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Devil Lover [Read] ➵ Devil Lover Author Carole Mortimer – A marriage for revengePowerful Greek magnate Andreas Vatis has every reason to hate Regan Not only is his pride severely wounded but because of her father's actions he lost something much valuable Bef A marriage for revengePowerful Greek magnate Andreas Vatis has every reason to hate Regan Not only is his pride severely wounded but because of her father's actions he lost something much valuable Before he passed away Regan's father seduced Andreas's wife and ran off with her—and Andreas's means to continue the Vatis empireNow Andreas is determined to take his revenge from Regan—with the ruthless demand that she replace what her father deprived him of—a wife and an heir.

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  1. KatieV KatieV says:

    blahRegan's playboy father took Andreas Vatis' wife from him years before For years he waited for her to grow up so he could claim her as his wife in a crazy old school eye for an eye sort of plot only sensible to a HP Greek Tycoon He tricks her into his home and forces her to marry him and provide him with sons Mwha ha haHow could that be boring?Well it could be boring if the heroine's actionsreactions made no frigging sense Andreas was suitably dastardly and arrogant for the story to work Yet Regan was insane? Something just didn't make sense about her thought patterns and actions I was with her until after she tried to escape then she was just weird from then on out I can't explain it It wasn't even your typical HP heroine door mat behavior She was just flat out odd in how she basically just shrugged and decided she'd be Andreas' wife Oh well my one escape attempt didn't work and my dad did take his wife so what the heck? I guess we should be married I'll even start trying to manage his bratty daughter's life Makes complete sense The only friction was due to him deceiving her about having a mistress to make her jealous If not for that she'd have been happy in his bed as his wife from very early on And this is when dude was still being a complete jackass I think she damaged her brain when she fell and that part was left out by the editors

  2. Leona Leona says:

    Meh I like those angst filled drama moments but not when the heroine's actions don't make any sense I mean really didn't it ever dawn on her to just scream view spoiler or twist his nuts when he was sleeping hide spoiler

  3. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Finally – a vengeful hero who has waited 11 years for the heroine to grow up so he can marry her for revenge That’s the premise of this story That’s the ridiculous logic of HPs I crave And yes the hero’s actions make no sense And yes the heroine’s abrupt turn from hate to love makes no sense either But what a fun bookOur ex race car driver hero and Greek tycoon wants revenge because the heroine’s race car driver father stole his wife and almost killed him on the race track As it was he is blind in one eye and is full of bitterness Both his wife and the hero’s father are now dead so the heroine is the one who will pay the priceHe has been watching the heroine since she was a child of ten – and he knows when she graduates college He arranges a job for her at his estate in Cornwall as a companion to his sixteen year old daughter He married at 19 The heroine has no idea of this plan until the hero spells it out and the daughter shows up to fling a few “I hate yous” her way The heroine is angry and decides she’ll try to escape by shimming down the drainpipeThe hero startles her and she falls injuring her shoulder and ankle Hero seems shook up that she is so determined to get away but he carries out his plans for vengeance when they marry a few days later He tells her that he will go to the papers with the story of her father’s attempted murder – since it was hushed up as an accident back in the day Heroine thinks that she can use that as blackmail back since hero won’t want to be known as marrying the daughter of a murderer Later he finds out the father had a brain tumor and he had blacked out right before the accident – he wasn’t a murdererSince heroine is injured she has a reprieve from sex Hero says he’ll spend the work week in London where has mistresses for all of his sexual needs Heroine is outraged and jealous and doesn’t know why To pass the time she tries to be friendly with the daughter who has a crush on the tutorWhen hero returns the daughter tells him the heroine is flirting with the tutor and the hero is jealous They do talk it out and heroine informs him his daughter has a crush on the tutor The hero decides to send his daughter to his Greek island so she’ll get over her infatuation Daughter is not happy and decides to show the heroine the file the hero has on her mother and father There are lots of insinuations that the heroine’s mother committed suicide The heroine is devastated by this news and decides she needs to speak to her aunt and uncle in Scotland She escapes – only to find the hero waiting for her thereThe hero has charmed her aunt and uncle and is surprisingly nice and gentle with the heroine The heroine suddenly finds herself in love and decides to be a good wife He takes her to his Greek island and things look promising for the Hh until the OW shows up The hero installs her in the guesthouse and taunts the heroine with her presence Heroine is full of angst and confusion but she gets closer to the daughter by urging her to get new clothes and listening to her hopes and dreams The daughter’s betrothed is there as well and he also confides in the heroine Of course the hero is jealous of the betrothed – but he does listen to the heroine and the daughter and agrees to let them have a longer engagement so they can have freedom before marriage Finally the hero snaps and takes the heroine without love or gentleness Heroine later says it wasn’t forced Then he sends her back to England while he stays in Greece Heroine spends her time lamenting her lost love and going to her flatmate’s wedding Hero returns after one of his employees tells him off for neglecting the heroine They finally talk – hero loved her when he saw her shimmying down the drain pipe He’s been trying to make her jealous so she would come to him but it backfired when he lost control The OW was his secretary and cousin He never had an OW since they were married HEA Hero was remarkably blind about a lot things but he eventually had his one eye opened about his daughter his wife and the man against whom he sought revenge Get it? His physical state was a metaphor Wheee Heroine has talked herself into love and she'll probably stay that way This was good old skool fun

  4. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    This was one crazy HP and for a few moments I thought I was reading an Anne Hampson it was that mad h Regan is a fresh college graduate who thinks she's taking up a job as a companion to a 'young lady' Little does she know the 'young lady' is daughter to her arch nemesis her father's and that the 'job' was actually setup to get her down to Cornwall and marry the bugger in the name of revenge h shows definite spirit in the beginning and even tries escaping via a drainpipe risking life and limb and ultimately ends up injuring herself Which is well and good for a while because her injuries make it difficult for the H Andreas to 'claim' her as his wife Another escape attempt later the H promptly packs up from the south of England and returns to his island in the Aegean with wife and daughter; but not before some unpalatable family secrets are revealed On the island the hitherto hostile 'young lady' who is almost 16 and expected to marry the boy chosen for her within a year shows signs of thawing and makes friends with her new stepmother Stepmother h in turn finds herself developing Stockholm syndrome and falling for the H's dominating personality and exuisite physiue However the H who had so far insinuated and implied all the adult stuff he would like to do with the h suddenly turns cold and starts talking about OW who isn't uite an OW at all just to get a reaction from the h for his own sadistic pleasure Things come to a head when the h throws a perfume bottle at him and H takes it as provocation and justification for the forced seduction routine he subjects the h to next h is then sent to England and its only a few paragraphs before H follows her there to declare his undying love and bring her home This book features some of the most OTT characters in HPland I liked the h in the beginning when she showed some fire but that is uickly doused with her capitulation to the H's way of thinking She worries about her red hair because the H says he doesn't like it Even blames herself for the 'forced seduction' scene where she believes she 'contributed nothing to the union' I lost my respect for her there H was completely psychotic in my book Older HP's have some super crazy possessive alphas but this man takes it to a whole new level He's constantly suspicious of the h and thinks she's capable of hooking up with any man in her vicinity; he has major stalkerific tendencies and goes so far as to keep the h under surveillance from when she was a mere child and almost everyone around her is a spy of sorts and is employed by the H to bring her to him And when he isn't doing any of that he's busy trying to get his teenaged daughter married off to a boy who's barely out of adolescence himself presumably to preserve the Greek way of life Not a character I could respect at all So why am I still giving this 3 stars? because it was entertaining if nothing else This may be a train wreck of a novel but there certainly wasn't a single boring moment in it I would recommend this for anyone looking for a dose of vintage HP craziness

  5. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Devil Lover is the story of Regan and AndreasWhat a fabulous Carole Mortimer readWe have an innocent heroine who is falsely lured for a babysitter job only to land in powerful Greek magnate Andreas Vatis's clutches Her father had once eloped with Andreas's wife harming him in an accident that left him scarred and partially blind and Andreas is out to take revenge by marrying Regan and seducing her to provide the heirs which he could not haveA tempestuous relationship between a fiery redhead of a heroine a crazy jealous hero loads of bruising kisses and possessiveness on both ends a bratty daughter some family secrets and a HEAWhat I liked about this book MayDecember trope The hero was crazy about the heroine and even though he threatened her with many things the end result was always him remaining faithful and only testing her patience Their banter was sexyish His daughter was initially childish and extremely moody but as the book progressed we saw her grow and become amicable to the h The hero didn't slap rape or cheat on the heroinethough there are two extreme body shaking incidents He chased the heroine all the time LOL The heroine didn't give up her freedom and constantly tested her limits and his patience His disability was not made as a sob story The ending was hella sweetI totally enjoyed this roller coaster ride What a great readSafe for meSWE for some view spoiler While H knew about the h for ages and manipulated his way into her life its not mentioned if he has had OW in that time h was a virgin hide spoiler

  6. Jenny Jenny says:

    Heroine's father seduced the hero's wife Hero had a tragic accident that left him blind and since he blames Regan's father for all his misfortunes he wants revenge He makes the heroine believe he wants her as a guardian for his daughter but when she gets there she realizes she is just a pawn Hero forces her to marry him and heroine tries to escape several times Very good story Both Hh were jealous and insecure Hero was harsh but vulnerable and unlike 80's heroes not cruel or sadist Heroine was feisty and I loved her spirit Sweet romance with some nice angst to top it all 45 stars

  7. Farah Farah says:

    If this is Love I'd hate to see what sheer hatred looks like

  8. Mιss •kαthєяίиє• Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss® Mιss •kαthєяίиє• Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss® says:

    Ok What it said inside about greek wives husbands and etc was totally too much I'm Greek myself and I know that things like this total focus on revenge unopinionated wives etc don't happen We live like in the 21st century The book was good overall as a story but I didn't like too much Carole Mortimer's point of view about how things are done in my country

  9. Hemavathy DM Suppiah-Devi Hemavathy DM Suppiah-Devi says:

    That's thirty minutes of my life I'll never get back Goodreads should allow zero ratings

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    I really shouldn't have enjoyed this as much as I did Its rather old skool revenge that makes absolutely no sense but at the same time was well written and vastly entertainingThe H is as creepy as hell stalking little girl for many years after her dad died just so he could marry her and get revenge on her dad Who is dead so really the revenge is rather pointlessThe h is uite spunky at times though none so much as when she climbs down the drainpipe only to get caught before she reaches the bottom and she falls and injures herself A better H would have caught her to be fairThe h seemed genuinely lovely tbh and everyone seems to like her she didn't deserve the revenge treatment she received from H although he was better than most waiting for his consummation and I am glad a couple of his employees gave him what for it was well deserved I didn't hate anyone though and the H suitably grovelled and admitted to his fibs because he was scared to lose her so he is one of the better revenge H's

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