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Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları ❰KINDLE❯ ❂ Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları Author Orhan Pamuk – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Една семейна сага обхванала живота на три поколения Историята на един амбициозен търговец основал своя дина Една семейна сага обхванала живота на три поколения Историята на един амбициозен търговец основал своя династия в зората на двайсети век Историята на Джевдет бей неговите синове и внуци се развива на фона на историята на Турция – от времето на последния султан през младотурската революция политически сътресения и преврати Скърби и радости любов и смърт годежи сватби и раздели изпъстрят картината създадена от майсторското перо на Орхан Cevdet Bey MOBI :Ê Памук Между търговията мечтите и надеждите Джевдет бей и неговите потомци извървяват пътя на нова Турция търсят смисъла на своето съществувание лутат се между традиционното и европейското светоусещане между политиката и изкуството в търсене на своята идентичност.

10 thoughts on “Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları

  1. Anoush Anoush says:

    This book took about 300 pages to actually start SIGN I had to force myself to read it just because I don't like unfinished books Until about page 300 it merely recounted everyday facts he went here he drank tea he thought what a boring man the street was empty he took a carriage he snoozed for a bit It jumped 30 years here 3 months there leaving created characters in the air without any explanation Then later one of the personages would uite clumsily recount a few facts of what had happened in that time Then somewhere in the vicinity of page 320 the book actually started saying something Only then did it become remotely interesting to see what it had to say what it was actually written for I know the writer got his Noble prize for discovering new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures but for this book he could only get one award award of never ending exposition Although in places I liked the writer's style and I will try his other works like My name is Red this book only gets 2 stars from me and that's plenty I'd say

  2. Vuk Samčević Vuk Samčević says:

    I finally read it and I have many things to say about it First of all I think the main reason for me liking this novel so very much is because Orhan Pamuk was young when he wrote it the main characters are generally young and I am young Oh one thing we are from the Balkans These things I find crucial for understanding this work It is his first novel and didn't read anything else that he wrote but this book is definitely one of my favoritesOther people might not view this book like me because of the different perspective But I find it relevant I found similar things that I found when reading Škvorecky's Cowards or Pavese's The Devil on the Hill This book made me reflect on me to think about what I am doing with my life and where I live It is something I like to call novel of generation even though the proper term I don't think means the same thingThe uestions that this novel asks are ideologies family art war homeland Orient reformations revolutions just to name a few But there is much much I feel like if I read it earlier or later I wouldn't appreciate it that much So that is way I am so grateful that I read in this part of my life After reading this book I know I will read of his work and I also felt close with the atmosphere from the book And don't know if that is because is a genius author or because Serbian and Turkish mentality are so similar Looking what I wrote just now I don't know if I said what I wanted but that is my impression Read this book and make your own

  3. Passive Apathetic Passive Apathetic says:

    All that he is Pamuk is not diverse when it comes to his characters It is not that they are sparse on the contrary there are a lot of characters in this book However these characters look as if they are cut from the same cloth no matter what we are told about their backgrounds Most importantly their inner voices the way they think reflect react or express any emotion are uncannily and ineffectively if I may add the same Orhan Pamuk shows his mastery best when he mentions nature or inanimate objects; a garden trees flowers sky mountains or interiors of houses Those parts are freuently the best parts of his novels Perhaps that's why we could say that Orhan Pamuk's blessing is his curse; what makes him a good writer makes him also an incompetent one And because he is that good his flaws are apparent and less acceptable Though it was a difficult reading I had to drag myself through the pages to finish this novel it was that dry Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları might prove to be beneficial for those who wants a peek into Turkish psyche pre and post Turkish revolutions which took place before during and soon after the establishment of the republic

  4. Nutsa Nutsa says:

    so far reads great wonderful translation in Georgian by Nana Janashia

  5. Samuel Mustri Samuel Mustri says:

    Like all the big writers some books aren’t easy to read Cevdet isn’t easy it’s super long 654 pages it tells the story of a family in Istanbul from the beginning of the 20th century in the age of the sultan Istanbul is a deep city with deep lives After reading “Istanbul” “Cevdet” is like living inside of those houses in Nisantasi with the Bey family There are very interesting thoughts through the story And multiple aspects of life in Istanbul and in a family It is not a book that facts have to happen The dialogue style is beautiful It is a beautiful reading You feel inside the Cevdet family all the time Their feelings their ideals The passing of the years is not lineal it creates an emptiness and a continuity with time The most important year is 1939 the beginning of the century is named with the sultan Abdullah’s name And the epilogue one wonders when the stray is ending With words like socialism one can guess when the story is happening The building and the neighborhoods are characters too There is a chapter where the Bey family reunites and the storytelling is hilarious Like a microcosmos of characters in one family Very profound It flows with the intimacy of leaving in a city where Europe was far where being an artist wasn’t a good thing 1939 and the war was happening far away Nostalgic I will miss Istanbul Pamuk is a huge writer The way he describes everything It reminded me to Amos Oz in moments

  6. Mert Mert says:

    As much as it has been heavily influenced by Buddenbrooks of Thomas Mann it is a great book with Pamuk's special style It is difficult to explain what I mean by Pamuk's special style This makes the book very much uniue despite the influence I am telling myself that there is probably no single good novelist who was not influenced by others So Pamuk is a good reader good adapter and he obviously contributes to the modern literature

  7. Sugar Sugar says:

    It was the book of Orhan Pamuk which I liked less there are some really good points in it but I can say it`s far away from the style of the Snow The white castle My name is Red It was a family saga but really not my type

  8. Fundacelikel Fundacelikel says:

    The flaws of being a first novel are every now and then disturbing throughout the book but in the end it is a first book of a Nobel Price holder I would have rated it higher had I not know Pamuk's mature works

  9. Lex Poot Lex Poot says:

    Not as good as Istanbul but I would recommend it to anyone It chronicles the live of 3 generations showing the changes that Turkey went through in about two third of the 20th century

  10. Booklovinglady Booklovinglady says:

    Interesting novel although complicated when you know near to nothing about Turkey and its recent history Still I learnt a lot

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