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Le crime d'Orcival [PDF / Epub] ✍ Le crime d'Orcival ☁ Émile Gaboriau – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Emile Gaboriau 1833 1873 is an important figure in the history of detective fiction A French journalist and novelist he created the roman policier with a series of books involving private detective Mo Emile Gaboriau is an important figure in the history of detective fiction A French journalist and novelist he created the roman policier with a series of books involving private detective Monsieur Leco who works logically Leco was based on a real life thief turned policeman named Francois Vidoc whose memoirs mixed fiction and fact Gaboriau's huge following was eclipsed by Arthur Le crime PDF/EPUB ² Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Interestingly Holmes may have been at least partly based on another of Gaboriau's characters consulting detective Father Tabaret whose methods Monsieur Leco adopts in the first Leco book.

About the Author: Émile Gaboriau

Gaboriau was born in the small town of Saujon Charente Maritime He became a secretary to Paul Féval and after publishing some novels and miscellaneous writings found his real gift in L'Affaire Lerouge The book which was Gaboriau's first detective novel introduced an amateur detective It also introduced a young police officer named Monsieur Leco who was the hero in three of Gaboriau.

10 thoughts on “Le crime d'Orcival

  1. Chris Chris says:

    Before there was Sherlock Holmes there was Monsieur LeCo and this is of one his starring turns This was written long before the elements of mystery genre writing was developed so this does not follow the path of mystery writing that modern mystery fans would recognize It took me a while to get into it but then I stopped thinking and started to just enjoy the chase as the whodunit is solved about a third of the way through the book but the uestion of whether the suspect will be caught isn't resolved until almost the last page I guess there's nothing uite like a late 19th century French potboiler

  2. Tobius Tobius says:

    It was slow going at first but I did like it and I actually found my self reading it late at night to finish it and see the ending

  3. PenNPaper52 PenNPaper52 says:

    Monsieur Leco is the creation of Emile Gaboriau just like Sherlock Holmes is for Conan Doyle and Hercule Poirot for Agatha Christie Leco was created well before anyone had heard of Sherlock infact it is a known fact that Doyle drew inspiration for Sherlock's character from Leco The methodically scientific manner in which Leco solves crimes is interesting to read along with the ruthlessness of his conduct in some instances It is fascination to read how crimes were solved back in the 1800s without the means of DNA testing or fingerprint technology etc I had downloaded the book from Project Gutenberg a while back but once I started reading it was hard to keep away

  4. Steven Heywood Steven Heywood says:

    A surprisingly good read I set out to read a museum piece and found myself reading a nicely translated well paced detective story that plays by all the rules of the 20th Century mystery and it blessed with well drawn characters There are three parts to the story and initially I found myself put off by the change of pace in the second part That was soon overcome as a story within a story it holds itself well and its importance in the bigger story becomes apparent

  5. Karen Karen says:

    An entertaining read Leco is a good fictional detective I would read

  6. Serena Serena says:

    My Rating System couldn't finish wouldn't recommend would recommend would read again have read again

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Wow What a great mystery bookWhen I first prepared to read this book I noticed my copy was printed in 1903 Then I saw it was originally published in 1871 It was translated from the French of Emile Gaboriau and published in English by Scribner's For a comparison A Study in Scarlet was published in 1887So this is a very early mystery novel set mostly in the little French town of Orcival and partly in ParisWhen I read the first chapter I thought Oh I have this all figured out But the book went on The characters became clear More events happened It was really a good mystery novel and I enjoyed it a lotFor those who like an historical setting this book which was written as a contemporary novel provides that with absolute accuracy

  8. B. Zedan B. Zedan says:

    M Leco in fine form with Gaboriau's distaste of the upper class and their empty love affairs readily evident Lots of science in this one nothing better really than mid 1800's forensics and crime scene examination to make you wince a little while being nonetheless impressedComparatively a workhorse of a detective novel but M Leco is a damned gem and really gets to ham it up in disguise

  9. Richard Richard says:

    I read this as it was the second book in a detective murder series with a strong lead detective It was written in 1867 Detective LeCo is a gatherer of technical details and an actor who uses different disguises to obtain information and solve the crime I see strong similarities between LeCo Holmes Cin Mars Gamache and Poirot And it had a strong plot I will read the next one

  10. Jack Heath Jack Heath says:

    Synopsis Monsieur Leco the Sherlock Holmes of France is at his best in this one using science and careful crime scene examination

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