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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Moon DanceVampire for Hire Book 1By J R RainNarrated by Dina PearlmanThis is an audible book I really got into right away It is a turned vampire a mom of two her husband finds her repulsive and she is a PI It is a very exciting story and gets you into the characters and I really loved it I see why this is such a popular seriesThe narrator is soooo good The many voices are all great and perfect I am going on to book two

  2. Linzi Linzi says:

    I got this cheap for my Kindle with no expectationsAfter it sat on it for some months I finally opened it to read the first 20 pages before as I planned deleting itWow Was I taken surprise this is a GREAT start to a series Fab well rounded main character interesting world actual plot beginning middle and end all gripping2 and a half hours later and one long bath I was buying the second in the series and suggesting to my OH that we have takeaway for dinner as I planned to readVaguely reminiscent of Sookie Stackhouse in the sense that the protagonist goes through a gradual discovery of the supernatural world and herself and that you root for herHighly recommend it for 50p or thereabouts try it for yourself ;

  3. Erth Erth says:

    a good fast read full of crazy twists and turns One of my favorite series Samantha Moon is a private detective who also happens to be a vampire This book is just the beginning where you are introduced to Samantha and told a bit about how she became a vampire and the struggles of her life as a mother and wife after this horrible attack turned her into basically a creature of the night As the series progresses you find out a lot of cool details about her family and exactly what she is and it is a great original spin on the vampire story You will be introduced to other characters and some of them are not just human either The series gets better with every book so I highly recommend grabbing this one and getting started

  4. Christine Christine says:

    Update After following a dicussion on about this author getting slammed by another author who hadn't even read past the description I want to point out a few things The writing wasn't bad It wasn't the greatest but it wasn't full of errors While I found the plot cliched I still felt the author had enough merit to pick up another book when it was offered for free haven't read it though Honestly I didn't even notice the whole thing about now I don't mind a DNF review or even why I won't be reading this review both of which have thier uses and are legit but the whole thing felt like a mean spirited hit job If you are going to give a book one star you should point out than just the word now used twice in the descriptioneven if it has to do with the author than the book; you then shouldn't claim you were trying to be constructive Being constructive is not sounding like you are doing a hit job to harm the author's sales and move your own up It's made worse because you reviewed it under your publisher's name If you were trying to help as a publisher wouldn't you have just written the author? The writing in terms of style and tone isn't too bad The plot idea of a married vampire is different except the whole becomes nothing but cliche after cliche1 Sam is a private Dick because she was attacked by a vampire infected and had to give up her day job2 Sam is very good at her job3 Sam's husband Danny apparently was very supportive when she first turned but some how has been replaced by the aliens for he is now cheating on her and is a complete dk Actually I don't think he is Look honey you're dead you drink blood okay it's a gang banger but still and I'm worried about the kids I think that's understandable I would've enjoyed a book where the couple tried to deal with these issues This book ain't it Danny's affair looks as it to show that he is a dk and Sam is better off with her werewolf who she lusts after Very cheap plot device must say4 The villian turns out to be the blonde with fake boobs this is also a plusActually the book was very interesting until Danny became a dk then it was really stupid And uite frankly I don't buy Sam as a mother not after reading The Rhine Maiden where she really is a mother

  5. Gary Gary says:

    It was a strong opening entry that left me underwhelmed Moon Dance Vampire for Hire #1 was overall an okay story I liked the fact the protagonist is a woman dealing with her condition But to me the character is too emotionally tied to her human life to be an effective creature of the paranormal worldI was totally into the story but three things happen she couldn’t see her reflection; she changed into a giant half woman bat; and if someone didn’t suspect her “condition” she was telling them about it I couldn’t reconcile the first two Why does becoming a vampire make your reflection disappear like the invisible man? I never understood the shape shifting myth in vampire mythologyThe fact that so many people suspected or know about her abilities is too distracting If she was trying to keep it a secret the internet is not the place She is frustratingly naïve about the power she has at her command The moment her spouse gave her an ultimatum at least two people should have been dead I expected a new vampire struggling to embrace her vampirism and instead a got a vampire struggling to let go of her humanityMaybe I’m just at my vampire thresh hold I could have expected too much from this novel It was interesting enough while I was reading Once I finished it didn’t leave me with that amazed feeling I like from books

  6. Ian Ian says:

    Samantha Moon's life is anything but simple She juggles her job working as a private investigator a failing marriage and two rambunctious kids And she's a vampire When she is hired by a hot shot lawyer to find the person who tried to kill him she unwittingly finds herself in the crosshairs And adding to her troubles there is a vampire hunter gunning for her her husband is having an affair and she is fighting her own attraction to the hotshot lawyer Moon Dance reminds me than just a little of Mark Henwick's Bite Back series both are hybrids of those great noir hard boiled detective stories of the 1940s and vampire stories I think Mark Henwick's books are a little polished but that's not to take anything away form Moon Dance it really is a lot of fun

  7. Sarah Ketley Sarah Ketley says:

    Just not the book for me I didn't connect with the characters or story I found it rather corny Great if you love vampire stories but i am luke warm at best I loved Twilight but that was because it was the first 'vampire' book i had read It was new and interestingI nearly put this down But i am stubborn and wanted to finish itI also found the voice didn't uite grab me The author has created a distinctive style which is great But i just didn't like it However I think that much of my rating is because i didn't like the book not because the author didn't create a good story The author DID create a great story The premise although a little over done now was great The subplots and other aspects were good It sets itself up well for the next book in the seriesIf you like vampire stories and are looking for a uick light fun read with an interesting plot then this is the book for you I wasn't looking for this and therefore i didn't really connect with it

  8. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    35 StarsVery interesting story I'm surprised it was written by a male and it had a female lead I was very impressed and will definitely continue the series PS I HATTTTTTTTTE Danny I hope you die a fiery death in the pits of hell view spoilerSeriously who answers their phone to your Wife while OBVIOUSLY having sex with another woman Ugh I am so disgusted at his character hide spoiler

  9. Alan Alan says:

    A defense attorney hires Samantha Moon a private investigator to find out who attempted to murder himThe case get complicated because Samantha is a vampireRain does an excellent job of creating three dimensional characters dazzling plot twists and dynamite dialogueIf you enjoy paranormal mysteries this one's for you

  10. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    35 starsOwn in Samantha Moon The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels Plus One Novella Samantha Moon All Four NovelsI can't believe I scored the first 4 books of this series in a freebie set I've never heard of this series and it is an older oneThere is a lot to like in this one However here we have a very smart FBI agent bittenalmost killed by a vamp generally unknown to humans who has a husband and 2 children The husband turns into a raging prck after initially trying to be understanding; Sam tries to keep things normal for her kids she really loves them; she had to uit her job claiming some bad skin disease; and she does nothing for 6 years to find out about vampirism OK I can live with trying to get used to things and keeping things status uo But what I really have a hard time with is that when she catches hubby Danny cheating she basically lets him take her kids and kick her out and install the OW in her house Sam is a PI with now ex FBI skills and friends She is discovering and getting used to new skillspowers She meets another vamp online and a client turns out to be a werewolf Sam and Kingsley are attracted to one another So will it be how many books before she kicks Danny's a? or somehow get his comeuppance? will it be within this 4 book set? will I have to read all 8 to find out?You know I started book 2 immediately I could skim but I am hooked a little bit that's why the5 star We'll see Continuing the series for nowI think I want to read the Jim Knighthorse Series All Three Books Jim is a character PI introduced in the Vampire for Hire series

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Moon Dance [PDF / Epub] ★ Moon Dance ✪ J.R. Rain – Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life foreve Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampireNow working the night shift as a private investigator Samantha is hired by Kingsley Fulcrum to investigate the murder attempt on his life a horrific scene captured on TV and seen around the country But as the case unfolds Samantha discovers Kingsley isn't exactly what he appears to be; after all there's a reason why he survived five shots to the head.