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Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus ❮EPUB❯ ✷ Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus Author William King – Heroic Space Wolf Ragnar Blackmane is tested to the limit against the deadly forces of Chaos in the form of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion Not only that but he must also contest with a growing feud Heroic Space The Second Kindle Ò Wolf Ragnar Blackmane is tested to the limit against the deadly forces of Chaos in the form of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion Not only that but he must also contest with a growing feud between the Space Wolves and their fellow Space Marine Chapter Space Wolf: PDF or the Dark Angels.

  • Paperback
  • 768 pages
  • Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus
  • William King
  • English
  • 15 February 2016
  • 9781844167746

About the Author: William King

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10 thoughts on “Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus

  1. Derek Weese Derek Weese says:

    Not much to say that hasn't already been said before but I'll say just a few words to show my appreciationI really really loved these books all of them I'd give four and a half stars but Goodreads won't allow that WOLFBLADE by William King was the only book that I can remotely say was my least favorite though I truly loved it King's sense of humor shone in this one and was readily apparent than the two books written by I'm assuming Mike Lee and someone named Lightner Torin and Gabriella were interesting characters but Haegr became a favorite of mine I fell in love in a manly way of course with the big brute and he made an already good story excellent Not sure why William King stopped writing this series but it was passed onto to excellent handsSONS OF FENRIS by Lee Lightner was not at all a disappointment I enjoyed delving into the rivalry between the I Legion and the VI I admit however that I was literally shocked when the two started killing each other An actually shooting war between Astartes chapters is I suppose a sad reality of the Imperium but still I found it very stunning The reveal later on that it was all part of a larger Chaos ploy allowed it to make sense A good book very enjoyableWOLFS HONOUR was my favorite of the trilogy Non stop action on an epic scale to send off the series SPOILER My favorite part of the novel was the fireside scenes between the Wolfblade and the Blood Claws and the 13th Great Company survivors To hear the reminisces of Leman Russ from those who witnessed him were fantastic and automatically made me pine for Russ in the Horus Heresy series I liked how the curse of the Wulfen was dealt with and how even a Wulfen could become a hero of Fenris Finally I would be remiss if I didn't shed a manly tear of sorrow after the death of Haegr Sure he was fat and a bit well not the brightest bulb in the lot But I couldn't think of anyone better to have my back in a fight his death literally saddened me and I stared at the page for several minutes and re read his death several times After I closed the book set it on my 'Warhammer 40K Bookcase' which is now uite full I drank a toast to his memory All in all a hell of a good series with an excellent ending I only wished we could see of Ragnar Blackmane Torin and though it's an impossibility of course Haegr Read these you'll love them and be a devoted son of Fenris forever

  2. Kim Hoag Kim Hoag says:

    A collection of three books out of the 400 written in the Warhammer series King has penned only four of those the second author Lee Lightner is actually two fans of the series I avoid books based upon games usually finding them poorly written I read this one because a friend gave it to me and I couldn't put it off any longer In these Covid times it was the perfect book to whisk me away from e teaching duties I shouldn't have like it unashamedly derivative of Viking mythic culture and Klingon as well as abundantly using anachronistic words of Norse Greek and Latin mythic origins These books take place tens of thousands of years in the future the prose is luridly violent and melodramatic it is necessary to suspend belief consistently there is a uestion of whether this is sci fi or fantasy as there is magic everywhere machines have machine spirits controlled by Iron Priests and it is often overwritten And I thoroughly enjoyed it The characters were stereotypes but they were good ones and well depicted as were the characters in the original Star Wars films If you are going to derive characters and actions from anything let it be from that which seems to stir the collective unconscious and these three books do The action was non stop and the characters were riddled with angst that's the Klingon Worf thing As for the luridness and overwriting it made the 760 pages move uicker as I was able skim large sections something I seldom do Will I read others? Unlikely As enjoyable as it was to stomp in the mud a bit too many other books call

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    Interesting switch of authors for the last two books They really helped smooth a lot of the uirks out

  4. Bahman Naraghi Bahman Naraghi says:

    Much better than the first omnibus More cohesive story arc across the trilogy action packed and lots of lore about the WH40K universe that I didn't know

  5. Steve Steve says:

    Left me wanting of Ragnar and the Space Wolves

  6. Leo Leo says:

    WolfbladeRagnar is sent to Holy Terra to provide an honour guard to the navigator house of Belisarius There Ragnar has to protect the new ruling member of house BelisariusBut life on Terra is different from what he had expected Ragnar Protects Gabriella through the assasination attemps and tries to find the man trying to get rid of her But will he be able able to see through all subtleties of terran politics?The idea of Ragnar going to earth is really well developped the setting is really well described Ragnar the main character is finely detailed and really well personnified I like the idea of being sent to terra after having made the mistake of loosing the spear of RussHoly space wolf relic This book I recommend to people who have read the first omnibus or people who know a bit about 40K and like science fictionSons of FenrisChaos attacks are reported on Hyades a jungle world Ragnar and his space wolf suad defend the Belisarius base when a dark angel kill team is sent to kill a dark angel Traitor But then chaos marines are summoned by the Dark angel traitor Will the Dark angels and space wolves unite to fight a common threatThe setting of the jungle is ammazing The environment is well describedWhat I prefer in this book is that the Space wolve dont like the Dark angels and visa verca and that causes them to not cooperate but fight against each other instead of fighting one single common threat

  7. JMAW JMAW says:

    This was my introduction to the world of Warhammer 40000 and I loved it It took me awhile to get into to be honest but once I got some adeuate downtime in the schedule I decided to build some momentum in reading this and have finished this Omnibus a Space Marines Battles novel and starting on the Blood Angels First Omnibus in the last two weeksI have seen much critiue over the transition from William King to the duo that is Lee Lightner I thoroughly enjoyed each take and found different reasons to enjoy the books They also really flowed well together and built to a great climax with honorable deaths tragedy and redemption woven in I plan to read the first Omnibus at some point and hope to find about the saga that is the life of Ragnar Blackmane which is possible considering there is some foreshadowing and doors left open for future storiesGive this book an opportunity but be forewarned the Warhammer bug could bite you and you could find yourself devouring novels and reading about the history of the different chapters as much as you can in your free time

  8. Sean Sean says:

    A fantastic culmination to an incredible series I had a hard time believing that anything could follow up on the first three books and oh my was I proven wrong Some may criticise the language in this series as simplistic but that is so forgiven by the narrative and character development I can go on for hours about how good this series is but I'll just knit pick the flaws The occasional irritating repetition the rare editing oversight and the fact that we have no of this epic series to continue with Overall the epic narrative the wonderful character development and excellent scene setting and battle description overrides any errors in this series making it a must read not just for any fans of 40k but also for action sci fi and open minded readers let's all hope that someday soon we will see a continuation in the saga of Ragnar Blackmane

  9. M.R. Shields M.R. Shields says:

    A fantastic seuel to the first omnibus that i thoroughly enjoyed I liked the way the story took a 'dishonoured' turn of events and the introductions of the new characters were brilliantThe change in authors for the third part went virtually unnoticed except for the over use ofthe label 'the young wolf' and it was this alone that stopped me giving it five stars as it began to irritate me and effect my reading enjoyment Other than that it was a fantastic story and i hope they make a third set

  10. Adam Tomlinson Adam Tomlinson says:

    Very good continuation of the First Omnibus The writing is very different when it switches from King to Lightner but they Lee Lightner is 2 people do a very superb job in wrapping up the story between Ragnar and Madox tying all the loose ends up I highly recommend this to anyone who is a 40k fan and specifically to any Space Wolf fans Ragnar Blackmane will rise to be the next Great Wolf Just Saying

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