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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 262 pages
  • The Fate of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures)
  • Sondra Marshak
  • English
  • 20 December 2015
  • 9780553246384

10 thoughts on “The Fate of the Phoenix (Star Trek Adventures)

  1. Benjamin Plume Benjamin Plume says:

    I asked myself why would I read the seuel to the book I dubbed 'the worst Star Trek book I have read'?The answer is that I bought them at the same time so if I spent money on it I may as well read itThis one was a little better than its predecessor It suffered from many of the same flaws but not to the same degree It was at least readable thanks to easier to follow action seuences Still I would not recommend it even for those who have read the first

  2. Mark Mark says:

    Hoo boySomewhere in this story there's some great Star Trek stuff Those are the bits that deal with the implications of the Phoenix technology artificial replication of both mind and body and what the galactic aftermath of immortality would like Also the bits that touch on some of the limitations and unfortunate ramifications of the Prime DirectiveUnfortunately all those big ideas and great talking points get covered up nay slathered over by the authors' not at all concealed sexual fantasies Oh there's nothing actually explicit here and no sex is actually had except once between chapters and that's than a little rapey which is apparently okay when it's female on male but MarshakCulbreath's background in fanfic makes itself painfully obvious Every character of note in this book is on one or both ends of a subdom hurtcomfort relationship and it made me extremely uncomfortable all the way through the book Everybody is all too eager to own another person or all too resigned to being owned themselves and none of it is consensual I mean ick This is Star Trek Such attitudes SHOULD NOT BE OKAY in this future Not by Kirk not by Spock not by anyone who's supposed to be showing us how optimistic we're allowed to be about the future of humanity

  3. Mike McDevitt Mike McDevitt says:

    And the greatest Bromance in Space continuesI'm not saying I like Spirk mind you butOh heck I can't stay mad at you gals This overwrought insanity is exactly what space soap opera was created for getting a reaction I raised this from my initial one star gut dislike years ago because it's well written It's poetic weirdly beautiful It tends to over speechify and I'm SO tired of Omne the unstoppable rapey villain But its fans are not wrongI can't bring myself to buy into it or think of it as canonical but I'm willing to admit it happened SOMEWHERE A Parallel Universe that's Extra EROTIC Thump thump I hear someone banging a broom on my ceiling for shouting EROTICI enjoyed the characterization of the female Romulan Commander here given the name Di'on She's mighty and interesting I can almost forgive how they transfer her on screen desire for Spock over to a cut rate Kirk with ear implants There isn't enough about her and WAY too much about Omne Is it possible to have a villain Mary Sue? Who shows up out of nowhere has every skill overpowers everybody and becomes the main character? If so they better be a

  4. Patrick Hayes Patrick Hayes says:

    This was a seuel to a book The Price of the Phoenix that I've never read However that wasn't an issue as the events of the previous novel are made clear to the reader fairly uickly In a nutshell Antagonist Omne thought dead at the conclusion of the first book is alive due to the Phoenix ability he's created and than raring to take out Kirk for killing him Unfortunately he created a second version of himself the Other who looks like Spock and wants to rule the galaxy for himself much like Omne 1o Adding to Who's Who uestions is a 20 of Kirk called James who looks like a Romulan and is under the command of the Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident She takes James with her because she is attracted to him and for her own nefarious purposes but she's a Romulan so that's expected While the Commander tries to keep James safe among the Romulans Kirk and the Enterprise are ordered to go to a world to keep it from leaving the Federation It's here that Omne reveals himself and the plot starts moving uickly This was an okay read that took a while to get going and ended up in what's now considered a typical Star Trek finale an alliance of combatants on an alien world headed toward one goal until moving towards personal goals I enjoyed all of the Romulan Commander scenes but found Omne too similar to Thanos of the Marvel Universe The monologuing both interior and exterior was overwhelming throughout the book and had me reading those sections uickly so I could get to something actually happening I don't think I'll give the first book a read

  5. Joe Davoust Joe Davoust says:

    Worst Star Trek novel I have ever read The plot was too convoluted and often simply made no sense The characters from the TV show were portrayed so differently from the originals that it made what actions they took totally unbelievable The guest stars were very one dimensional in their thoughts and actions but had crazy and arbitrary back stories that added nothing to what little could be made of the plot Kind of a spoiler below but because the plot makes no real sense it's not really spoiling anythingA crazy example of what I mean by how convoluted at the plot is At one point Kirk and Spock and a bad guy named Omne who had at one time all killed each other or thought they had but were possibly resurrected were in a ship chasing a Romulan commander who was in a ship being chased by another Romulan commander while chasing a fake Spock who was really a combination of a resurrection of dead Spock and dead Omne who had a fake Kirk on his ship who was made to look like a Romulan because he was the stolen hostage of the first Romulan commander who was in love with the fake KirkFor the most part the book was riddled with crazy unintelligible scenes like the above Add that to the fact that there's a lot of sexism at the beginning about how men can't control there manliness and women can't help but fall in love with them even Romulan women It made the book very very difficult to read and I would recommend it to no one Unless they are have the same stupid goal that I have of trying to read every Star Trek novel

  6. Charles Charles says:

    One of my favorite of the New adventure books about Star Trek The authors really got the characters right and seemed to care about them

  7. Hannah Givens Hannah Givens says:

    The first book in this duology was awful but in an entertaining way Its horrible writing was entertaining and the overt slashiness even so I love KS but these characters were pompous and so out of character that it could only be laughable And there were some interesting philosophical elements at play So I read the seuel partly seeking entertainment and partly actually wanting to know how the story might carry on what happened to Omne in the end Unfortunately I did some Googling partway through because I wanted to see what else the authors had written I discovered that they're both staunch Objectivists followers of Ayn Rand and all of a sudden the books weren't much fun any It's not just weird bad writing it's that bizarre conviction that every character should be a pure elemental essence and every conflict is a primal assessment between two unadulterated forces as people and everyone just knows things by looking at each other and everyone is a perfect specimen of something and blah blah blah No wonder the characters are so out of character; none of them were ever meant to be ultimate expressions of anything Spock was never even implied to be one of the best fighters in the galaxy for instance but of course he has to be because everyone here is THE BEST BAR NONEThere were still some good elements some sections where the writing actually got good Some interesting stakes and one long literal debate about the Prime Directive that worked really well But it stopped being fun

  8. Reesha Reesha says:

    25 stars if I had the option Better than the first one but still not very good Most conversations are written as though everyone speaks the same way with a penchant for roundabout riddles half thoughts and stabs at philosophy one of the writers apparently has a degree in philosophy but it only comes across in stumbles here There are rarely differentiations between voices which is especially heinous in light of the novel's subject matterThe slash aspect of the first book was very toned down in this one almost as if they were admonished for it but the bulk of the text still reads like a mediocre fan fiction as someone who enjoys good fan fiction and slash and has been reading it for decades I am not bashing the art form at all only the execution within this novelThe plot is actually interesting as is the Big Bad It's the writing that needs help not the ideas

  9. Kate Kate says:

    This was really slow to get going It takes pretty much half the book to get to the main event which then uickly gets convoluted We have this ridiculous villain who continues to be ridiculous and then it gets weirder Nothing really gets resolved either Not as balls to the walls insane as its predecessor but it’s biggest crime is being mostly sloppy and boring in this case It of course has its moments

  10. Alex Alex says:

    A decent enough Star Trek TOS novel I found this to be better than its predecessor as it had action packed scenes and a satisfying conclusion I wouldn't say this was my favourite ever Star Trek novel but a pleasent way to while away a few days in the world of the crew of the USS Enterprise

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