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  1. Pramod Nair Pramod Nair says:

    Gary Larson the American cartoonist and his internationally syndicated cartoon series ‘ The Far Side’ – syndicated in than 1900 newspapers – are both legendary in the annals of newspaper cartoon arena Collected into than twenty books Larson’s works which got translated into seventeen languages has sold about forty five million copies worldwide With a distinctive style of illustration and creatively loaded with surrealistic humor his single panel cartoon strips evoke laughter by inspecting the world through fresh perspective and finding inspiration from social and natural events and scenarios“The Far Side Gallery” is the first volume of a compilation of his comic strips which were published from 1982 to 1984 Within these cartoon panels the reader can witness and enjoy portrayals of curious family scenes social events time warps into pre historic worlds human animal relationships observations of nature clever role reversals – where roles of ‘humans and animals’ or ‘humans and monsters’ are switched – with each panel evoking laughter by provoking the thought process Gary Larson Far Side Gary Larson was born in Washington in 1950 and started cartooning during the mid 70s He evolved into a serious cartoonist when in 1980 some of his panels were accepted by “ San Francisco Chronicle” and it was the birth of “ The Far Side” series Larson attributes the “ morbid sense of humor” that his cartoon panels carry to his own family and the pranks that he and his older brother played while growing up He continued with the series ended till his retirement in 1995The Far Side cartoons are composed on single comic panels – in some cases split in to stamp sized small windows – and makes use of ink strokes for illustrations Text is presented either as footer captions or as speech bubbles and is often presented in a manner to fuse effortlessly with the illustration The characters are often illustrated with a distorted caricature feel and with a fine portrayal of expressionsOne of the recurring themes within these panels are situations which are made out of ‘ role reversals’ between animals monsters and human beings or scenes in which the artist compare the behavioral attributes of animals to that of humans This can be seen in the two panels which I pick up for inspection In one panel we can witness a mortally scared horse coming out of a movie theater after watching a show of “God Father” and his companion saying “ Get a hold of yourself It was only a movie for crying out loud” In another panel we see two scared monsters under a bed making this comment “ I’ve got it again Larry an eerie feeling like there’s something on top of the bed ”The art within the panels of ‘The far side’The art and the text perfectly combines within these panels to create the perfect rendering of the yarn it narrates and the way in which the artist adds layers of meaning and details through some effortless frugal pen strokes is truly amazing The detailing in the art is very deep as the artist gives special care to even the microscopic aspects of the scene which he depicts These cartoon panels travels between the realms of ‘ the real the unreal’ and evokes humor even from the portrayal of macabre Larson’s eye for seeing the world through an unsullied perspective and coming up with illustrations that mock some of our forbidden views while drenching the panels with dark humor is hugely refreshing to receive The way in which he paints anthropomorphic creatures in his illustrations for representing his visions never feels exaggerated and connects uiet easily with the viewer Larson’s background in biology can be seen as a motivation behind the recurring illustrations of plant and animal life within these cartoon panes for conveying his views He creates a warped montage staging animals plants insects and even monsters to generate strange but incredibly funny comic panels Some of the cartoon panels from Larson were controversial as they represented some of the concepts that were often thought of as taboos but they had a cult following This anthology which brings his comic strips initially published as three smaller collections – The Far Side Beyond the Far Side In Search of the Far Side – can inspire and delight art cartoon lovers These cartoon strips are definite monuments in the pop culture scene It is no wonder that with his homage to natural history through his illustrations which feature animal behaviors and studies on the evolution and extinction a selection of his works were exhibited at Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History A side note on the lack of his works in public domain lack of images within this reviewLarson considered his works too personal and important to him and this is one reason why his cartoon panels cannot be found in the public domain “So in a nutshell probably an unfortunate choice of words for me I only ask that this respect be returned and the way for anyone to do that is to please please refrain from putting The Far Side out on the Internet These cartoons are my children of sorts and like a parent I'm concerned about where they go at night without telling me And seeing them at someone's web site is like getting the call at 200 am that goes Uh Dad you're not going to like this much but guess where I amHe asked the Internet users to refrain from compiling and posting his works online in a public letter a full copy can be read hereTo draft a review on a compilation volume of comic strips in a convincing manner without the aid of a few samples of scanned images is a difficult task But when the artist himself feels – whatever may be the motive – disdain in placing his works on public domain I am respecting his views by refraining from using scanned comic panels of his works within this review

  2. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    There is nothing uite like Gary Larson's The Far Side I class it up there with Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes as the funniest commentaries on 20th C american life Absurd truths abound and it is hard to stifle a laugh or a guffaw at Larson's wit and fantastic ideas Another one to help forget the horrifying headlines of today's depressing world

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Enjoy the warped one shot comics of Gary Larson whose Far Side is a darkly humorous take on 1950s 60s pop culture tropes Larson describes it in hi foreword as Theodore Cleaver Meets the Thing Some of you probably won't find it amusing at all; others won't be able to stop laughing I'm in the latter camp Check this out if you like Calvin Hobbes the format and subject matter are different but the two comics are alike in their intelligence and idiosyncratic approach

  4. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    Introduction After reading “The Far Side Gallery 3” I was dying to check out of Gary Larson’s “Far Side Gallery” series and I stumbled upon a collection of Gary Larson’s “Far Side Gallery” series in “The Far Side Gallery” man I am talking about the “Far Side Gallery” so much in this review Anyway this collection of “Far Side Gallery” stories is just as memorable and hilarious as the “Far Side Gallery 3” What is this story about? Basically this “Far Side Gallery” collection contains comic strips from “The Far Side” “Beyond the Far Side” and “In Search of the Far Side” and the comic strips all contain hilarious situations that involve various animals and human beings What I loved about this story Gary Larson’s writing Gary Larson’s writing is as usual hilarious and witty to read as the various characters in these comic strips are always making sarcastic comments about the situations they are thrown into As usual Gary Larson managed to make some of the puns such as “Hat Hunters” and “Water Buffaloes” come to life in a literal sense and I just rolled over laughing when I read these strips Some of my favorite comic strips in this collection are “Big Bob says he’s getting tired of you saying he doesn’t really exist” When the boy’s imaginary friend grabs the boy’s father roughly by the shirt “We’ve made it Warren The moon” When two astronauts landed on the moon but one of the astronauts accidentally hit the other astronaut’s helmet cracking it The real reason dinosaurs became extinct Showing the dinosaurs smoking cigarettes “For twelve perfect years I was a car chaser Pontiacs Fords ChryslersI took them all onand yesterday my stupid owner backs over me in the driveway” A dog tells another dog in heaven how his owner killed him with a carGary Larson’s artwork Gary Larson’s artwork as usual is hilarious to look at as the characters have exaggerated bodies such as their bodies being larger than their heads I also loved how hilarious the artwork becomes during the collection’s most hilarious moments such as the artwork of the astronaut smashing another astronaut’s helmet after pronouncing that they are on the moon at last What made me feel uncomfortable about this story For anyone who feels uncomfortable about dealing with the concept of heaven and hell there are a couple comic strips in this collection that deals with heaven and hell although it is not as freuent as it was in the “Far Side Gallery 3” Final Thoughts Overall “The Far Side Gallery” is a fantastic collection of Gary Larson’s best work in the “Far Side Gallery” series and anyone who is a huge fan of Gary Larson’s work in the “Far Side” series will easily enjoy this collectionReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    50 stars Without a doubt the funniest and most clever cartoon series ever put on paper Gary Larson is a comic genius

  6. Maria Lago Maria Lago says:

    Two manly cowboys have been captured by the dreadful Sioux buried up to their necks in sand and left to die in the boiling heat of the Arizona desertThese two fierce men may be sharing a terrible fate but love for each other they share not They are old enemies see?So as the sun goes down Ol' Jed buried to the West casts a shadow over Nilly Billy his die hard archenemy Nice and cool here in the shade niiiiice and cool nags Nilly Billy not missing a chance to get at his foe

  7. Fran Fran says:

    Funny as the Far Side always is with a good dose of sarcasm and irony in the mix From the many collections they have produced this one is the first and my favorite sure to bring a smile on the days things are not going to well in lab plenty of jokes with scientists in them makes this book feel somehow relatable even if the troubles afflicting those cartoon scientists have nothing to do with anything I doIf you have seen the Far Side on your newspaper or catch a glimpse of their humor on teh internet you know what this is all about

  8. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    Back in my University Days25 December 2018 Adelaide I remember reading these back when I was much younger and at university In fact this and Calvin and Hobbes and in fact a bunch of comic strips were really popular among us though I’d probably say that I found that the Far Side comics were the best Okay while I have been commenting on a lot of super hero comics these comics or should I say cartoons sort of fall into the category of what I call ‘newspaper comics’ in that they basically appear in the comic sections of your local newspapers – the Phantom certainly seems to be a popular one However the Far Side and I must admit that having come back to them something like twenty years after I first read them I would probably have to say that they are well somewhat silly Hey that doesn’t necessarily mean that silly is bad rather it is just different Then again sometimes it is the absolute absurdity of these cartoons that actuallty make them rather fun or at least they used to do so I guess I have probably grown out of them now or maybe I just simply view them as well so 1990s Things have change so much since I read these comics and in particular what I find amusing has changed as well I guess in a way Facebook and the internet as a whole has opened up a whole new world of jokes and comedy that back in the 90s and even the 80s was really only limited to the luck of the selected few Then again I suspect that not many of the internet comedians these days really make all that money though I guess once again only the really lucky artists have ever made decent money What I will do is share something recent that I found rather amusing

  9. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    The odd and twisted world of Gary Larson I miss his work These stay on my shelves along with Charles Schultz work These are two comics creators who's work stands up well to rereading Schultz for humor and wisdom Larson for humor andthat odd perspective on life he gives usI have a couple of other cartoon books in my library they tend to make me laugh and lighten my mood at times but I think Larson and Schultz will be around as long as there is thought and introspection along with humor and that is dying as I write this but there are still a few

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I've always enjoyed Gary Larson's absurdly astute wit Laughter is indeed the best medicine

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