Simply Fly Kindle Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • Simply Fly
  • G.R. Gopinath
  • English
  • 14 December 2014
  • 9788172238421

10 thoughts on “Simply Fly

  1. Parag Parag says:

    Simply Fly is a biography of Captain Gopinath The book is large and in the middle it becomes little boring That is because the outcomes of his various ventures become predictable In throughout length of book he with brutal honesty writes what he really did and not what we would like to read How a person who keeps on trying and experimenting never fail I the longer run how self belief is a must else you are deemed to fail he assures I would rate this one as 45 starsThe incidents sometimes feel difficult to believe For example the incident where the bullock cart does not fail and wheels do not come out even when locking mechanism is missing; when he left everything and lived alone in a farm with zero amenities; etc But leaving such instances the book is a good or rather a MUST READ One who loves adventures would definitely love this book In one of the adventures Captain Gopinath goes on a bike tour of country I liked that idea and added ‘Bike Journey from Kanyakumari to Jammu’ in my Bucket List This book is actually an epitome of adventurism One important thing is that Captain himself is a avid reader He has uoted lines from various writers every now and then making book readable Also I had to use dictionary freuently while reading

  2. Lakshmanan Lakshmanan says:

    Hands down this is my best read of 2020 When you have the will you have the way Story of a boy brought up in a conservative household who joins the Army School Fights India Pakistan war retires early returns home to make a living by farming takes up different businesses competes and fails in a public election starts an aviation company with no money and no helicopter grows his company locked horns with bureaucracy at every stage expands business into low cost domestic aircraft sold air tickets for 1 rupee to realize the common man's dream of flying on an airplane Needless to say the journey is a rollercoaster

  3. Sagar Ghai Sagar Ghai says:

    There are no words to describe this man The valour and honour he shows while being from the lowest of trenches in our society outlines that living a life of ethics and integrity does not conflict with anything His story is an absolute gem for first generation entrepreneurs A farmer salesman restaurant owner stock broker politician and the owner of a helicopter company This man did everything possible to make the world see how things should be done Strategy making is an art He showcases it in every one of his endeavours Some of the uotes are so amazing that I had to write them down and underline them something I would never do to a book This hidden gem deserves an applaud This should become the first and foremost book on any list of must reads for an entrepreneur in India

  4. Adithya Shashidhara Adithya Shashidhara says:

    It was nice to know about one of our own Karnataka’s star entrepreneur Captain Gopinath His army days stint as a farmer and then as a pioneer of low cost airlines have been described lucidly However the style of narration could be a bit off putting considering it is than 350 pages long I enjoyed his collaboration with Vijay Mallya It’s tragic that both their airlines have bitten dust now

  5. Senthilprabhu Senthilprabhu says:

    Its a amazing book Its simply a flying journey by a man born in middle class family joined army trekked in USA started farming small entrepreneur to founder one of the best low cost airlines in the countryIt explains how the government functions how one faces various problems in this country When many people think of corruption as a barrier for entrepreneurship here is a man who broken that myth and proven than once that be right then nothing will stop you from achieving the dreamIt explains the problem one faces in all walks of life as a common man as a family man as well as a business man I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book

  6. Soumitra Bhattacharyya Soumitra Bhattacharyya says:

    This is an excellent narration Most of the time we find Euphoria about one's success Rarely do we know the hard work activities thought and trail of events that goes through any success In this Capt Gopinath has narrated his life story from village boy to founder of Air Deccan in India I believe the incidents are real life and any one can correlate with the author's narrative A great story and the fact that it is not work of fiction makes it fun to read

  7. Jitin Nair Jitin Nair says:

    How did Capt Gopi make the journey from being in the army to farming to starting Air Deccan? This book offers key insights into the operations of the airline industry as seen by an entrepreneur with a thirst for creation of innovative solutions Capt Gopi is a fantastic storyteller but at times he digresses to indulge in a hubristic narrative Nonetheless this one is definitely a must read for anyone interested in low cost airlines andor early days of entrepreneurship in India

  8. Aditya Aditya says:

    A book to read highlight ponder over and then reread and then some Capt Gopinath shares his story in great detail He takes uite a bit of time to get to the Deccan story and even when he gets there its a fraction of the book But the path to starting Deccan is described in great detail the path of becoming an entrepreneur who would start Deccan Highly recommended

  9. Jayanth Jayanth says:

    Wonderful book which makes you think about how much there is in the world to do The best part of the book is when he talks about his farm and how he managed to get things done single handedly inspite of all the odds in his village Overall an inspirational book and a must read for every aspiring entrepreneur

  10. Dinesh Gopal Dinesh Gopal says:

    Gopinath Captain is on par with any of the top entrepreneurs of the world and he captures the same with his brilliant writing

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Simply Fly[Download] ➾ Simply Fly Author G.R. Gopinath – This tells of the journey of a boy from a remote village that went from riding a bullock cart to owning an airline It narrates in gritty detail Captain Gopinath's incredible journey uitting the Indian This tells of the journey of a boy from a remote village that went from riding a bullock cart to owning an airline It narrates in gritty detail Captain Gopinath's incredible journey uitting the Indian Army in the late s with a princely gratuity of Rs going back to his farm land inundated by the river converting of piece of barren land to set up a farm for ecologically sustainable silkworm rearing and winning a Rolex award for it From there he went on to launch an airline that would make billion dollars in less than four years.