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The Hawk and the Wolf [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Hawk and the Wolf By Mark Adderley – Book One The Matter of BritainBritain the Island of the Mighty stands on the brink of war with the Roman Empire Excalibur is lost the sword forged by the gods in the dawn of days which has been passed Book One The Matter of BritainBritain the and the PDF ☆ Island of the Mighty stands on the brink of war with the Roman Empire Excalibur is lost the sword forged by the gods in the dawn of days which has been passed down through the The Hawk PDF \ generations of High Kings Can Britain stand without the help of the gods Young prince Emrys nick named Merlin knows his destiny is to find the lost sword of power for the gods have given him a special gift to see into the Hawk and the eBook ¸ heart of the world He knows the rebel goddess Morgana will kill him to take Excalibur and be come ueen of the Island of the Mighty with a promise of days dark and bloody In this fast paced and violent tale the world seems poised upon the brink of two possibilities darkness and death or the age of Arthur“Intriguing and original myth legend romance and history are inextricably entwined” Tom Shippey author of J R R Tolkien Author of the Century for Arthuriana“Drawing simultaneously from history and legend Mark Adderley skillfully weaves realistic detail into the Arthurian mythos His characters inhabit a very tangible ancient world where magic must compete with the mud and smoke of the everyday He gives us a young struggling Merlin whose travels around the British Isles provide us tantalizing glimpses of the mature wizard he’ll become The result should prove satisfying for both scholars of Arthuriana and lovers of fantasy literature” Nathaniel Williams AboutSF University of Kansas“A worthy addition to the Arthurian Canon” Bill Tolliver Renditions of Camelot“Merlin’s Britain is situated somewhere between the mystical world of legend and the cold world of modern historical imaginings Ripe reading material for Merlin enthusiasts and lovers of fantasy” Jonathan Schindler The Englewood Review of books.

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  1. Cloe Cloe says:

    The Arthurian legends have always intrigued me To me they are epitome of romance and adventure I was very pleased to read a novel about this very interesting subjectThe Hawk and the Wolf the first of the series The Matter of Britain is an exciting tale of good and evil mystery and magic in which ancient Britain is poised on the brink of destruction while a young man searches to bring a ray of hope to his countryIt is the first century and Britain is threatened by Roman invaders Emrys nicknamed Merlin the young prince of Cambria desiring to save his land from the Romans takes it upon himself to find the long lost sword Excalibur and rid Britain of the Roman Empire Mark Adderley weaves a story of adventure and romance as Merlin Emrys leaves his home and sets off on his search for the lost sword Blessed or cursed with a special power which the gods have given him by which he can see what is to come he journeys through Britain on his uest meeting many different people and adventures along the way while all the time evading the clutches of Morgana who would take the sword for herself and plunge all of Britain into darkness and evilThis is a book I would recommend to all lovers of Arthurian legend It is a refreshing retelling of a classic story and will keep you anxiously waiting for the next volume

  2. Kate Harrison Kate Harrison says:

    The Hawk and the Wolf is the first installment in a thrilling legendary fiction about the origins of the Arthurian legend with a strong sense of the particular glory and dignity of the land of Britain itself One is thrown into the life of a young boy without knowing his significance and becomes emotionally involved with his complex human character to discover that this strange young man is the great Merlin proverbial wizard and prophet This early history of Merlin’s life is a story of strife for the sake of the glory of his country for the woman he loves There is romance without fairy tale sugar polish real and painful yet ideal enough to live up to the mythical heights of fairy tale from the heart The battles have the perfect balance of real and terrific horror and fantastic glory justice and heartbreaking tragedy The history is tight enough to convince your grandfather and the action is gripping enough to capture the imagination of every young man and woman The image landscape of Tolkien meets the simple and piercing character development of Lewis in this truly great beginning to a tale that will stay with you and awaken a magical understanding of the deep history of the Island that we call Britain the greatest of its kings and that king’s mysterious wizard tutor

  3. Thalia Thalia says:

    This is book one of an intended three book series and I'm definitely looking forward to them I thoroughly enjoyed the authors take on Arthurian Legend Here Merlin is set in the first century Britian and we see him grow up to take on the uest of finding the lost Excalibur and struggle with his sight The story is well thought out and cetainly well delivered you will see the extensive knowledge of Arthurian Legend behind the tale as well as recognizing someone who has a gift of vocabulary I think we may have the makings of a new classic here 45 stars

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