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The Last Operative ❮BOOKS❯ ✴ The Last Operative ✪ Author Jerry B. Jenkins – Jordan Kirkwood wants to go uietly into the sunset His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll His two adult children are little than distant acuaintances His wife has been Jordan Kirkwood wants to go uietly into the sunset His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll His two adult children are little than distant acuaintances His wife has been patient and supportive but he knows she has deserved better That was part of the reason they were going to The Last MOBI :Ê London He wanted her to see Europe like a tourist But that was before he was given intelligence information during the recent mission to Germany The threat is grave—bigger than And the risk is compounded by the fact that someone inside the NSA is involved The most hidden place in Kirkwood’s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this mission.

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  1. Paul Willis Paul Willis says:

    THIS is the sort of fiction I love I think I'm a Jenkins wannabe okay this might literally be the only thing of his I've read but Christian spy thriller action stuff? And Christian?Read it like a month ago so I don't have a ton to say Other than it was sad at the beginning I didn't know who to trust at any timeAnd then the reason one star was knocked off for me view spoilerI wasn't sure how I felt about his relationship with a former girlfriend he had gotten pregnant like 20 years earlier It was wrapped in a biblical context he understood it was wrong and all that But falling in love with her again years later after your wife has recently been murdered??? It just made me suirm a little as I imagined how that part of the story could have been constructed differently However I don't think Jenkins created the situation arbitrarily and he had a few points to cover with it hide spoiler

  2. Vera Godley Vera Godley says:

    I usually thoroughly enjoy a book by Jerry B Jenkins This was no exception I enjoyed it I found it interesting and since I'm not an authority on spy craft or the CIA or NSA I found it plausibleI am sure there are accurate stories I am sure there are intriguing stories But I found this good enough for me It told me a tale about which I had no mental concept spies who spy upon spies and who then report to unknown authority figures And then the operatives are almost all gone except The Last Operative who is the main protagonistWe see him in a tangle where he doesn't know whom he can trust out of those he has trusted most and completely in years and events bygoneFolks die Houses are blown to smithereens Folks are on the run People lie steal spy A good read that incorporates faith faith one has and faith one needs to regainDISCLOSURE I received this via the TyndaleRewards program after earning points Opinions are my own I was not compensated

  3. Michelle Kaye Michelle Kaye says:

    Jerry B Jenkins Author The Last OperativeTyndale ISBN 978 1 4143 0905 7Fiction Christian thriller action espionage371 pagesAugust 2010 Review for BookpleasuresReviewer Michelle Kaye Malsbury BSBM MMReviewJerry Jenkins has penned numerous novels that have sold than 63 million copies worldwide 2010 inside back cover Seven of his books have had the honor of debuting in first place on the New York Times Bestseller List Mr Jenkins has been written up in USA Today Publisher’s Weekly and the Wall Street Journal He and his wife live in Colorado For information about this wonderful author please visit his website at wwwjerryjenkinscom The Last Operative is filled with religious undertones and overtones Christianity is a common thread that is creatively woven throughout the pages of this novel without being overbearing Obviously this is part and parcel of the author Mr Jenkins too I have to admit he did a very good job in this regard especially for those of us who tend to lean in the atheist categoryThe main character Jordan Kirkwood works undercover for the NSA He was covertly recruited just of out high school in Michigan where his first test was to spy on other governmental personnel while working for the Peace Corp in Indonesia Here he meets and falls in love with a lovely French woman who will haunt him the remainder of his life because life and circumstance have them going their separate ways despite being very deeply in love Eventually he meets and marries the daughter of a minister They have two children Nobody they live near or are related to have any idea about Mr Kirkwoods’ real job His children are resentful that he has literally missed most of their lives because he is usually out on assignment and unable to attend normal family gatherings or school functions Their mother is their safety net and motherfather figure rolled into one This undercover NSA job has allowed Mr Kirkwood entry in remote and populated places around the globe under a variety of disguises where he can cautiously and methodically ferret out evil plans that could encroach on America’s national security The Last Operative is a spellbinding tale of a man torn by his love of a woman far in his past and his duty to wife and family in his present That life has just spun terribly out of control Jason Kirkwood has just lost his wife to a brutal killing in an airport where they were slated to meet for a long awaited vacation Luckily or unluckily he is detained and then passed off with a friend who escorts him home to bury his wife and make amends with his children before being embroiled in the next operation which he assumes may be his last As the story unfolds and the plot deepens bizaare things happen and Jordan Kirkwood goes deep undercover to try to untangle the tightly coiled web of deceit that can only come from having a person on the inside having it out for him With his life turned upside down where will he go? Will he find the mole and expose him or her? Or will he get whacked in the process?Despite the or less overt religiousity I truly enjoyed this book I liked the description of the characters and the lives they led I would definitely recommend this book to anyone like me who really likes reading spy or espionage novels even if religion is not your thing Thank you Jerry B Jenkins for a wonderfully page turning book filled with action contemplation and direction for those seeking it

  4. Nadine Keels Nadine Keels says:

    While there were still exasperating puzzles one thing was clear this was than espionage than politics Millions maybe tens of millions of lives were at stakeWorking for the NSA as an intelligence operative has taken a major toll on Jordan Kirkwood and his family over the years He's toying with the idea of ending his career but a new deeply critical threat to the nation's security might end Jordan's life first in The Last Operative a novel by Jerry B JenkinsThis book is as much about the hero's trouble with his mental and emotional state his past and his family life as it is a novel of suspense and danger Overall I appreciated the balance between those two general sides of the story It seemed the issue of vengeance was raised without reaching a real resolution but I might have missed something there Still I did wonder why the climax of Kirkwood's NSA mission seemed to arrive and end as soon as it did One of two things often happens when a novel reaches an early climax either it idles around in what remaining material the story has left or it introduces new material that it may not have enough time to develop well or to leave the reader much time to care about the new stuff before the book is overEither way the climax usually signals to my senses that it's time for the story to start wrapping up So when a book carries on much longer my interest begins to wane This novel does introduce a new dilemma after the climax and then it ends in a somewhat awkward spot like Well the story's gotta stop sometime so we'll stop it hereNevertheless I found this to be an enjoyable Christian suspense read and I certainly plan on checking out from this authorI received a complimentary copy of this book for which I've given an honest review through a rewards program from the publisher I received no monetary compensation

  5. Linda Linda says:

    Jerry Jenkins proved himself a master of Christian suspense when he co authored the Left Behind series He is eually good with this solo story Up until about two chapters from the end I thought this was going to be the first of a series but the end was satisfying This book had surprisingly few editing oversights in the Kindle textPage 20 from La Havre France from LE Havre France ; 68 weird combination softy and cynic weird combination OF softy and cynic ; 74 he was able think about something he was able TO think about something ; 94 Couple of test results will be back A COUPLE of test results will be back ; 125 He may have been in charge He MIGHT have been in charge ; 140 Who knows how much time we have Who knows how much time we HAVE? a uestion ; Page 180 who am I to prescribe how a person should respond to a trauma like yours who am I to prescribe how a person should respond to a trauma like YOURS? a uestion ; 188 what do we do about whoever is coming here what do we do about whoever is coming HERE? a uestion ; 341 one of busiest and most bizarre bazaars one of THE busiest and most bizarre bazaars ; 345 well you anyway WELL you anyway

  6. Matt Lenz Matt Lenz says:

    Jerry's forward says that a previous version of this book was one of his first and that his publisher approached him with the idea of updating it to fit society and technology of today He did and it turned out great Here's a thriller that doesn't sink into the muck although there is plenty of action and danger The main character has a conscience even though he almost has a license to kill The conscience helps to create the character development in the story It is refreshing to see that covert operations don't have to be kill or be killed even though the fate of the world is at stake Jerry writes crisply and tells a good story He also says in his forward that he intentionally wrote in such a way so that all dialogue attributes were clear; he didn't want to use the attribute he said He succeeded very nicely and it read smoothly and clearly to the point that I did not miss the he said she said You did good Jerry

  7. Randy Tramp Randy Tramp says:

    NSA Intelligence Officer Jordan Kirkwood plans to his wife at Heathrow Airport for a much needed European vacation Before Jordon goes to the airport he meets with author Stanley Stewart who insists Al aeda is poised to attack the United States At Heathrow a sniper opens fires on Jordan's wife and the man she is talking to killing many bystanders The threat is grave And the risk is compounded because someone inside the NSA is involved The most hidden place in Kirkwood’s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this missionThis book is about Kirkwood's troubles and his mental and emotional state His past reveals danger and suspense I experienced the inner workings of our country's security agencyI love the writing style of Jenkins Online I've attended his Writers Guild Great training Plot excellent Characters interesting Suspense high

  8. Bonny Rambarran Bonny Rambarran says:

    absolutely loved this book On the edge of your seat type of book

  9. Craig Tonkin Craig Tonkin says:

    Well written and engaging throughout A uick and easy read

  10. Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries) Julie Smith (Knitting and Sundries) says:

    This review first appeared on my blog to the author's note this book is a thorough re telling of his first stand alone novel The Operative rewritten and updated for today's audience He also poses a uestion to the reader about the dialogue which is not weighed down with he said this and she said that To answer the uestion yes the dialogue worked I never had a problem differentiating who was speakingJordan is an NSA operative suddenly called to Germany for an assignment that could have been handled by anyone else One of the higher ups Stu surprises him by reuesting a secret meeting where he is told of the presence of a nuclear threat within the United States and the strict certainty that someone high within the NSA is involvedJordan is puzzling over this when he goes to meet his wife at Heathrow airport where they are supposed to embark on a long overdue vacation Suddenly gunfire erupts as the passengers are disembarking and it becomes clear that someone wanted Jordan dead A day later Stu IS dead the victim of an apparent suicide Now it is up to Jordan and his mentor Chuck to find out how to stop nuclear missiles from entering the United States who is behind it and who in the NSA is involved After years of faithful work and service Jordan suddenly finds everything he's done being uestioned and his allegiance to the NSA is on shaky groundI WANTED to like this book There's faith and family and a seemingly good spy story But I didn't feel what I was supposed to feel which is involved with the characters It felt like a sketch that still needed to be shaded in There WAS a point shortly after page 200 where the action becomes intense and fully fleshed then it was back to the surface sketches I found it unbelievable that than 20 years after a youthful indiscretion Jordan would still be guilt ridden about it I also found it less than believable that he would have ended this youthful relationship in the fashion that he did if he truly loved that person Even the anger that his son feels towards him doesn't read as real There's a twist when we find out who is the inside guy at NSA but there are enough hints early on that most of us will have already figured it outAll in all it was an OK read but nothing to re read at least not for meUOTES For the first time Jordan resented his own training He envied others their grief and fear Such open honest human unchecked emotionsChuck I feel like I'm leaning over a gas tank with a cigarette in my lipsComforting Two decades apart a few hours to mend fences and we exit as kamikazes

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