive adoption language and adoptism PAL becomes increasingly important as children grow up and begin to understand some of the negative connotations of the language people use to describe adoptionI've had to have many of these conversations No it's not okay to compare the birth of our family to pet adoption No it's not okay to constantly emphasize genetics in other grandchildren not that you can never do it it's always fun to notice the ways in which your children and grandchildren are like you just be mindful And no it is never okay to tell an adoptive parent that they should just be grateful for the children they have These conversations have all been with separate people who truly love my children and our family They just don't know So I highly recommend this book to families formed by adoption It introduces so many important topics Now if I could only get anyone in my family to read it

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