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Descent of Angels [Read] ➫ Descent of Angels ➳ Mitchel Scanlon – The next novel in the ground breaking bestselling series that tells the story of the Horus Heresy – the civil war that nearly tore the human Imperium apart ten thousand years ago This novel explores The next novel in the ground breaking bestselling series that tells the story of the Horus Heresy – the civil war that nearly tore the human Imperium apart ten thousand years ago This novel explores the early history of the Dark Angels Legion and their Primarch Lion El'Johnson When news of Horus's treachery reaches Caliban the Descent of Epub / loyalties of this proud and mysterious Legion are tested to the limit wth tragic conseuences.

10 thoughts on “Descent of Angels

  1. Zare Zare says:

    After reading some very harsh critiues of this book I decided to give it a try and I am very glad I didI have to agree that book does not follow events already set in previous books concerning Horus' betrayalHere author tries to give a look at the isolated society one that has its values its code of conduct and one constantly fighting for their freedom from the horrors surrounding themHe shows warrior cast very similar in almost anything to the Space Marines people protecting the very foundation of Caliban society knight orders of Caliban through the eyes of a young man and his struggles to reach his knighthood Also he shows some of Lion El'Jonson one of the soon to be found Primarchs man with the vision but also man whose eyes are always set onsome distant goal not visible to mere mortalsAll of a sudden Terran Empire reaches Calban and everything changes people who fought and bled are now seen as mere aspirants to the Astartes Legion orders are dismissed way of life crudely changed soon division begins to create as Imperial bureaucratic machine starts to change the Caliban world that is treated in the same way like it was subdued by the means of warOne has to wander what are the true goals of the Emperor with humanityGreat story cannot wait to read the seuelRecommended

  2. Chris Berko Chris Berko says:

    What a title Dramatic AF eh?One of the many things I love about these Warhammer 4oK books is all the different authors Each one has their own voice and each has their own strengths and weaknesses It is keeping the series fresh for me and I appreciate what every one has brought to the table This was the lowest rated of the Horus Heresy novels that I've read so far and I went into it with minimized expectations based on previous reviews but let me tell you I ended up enjoying it just as much as the others This author brought some serious fantasy elements to the story until the second half and at times I forgot I was reading a WH40K book at all There were knights on horses with swords and shit in the first half than space battles but once the angels landed it was back to business as usual with the science fiction elements coming back into play This was a lot of fun to read and I think it catches some unwarranted flack because it doesn't continue any of the story lines so far introduced but for me that part of what I liked about it it was all brand new Keep up the good work Black Library in me you got a fan for life

  3. Geyser Geyser says:

    Amateurish Long stretches of exposition dumps told through lazy dialogue between the hero and his incompetent sidekick Seriously its on par with Baby Darth Vader asking ui Gon about midichlorians Its painfully fakeDespite the mountains of exposition no real insights are given into the chapter Mysterious characters stay mysterious things not already known are not explored The only real depth is in the pre Terran life on Caliban Unfortunately that life is rather bland fantasy stuff with knights and monsters Plus the good guys have a Primarch on their side so there is no tension The outcomes are foregone conclusionsMany times it feels like Harry Potter in space The main characters are young and cartoonishly naive and they are surrounded by the usual stern teachers and kindly elders Once the Space Marines show up everything is repeated again The hero is again reduced to an ignorant child on the bottom rung who has to work his way up again Supremely boring the second timeWorst moment spoiler In a moment of utter ridiculousness a group of idiot knights plot to overthrow the space marines their own invincible primarch and even the Emperor himself Absolutely no thought is put into it They plan to bomb the Emperor and fight a guerilla war from the forests using swords and horses Its hilarious To make matters worse they tell the true believer main character their plan who never shows even a tiny degree of doubt about the Empire The plot is easily disrupted by the main character beating up the bomber and its forgotten as soon as its brought up Stay away

  4. Radoslav Radoslav says:

    This book abandons the main story thread of the Horus saga and explores the origins of the Primarch Lion El’Johnson and the Dark Angels LegionThe story is told through the perspective of the boy Zahariel as he is introduced into the Order a knightly brotherhood sworn to protect the people of Caliban from the Great Beasts that terrorize them⅔ of the book is spent on planet Caliban where we learn about its history and society as we follow knights proclaiming uest failing uest completing uests earning XP getting loot and advancing through the OrderBut everything changed when the Dark Angels descendedIt was an OK book though I didn’t care much for the Lion nor does this book have anything to do with the Heresy storyline It is an origin story and I enjoyed it somewhat Zahariel is a good protagonist and I liked some of the secondary characters like Luther and Israfael

  5. Thomas Thomas says:

    My Warhammer project continues with book 6 of the Horus Heresy series after uite a long break since reading book 5 This was a strange one for me namely because it was a fantasy and sci fi hybrid well the first half I would classify as fantasy and the latter as sci fi I also have mixed feelings about a number of other factors in the novel but it was still an enjoyable addition to the seriesBook 6 takes readers on a completely different arc to the first 5 novels exploring the origins of the Dark Angels and their Primarch Lion El’Jonson The novel is viewed mostly through the eyes of the central protagonist Zahariel a young Knight Supplicant who wishes to join the ranks of The Order on the planet CalibanI was very keen to examine the Dark Angels since I am always excited when I get to learn about another Space Marine Legion I was not expecting Lion El’Jonson to have been isolated from the rest of the Space Marines at this point and it made the novel stand better on its own rather than as just another volume of the HeresyThe uality of the writing I found to be very inconsistent throughout Descent of Angels It’s almost as if Mitchel Scanlon lost interest in his prose when he wasn’t delivering a particularly cool part of the novel and there was a fair few of these passages Unfortunately I consider this uite lazy since any author should make the effort to deliver a novel which is entertaining throughout without unnecessary sections of paddingIn terms of characters I didn’t think there were many apart from Zahariel that really left a lasting impression other than Jonson and Luther I was also disappointed there was only one female character and her role was very short lived Not my favourite of the Horus Heresy novels but it does deserve some credit and on balance 3 stars is probably a fair rating I think another break is needed before I return to for book 7 Legion which I have been told by my friend is one the most intriguing novels of the series and I intend to enjoy it to the full

  6. Andy Blake Andy Blake says:

    Poorly written unfortunately Either Mr Scanlon didn't care or he genuinely doesn't know how to write It avoids a 1 star as I am uite the fan of the Dark Angels and it was good to read of the inhabitants of Caliban during its 'death world' phase before the coming of the EmperorThe disjointed prose spoils anything that is of promise in this book Where a character might have been developed; where a plotline may have been followed; where some purpose and literary energy might have been in order the writing drags it down into the same repetitive mire The book also rushes to a rather awkward end I have to agree with another reviewer it seems the Imperium part was tacked on to turn it into an HH novelOn the positive side Scanlon does manage to create in my view a sense of scale a feeling that time is passing and that Caliban is changing as we move into the Imperium phaseI appreciated the Luther scenes than any other he was probably the best written character the seuence where he's talking with Zahariel in the Order's fortress and when he and the Lion slay the beast in the last enemy order's keep are the best parts

  7. John Back John Back says:

    I really wanted to enjoy this book I have a fledgling DA Army and I was genuinely interested in their origins In summary the only parts of this book worth reading are the two battles the one between Zachariel and the Caliban Lion and the battle on the planet of the damned at the end I don't think I've ever had to endure so much filler Scanlon literally repeats almost every single passage in the book but not further ahead in the book oh no he just rephrases and re presents the same thing in the next passage He does this ad infinitum and it is awful just god awful I'm pleased I had the strength of will to make it to the good bits but this was a serious disappointment I wasn't as though he had boring characters to work with either he had the main character who I won't spoil the Lion and Luther themselves even the Emperor There was enough plot here to make a seriously good story but this ain't it

  8. Jason Jason says:

    Disappointing book in a great series I would not bother reading it as it has no bearing on the rest of the series

  9. Thomas Edmund Thomas Edmund says:

    Descent of Angels was an odd tale in the Horus Heresy series After exploring Horus Rising and a couple of side tales the story jumps to the origins of the Dark Angel legions At first I was a little frustrated to jump into a flashback to the Heresy storyline but I did feel like a good effort was made to keep the story a little fresher than the formulaic earlier booksOverall I liked how the story portrayed the emperor's crusade from the perspective of a discovered planet it raised political and ethical issues without losing the simplified fantasy romp feel My only real upset with the story was that the conclusion left very abruptly 'just book one' after building tensions and plots well it felt like there was an arbitrary boss battle and then the stuff I cared about was 'to be continued'

  10. Golnoush Golnoush says:

    The book got interesting only in its final uarter when we visited Sarosh but by then the first three fourths of the book dedicated to a training montage on Caliban had dissipated any interest you might have for the outcome Mitchel Scanlon uickly became a dreaded name I hope never to encounter again in my reading of the Horus Heresy series

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