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Child of Joy (Satyr, #3) [EPUB] ✶ Child of Joy (Satyr, #3) By Andrew Grey – Graduating from college would be a highlight of any man's life but Arthur Kraus is different He's just reached satyr maturity and he's going out of his mind as he's swamped with sexual urges In a desp Graduating from college would be a highlight of any man's life but Arthur Child of MOBI :Ê Kraus is different He's just reached satyr maturity and he's going out of his mind as he's swamped with sexual urges In a desperate moment he invites his roommate to a Bacchanal and asks him to be his first But after hearing the first time stories at the Bacchanal Arthur decides to wait for than physical satiation not knowing that someone has overheard his decision That someone Gaelen is special in his own way he's the last remaining Fey a creature of the light innocent and pure the protector of the remaining joy the Fey bring to the world Though attracted to Arthur Gaelen is afraid to trust He knows he's being hunted for his power by a force that wants to overthrow Bacchus himself and Gaelen will have to allow Arthur into his life if he wants to survive Third and last in the Children of Bacchus series.

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  1. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    Wow What a brilliant book I loved all the Bacchus' Children novels and stories but this one was special because it tied all of them together It was great to read about all the characters from the previous books as they appeared as supporting characters in this final story While I'm very sad that this is the last of the series I think that Andrew managed to give us a satisfying conclusionOne of the youngest satyrs from the previous stories Arthur Kraus is ready to graduate from college when he reaches satyr maturity Based on his friends' experiences whose first time stories all involve love he decides to wait for the right person Shortly after he meets Gaelen the last remaining Fey a creature of light and the protector of joy in the world He is attracted to Arthur but has had some bad experiences with satyrs and hesitates to trust again When the two men get together and discover their love they have to face a common foe before they can live their life in peace and the final secret of Fey birth is revealedI loved the emotional intensitiy of Arthur's and Gaelen's relationship the way that Gaelen slowly learns to trust and their joint determination to stand up and fight for their way of lifeAs far as I'm concerned this is a highly recommended read It does make sense however to start with Children of Bacchus and Thursday's child the first two volumes of the series

  2. May May says:

    Review 35 round it up 4 starsIt was with preconceived ideas that I read this and first up an admission “there isn't much to learn from fantasy”This story is essentially about how love is capable of overcoming anything our own inadeuacies or our own fears or external attacks It takes courage to stay and fight for what or who we love and wantAndrew Grey has crafted a world of acceptance and a place where one’s own strengths can shine All are gifted yet not all gifts are the sameThis is a sexy story and a truly escapist read And the title? Wouldn’t that it could be so for everyone Read the book

  3. David Edwards David Edwards says:

    This was a book with great possibilities It was based on a great idea satyrs living among us a kind of metaphor for the fairy gathering gay movement a bucolic naturalism The specific premise of this volume the first of the series I have read was the meeting with a Fey ie fairy by another name the last of his kind a really good premise since it invokes the interaction between two uite distinct supernatural entities and thus creates the marvelous thing of strangeness beyond the strangeUnfortunately for me at least the story was just a little too happy happy most of the way through I won't go into details This is the first MM romance novel length story I have read but for me it was flat in the middle it didn't pull forward or keep the interest and tension up That was a pity because the writing was uite good If Mr Grey had kept his focus on first the bits of development relevant to the final crisis and second on bringing to light the relevent deeper contexts of these elements he would have had a five star storyThe climax despite the mediocre development was excellent really powerful dark strong almost enough to rate four starsSummary great title great world great premise great climax but truly mediocre development Still a pleasant enough read over all

  4. Ter Ter says:

    WOW Or in Gaelen's words Dancing daffodils I love this series and I like the way this one tied all the satyr's from the other books Even thou this was a nice ending to the series I can't but hope maybe a holiday short story with the Fey children I know we alway want lol That's just cause we love these books

  5. Don Bradshaw Don Bradshaw says:

    The best of the series The last living Fey is drawn to the ever growing farm by the love and peace of the mostly half satyrs He lives among the group but stays aloof until he meets Arthur Authur has a special gift of love for animals and the FeyGaelen must find a way to over come his fears and trust a love for Arthur or the Fey will disappear from the world

  6. Vanyel Kane Vanyel Kane says:

    Very lovely and sweet Don't read them all in one hit or you might get a little too much sugar However the characters are fun for a read

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