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George Bernard Shaw: Selected Plays ➭ George Bernard Shaw: Selected Plays Read ➵ Author George Bernard Shaw – Foreword by Christopher Moore Wonderful collection of the greatest and most popular plays of one of our finest playwrights Includes Mrs Warren's Profession Arms and the Man Caesar and Cleopatra Man an Foreword by Shaw: Selected PDF/EPUB è Christopher Moore Wonderful collection of the greatest and most popular plays of one of our finest playwrights Includes Mrs Warren's Profession Arms and the Man Caesar and Cleopatra Man and Superman Major Barbara Androcles and the Lion Heartbreak House and the play on which the popular My Fair Lady was based Pygmalion.

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George Bernard Shaw: Selected PDF/EPUB è Shaw was an Irish playwright socialist and a co founder of the London School of Economics Although his first profitable writing was music and literary criticism in which capacity he wrote many highly articulate pieces of journalism his main talent was for drama Over the course of his life he wrote than plays Nearly all his plays address prevailing social problems but.

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    Mrs Warren 19s Profession Age old dilemma of society respectablevs the other side and the need of one for the other It must have of course been extremely controversial when it was written and published but this writer was always than eual to any criticism and could always argue either side of a debate with reasonThis one is not a comedy though and one is presented with Mrs Warren's side uite reasonably Wednesday September 10 2008 Arms and the Man What seems obvious might after all not be so and those that are seemingly snobbish and haughty might be not as affluent after all as those that seem casual or even comic those that speak of love and are rewarded for their bravery might have never experienced eitherAnd then there is Switzerland the beautiful land with snow and meadows and chocolate and cheese and contradictions a country that never fought a war in recent history but has always hired out mercenaries to every nation September 10 2008 Pygmalion This is the original play that the very famous and popular My fair Lady is based on except that was of a sweet version and this retains the original English perhaps British or even Irish taste not sweet not sour not bitter or hot but a little salt and some of that sixth taste that is called kasaila or kashaaya which means tea in the old medicinal sense Here at the end there is a very well written epilogue that explains why the professor does not propose to any woman or have any romantic affair with any woman and certainly with no man either not as a sickness on his part but as a matter of evolution and he is very evolved indeed Unlike US of today the social norms of Britain then were uite different and sex was not a compulsory activity to prove one was normal and for that matter normal was never defined as average either So eccentricity was not only allowed it positively thrived and flourished and benefited the society enormously Men like the professor could devote their time and energy to their preferred pursuits He does end up baffled and uite unable to escape Elizabeth Dolittle though Friday July 9 2010 Major Barbara A delightful look at various prevalent notions and hypocrisies of the times and realities as they are Salvation Army church politics as a career ethics of business; niceties of law that might make one illegitimate in UK or at least in England but not in Australia much less anywhere else in the world; and inheritance vs competence when it is about running a businessUS particularly NRA of US as in gun lobby seem to have adopted the creed of one of the characters in this to an extent that poor Mr Shaw could never have imagined seem to being the key here But on the other hand who knows he would perhaps have said that neither NRA of US nor he were wrong and that any society that allows such happenings without curbing them with laws that made sense and protected children perhaps deserved the grief they allowed the arms manufacturers and dealers to let loose on them And really US has much that is legal in US but illegal in Europe in many countries or at least those that matter Germany for example has outlawed any organisations or pictures to do with their past horror but not US where those proliferate; so guns too and the conseuent stupidity of innocent persons and your own children massacred in their own homes and schoolsGun lobby of US and much else of the world might claim they follow this very intelligent writer for ethics but if you look at it with a scrutiny actually no they don't; they are doing precisely what the writer cautions against that is mixing politics and business for example in deciding who they will or will not sell to or allow to carry arms whether on personal level in the country men get license easily women don't even though they are far in need of self defence whether from personal attackers or home robbers and so on or on global level about nations and gangs here there is no need of examples they are far too obvious well known therefore making it a mess or at least helping politics do soThat said this is of course an extremely intelligent play as almost everything written by this writer is; this one deals with an arms dealer and the possible social embarrassment his family with aristocratic connections must go through his son reuires that the father help him without allowing it to be known since he needs to have a social status and various issues around the uestion morality vs arms manufacturer Saturday July 10 2010 Man and Superman The idea had been around for a while in various genuine not cartoon forms one supposes At any rate various people developed it according to their best capacities of conception and perception And it was a natural idea after all When one looks at evolution it is only natural to expect that it might not be yet finished and there might be higher rungs If one thinks of creation why suppose it is over? Who are humans to dictate that Divine can appear only once or is finished with Creation?George Bernard Shaw goes here into a hilarious look at things as they are and then into what might what magnanimity they can achieve at the next stage; at life force that dictates people marry and reproduce albeit calling it romance and love; at limitations of best and sharpest intellect when faced with life force; and in an inspired act at concepts of heaven and hell as they really should be seen rather than the silly prevailing onesTruly delightful one of the most hilariously delightful works of Shaw and that is saying a lot It leads you to think deep within while you are too busy laughing to notice it Monday September 22 2008 Caesar and Cleopatra Here is a fresh look at Cleopatra as the young girl she must have been compared to the much older Caesar and while it is delightful in seeing a petulant young pretty girl getting her education rather expensively through life and war it is also a scathing commentary on various issues around war and morality and dealing with enemy with Caesar above his fellow men and women providing them insight about why it was wrong what they did wrongMost delightful remains the prologue a monologue by the Egyptian god Ra addressing the audience disdainfullyA sample O you compulsorily educated people Monday September 22 2008 Androcles and the Lion

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    I liked them but at the same time I wasn't sure I got the meanings of all of them you know? Maybe I'll come back to this in a few years

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