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6 thoughts on “Dee Dee Day

  1. JenMcJ JenMcJ says:

    I just finished this one It was interesting in a “you can’t look away from the train wreck” kind of way The characters were not charismatic enough to understand what would motivate a young man to be so attracted to a 72 year old cross dressing woman Additionally the talk of pedophilia and the characters that engage in it is apparently accepted as a part of their gay life There is an appalling nonchalance to the idea and actualization of having friends that actively engage in sex with underage children One character a 73 year old man named George long time friend of Dee Dee that Bill sucks off at one time dies in a fire with a young prepubescent boy in his arms that police pretend must be his son And the main character Bill tries to touch and the cops believe suck and they may be right the cock of Dee Dee Day once she dies But at times they are sweet together when she is telling him about her young adulthood It isn’t a poorly written story but I couldn’t recommend it because of the casual treatment of the old menyoung boys’ sexual interaction Bill does go into detail about his own abuse he doesn't think it is abuse when he was 17 at the hands of a much older man who shaves his pubes and treats him like a young boy until he trades him in for a 13 yoAt one point George is described as having his young underage boys dress like girls too I mean it's not narrated but they discuss it between them as though it is just a regular practice to describe engaging in when they feel like being spiteful Even if it was classic literature which it's not I just can't see telling casual mm readers to read it I didn’t find anything erotic in the sexual interaction small dicks that barely work and dribble out cum or that much of a glimpse into the psychology that would lead anyone to seek out this life This author is apparently a fan of Victor J Banis and Ann Bannon I Am a Woman by Ann Bannon and The Why Not by Victor Banis are referenced while going through her boxes of vintage gay novels several times Finally I have no idea what the cover is supposed to represent Both of the characters do not – in anyway that I could determine represent Dee Dee Day or Bill

  2. Jeff Erno Jeff Erno says:

    Dee Dee Day is a story about a young man named Bill who arrives in New York City attempting to forge a new life for himself The setting appears to be the mid to late 1970’s and the central character ends up finding an apartment in Greenwich Village He rents an upstairs tenement from an elderly lady named Dee Dee who resides in an apartment below himDuring the course of Bill’s occupancy of the apartment he begins to form a friendship with the 72 year old woman Eventually he discovers that she is transgendered and although she was born biologically male she has lived nearly her entire life identifying as femaleAs the two gradually start getting to know one another a sexual attraction blossoms Bill realizes he is utterly enad by the elegant femininity and grace of this elderly lady He confesses to himself that he has always been drawn to effeminate men particularly those who dress as women He refers to them as “sissies” and when he discovers that Dee Dee has a penis it is wildly exciting to himThe concept of the story was very appealing to me The idea of trans generational love within the context of a transgendered relationship is very unconventional Unconventional appeals to me generally speaking I like to discover the possibilities of love which exist outside of the boxdefying the stereotypesIn this particular case though there were several reasons why this specific story did not appeal to me Honestly it really pains me to even have to be this honest about my opinion because I sincerely thought I would very much enjoy this book and I’d also hoped to be able to offer a glowing reviewFirstly the writing itself was not strong The manuscript was riddled with typographical grammatical and spelling errors Many were very minor using “too” instead of “to” or “its” instead of “it’s” But there also were very obvious glowing errors which could have easily been corrected by a thorough edit Here is an example “Dee Dee was sitting at the table as a man stood before her and loudly talking They looked at me as I came in the elderly gentleman with a frown I wished I was elsewhere” Whoah Does this paragraph make any sense? This is one small sample of the writing style Paragraph after paragraph it continuedSecondly the dialogue was very stilted At times I was honestly embarrassed as I read it It bordered on ridiculousThirdly there were some boundaries within the story that were crossed which I am not open minded enough to embrace One of the three primary characters in the story was a pedophile He was seventy three years old and very nonchalantly had sex with nine and ten year old children This was presented in such a casual flippant manner that it literally nauseated me Additionally the central character tried to have sex with a corpse and it was described as “beautiful”I wish that the story had focused upon the love that blossomed for this very unlikely couple I wanted to understand both Bill and Dee Dee and I wanted to see something meaningful and powerful Instead I merely was shockedIt is my sincere hope that my failure to understand and relate to the theme of this book is not a reflection upon the author Hopefully it is my own shortcoming as a reviewer I’m certain there are readers who would enjoy this type of story and I’m sure that there are many who are not as nitpicky when it comes to editing I’d never suggest to a reader to avoid a book In fact I encourage the opposite I hope you will check out this read for yourself and see if you have a favorable opinion than II’d like to thank the author for sharing the story and for allowing me to present my review I welcome any guest reviewer to post a response or rebuttal Bottom line though is I did not care for the writing or the story and I cannot honestly rate it favorably

  3. Sally Sally says:

    Mykola's work is often challenging and difficult to read coming across as jagged pieces of an imperfect life than as idealised slices of a fantasy The stories never uite develop the way you expect or even hope Instead they follow their own natural flow illustrating a small part of an unfinished life with uestions and loose ends aplenty His characters are not always attractive either physically or mentally but they’re real – and that realism is what makes his work come aliveDee Dee Day is easily the most accessible of the stories I’ve enjoyed so far It’s actually uite sweet and romantic in many places exploring the relationship between a younger gay man and a much older transsexual woman It’s clear that Mykola is playing with opposites here but it’s an approach that works well within the context of the story Bill is still young and very much discovering himself whereas Dee Dee is at the age where she’s remembering than discovering Bill is somewhat naive and still in the closet while Dee Dee is both experienced and completely open about her gender and sexuality Most importantly perhaps Bill has temporary lost the love of his life due to his own insecurities while Dee Dee has forever lost her lover due to the horrors of WW2It’s a relationship that shouldn’t work but which does at least for a while They both provide the other with something that was missing in their lives with a sense of physical and emotional intimacy that brings them closer together The sex here is beautiful and understated with as much happening off the page as on the page It’s not the stuff of wild kinky fantasies but of two lovers discovering one another and sharing in the frantic passion of new found affectionWhat ultimately throws a kink into their affair is the presence of George – an old friend and ex lover of Dee Dee who is unfortunately presented to us as a sad and broken yet unrepentant pedophile It’s another instance of playing with opposites contrasting the generation gap between Bill and Dee Dee with the even greater age gap between George and his victims Fortunately we’re never forced to watch George in action to to listen to him reminisce but I for one could have done without his presence Although Dee Dee and Bill are uite clear in their condemnation of George’s sexual history the fact that they continue to entertain his friendship may be off putting to some readers It’s certainly uncomfortable but also necessary to the plot ultimately leading to a series of tragediesUltimately Bill comes out of the story better off than when we first met him and there is the suggestion that he may indeed enjoy a happy ending Like I said it's an imperfect slice of an unfinished life but one that compels you to keep reading and which ultimately pays off in the endhttpbibraryblogspotcom201102r

  4. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    If you know Mykola Dementiuk’s works Times ueer Holy Communion you know that reading Dee Dee Day you will not find a classical romance And how it could be? This is the story of a young man in the ‘70s who fall obsessed obsessed not in love with his elder landowner a 72 years old woman called Dee Dee When Bill sees for the first time Dee Dee he thinks she is an attractive woman of maybe 50 years and he is not sexually attracted by her; but then he has the chance to discover Dee Dee’s secret she is born as Richard but she never looked like a boy and her own parents decided to let her dress and be like a girl In those old time Dee Dee was happy and in love with Billy a same age boy who sadly died during the WWII Now Dee Dee is living in an house full of Billy’s memories mainly photos of that period and I think she is only waiting for the time when she will be with him again If the reader thinks this is a sad story he has also to think that truly Dee Dee is not in love with Bill; she is nice with him and yes maybe she is also attracted by him who will be not? But at 72 years old she has not a second chance at love she is only having a nice affair that maybe it will be useful to Bill Bill is still uncomfortable with his body and desires and Dee Dee helps him understand all better Dee Dee knows that Bill is not for her that Bill will go and find his true love like Dee Dee did and found in Billy All the story is set in a past era the ’70s and the ‘40s of Dee Dee’s memories; it’s strange how to see that Dee Dee considers the ‘70s not a good time for gay people and instead she thinks that in the ‘40s they had a better life It’s not the first time I read a story about gay lovers of the ‘40s and it’s not the first time that I have this feeling that or less in the ‘40s they had no right but simple since they were not recognized as existing but in the end they could love each other in the closet Again if the reader thinks that this novella has not a happy ending I think he is wrong It has the only possibly happy ending and this experience serves to Bill to be able to build his life; the same Dee Dee I think was not expecting nothing else and probably she was the first to push Bill to find his own path in life A note on the publisher I think they dared a lot with this story that is not their usual trend an historical novella if ‘70s can be considered “historical” and an out of romance rules story and I think they should be awarded for it with readers taking notice of thathttpwwwdpB0039GL16Y?

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    4½ stars This is the first book that I've read by Mykola Dementiuk but it's definitely not the last His stories are NOT run of the mill but he's excellent when it comes to creating the characters In Dee Dee Day that's uite apparent; they're different but that's a big part of their charm and they definitely work There is overall an edge to the story that may initially make one second guess reading it but there is also a complexity and a freshness that make this in my opinion a story not to missI'll say right out that this isn't a book for everyone but for those who like to push past their boundaries or who like to explore brave new worlds then to you I highly recommend Mykola Dementiuk's Dee Dee Day

  6. Jools Xavier Jools Xavier says:

    I love the book will read of his work when I get the chance

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Dee Dee Day[Download] ✤ Dee Dee Day ➸ Mykola Dementiuk – It’s a new city with new dreamsbut will he be able to forget the old and start anew A young man arrives in NYC and rents an apartment from Dee Dee Daywho gives him a little bit than he expected—lo It’s a new city with new dreamsbut will he be able to forget the old and start anew A young man arrives in NYC and rents an apartment from Dee Dee Daywho gives him a little bit than he expected—love passion sex with heror is that with him.

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Mykola Dementiuk was born in of Ukrainian parents in a West German DP camp immigrating to America when he was two After Catholic grade school public high school in New York City he graduated from Columbia University in A writer with varied employment from gyro seller at Lollapalooza to roustabout at the Big Apple Circus Mykola helped create the magic of the Cirue du Soleil perfor.