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Tequila Oil: Getting Lost in Mexico ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Tequila Oil: Getting Lost in Mexico Author Hugh Thomson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 'Try this teuila oil Hugito Just as the alcohol hits your stomach the chilli will as well and blow it back into your brain It will take your head off' Explorer Hugh Thomson takes on MexicoIt's 1979 Hu 'Try this teuila oil Hugito Just as Getting Lost ePUB ☆ the alcohol hits your stomach the chilli will as well and blow it back Tequila Oil: PDF \ into your brain It will take your head off' Explorer Hugh Thomson takes on MexicoIt's Hugh Thomson is eighteen far from Oil: Getting Lost PDF ☆ home with time to kill and on his way to Mexico When a stranger tells him there's money to be made by driving a car over the US border to sell on the black market in Central America Hugh decides to give it a goThrowing himself on the mercy of Mexicans he meets or crashes into Hugh and his Oldsmobile journey through the region meeting their fate in the slums of Belize CityThirty years on Hugh returns older but not necessarily wiser to complete his journey.

10 thoughts on “Tequila Oil: Getting Lost in Mexico

  1. Linda Whiting Linda Whiting says:

    Atmospheric road trip story I wanted to read this as I was also meandering through Mexico in 1979 but by bus rather than Oldsmobile 98 My trip was a lot less wild but it still felt very adventurous especially in 1979 we really were lost in Mexico in those days pre mobile phones and internet My parents received a postcard every three weeks if they were lucky I remember many of the things he mentioned mezcal mole mariachis and places he visited I liked the way the description of his travels was interspersed with historical facts about Mexico and examples of fiction set in Mexico written by British authors

  2. Sophy H Sophy H says:

    Hugh Thomson triumphs again with his honest self deprecating humourous reflection on his travels as an 18 year old through South America in a beast of a car he plans to sell in Belize at the end of the trip Things go wrong things go right there is teuila chillies rum girls gangs dodgy officials I really liked this book and enjoyed the little asides about South American ancient history and culture Well recommended

  3. Sophia Sophia says:

    Jolly travelogue that details the author's journey through Mexico back in 1979 and a return visit to Belize many years later I enjoyed reading Thomson's escapades and the Latin American history interspersed between tales of meeting new people casual work and occasional car accidents It was pretty easy to breeze through but slightly disjointed given the fact that the author doesn't really begin with the standard travel book intro of why he decided to travel to Mexico and the ending chapters aren't that illuminating Still a good read in my opinion and given that the book was published about 30 years after the initial journey Hugh Thomson has a remarkable memory for detailing the trip

  4. Donna Lister Donna Lister says:

    hilarious in parts a great story but not sure it told me much about Mexico than i knew

  5. Yvan Yvan says:

    Could have skipped the last chapter and finish when selling the car and returning to Europe

  6. Christopher Collins Christopher Collins says:

    we were not drinking the usual teuila When I’d asked for one the barman had spat on the sawdust floor alarmingly close to my feet ‘ ¿Teuila? ¡Para maricones ¡Y mariachis Puro mezcal de Oaxaca’ He produced a bottle that far from being pure looked cloudy but not so cloudy that I could miss the large worm floating at the bottom Nor was it the tourist type of worm they put in a novelty bottle either but a fleshy decomposing honest to god cactus fed worm I surrendered and asked for a glass of the stuff ‘We don’t sell it por el vaso by the glass’ said the barman in disgust ‘Es por botella it’s by the bottle’ He slammed one down on the table 🇲🇽

  7. Chris Chris says:

    This was easy to read and entertaining Part one was better than part two I want to read Hugh Thomson

  8. Greenockian Greenockian says:

    I enjoyed this book very much The bulk of it tells the tale of the author's stint in Mexico as an 18 year old out on a mission to see the country and to sell the Oldsmobile he is riding in Written in a deceptively easy style you can imagine having a few drinks and just happily listening to Thomson tell his tales The latter part of the book sees him return to Belize somewhat older and wiser and it has to be said sadder The melancholy air of these last pages maybe reflects his marriage break up as much as his revised opinion of the Mayan civilisation and it probably led to me docking a mark in rating it but don't be put off this is a book that you can relax to while being made to think a bit Not bad

  9. David David says:

    This was a fun read I love travel books and this one I will gladly add to my list of favourites Its the tale of the author when he had turned 18 with the grand scheme to buy a Cadilac in Texas and drive it to sell inCentral America for big bucks Grand scheme and very naive man makes for a good yarn Lots of relatively stupid things that come across with a good sense of humour as the author looks back This was in the seventies and it would be a different story now driving across the dessert the illegal drugs grown under the guise of logging and climbing a volcano covered in snow all makes one laugh

  10. Eli Eli says:

    I read it in 2 days good fun and uite insightful at times I found the structure of the book a little bit distracting with not much background given on the author and some of the content lacks a clear flow I agree with a previous comment the middle aged ending was a bit melancholic and sad after the optimistic adventure and exuberance of the authors youth but reflects tellingly on our journey through life

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