The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey MOBI º The

  • Paperback
  • 137 pages
  • The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey
  • Kenneth H. Blanchard
  • English
  • 11 October 2015
  • 9780688103804

10 thoughts on “The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

  1. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    When business books are given out at work I dread the task ahead of me Obviously the senior leadership of every company wants everyone on the same page and that's fine But I still hate having to read something that takes me away from my own collection of books I always explain to the other books that a business book is allowed to jump the ueue because reading such a book allows me to keep a job which allows me to provide shelter for the books I hope they understandThis short volume was given to me years ago but I managed to delay reading it while at the organization because the leader who gave it to me was eliminated from his position As Donovan once sang the organization ain't really organized So the book ended up in my collection because I READ EVERYTHING at some point THAT IS GIVEN TO ME Now I have finished it I should get a steaming hot baked potato slathered with butter and chives for doing soWhat is this book about? How to delegate monkeys aka problems to others I can do that Listen nod vigorously and then ask each employee what they would do Assign the monkey check on the monkey's status define a completion schedule and follow through with any postmortems Bam DoneThis book could have been written in a few pages but then there wouldn't have been a book In essence Blanchard lays it out uite nicely Many managers find themselves overwhelmed with work that really isn't their work But if you are new to managing people and projects it can be frustrating He makes it so the reader can understand the process and keep to the standard Not bad The you get rid of your people's monkeys the time you have for your peopleAnd the time you have for a steaming hot baked potato slathered with butter and chivesBook Season Year Round set your monkey free

  2. Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor says:

    Managers who use David Allen's Getting Things Done approach to managing their workflow will find this book instructive on how to use the same approach in managing employeesThe monkey in the title is defined as the next move and is separate from the project Allen built on this with his next action the next step you can take toward completing a project that has no other steps before it In The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey Blanchard offers a system for getting those next moves made by the person at the lowest level in the organization who can carry them out Doing this frees up discretionary time which allows managers to build stronger relationships and unleash their employees' geniusAs with all of Blanchard's works the principles are simple to understand but not easy to implement To do that you'll need to increase your characterWhile it's clear that David Allen has read this book or is at least familiar with its ideas a title from him that updates these ideas with the latest evidence based management approaches wrapped in his Getting Things Done package would be welcome While obviously useful for managers I also plan to use the ideas as I care for my Grandma someone who has diminishing capacities but still wants to feel useful

  3. Indraroop Indraroop says:

    TL;DR identify delegation opportunities and delegate Help your team members grow by giving them responsibility and use your time on problems that are yours But then again why write two sentences when you could write an insufferably long book instead?

  4. Sara Phelps Sara Phelps says:

    This is a management book I can recommend whole heartedly It was super uick and easy to read and I got some real world applicable tidbits out of it The monkey metaphor sticks in your memory Seriously I applied it the next day at work and offloaded some stress producing monkeys It was awesome

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Years ago I had read The One Minute Manager and thought it was good but hadn't thought about it in years Then one day I was in a meeting when one of my peers mentions this book about monkeys and I was like what? Whatever Honestly I didn't really think much about it since I had read the first one thought it must have been the same book and kind of dismissed it Then a few weeks later something happens and I've got this issue and I need one of the execs to help me with it At the end the exec says something about monkeys and gives me a copy of the book Oh the Monkey bookI guess I needed it So I read itFirst off I learned that the issue that led me to the exec was due to my holding onto a monkey that belonged to someone else which I should have shrugged off and put on the appropriate person's back earlier Second I learned that in many interactions with my direct reports my peers and my family there were a lot of monkeys that were being left behind that didn't belong to me and my keeping them neither helped them nor helped me Overall although kind of silly I enjoyed it What I got from it was to stay focused on what I need to do and allow others to do what they need to do To do otherwise is arrogant and foolish

  6. John Funderburg John Funderburg says:

    This book is excellent It'll get you to consider the amount of work you do vs how much you should be doing especially as a leader It's very easy uick reading and the author provides great examples along the way

  7. Heather Heather says:

    Good points over explained

  8. Josh Josh says:

    Enjoyed the concepts discussed in the book I think oftentimes I find myself picking up other people's monkeys and completing them I think the most crucial part of this book for me in my personal life will be letting my children deal with their monkeys as far as possible before I intervene if everMonkey the next moveOncken’s Rules of Monkey ManagementThe dialogue between a boss and one of his or her people must not end until all monkeys have1 Descriptions – The “next moves” are identified and specified2 Owners – The monkey is assigned to A person at the lowest organizational level consistent with their welfare3 Insurance Policies – The risk is covereda Recommend then actb Act then advise4 Monkey Feeding and Checkup Appointments – The time and place for follow up is specified Every monkey should have a checkup appointmentWe do not have a problem and we will never again have one I’m sure there is a problem but it is not ours it is either yours or mine The first item on the agenda is to neaten up the pronouns and find out whose problem this is If it turns out to be my problem I hope you will help me with it If it turns out to be your problem I will help you with it subject to the following condition at no time while I’m helping you with your problem will your problem become my problem because the minute your problem becomes my problem you will no longer have a problem and I can’t help a person who does not have a problemAssigning involves a single monkey; delegation involves a family of monkeysManagement is getting things done through others

  9. Claudia Claudia says:

    I'll be honest and say I didn't actually finish this book I think there is only one other book on my list that holds that distinction I found it terribly elementary embarrassingly so It's the easiest book to summarize Ready? Here it is DelegateThat's it I just spared you 144 pages of reiteration laced with simplistic anecdotal examples that no one could possibly find enlightening I'm concerned that anyone already in the workplace or anyone over 22 could Obvious strategies aside I really took umbrage to the voice that the author chose to go with as he seemed to be talking to me like I'm a four year old I'm an adult and I suspect that only other adults are picking this book up Yet his re enactment of dialog and exchanges were so spoon fed that it was a very real turn off Exclamation points to underscore that he'd made some marvelous discovery every two pages felt like when I was 3 years old and watching Romper Room and everyone was supposed to be excited that I see Bobby Even at the age of three I wanted to say yeah I think we could all see Bobby even before we put the transparent mirror in front of his faceLike that

  10. Janet Janet says:

    I bought this book for somebody in my company and like all good books read it before I passed it on This book is humorous and gives you lots of practical ideas for how to respond to efforts by your subordinates and colleagues to delegate their work and responsibility to you You will learn how to see them coming and to keep the monkey where it belongs with them If you find that you are pressed for time this book is an important source of ideas to free up your life to have less stress while you and your organization both accomplish It's a book that I highly recommend to someone who often finds themself in the role of accepting other people's monkeys This book also talks about follow up check ups and insurance policies to make sure that monkeys are healthy As employees become better and better monkey tenders then less follow up and insurance is needed

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