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Flinx in Flux [Download] ➵ Flinx in Flux By Alan Dean Foster – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk ALTERNATE COVER ART for ISBN 0 446 82977 3When Flinx no stranger to galactic intrigue found an unconscious woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin he took it in stride When he learned that ALTERNATE COVER ART for ISBN When Flinx no stranger to galactic intrigue found an unconscious woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin he took it in stride When he learned that the woman Clarity Held was a brilliant Flinx in eBook à scientist abducted from a remote outpost on inhospitable Longtunnel by a group of fanatic assassins he tried to help the beautiful Clarity back to her project Unfortunately the assassins were still at work They would do anything to stop the research on Longtunnel and would kill anyone or anything that got in their way.

  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Flinx in Flux
  • Alan Dean Foster
  • English
  • 17 September 2016

About the Author: Alan Dean Foster

Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster was born in New York City in but raised mainly in California He received a BA in Political Science from UCLA in and a MFA in Foster lives in Arizona with his wife but Flinx in eBook à he enjoys traveling because it gives him opportunities to meet new people and explore new places and cultures This interest is carried over to his writing.

10 thoughts on “Flinx in Flux

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    High energy action and adventure in the form of a boy and his dragon meets his biggest nemesis yet A young girlI mean it's not all as bad as that of course and Flinx has had plenty of girls after him but he's never been in uite the right frame of mind since he was being chased by assassins trying to save the universe trying to discover who his father is that kind of thing And he also has his first love in the form of his minidrag so there's always thatBut still these things do finally catch up with a boy ROMANCE gasp shock swoonWell not so much swoon I've read better romance all over the place but it's decent I suppose the best parts are where we get to spelunk meet new alien races foil eco gene terrorists meet up with uberpowerful friends and discover that things are going to hell in a handbasket right on the outer reachesAll in the day right?As an adventure it's still top notch I can't even tell that it's YA but it has all the hallmarks and it's always an easy and fun read In other words it's good for the whole family and even crusty old SF hounds like me

  2. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    While taking Pip's offspring back to their homeworld Alaspin Flinx stumbles across the unconscious and badly injured body of a young woman Being a good chap he decides he's not going to let her get eaten by Alaspin's native fauna and takes her back to his ship to see if he can't help heal her and get her homeThis is the set up for this fantastic book and you wouldn't believe where it goes from there Suffice it to say it involves eco terrorism genetic engineering gunfights kidnapping a short dungeon crawl and even a first contact with an entirely new intelligent species Old friends from previous books turn up unexpectedly with bad tidings of a colossal new threat I'm tired just from thinking about it all; Flinx must be knackeredI loved every minute of this book; it's definitely one of the best installments in the Humanx Commonwealth series and with an ending like this one I can't wait to get cracking on the next book D

  3. Tina Tina says:

    Unfortunately a rather hum drum adventure for Flinx and Pip or at least for me While packed with the typical in depth world building that I love Alan Dean Foster for the plot and characters in this novel left much to be desired My favourite parts about any ADF novel are his aliens they’re always developed with such detail they feel like they actually exist in our universe In truth he’s always been an inspiration of mine when it comes to creating alien races Yet his humans at least in this book are a little dry Flinx was much interesting when he was a young teenager learning his place in the universe Now he’s nineteen but he carries on as if he were a fifty year old man It doesn’t feel like he changes much over the novel love if that's what is was should have softened or hardened him or had some effect on him But as they had no chemistry whatsoever I felt like Clarity was a passing interest of his This could also be because she had no personality or addition to the plot aside from needing rescueprotection she seriously could have died at any point after arriving on Longtunnel and the story would have stayed the same Yet it’s easy to read ADF excels as usual at describing aliens and alien worlds with such detail and creativity they feel as if they should exist Maybe that’s my main issue with this novel most of it takes place inside a CAVE or on a Terran colony where there are no aliens or cool cultures to learn about Flinx when he’s just mulling over his family history is kind of a buzzkill And while he is full of doubt his precociousness gets irritating uickly Hopefully in the next one we get aliens and Flinx lightens up a bit view spoilerAlso I don’t get why Clarity was kidnapped in the first place or what they were intending to learn from her if the eco terrorists had Jase on the inside? hide spoiler

  4. Bryan457 Bryan457 says:

    The first 3 or 4 books of this series were out when I was younger and Flinx fired my imagination with his psionic talents his flying venom spitting snake pip and him being an orphan raised on the streetsThis book advance Flinx's story a minuscule amount just enough to get you to read it There is also an interstellar evil introduced briefly that Flinx is supposed to save the universe from as of book 13 this still has not happened This book marks a change in the series; at this point the publisher and author realized that Pip Flinx are a cash cow and started milking it So from here out you get very little advancement on Flinx's storyI wanted for Flinx to develop and use his psionic talents The series is now something like 13 books and his mental talents are still unreliable and pretty much useless; this was a very very very big disappointment to me for the series as a whole

  5. Lara Lara says:

    It's been a long time since I first read this book And it was fun to read it again The narrated versions of the books are very well done In this book which has Flinx on Alaspin returning Pips babies to the wild Flinx finds himself wrapped up in an adventure related to a beautiful young woman he finds injured and in danger She is at risk from a group of extremists While Flinx spends time with her he experiences his first romantic entanglement Over time and additional dangers and adventures he has to decide what that means for him especially when she has different life goalsI was surprised at how much Flinx revealed about himself in this book And some of it does come back to bite him At the same time he is growing and changing While we all wonder who we'll turn out to be for Flinx those uestions are much complicated Events in the book lead to him learning about himself and what he can do However there is still much that is uncertainAt the end of the book we learn about a new threat that is likely to take some time to fully understand and deal with We also get to see some friends from a previous book and it is foreshadowed that we'll see them again in the future I'm looking forward to that time

  6. Al "Tank" Al "Tank" says:

    Another in the superb Flinx and Pip seriesThis time Flinx finds himself playing rescuer to a beautiful and intelligent woman Flinx now 19 is immediately attracted to her even though she’s a few years older which drags him out of his normal reticent ways Especially when she gives him signals that she likes him as wellThus starts another adventure for Flinx his pet mini drag Pip and one of Pip’s children a small mini drag called ‘Spark’This story has all the great writing I’ve come to expect from Alan Dean Foster and like the other books in the series I was completely immersed in Flinx’ world and problems It’s a real joy to see Foster’s “boy” grow up and start to realize his true mental powers I won’t spoil it by telling you what new things he gains

  7. Brandt Anderson Brandt Anderson says:

    Pip Flinx is always an enjoyable read Only issue is his abilities Either they are non existent or all powerful I don't mind them being on the erratic side but not if there is a huge difference in capabilities Also curious as to know why Flinx had to spill the beans about the Bear people The chick he told shared his genetic experiment secret with someone else which caused himself to become captured for an experiment So I would hope that he is a little careful with the Bear people's secret

  8. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    Alan Dean Foster is one of my top 5 favorite writers and the commonwealth books are my favorite works These are great uick reads you are almost done before you realize you started Flinx his pet dragon Pip are great heroes Very recommended

  9. Matt Matt says:

    Fun book Foster tells a good tale and keeps things moving—sometimes a bit much exposition in the third person omniscient point of view but it's easy reading and goes fast Reminds me of why I liked these as a teen and good enough to keep reading and see what he's done with the series since

  10. Doc Doc says:

    Loving the way that Flinx is evolving as a person and as a character

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