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Asimov on Science Fiction [Reading] ➻ Asimov on Science Fiction By Isaac Asimov – ASIMOVGrand Master of SFNo one knows science fiction as well as Isaac Asimov the bestselling author of the FOUNDATION saga and many other classic works He has taken part in all the significant develop ASIMOVGrand Master of SFNo one knows science fiction as well as Isaac Asimov the bestselling author of the FOUNDATION saga and many other classic works He has taken part in all the significant developments and knows most of the important writers personally His familiarity with the history of sf is unsurpassed including Asimov on ePUB í UTOPIA FRANKENSTEIN the stories of Jules Verne and the concerns of today's writersAsimov on Science Fiction is just that the Grand Master's views on his subject There is no other book like it.

About the Author: Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov was a Russian born American author a professor of biochemistry and a highly successful writer best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science booksProfessor Asimov is generally considered one of the most prolific writers of all time having written or edited than books and Asimov on ePUB í an estimated letters and postcards He has works published in nine o.

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  1. Arun Divakar Arun Divakar says:

    In younger days I was never much a taker for sci fi Movies like Star Wars had me yawning away to glory and I have watched none of the greats in the powerful lineup of movies in this genre The first brush of something different was Ridley Scott's cult classic Blade Runner but even then I never became an avid fan In the matter of books it was even worse for I have read hardly anything by the old or new masters in the field I am a person who would rather prefer walking through a castle talking to the king or watching a knight fend off a dragon I would also prefer having my pants scared off by any of the horror maestros but space travel extraterrestrial life forms and such terminology hadn't affected me a lot till a short while ago Dan Simmons's Ilium cycle was the series that changed the tide for me but my interest in sci fi was truly and totally heightened by Asimov's Positronic Robot series I truly loved it and when I came across a book that offered his views on the field of sci fi I never had second thoughtsIt is a collection of essayseditorials and articles penned by Asimov in span of many a decade Asimov is no master wordsmith for he does not mesmerize with intricately woven wordplay His voice is the common man's voice which makes the reader comprehend every single word that he is using His ideas never felt to me to be enshrouded in the mist of pretension which needed to be hacked off to understand the principles beneath It is as simple as pushing a button and getting coffee in your paper cup You don't have to make the coffee yourself Asimov Heinlein Clarke pioneered the movement that led to the world wide acceptance of sci fi as a genre which means that the author has this etherealbooming voice that can lecture us mere mortals on the development of this fascinating genre Asimov would have been a swell teacher for the way he writes made me imagine him sitting poised on the edge of a table and talking to a jam packed hall full of sci fi fanatics in the backdrop of absolute silence An area were he spends considerable time on is the developmental phases of this genre Here came my only grudge with the content for it repeats many a time The points on John Campbell Hugo Gernsback were so often repeated that I lost count of them Just a minor thing but still a deterrentThere are a few articles on writing and his views on how best to do it Asimov stresses on the need for consistent and unrelenting focus on writing as the secret to be a successful writer I relapsed to thinking of personal favorite Stephen King's On Writing here for the principle essentially was the same there too I would pick the review of 1984 by Asimov as the best in this collection The author does a brilliant dissection of the Orwellian masterpiece and showed uite a few angles which I had not earlier looked at it in much detail Other well written pieces were the one co authored with Ben Bova on the development and usage of the brain in literature the machine and its future in human society and on prolific writing As an aside I think Asimov would have been an exceptionally self centered person to which his words stand testimony

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Out of the pile of vintage ok they are to me at least since they were some of the first books to enter my collection pile of Asimov this is one of the few he wrote I seemed to have found a lot of his anthologies of other peoples works Anyway this was the first time around a real eye opener now however its caught my attention for other reasonsThe first time around I read this book it was before the days of the internet and certainly before computerised catalogues so much of my early exploration of science fiction was through books I found or stumbled across as unless there was a decent bibliography there was nothing to go on Thankfully this book is great for referencing and yes it did launch my exploration of other authors and titles however as you can imagine on such a huge subject it was somewhat limited These days a single word it seems can send me off on amazing tangents however back then it was a little limited So what about today well now with a little experience and breadth of reading I can look at this book again with a different view point Now I see the author behind the words having now read several leading authors views and definitions of science fiction as it seems all of these books have to define and by rights set out the rules of science fiction I now get to see how those authors approach and think of the subject For me I have always loved the easy going and friendly manner Asimov wrote in and this book is no different so for me I think I would choose to accept many of the opinions Asimov raised in this book but I know now this was HIS view and I should not be afraid to disagree and make my own up something I think only time has given me the perspective and the courage to do However for nostalgia and a whole load of fun this book still has a special place on my book case

  3. Iain Turnbull Iain Turnbull says:

    This is a collection of editorials and essays writeen by Asimov mostly during the 70s As usual it is written in an endearing and witty fashion which is very easy to read However there is a lot of repetition which does start to get tiresome after a while and his dislike of Hollywood sci fi seems uite dated and disproportionate although he does make some good points on how it could be improved

  4. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    Asimov covers several areas in his discourse on the art of writing science fiction using some of his work and that of others as examples This a very informative book from a master story teller who also wrote excellent non fiction

  5. Alejandro De Luca Alejandro De Luca says:

    The book is Ok but is a bit repetitive Some of the articles are about the same thing specially those about old school sci fi and John CampbellWorth reading anyway

  6. Jen Jen says:

    As a genre science fiction encompasses uite a lot of ground in both content and its history which one of the genre's fans and prolific writers provides insight to within Asimov on Science Fiction by Isaac AsimovTo read this and other book reviews visit my website this compilation of Asimov's essays which primarily have their origin from his editorials from his science fiction magazine on the subject of science fiction  he covers the context in which the genre initially arose and grew his experiences with writing and the other authors within the field how aspiring authors ought to go about joining the ranks and the complications science fiction encountered alongside the rise visual media's offering of science fiction stories for the massesAsimov's tone and voice within these essays is generally rather witty and humorous which is entertaining as he reminisces uite fondly about the past and the old school writers who helped to shape the field as it emerged as well as his own writing While points that are raised within each of the essays of this collection are incredibly informative and well presented there is an abundance of repeated sentiments freuently with the same exact phrasing that makes reading them feel a bit redundant Through no fault of his own as this book is older many examples provided are rather outdated and colored with nostalgia so strong that it could make contemporary readers warier of his authority on the subject

  7. Shane Moore Shane Moore says:

    As much as I enjoy the books of Isaac Asimov this collection of essays mostly editorials he wrote for his magazine wasn't exactly to my tastesThere are uite a few topics that are covered repeatedly What is Science Fiction? What were the early days of Science Fiction magazines like? How has the genre changed over time? and they don't really benefit from the repeated attentionThe most interesting anecdote I gleaned from the book was that in spite of being one of the most prolific and influential authors in the genre Isaac Asimov spent the first 15 years of his career after being published working full time as a teacher And even after he began working full time as an author he was not making very good money

  8. Leonida Monaco Leonida Monaco says:

    Asimov on Science Fiction to my eyes its similar to King's On Writing bookLet me explain they both give a huge insight of the authors mind which is an honourMany things in this book I have already listened to in the Asimov's interviews online For sure Asimov was Asimov not only an author and a writing genius but a genius and a visionary We are very lucky to have the possibility to read his thoughts so plainly about so many facts and aspects of mankind knowledgeIt is not so hard to imagine him saying Well I wake up in morning and start writing till evening come and go back to bed since his HUGE knowledge Miss him in this period

  9. Anthony Faber Anthony Faber says:

    A collection of introductions and essays about science fiction I enjoyed it but don't necessarily agree with some of his opinions A lot of golden age name dropping too so if you're not up on the old stuff you might fel a bit lost at times

  10. Brian Brian says:

    A good collection of essays

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