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Pleased, but not Satisfied [PDF / Epub] ✪ Pleased, but not Satisfied ☆ David L. Sokol – The chairman of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company explains that Pleased but Not Satisfied is a state of mind and that running a business is a journey never finished He emphasizes that business basic The chairman of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company explains that Pleased but Not Pleased, but PDF/EPUB or Satisfied is a state of mind and that running a business is a journey never finished He emphasizes that business basics are fundamental to creating long term value in any enterprise Conservative economic analysis and disciplined detailed management practices may not be flashy but they consistently deliver high uality results.

  • Hardcover
  • 127 pages
  • Pleased, but not Satisfied
  • David L. Sokol
  • English
  • 06 January 2015

7 thoughts on “Pleased, but not Satisfied

  1. Otis Chandler Otis Chandler says:

    I was pleased but not satisfied to have read this book In truth it was too short This is a great primer but I hope someone can convince David Sokol to do a in depth version as I think there is a lot we can learn from himIt kind of felt like I was getting macro board level type coaching on the philosophy of how to create and manage a successful business I saw the same themes popping up that I see in other places such as Tony Hsieh's new Delivering Happiness book Four Steps to the Epiphany and even the lean startup Clearly all businesses have parallels in terms of the best ways to run them and eually clearly David Sokol knows his stuffMy NotesChapter II Core Principles Customer commitment Sokol believes a business should have a core principle to put the customer first This is a theme I've heard from a number of CEO's of respected companies and one I truly believe in Make sure to remember that anyone your business deals with is a customer that includes not just consumers but also suppliers partners etc Employee commitment also a core value focus to provide the best workplace possible Don't hire employees unless the existing team is already operating at 125% capacity it isn't fair to hire people then have to lay them off later Keep a notebook on each direct report's successesfailures each month Communicate constantly to ensure each report knows if they are meeting expectations Rank employees Financial Strength often not given enough everyday focus Must have ever vigilant focus on margins balance sheet and avoiding future risks Integrity I'm comforted that this is a core value When hiring he looks for integrity intellect and passion Enron Worldcom and Tyco failed because of a lack of integrity at the highest level Warren Buffet uses the uestion Would I be comfortable for my action to be disclosed in a front page story on my hometown paper written by a knowledgeable and thorough reporter and read by all my friends and family?Chapter III Goal Setting and Budgeting Do a 10 year plan once a year The plan won't be useful for than a few years but it's a good exercise to think at a macro level It is the discipline of setting goals coupled with consistent fact based measurement that creates great outcomes in business or in personal life Set goals annually and measure them monthly Get the whole team doing thisChapter IV Plan Execute Measure and Correct Plans are often under described Each detail must be described along with how it will be measured Plans often and by necessity include assumptions It is critical these assumptions be documented as such the risks clearly described so that they can be measured and verified later Assumptions must be verified Verifying that a plan is being executed properly and that all activities are on budget and on schedule is not micromanaging it is MANAGING

  2. Iliya Polihronov Iliya Polihronov says:

    One of the best managers of our time shares the keys to his management principles It's a cheatsheet for a great manager very short but densely packed with invaluable information I loved every chapter of it and will definitely revisit

  3. Lucas Remmerswaal Lucas Remmerswaal says:

    This is a good habit when you're pleased but not satisfied That means you always striving for continuous improvement This is one of the most important habits to develop in your life this is why I wrote the 13 Habits that made me Billions series of books to help empower kids to make the world a better place I used this habit continuously as I was never satisfied with anything that we produced I was always improving reviewing the books I was simply pleased that I was making progress But never satisfied The uest for perfection we never get there so the most important thing is to enjoy the journey Have fun Enjoy the process than the proceeds

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    The best part of the book was the reprint of the speech by the CEO of American Express It reinforces providing the unexpected in customer service and the danger of cultural lock in and organizational or sector arrogance Overall a very uick read not remarkably pithy but certainly readable and with nuggets of wisdom

  5. Jb Jb says:

    Rare book by David Sokol the right hand man of Buffett

  6. Cornel Borza Cornel Borza says:

    Ready for a great read

  7. Steve Steve says:

    Exceptional good guide to life author says business though I would argue that Mr Sokol's observations are valid in all aspects of life

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