Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in

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  • Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History
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  • 11 July 2016
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  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF WALMARTOR IF EVERYBODY’S IN ON IT WHY HAVEN’T THEY ASKED ME?Our text for today is Things only appear random because you're standing TOO CLOSELet's cut to the chase here Conspiracies are real A trade union is a conspiracy against the rat bastard capitalist running dogs who run big business The capitalist running dogs in turn conspire against the honest workers to screw them out of every penny and when they're coughing and flopping about from emphysema sack em and be done with em A political party is a public conspiracy against its rivals or it's the public face of a private conspiracy Football teams sit around and watch videos of the team they're up against next and figure out where the weaknesses are they're conspiring in secret too So you look at it one way and everything's a damnable conspiracy And that's the way I'm looking at it today That woman across the road has some remarkable hanging baskets outside her house but I REALISE NOW that all those peonies and dahlias are hiding cameras They can't fool me I call upon you all as witnesses in case I'm found in a bag of uick drying cement on a grassy knoll somewhere Pardon me I have to take my tabletsDavid Aaronovitch's introduction spells out nicely enough why the conspiracists get my goat and my other pack animals so successfully It's because they put me in the position of having to defend the authorities Yes Me Like I would want to do that But that's what I'm doing when I bat away these crazy theories which are like you know only a theory like gravity's a theory we know they're really saying this is how 911 really went down man It was Mossad So then I have to say no no you're wrong the FBI is an organisation of great integrity and would never fabricate evidence and never perpetrate falsehoods upon the public That's right Of course they wouldn't There's a word for the position these conspiracists put me in invidious There's a feeling I get when blustering about how the authorities are honest and trustworthy mortified That's the first reason why I hate these conspiracy theories And the second is they mess with my mind in making me think that facts aren't facts at all but received opinion In this they are like a sharp course in practical philosophy how do you know what you know Descartes what lies beyond the veil cogito ergo vomit how do you know you're not a brain in a tank and all that kind of stuff which is alright in theory but not when someone is ranting about the death of Robert Calvi the CIA and the first Gulf War and the vatican and Monica Lewinsky and the protocols of the elders of Walmart As David says elegantly given the desire to believe it is easy to confuse detail with thought911 in August 2004 Zogby Opinion Research found that 23 of New Yorkers under the age of 30 thought that the US Government either knew the attacks were going to happen and allowed them to proceed or actively engineered them So what? Most people living in the US and UK believe their governments are corrupt cover up crimes routinely steal you blind go to war for hideous ignoble reasons and lie about them all the time it’s the nature of government So what? Do we think that people in former centuries thought they were blessed with their Kings and Popes? Let’s imagine that – say – America wakes up one day and says Stone the crows You were right Bush and Cheney are indeed war criminals Let’s try ‘em Let’s prosecute all those who sold this phoney war to us citizens and got so many soldiers killed for nothing What then? Will future governments never make these blunders again? Will the CIA become a force for Good? Do the conspiracists dream of a world without spies? Or again the Ira war was according to many conspiracists “all about oil” If oil is going to become scarce in the West in – say – 50 years time wouldn’t it be a prudent thing for the US government to secure future supplies? And since you can’t invade a country just like that you have to find a reason hence WMD and the non existent threat of Saddam Hussein? Hey you purple in the face anti Bushers you should be praising this great president for guaranteeing our lovely Western lifestyle for another few decadesWhat happens in Britain a big controversial event takes place death of Diana invasion of Ira – official explanations are offered and routinely derided – the whole outraged nation demands a public enuiry with one voice – and they get one – 18 months later the chairman Lord Seriously Old or Sir Dreadful Bastard announces the results – which confirm the official explanation was correct in all particulars – two thirds of the nation by then have become bored and are playing on their X Boxes – the one third left all denounce the findings as Yet Another Whitewash What has been accomplished? It is a kind of theatre Everyone takes their appointed place and goes through their allotted script VARIOUS OBSCURE PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN UNCLEAR CIRCUMSTANCESIt doesn’t matter if the theorist believes in his own conspiracy theory because these theories are like religion a series of psychological strategies which exist to deal with the extreme perplexities of our human situation We are meaning seeking individuals in an apparently meaningless and very big scary universe Yesterday I heard an astronomer on the radio describing what you would find if you rocketed off to outer space and didn’t stop for nothing – her voice became a pleasant relaxing drone “then when you leave the solar system you see now that you are in an outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy which contains hundreds of billions of stars and then you see that the Milky Way itself is part of a cluster of galaxies each of which which contains hundreds of billions of stars and then you see that there are far away hundreds of billions of other galaxy clusters each of which which contains hundreds of billions of galaxies containing hundreds of billions of stars” and by this time I was seriously freaking OUT and in a burst of Tourette’s syndrome I screamed at the radio “HEY LADY WHO KILLED BRIAN JONES?”So for instance the theory of the deliberate blowing up of the levees in New Orleans in order to flood the black areas – almost endorsed by Spike Lee’s film – is an expression of the perennial feelings of people who feel oppressed Many of the main theories propose such a vast complex conspiracy that they become truly farcical – you get uite indignant that you aren’t in on it everyone else seems to be So this stuff appears to me to be like the secularised dark shadow cast by the setting sun of religion Whereas the Christian cosmology presents an essentially benevolent universe spelled out by Jesus Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered Fear not therefore ye are of value than many sparrowsGODLESS MALIGNANCY COOLThe conspiracist sees only godless malignancy a world of men suborning each other killing the good doing harm I note that each believer the religious and the conspiracist denies the existence of accident co incidence or mistake everything is intentional in these thought worlds There is always a Plan The conspiracists replace one God with many – but are they not all facets of the One in an infinite dance? No The hundredheaded gods of the conspiracists don’t dance at all – you put a foot wrong and the CIA or the Freemasons or the Jews or the British Royal Family or the Order of the Solar Temple or the Jesuits or the Knights Templars or the Communists or the Mob will frug you to deathI realise now I have been conspiring against my own peace of mind for years35 stars A Nottingham expression of surprise

  2. Jason Jason says:

    Yesterday morning my neighbor directly across the street committed suicide Well her body was discovered yesterday; the suicide took place on July 4th So 40 yards from my house and 20 yards from where my kids and I were lighting fireworks in the street laughing our neighbor was alone in her car idling a full tank of gas all the way to empty in her sealed garage We didn’t notice any noise no gas fumes escaping from the cracks around the door oblivious to the world nothing else out of the ordinary And yet there in the darkest loneliest place of human existence out of reach of humanity she made a decision that affected hundreds of lives I didn’t know her had never met her in fact She was in the home of a man my neighbor who had recently divorced They were a very introverted ethnic family He traveled all week and weekends were spent away with family The yard was minimally maintained and over the last 4 years there was friendly but only brief contact with neighbors For 4 months the house has been for sale The victim the new girlfriend also strangely the first ex wife was merely house sitting at the time She had a 15 year old daughterOut of respect that’s all I have to say about the particularsBut how did I get those particulars? Like any neighborhood gossip As the event unfolded news spread out from and data flowed into a central source my front porch There were police cars a fire engine with paramedics neighbors consolidating into knots randomly in yards friends and family of the deceased materializing into the cordoned front yard a coroner friends and family neighbors a bodybag Then horribly the man my neighbor returns early from a business trip disgorged by an airport shuttle and is heard on both lengths of the street howling into the arms of family Broad daylight How personal and peculiar the unrestrained sobbing of a grown man Earlier my wife made friendly offers to help in any way possible; she even helped catch the small white dog that escaped from the house by the police officers Now she began to cry The news went out electrified and inward returned all the recent half minute “hello’s” by every neighbor over the last 4 years and all the past friendly chats at curbside about the weather and the man’s travels and all the insignificant bijou observations made by adjacent neighbors at night through gauzy curtains all these fragments began to coalesce into form into a story that at first ranged wide like a fan then homed in to a possible a likely a probable scenario of events and importantly the reasons behind the suicideI don’t mean to sound insensitive or cavalier by introducing a book review by such a hurtful private and graphic scene but the suicide brought the book Voodoo Histories into a focus that is stark and personal for me The suicide had all the elements that foment theories of conspiracy A sudden unexpected event with many perspectives but conflicting problematic data A void of information into which flows a dumb putty that slowly takes a form and shape all its own With a second ex wife in close proximity the girlfriend a new immigrant a recent miscarriage an odd divorce broken English and foreign customs lack of close identity with the social network of the neighborhood such that it is unknown motive and several other unusual circumstances a conspiracy theory could take inchoate hold over the neighbors caught unawares on their lawns in the middle of so many daily routines Every person with a perspective and yet no certainty The human brain will manipulate that putty into as many shapes as individuals present Lack of full disclosure is fertile ground for conspiracy theory The autopsy will be performed Labs Toxicology Homicide must be ruled out Until then nefariousness can creep in And even then a major thoroughfare in the book with everything refuted except suicide conspiracy like leukemia can grow slowly and ultimately consume the healthy truthThe book is good It’s written well above a 9th grade reading level and with a substantial amount of British sarcasm and ridicule Mr Aaronovitch describes and then dismantles several of the most well known Western conspiracy theories from the last 100 years I merely need mention the subject and the conspiracy theory will emblazon from our collective zeitgeist JFK assassination Pearl Harbor Marilyn Monroe’s overdose 911 attacks the Da Vinci Code Jewish world order Princess Di’s death Senator Joe McCarthy and some lesser known earlier European theories no less rigorously debated in their heyday When you meet people who honestly wholeheartedly and passionately believe something like the moon landing never happened or that the earth is flat or that President Bush had something to do with the 911 attacks when you realize that you’re the only person at the cocktail party laughing at the others when you realize that you’re the only person at the lecture that doesn’t believe white man concocted the AIDS virus and crack cocaine and introduced them to inner city blacks then THEN you feel as awkwardly naked as a seal on shore What an out of body experience it is to be the only person in your book club that hasn’t been anally probed by aliens; to be the only person to feel that 5000 people minimum had to collude to make the World Trade towers fall and that not a leak has occurred in almost 9 years; to be the only person to think FDR and the military industrial complex did not have prior knowledge of the Japanese Imperial Fleet launching over 400 Zeros toward Hickam Field and Pearl Harbor; to be the only person who believes that when several possibilities exist the least complicated the least bizarre Occam's Razor is probably the most plausible pathway of events Because the most plausible pathway is the one that for the great grand majority of human events it’s the one that usually proves sound The other major theme from the book is called Cui Bono? or ‘who benefits’? Who is likely to benefit from the outcome of the conspiracy? Aaronovitch pries hardest with this debunking tool like a lever with the fulcrum far to one side Easier to think Oswald acted alone or that there was a broad reaching collusion of the CIA the Mafia and JFK’s political rivals? Easier to consider that Jews have made great advantage of their diaspora or that there is an über Jew syndicate that has machinated among world powers without interruption for over 200 years? Easier to believe that 19 hijackers struck on 911 or that there’s a vast cabal of neo conservative industrialists that balanced the lives of 3000 people against 2 simultaneous wars in 2 countries for 9 years and costing 2 Trillion dollars and over 4000 military lives only to lose the 2008 Presidential election by a landslide and giving up power in the House and Senate? Easier to think Princess Diana was in an unfortunate car wreck or that there was awell you get the picture Cui bonoFor me a breakthrough paragraph was this Modern TV schedules in Britain America and elsewhere teem with daytime and evening talk shows and the last two decades have seen the proliferation of twenty four hour news channels This uantity of programming generates an enormous demand for items and guests who have to be contacted and vetted by a relatively small number of hard pressed and usually very young assistant producers and researchers These trawl the PR handouts and publishers’ lists for stories that will divert viewers and are easy to grasp The conseuence is that conspiracy theorists like royal biographers security experts or crime experts manage to find their way onto factual TV programs where their claims are treated with undiscriminating credulity p 159And this Consider for a moment the repressed sadism that seems to lurk behind a lot of assassination conspiracism the descriptions of the death the reports from the autopsy the photographs of the bodywrites almost pornographically of “parts of JFK’s skull bouncing onto the boot of the presidential limousine” Marilyn is injected or has medicines inserted into her anus Whatever we might have envied in these people we sure don’t envy them nowAnd if we do have such feelings one way in which we might want to exorcise them is through constructing or accepting a version of history in which they were extinguished by something clearly “other“ than ourselves It was not our thirst for gossip about celebrities that killed Norma Jean or England’s Rose but the CIA It wasn’t an ordinary Joe with a rifle who murdered the young president but the Mafia or the FBI “What is assassination after allif not the ultimate reminder of the citizen’s helplessness or even repressed murderousness?’ Conspiracy theory may be one way of reclaiming power and disclaiming responsibility p 169A solid 4 star recommendationNew words sedulous hecatomb jeremiad gnomic doyenne

  3. Kemper Kemper says:

    NASA landing a man on the moon was one of the biggest engineering challenges ever taken on It involved thousands of people and billions of dollars It was documented by countless still pictures hours of film warehouses full of paperwork and scientific data And some people will tell you that it never happened Because they use bad science and faulty assumptions to say that it’s far likely that the US pulled off the most elaborate lie in history rather than that that we actually went to the moon And if you want to argue about it I’ll just refer you to the Mythbusters moon hoax episode or the Bad Astronomy web siteFor some reason people would rather believe that Princess Di was whacked in an elaborate conspiracy rather than admit that her driver was drunk and speeding recklessly to get away from paparazzi and she wasn't wearing a seatbelt Or that JFK was the victim of the CIAMafiaSovietCubanmilitary industrial complex plot to kill him instead of just having bad luck that his motorcade route went by the workplace of a pathetic loser who couldn’t stand being a nobody Or that the story behind The Da Vinci Code is real even though the French hoaxsters who duped the idiots who wrote the book that Dan Brown got the idea from confessed years ago that they made the whole thing upDoes it matter that a fair percentage of the population at any given time thinks that Marilyn Monroe was murdered or that Roosevelt let the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor to get the US into World War II? Yes it does Why? Because once upon a time a political allegory about Napleon III got rewritten and released as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by a Russian at the turn of the century who claimed it was the ‘true’ plan the Jews use to wreck and control the civilization After World War I when everyone was trying to figure out a way to avoid admitting responsibility for what they just did it got widely distributed and the Jews instantly got scapegoated for the war and everything else going wrong in the world It got so much mainstream credence after World War I that legitimate newspapers discussed it and people like Henry Ford helped spread it even after it had been debunked And Adolf Hitler believed it and he told his pals about it They used it as a key point of their government and things ended badly for several million people It’s still around though especially in the Arabic world where it’s usually taught in schools The book does a great job in showing how the conspiracy theory has become so pervasive that it’s become mainstream There is no legitimate evidence that Bill Clinton had Vince Foster killed or that Obama wasn’t born in the US or that Bush orchestrated 911 Yet all of these things have been treated as legitimate news items or fact because pseudo science bad research and reckless speculation have led to a culture where people will believe almost anything except the truth

  4. Jim Jim says:

    This is LONG details many of the big conspiracy theories; who killed JFK RFK Marilyn Monroe Princess Diana many others Did Jesus screw up faking his own death? I hadn't heard that one before Did astronauts visit us 10000 years ago how much truth is there to the DaVinci Code? Actually I read some of the true history of that one in a knock off book All of these uestions are answered in painstaking detailThe one big uestion about them is why was there ever any doubt? No there wasn't even though many of them still ramble on there still isn't Revisionist history people believing what they want to believe but often fame fortune is what they're after they can make millions One guy involved in a Marilyn Monroe scam got caught had to pay back 7 millionSometimes a far darker motive can be attached such as Hitler's belief in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which was proved false much was actually copied from an obscure satire about Napoleon III several years before Still to him they spoke of a higher truth so justified his beliefshttpenwikipediaorgwikiTheProtThis is similar to the way people forgive inconsistencies in religious texts twist them to their own extremist views Hamas has incorporated part of it into their charter it contains some in article 22 28?httpenwikipediaorgwikiHamasCoMost conspiracy theories aren't uite so lucrative or evil though Some wind up providing a lot of entertainment like the origins of The Da Vinci Code As came out in a copyright lawsuit almost 10 years ago the origins went back to the mid 20th century even spurred several documentaries through the BBC A book was later published after the truth was known it was this 'history' that Brown's wife mentioned to him that spurred his creation While all the books earned a lot of money the original guys didn't make muchMost contain blatant lies at their cores yet are pushed as truth The sheer brass of some of these people is incredible Sometimes the details aren't very well known so can slip by An example is given of some old carving that the author Van Denken? claimed was of an elephant but was actually a parrot Not many had ever seen the carving though Other times the details are uite well known but are obscured by the purveyor of the scam by providing many other details asking a lot of disturbing leading uestions such as in the case of Princess Diana's death If the car hadn't hit the pylon exactly as it had if she had her seat belt on she probably would have survived Both of these facts cut through all the rest of the speculation make it pretty obvious that bad thing just happen sometimesWhy do we buy into them? Aaronovitch advances some theories We like to know what others don't they entertain us We like the puzzles mystery drama History is boring to most people but this sort isn't Still it's strange to me I'd dismissed most of them almost immediately because the lack logic they are needlessly complex The contortions that people have gone through trying to explain how Diana was killed by a conspiracy are incredible They even included a Bond like gadget to gas the driver at the proper time as if being half drunk at the time wasn't enoughThe hunger of the media for sensationalism is another driving force Any off the wall theory that can be used to sell copy is not only fair game but often difficult to vet properly in the time with the staff available Once in the public mind there is a hunger for On top of that each theory suggests others which obscure the truth thus fueling the need for follow ups people tend to remember the sensational so they linger There can also be circular references that are tough for anyone except an expert to unravel Since the experts are often in the employ of the gov't their motives can be suspect Again people need to look at the complexity though In many cases dozens or would have to agree before hand sometimes thousands would have to keep silent afterward Even if you can swallow the first the latter is ridiculousHe also points out that the theories are similar to memes or are fashionable depending much on the times After Reagan Gorbachev had their nuclear disarmament talks nuclear conspiracy theories dropped off He puts forth several other interesting points about our psychological uirks both individually as groups at the very end As I said it's long though It would probably be a great print book if you want to look up one or two conspiracies or you're really into them Listening to all of them just got old but I'm giving it 4 stars anyway I do wish there was a better TOC that the parts were broken up so that it was easier to go back find specific informationHe concludes with some interesting warnings about how conspiracy theories have shaped our current world One of the most obvious is Germany's acceptance of Hitler's idea that Jews were conspiring to crush them but lists many others Idiocies like McCarthyism didn't happen in a void it is all too possible that we will make worse mistakes in the future I just read one in South Very well done believable with disastrous conseuences for thousandsThe reader was good most of the time but he used voices tones accents when uoting That was awful Thankfully there weren't many

  5. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    Really really loving the sarcasm contained in this nonfiction book

  6. Sesana Sesana says:

    I'm fascinated by conspiracy theories in the same way that some people rubberneck at car accidents The tortured logic the complete divorce from reality the assumption that anything literally anything even aliens is plausible than the simple and conventional official explanation There isn't as much as I would like on the subject that covers conspiratorial thinking in a truly skeptical way so this was right up my alley I especially liked the inclusion of two British theories that I hadn't heard of before maybe they'd never really made the translation to US circles? I could have done with a slightly deeper and longer analysis of why people will hold these theories even long after they're rightly exposed as the nonsense they are but I think a general need for a story covers it Things can't just randomly happen it doesn't make a good story Beautiful famous and successful people can't just die it doesn't make a good story There has to be a deeper meaning right? But real life isn't a story of course and sometimes there is no meaning

  7. Marvin Marvin says:

    Nice treatise on the nature of conspiracy theories and why people believe them beyond any other reasonable explanation The author looks at a number of past conspiracies going all the way back to the Priory of Sion The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Senator Joseph McCarthy's Commie baiting and the JFK assassination However it also includes current theories like 911 truthers and birthers to name a few While Aaronovitch does a good job in debunking them this is not the main intention of his book He is interested in examining why we are so fascinated with the idea of conspiracies He also want to show that an unskeptical look at these unlikely theories can actually be harmful to our society It is a thorough and thoughtful book that is great reading for those who want to examine history and current events in a thoughtful way Unfortunately those who really need this book will not give it a second glance and Aaronovitch explains why that is true too

  8. Gary Gary says:

    this man like most middle class liberals has an extreme gut prejudice against White working class people Just be aware of this

  9. JenniferRuth JenniferRuth says:

    I guess we have all experienced a moment when someone you thought was uite a rational and sensible person suddenly espouses belief in a conspiracy theory It might be about the 1969 moon landings or the events of 911 or global warming being a myth but whatever it is it nearly always implausible If you point out the holes and impracticalities and the lack of cui bono in these theories you will often find yourself derided as being close minded at best and brain washed at worst You may begin to wonder what is it that makes otherwise sensible educated people believe in the most ridiculous absurdities If so this book is for youAaronovitch does a great job of dissecting a whole range of conspiracy theories He doesn't focus just on evidence based scepticism to break the theories apart but also spends a considerable amount of time looking into how and why conspiracy theories arise I felt that this was far interesting in dismissing the theories themselves It is pretty easy to disprove most conspiracy theories because they rely on flimsy or twisted evidence assumptions and vague feelings of how things might have happened it has always seemed to me that people believe in these theories simply because they make sense to them personally Often people will endorse one fanciful theory whilst dismissing others as crack pot What makes people have the ability to think rationally about one set of theories yet buy whole heartedly into others? Aaronovitch tackles this very uestion uite thoroughlyThe uestion is does it matter if people believe in easily falsifiable untruths? Do conspiracies have an effect on politics? Aaronovitch says yes Specificially he says the belief in conspiracy theories is harmful in itself It distorts our view of history and therefore of the present and if widespread enough leads to disastrous decisions This is the core of the book and is argued very wellThe only place where the book falls down is in the conclusion In attempting to pin down why people become so attached to conspiracy theories Aaronovitch dismisses the idea that sometimes a theory may represent a distrust of authority that is not entirely misplaced There is a theory that the American government weakened levees in predominantly black areas before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans Such a conspiracy would have to include people in local state and federal government all of whom supposedly would be rabid racists with no conscious Yet it is interesting to look at why such a theory should come about The American south does have a horrible history of racist oppression that has not entirely disappeared and institutional racism is still rife the world over Therefore it does make some sense that there is a mistrust of officials would play a part in forming such conspiracy theories Aaronovitch seems to dismiss this possibility and therefore almost comes across as dismissing racism itself as a conspiracy theory I feel sure that this is not exactly what he meant but I felt that this angle deserved a deeper analysis than Aaronovitch gave it Many other conspiracy theories are linked to a deep distrust of those in authority sometimes with merit and sometimes not I think another chapter or even a book could be written on how we could distinguish between when a distrust has basis in reality and when it does notI would recommend this book to anyone who is on the side of rationality and reality It is not a difficult read and Aaronovitch is very entertaining The only thing that this book does not provide is a deeper analysis of the underlying emotions running through society that lead to such theories being formed However in term of factual and historical analysis this book is informative and a breath of fresh air

  10. Phil Gonzales Phil Gonzales says:

    A great book destroyed by a terrible recording The narrator commits a major faux pas in non fiction audiobook recording he tries to do character voices He has a great reading voice but every time there is a uote he throws on a voice Problem every Russian sounds like Boris Badenov every French person sounds like Pepe Le Pew every American sounds like a gangster even FDR and don't get me started on the Japanese Oh christ It's like an old Fu Manchu movie Terrible So distractingStill a great book detailing the history of conspiracy theories from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion through today Well researched and well documented Recommended Not the audio though

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Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History➺ [Reading] ➼ Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History By David Aaronovitch ➯ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Our age is obsessed by the idea of conspiracy We see it everywhere—from Pearl Harbor to 911 from the assassination of Kennedy to the death of Diana In this age of terrorism we live in the role of co Our age The Role PDF ↠ is obsessed by the idea of conspiracy We see it everywhere—from Pearl Harbor to from the assassination of Kennedy to the death of Diana In this age of terrorism we live in the role of conspiracy is a serious one—one that can fuel radical or fringe elements to violence Voodoo Histories: Epub / For award winning journalist David Aaronovitch there came a time when he started to see a pattern among these inflammatory theories He found that these theories used similarly murky methods with which to insinuate their claims they linked themselves to Histories: The Role of the eBook Ç the supposed conspiracies of the past it happened then so it can happen Histories: The Role Epub Ú now; they carefully manipulated their evidence to hide its holes; and they relied on the authority of dubious academic sources Most important they elevated their believers to membership of an elite—a group of people able to see beyond lies to a higher reality But why believe something that entails stretching the bounds of Histories: The Role of the eBook Ç probability so far Surely it is likely that men did actually land on the moon in than that thousands of people were enlisted to fabricate an elaborate hoax In this entertaining and enlightening book—aimed at providing ammunition for those who have found themselves at the wrong end of a conversation about moon landings or the twin towers—Aaronovitch carefully probes and explodes a dozen of the major conspiracy theories In doing so he examines why people believe them and makes an argument for a true skepticism—one based on a thorough knowledge of history and a strong dose of common sense.

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David Aaronovitch The Role PDF ↠ is an award winning journalist who has worked in radio television and newspapers in the United Kingdom since the early s His first book Paddling to Jerusalem won the Madoc prize for travel literature in He is also the recipient of the George Orwell Prize for political journalism He Voodoo Histories: Epub / writes a regular column for The Times UK He lives in north London with his wife.