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A Friendship [Ebook] ➫ A Friendship ➪ A.E. Hotchner – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Bestselling author A E Hotchner's intimate account of his 53 year friendship with his pal Paul NewmanA E Hotchner first met Paul Newman in 1955 when the virtually unknown actor assumed the lead role i Bestselling author A E Hotchner's intimate account of his year friendship with his pal Paul NewmanA E Hotchner first met Paul Newman in when the virtually unknown actor assumed the lead role in Hotchner’s first television play based on an Ernest Hemingway story The project elevated both men from relative obscurity to recognition and began a close and trusted friendship that lasted until Newman’s death in  In Paul and Me Hotchner depicts a complicated unpredictable fun loving talented man and takes the reader along on their adventures The pair traveled extensively skippered a succession of bizarre boats confounded the business world scored triumphs on the stage and sustained their friendship through good times and bad  Most notably they started Newman’s Own as a prank and watched it morph into a major enterprise that so far has donated all its million in profit to charities including the Hole in the Wall Camps worldwide dedicated to helping thousands of children with life threatening illnesses   Paul and Me complete with personal photographs is the story of a freewheeling friendship and a tribute to the acclaimed actor who gave to the world as much as the world gave him.

  • Hardcover
  • 234 pages
  • A Friendship
  • A.E. Hotchner
  • English
  • 07 August 2015
  • 9780385532334

About the Author: A.E. Hotchner

Aaron Edward Hotchner was an American editor novelist playwright and biographer He wrote many television screenplays as well as a biography of Ernest Hemingway He co founded with Paul Newman the charity food company Newman's Own.

10 thoughts on “A Friendship

  1. Ken Ken says:

    Saw this at the library and picked it up on a whim AE Hotchner is an old buddy and business partner of Paul Newman and this is Hotchner’s memoir of their friendshipThe first half of the book is a random set of recollections about Hotchner’s friend Paul Newman in no particular order It’s wildly uneven; at its best the stories are personal and insightful At other times the stories are random and dull However it picks up when Newman decides to start his Newman’s Own food business; the story of the company gives some structure and interest to the recollections However overall the book is weak on detail and not really trustworthy; I get the feeling Hotchner is interested in putting his pal on a pedestal than in telling the truth Paul never has a bad side or makes a bad decision Paul gets all the good lines and ideas and Hotchner goes along good naturedly Still it’s an interesting glimpse of an extraordinary life as viewed from a close vantage point

  2. Conrad Wesselhoeft Conrad Wesselhoeft says:

    AE Hotchner's memoir of Paul Newman is an elouent tribute to the man and artist written with grace modesty and wit Decades ago Hotchner wrote Papa Hemingway one of my all time favorite memoirs While Papa Hemingway traced an ominous arc you knew Hemingway was headed for self destruction Paul and Me follows an almost joyous trajectory from Newman's ascent in Hollywood to his unlikely successes as champion race car driver food icon and philanthropist The glaring exception is the tragic death of Newman's son Scott The book is packed with anecdotes that portray Newman as feisty fun loving and complex As he did with Hemingway Hotchner personifies for Newman both Sancho Panza the sidekick and Boswell the memoirist But he goes them one better he plays a vital role in helping Newman turn popcorn dreams into business and philanthropy realities Although Hotchner never states it his friendship seems to represent an anchor to Newman's sail a needed stablizing influence It's easy to think how lucky Hotchner has been to pal around with Hemingway and Newman but one ends Paul and Me thinking this as well how lucky they were to have him as a friend

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    this book is of a series of vignettes than a cohesive biography which is okay as long as you accept it at first i was a little annoyed with the thing but then i decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the vignettes as if they were stories a friend was telling me which is what they felt like covered the entire span of their friendship from working together on a tv play to creating newman's own and then opening the hole in the wall gang camp it had personal pictures that were a lot of fun to see and the stories were 90% things i'd never heard or known about Paul Newman

  4. Kevin Kevin says:

    If you didn't already like Paul Newman you def will after reading this He seemed to be an unusual hollywood star in that he did things he wanted to do his way even if it was outside the box His sense of humor his loyalty to his friends and his passion for helping others really shines through in this book

  5. Saucy Red Saucy Red says:

    This book surprised me A E Hotchner's writing was intelligent funny and genuine His portrayal of Paul seemed honest heartfelt and warm It was an enjoyable read from start to finish and had me laughing out loud many times The book also inspired me to look up the Hole In The Wall Gang camp that the proceeds from the Newman's Own Salad Dressing go to Camp started by Newman and HotchnerHighly recommended as light reading that will inspire enlighten and entertain Especially so if you are a Paul Newman fan

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    I loved this tale of friends who did good for the world I liked hearing such wonderful things about Paul Newman who I have admired for his character and commitments Hotchner really brings this alive in describing their friendship and the starting of Newman's Own together and the Hole in the Wall Gang camp and its offshoots Sad that Paul wasn't aroung longer but so glad Hotchner is to share it with us

  7. David David says:

    Hotchner Hemingway's chief biographer and Newman's partner in the food business has crafted a series of loving vignettes of their fifty year friendship I was a littled troubled by the lenghty verbatim uotes of Newman's exact words from decades old conversations but all in all this is a nice little bookThe chapters about the development of the salad dressingpasta saucepopcorn ventures were fascinating Paul Newman would have enjoyed this portrait

  8. Gerri Gerri says:

    What a wonderful caring man The world was a better place because of him and his honesty actions and giving Of course I loved Paul Newman from the time I was a teen but grew to admire him over my life This book gave an honets look from a friend's relationship with the manThanks Dee for the gift

  9. Mark Schuliger Mark Schuliger says:

    A great personal look at one of the great actors and importantly humanitarians of our age I'm a huge Newman fan so I enjoyed this immensely Your milage may varyIn any case this book is sure to leave you with a new respect for the man

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    Handsome beautiful blue eyes great actor phenomenal race car driver All apply to Paul Newman who made ua women believe those intense blue eyes were for us But how many saw the love and compassion in those eyes and the real Paul Newman This book written by his friend and partner in those ventures most important to Paul gives a very personal account of the compassion in the man The stories behind the Newman's Own food line and the Hole in the Wall camp are told by the guy beside him in both of these ventures Yes Paul Newman was an award winning actor and won than a few races following his passion racing as simple P Newman But what made the man was his compassion and desire to give back although he never sought recognition for his charitable giving He turned down several awrds because he didn't want to take center stage for those effortsRead this book if you want a personal view of the man Paul Newman

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