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The Last Time I Saw Paris ✭ [PDF] ✪ The Last Time I Saw Paris By Elizabeth Adler ✺ – Deixe se levar pelos sentidos nesta viagem à cidade mais romântica do mundoParis a cidade mais romântica do mundo é palco de luas de mel de sonho e de paixões recentemente descobertas E para Lara Deixe se levar pelos sentidos nesta viagem Time I Kindle Ò à cidade mais romântica do mundoParis The Last MOBI :Ê a cidade mais romântica do mundo é palco de luas de mel de sonho Last Time I Kindle Ò e de paixões recentemente descobertas E para Lara Lewis é o lugar onde ela e o marido viveram o amor no seu melhor Mais de vinte anos depois Lara deseja reacender a chama do seu casamento e planeia uma aventura romântica para os dois reconstituir todos os momentos da sua idílica lua de mel em Paris e pela França visitar os mesmos lugares comer nos mesmos restaurantes explorar as mesmas aldeias mágicas Porém uando o marido lhe diz à última hora ue existe outra mulher na sua vida o coração de Lara uase se estilhaça em mil pedaçosAlgures na estrada da vida Lara perdeu se a si própria Agora terá de descobrir um novo rumo para a sua existência Inesperadamente Lara dá um passo ousado e convida um homem mais novo e com uem ela acaba de se envolver para fazer a tão desejada segunda lua de mel O ue se segue é a história de dois apaixonados errando pela França numa louca aventura romântica ue se inicia com voos perdidos e bagagem extraviada e termina como sendo a viagem de uma mulher para se encontrar a si própria e ao amor ue lhe escapou a vida inteiraLua de mel em Paris é uma incursão apaixonante pelos sabores sons paisagens e aromas de França e a história de uma mulher ue se reconcilia com o seu passado e se converte na mulher ue sempre desejara ser.

10 thoughts on “The Last Time I Saw Paris

  1. Karen Karen says:

    Poorly written chick book If I didn't have this thing about finishing every book I start I would not have finished it YUK

  2. Brandy Brandy says:

    This book was just ok It started out really good and then just dropped off The whole middle section was the same thing over and over again I actually skipped a lot in the middle just to get to the end to find out what happened It seems like there's a reocuring theme in these books I read Woman gets wronged by a man and goes on journey of self discovery

  3. Dee Dee says:

    I'd give it a half star if I couldstupid trite story of woman discovers hubby cheating on her her awakening

  4. Alexandra Pedro Alexandra Pedro says:

    É uma leitura muito rápida Consideraria isto fast reading É o tipo de livro ue nos auece o coração enuanto o lemos e deixa nos exatamente como estávamos antes de o ler uando o terminamos pelo menos foi o ue aconteceu comigo Não me senti mudar ou a aprender apesar de este livro ser suposto ser acerca de alguém à procura da sua identidade É um instalove Não podem restar dúvidas acerca disso view spoilerSe existissem seriam destruídas no capítulo final hide spoiler

  5. Casey Casey says:

    Very disappointing This could have been a great book Mid life mom finds new romance Revisiting her Paris honeymoon could have been a cool idea and a great way to juxtapose the relationship between her still current but fading husband and her new lover However 1 Elizabeth Adler's writing is not yet at a level where I consider it publishable Very hard to get into the story as she just doesn't know how to captivate a reader and move the book along 2 The main character and her new lover were in their last night in Paris and I am utterly befuddled as towhy they are still traveling and not back on a plane as their time in Paris is up Well my bad for listening to the title of the book The Last Time I Saw PARIS Not the last time I saw FRANCE 3 The ending wrapped up in a very unbelievable fashion the author did nothing to make me believe these things could really happenOnce again the kernel of the idea great but let a better author write it or send Elizabeth Alder back to class until she understands how to captivate an audience And How did this get past an editor into a published book

  6. Emily Emily says:

    I do not like books that glorify adultery

  7. Ana Filipa Ana Filipa says:


  8. Ashley (Loves Books) Ashley (Loves Books) says:

    I wish I could do half stars on the rating because I would go 25 rather than a plain 2 I liked the beginning became weary towards the middle wanted to stop towards the end of the middle and finally reconciled in the endAs it stands it is a meaningful love story one that will make you smile as you root for Lara Lewis the main character with the ailing heart to find love and in doing so herself I've never been one to be a cynic but at times the novel was too cheesy and not at all realistic I didn't believe in the characters and I did not believe in the sudden romance between Lara and Dan Some of the lines were incredibly cliche almost too much for a fluffy romantic novel like thisIf you're looking for a uick light hearted discovery of love and identity I would recommend this book And if you love France because one of the positives in this novel was her descriptions of Paris and the South of France I have personal experiences in most of the cities she mentions from a lifetime ago and her details and descriptions brought me right back

  9. Norma Jean Norma Jean says:

    Elizabeth Adler was described by one reviewer as a writer of “travelogue inside of contemporary romance” That exactly describes this book If you want to know about French travel and cuisine this is an entertaining albeit slow moving storyBasically Lara is a housewife with very low self esteem though her three best friends wonder why since she is a good mom and wife and at least pretty with maybe a few pounds too many She and her husband Bill have been married for years and have two grown children who are away from home While Lara is not wildly excited about her relationship with Bill an esteemed surgeon she thinks her life is going as it should after years of married life Lara had been planning to recreate step by step their Paris honeymoon all these years later to re create that romantic experience until she realizes Bill is probably having an affair with his associate as they travel to various medical conferences with a trip of their own Meanwhile Lara at their vacation home realizes she needs to have some repairs done to a deck and enlists the aid of Dan a local handyman There are sparks the moment they lay eyes on each other and she throws caution to the wind as she invites Dan to accompany her realizing her marriage is probably overThe book gets draggy for me in spots because of all the descriptive writing of places and meals and sex they enjoy as Lara and Dan explore each other and the highlights and food of France Ms Adler writes beautifully but it was just a bit much with three meals described in about as many pages etc It is like you are right there with her each experience of the wayThat being said I realized that some of my own irritation with the pace of this book was the same stuff that was irritating her about her philandering husband as she worked her way out of her marriage emotionally and physically meanwhile falling in love with Dan as there are continued flashbacks to what things were really like on that romantic honeymoon and their relationship to what her memories were along with a very negative inner critic that at one point was called “conscience” The conscience was not as much about right or wrong with what she was doing as it was with keeping her locked in her own box of not being enough for the man was with whether Dan or Bill even to the point of calling her stupid

  10. Aneta Dorian Aneta Dorian says:

    Story begins with Lara's 45th birthday morning And suddenly she realizes that she is old and she starts to think that she is not sexy and beautiful Later that morning when her super handsome super awesome and very important    children's surgeon and so famous husband cheating her with his few years younger colleague And everything what she is doing is trying to make him jealous Without any sense of reality If you ask me  at first she is putting herself last at the least of priorities just because of her amazing husband Without realizing how much beautiful smart and attractive she is And on this way while she is waiting him to come back to  her he call her from around the world to tell her that he has another appointment to do this time in India And suddenly her second honeymoon and anniversary are canceled out of blue She is furious In that time one handsome young and incredible man who is actually just handyman and is here to fix the porch of her family summer house cross path with her pain and broken heart Dean is speechless of her beauty But her nonsense and that she doesn't realize how beautiful and special she is On this journey they are going on vacation together It spouses to be their first and best holiday ever but these two are on totally different page She is  repeating her first honeymoon with her still  husband without telling that to Dean And he just wants to enjoy their first holiday together and trying to show her how much beautiful she is how much he loves her and that they are real SO THE JORNEY BEGINS 

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