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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 ✓ Sue Townsend – Friday January 2nd I felt rotten today It's my mother's fault for singing 'My Way' at two o'clock in the morning at the top of the stairs Just my luck to have a mother like her There is a chance my pa Friday January nd I felt rotten today It's Diary of PDF/EPUB ½ my mother's fault for singing 'My Way' at two o'clock in the morning at the top of the stairs Just my luck to have a mother like her There is a chance my parents The Secret PDF/EPUB or could be alcoholics Next year I could be in a children's home Meet Adrian Mole a hapless teenager providing an unabashed pimples and all glimpse into adolescent life Writing candidly about his parents' marital troubles The Dog his life as a tortured poet Secret Diary of MOBI î and 'misunderstood intellectual' Adrian's painfully honest diary is still hilarious and compelling reading thirty years after it first appearedgrew up.

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  1. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    Hilariously incongruous This kid is so disgusting that I loved itAnyway I think I’m turning into an intellectual It must be all the worry cEight days have gone by since Christmas Day but my mother still hasn’t worn the green lurex apron I bought her for Christmas She will get bathcubes next year cI felt rotten today It’s my mother’s fault for singing ‘My Way’ at two o’clock in the morning at the top of the stairs Just my luck to have a mother like her There is a chance my parents could be alcoholics Next year I could be in a children’s home cMy father has got the flu I’m not surprised with the diet we get My mother went out in the rain to get him a vitamin C drink but as I told her ‘It’s too late now’ It’s a miracle we don’t get scurvy cServe her right if she was murdered because of the dog cI will look up ‘Epiphany’ in my new dictionary cI found a word in my dictionary that describes my father It is malingerer He is still in bed guzzling vitamin C cIt was cough cough cough last night If it wasn’t one it was the other You’d think they’d show some consideration after the hard day I’d had cMy father is in a bad mood This means he is feeling better cNow I know I am an intellectual I saw Malcolm Muggeridge on the television last night and I understood nearly every word It all adds up A bad home poor diet not liking punk I think I will join the library and see what happens It is a pity there aren’t any intellectuals living round here cI read a bit of Pride and Prejudice but it was very old–fashioned I think Jane Austen should write something a bit modern cI lent Pandora my blue felt tip pen to colour round the British Isles I think she appreciates these small attentions cMy mother is looking for a job Now I could end up a delinuent roaming the streets and all that And what will I do during the holidays? cI think my mother is being very selfish She won’t be any good in a job anyway She isn’t very bright and she drinks too much at Christmas cI got an old man called Bert Baxter He is eighty nine so I don’t suppose I’ll have him for long cMy mother has got an interview for a job She is practising her typing and not doing any cooking So what will it be like if she gets the job? My father should put his foot down before we are a broken home cNigel’s parents haven’t got a car because his father’s got a steel plate in his head and his mother is only four feet eleven inches tall It’s not surprising Nigel has turned out bad really with a maniac and a midget for parents cPerhaps when I am famous and my diary is discovered people will understand the torment of being a 13¾ year old undiscovered intellectual c6 PM Pandora My lost love Now I will never stroke your treacle hair Although my blue felt tip is still at your disposal cMy father looked pale when he came home from the vet’s he kept saying ‘It’s money down the drain’ and he said that from now on the dog can only be fed on leftovers from his plate This means the dog will soon starve cI wish my parents would be a bit thoughtful I have been through an emotional time and I need my sleep Still I don’t expect them to understand what it is like being in love They have been married for fourteen and a half years cI asked my mother if she would get home early from work tonight I’m fed up with waiting for my tea She didn’t cIf I was the loneliest person in the world I wouldn’t phone up our school I would ring the speaking clock; that talks to you every ten seconds cMy mother is reading The Female Eunuch by Ger maine Greer My mother says it is the sort of book that changes your life It hasn’t changed mine but I only glanced through it It is full of dirty words I had my first wet dream So my mother was right about The Female Eunuch It has changed my life cMy mother has not done any proper housework for days now All she does is go to work comfort Mr Lucas and read and smoke The big end has gone on my father’s car I had to show him where to catch a bus into town A man of forty not knowing where the bus stop is cSeptuagesima cMy mother has gone to a woman’s workshop on assertiveness training Men aren’t allowed I asked my father what ‘assertiveness training’ is He said ‘God knows but whatever it is it’s bad news for me’ c'Things are very bad between me and Pauline and all we are arguing over now is who doesn’t get custody of Adrian’ Surely my father made a mistake He must have meant who did get custody of me cWhat will he do with all that money? My mother says he will buy another bigger house How stupid can you get? If I had thirty thousand pounds I would wander the world having experiences When I came back from the world I would be tall brown and full of ironical experiences and Pandora would cry into her pillow at night because of the chance she missed to be Mrs Pandora Mole I would ualify to be a vet in record time then I would buy a farmhouse I would convert one room into a study so that I could have somewhere uiet to be intellectual in cMy parents are eating different things at different times so I usually have six meals a day because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings cThe television is in my room now because they couldn’t decide who it belongs to I can lie in bed and watch the late night horror cBut I haven’t really got a friend any it must be because I’m an intellectual I expect people are in awe of me cThis weekend with Nigel has really opened my eyes Without knowing it I have been living in poverty for the past fourteen years I have had to put up withinferior accommodation lousy food and paltry pocket money If my father can’t provide a decent standard of living for me on his present salary then he will just have to start looking for another job сToday is the day that Jesus escaped from the cave I expect that Houdini got the idea from him cI asked Mr Vann which O levels you need to write situation comedy for television Mr Vann said that you don’t need ualifications at all you just need to be a moron cMy father is in trouble for staying out late last night Honestly He is the same age as the milk jug so surely he can come in what time he likes cIt is all round the school that an old lady of seventy six frightened Barry Kent and his dad into returning my menaces money Barry Kent daren’t show his face His gang are electing a new leader cFinished last bell at 1125 PM Know just how Rembrandt must have felt after painting the Sistine Chapel in Venice cIt was uite a shock to see Doreen Slater for the first time Why my father wanted to have carnal knowledge of her I can’t imagine She is as thin as a stick insect She has got no bust and no bum cMaxwell started to cry the dog started to bark so I went back to my black room and counted howmany things were now showing through the paint a hundred and seventeen cI was feeling rebellious so I wore red socks It is strictly forbidden but I don’t care any cMy father was in bed when I got home; he was having his impotence cured cMrs Ball has got a daughter who is a writer I asked her how her daughter ualified to be one Mrs Ball said that her daughter was dropped on her head as a child and has been ‘a bit ueer’ ever since cAt 5 AM they decided to climb the mountain I pointed out to them that they were blind drunk too old unualified unfit and lacking in any survival techniues had no first aid kit weren’t wearing stout boots and had no compass map or sustaining hot drinks My protest fell on deaf ears c‘How do you think I feel living with a lesbian’s estranged husband?' cLucas fell in the burn Scottish for ‘little river’ but unfortunately it was too shallow to drown in cHad a long talk with Mr Dock I explained that I was a one parent family child with an unemployed bad tempered father Mr Dock said he wouldn’t care if I was the offspring of a black lesbian one legged mother and an Arab leprous hump backed dwarf father so long as my essays were lucid intelligent and unpretentious So much for pastoral care cIt was on the news today that the British Museum is thinking of banning school parties cI disagree with Sakharov’s analysis of the causes of the revivalism of Stalinism We are doing Russia at school so I speak from knowledge cI have a feeling that whole countries have adopted exactly this entertaining but dumbass attitude recentlyI can’t understand why my father looks so old at forty one compared to President Reagan at seventy My father has got no work or worries yet he looks dead haggard Poor President Reagan has to carry the world’s safety on his shoulders yet he is always smiling and looking cheerful cI am seriously thinking of giving everything up and running away to be a tramp I would uite enjoy the life providing I could have a daily bath cMy mother reads anything; she is prostituting her literacy cI am reading How Children Fail by John Holt It is dead good If I fail my O levels it will be all my parents’ fault c

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    The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 34 Adrian Mole #1 Sue Townsend The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾ is the first book in the Adrian Mole series of comedic fiction written by Sue Townsend The book is written in a diary style and focuses on the worries and regrets of a teenager who believes himself to be an intellectual The story is set in 1981 and 1982 and in the background it refers to some of the historic world events of the time such as the Falklands War and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana as well as the birth of Prince William Mole is a fierce critic of prime minister Margaret Thatcher listing her as one of his worst enemiesتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز نوزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2010 میلادیعنوان خاطرات سری آدریان آدرین مول؛ نویسنده سو تاون‌سند؛ مترجم محمدجواد فیروزی؛ تهران نگاه‏‫٬ 1388؛ در 284 ص؛ شابک 9789643515652؛ موضوع داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان بریتانیایی سده 20 مبسیاری بر این باور هستند که کتاب «خاطرات سری آدریــــن مول»ـ پرفروش‌ترین کتاب سال 1982 میلادی، توانسته است در میان ادبیات کلاسیک جهان برای خود جایگاه مناسبی باز کند کسانیکه از سر تفنن این کتاب را خواندند، از شیرینی آن خندیدند و آنهایی که واقع بین تر بودند، گریستند این کتاب باورها و دیدگاه‌های نوجوانی را به تصویر می‌کشد که به گمان خود یک روشنفکر ناشناخته است و کسی او را درک نمی‌کند نقل از متن «پنج شنبه اول ژانویه» روز تعطیلی بانکها در انگلستان، ایرلند، اسکاتلند و ولز؛ تصمیم دارم در سال نو یک به نابیناها در عبور از چهارراه ها کمک کنم دو شلوارم را بازنشسته کنم سه صفحات گرامافونم را توی جلدشان بگذارم چهار سیگاری نشوم ؛ پنج جوشهای صورتم را دستمالی نکنم شش به سگمان روی خوش نشان بدهم هفت به بیچاره ها و بیسوادها کمک کنم هشت بعد از شنیدن آن سر و صداهای نفرت انگیز دیشب از طبقه پایین، عهد کرده ام که تا عمر دارم لب به مشروب نزنم بابام در میهمانی دیشت به سگمان عرق داد و او را مست و پاتیل کرد اگر انجمن سلطنتی حمایت از حیوانات از این جریان بو میبرد جای بابام بی برو و برگرد توی هلفدونی بود هشت روز از کریسمس میگذرد، اما مامان هنوز پیشبند پر زرق و برقی را که به عنوان هدیه کریسمس برایش خریده ام نپوشیده است برای کریسمس سال دیگر یک حوله حمام برایش در نظر گرفته ام تف به این شانس، درست روز اول سال باید روی چانه من یک جوش بزنه؟ «جمعه دوم ژانویه» روز تعطیلی بانکها در اسکاتلند بدر کامل است امروز سگ خـُـلقم تقصیر مامانه که ساعت دو بعد از نصف شب توی پله ها آواز خواندنش گرفته بود این هم از بدبختی منه که یک اینطور مامانی دارم اگه شانس بیارم و بابا و مامانم الکلی بشوند، سال دیگه میبرنم به خانه بچه های بی سرپرست چیزی حالیش نیست «شنبه سوم ژانویه» از بیخوابی دارم دیوانه میشوم ‍ بابام زد سگ را از خانه بیرون کرد و او هم پشت پنجره من ایستاد و تمام شب پارس کرد تف به این شانس بابام با صدای بلند بهش فحش داد این آقا اگر دست از این کارهایش برندارد، پلیس به خاطر حرفهای رکیک بی برو و برگرد جلبش خواهد کرد گمان میکنم که جوش توی صورتم یک کورک باشد مرده شورِ این شانس مرا ببرند، درست جایی زده که تو چشم همه است به مامان گوشزد کردم که امروز ویتامین سی نخورده ام گفت«برو واسه خودت یک پرتغال بخر و بخور» همیشه همینطوره مامانم هنوز آن پیشبنـد زرق و برقدار را نپوشیده است چقدر دلم میخواهد که دوباره مدرسه ها باز میشدند «یکشنبه چهارم ژانویه» بابام آنفلوانزا گرفته با این رژیم غذایی ای که ما داریم، گرفتن آنفلوانزا که هیچ، گرفتن سرطان هم تعجبی ندارد مامانم توی باران از خانه بیرون زد تا برایش شربت ویتامین سی بخرد، اما من بهش گفتم، «دیروقته الان» معجزه است که ما به خاطر کمبود ویتامین سی خونمان فاسد نمیشود مامانم میگوید که چیزی روی چانه ام نمیبیند، اما این هم تقصیر رژیم غذاییمان است چون مامانم یادش رفته بود درِ حیاط را ببندد، سگمان از فرصت استفاده کرده و زده به چاک دسته گرامافون را شکسته ام هنوز کسی از این جریان بویی نبرده است خدا کند شانس بیاورم و بیماری بابام طولانیتر بشود به جز من، او تنها کسی است که از آن گرامافون استفاده میکند از پیشبند خبری نیست «دوشنبه پنجم ژانویه» سگمان هنوز برنگشته خانه بدون او کاملا در صلح و آرامش است مامانم به پلیس زنگ زد و مشخصاتش را به آنها داد مامانم در توصیف سگ خیلی غلو کرد موهای ژولیده پرپشتی دارد که روی چشمهایش را پوشانده است و از همین دست اراجیفها فکر میکنم پلیسها کارهای مهمتراز جستجوی سگهای فراری دارند؛ مثلاً دستگیری قاتلین این موضوع را به مامان گوشزد کردم، اما مگر ول کن بود، از زنگ زدن دست برنمیداشت اگه به خاطر آن سگ، به قتل هم که برسه حقشه بابام هنوز از رختخواب دل نکنده مثلاً مریضه، اما متوجه شدم که هنوز سیگار میکشه نیجل امروز آمد اینجا در تعطیلات کریسمس پوستش برنزه شده فکر میکنم که از سرمای ناگهانی انگلستان توی رختخواب بیفته و بستری بشه به گمانم بابا و مامانش اشتباه کردند که او را به خارج از کشور بردند هنوز یک دانه جوش توی صورت این پسر پیدا نشده «سه شنبه ششم ژانویه» اپیفانی ماه نو جناب سگ توی دردسر افتاده امروز پرید روی سر و کله یک کنتورخوان و او را از روی دوچرخه اش پایین انداخت و تمام دفتر و دستکش را درب و داغان کرد حتماً به خاطر این کار ما را دادگاهی خواهند کرد یک پلیس به ما گوشزد کرد که باید او را مهار کنیم و بعد پرسید که چند وقت است که این حیوان چلاق شده؟ مامانم گفت که او هیچوقت خدا چلاق نبوده و آنوقت زیر و رو و بالا و پایین او را معاینه کرد یک دزد دریایی کوچک، لای پنجه جلویی سمت چپش گیر کرده بود وقتی مامان دزد دریایی را از لای پنجه اش بیرون کشید، سگ بیچاره از خوشحالی با پاهای گل آلود پرید روی اونیفورم آن پلیس، و پیراهن نظامی اش را به گند کشید مامان رفت و یک تکه پارچه از آشپزخانه آورد، اما این همان پارچه ای بود، که من با آن کارد آلوده به مربای توت فرنگی را پاک کرده بودم، بنابراین وضعیت اونیفورم آن پلیس از آنچه که بود بدتر شد بعد آقای پلیس راهش را کشید و رفت شکی ندارم که زیر لب فحش بارانمان کرد و رفت میتوانستم به خاطر این جریان گزارشش کنم میخواهم در واژه نامه جدیدم دنبال کلمه «اپیفانی» بگردم «چهارشنبه هفتم ژانویه» امروز صبح نیجل با دوچرخه نویش آمد اینجا دوچرخه اش، قمقمه آب، کیلومتر شمار، سرعت سنج، یک زین زرد رنگ، و چرخ های بسیار نقلی مسابقه ای دارد حیف چنین دوچرخه ای که زیر پای این پسر است فقط با آن تا فروشگاه میرود و برمیگردد اگر مال من بود، باهاش تمام حومه را زیر پا میگذاشتم و کسب تجربه میکردم جوش یا کورکم، هرچه که هست، دیگر به اوج خودش رسیده یقیناً از این بزرگتر نمیتواند بشود توی واژه نامه ام به یک کلمه برخورد کرده ام که درست توصیف کننده وضعیت بابام هست کلمه تمارض او هنوز توی رختخواب است و حریصانه ویتامین سی میلمباند سگ را توی انبارِ زغال زندانی کرده ایم اپیفانی چیزی است در ارتباط با سه مرد عاقل بگیر منو، کی میره این همه راه «پنج شنبه هشتم ژانویه» حالا نوبت آنفولانزا گرفتنِ مامانه این یعنی اینکه من باید از هر دوی آنها مراقبت کنم تف به این شانس تمام روز از پله ها بالا و پایین کرده ام برای امشبشان یک شام مفصل پخته ام دو تا تخم مرغ آب پز با لوبیا، و پودینگ کنسرو شده چقدر خوب شد که آن پیشبند زرق و برقدار سبز رنگ را پوشیده بودم، آخر تخم مرغی را که آب پز میکردم از توی ماهیتابه در رفت و سرتا پایم تخم مرغی شد وقتی دیدم به غذا دست نزده اند نزدیک بود یک چیزی بهشان بگویم خودشان را زده اند به مریض بازی، هیچ چیزشان نیست غذا را بردم گذاشتم توی انبار زغال برای سگه مامان بزرگ فردا صبح میآید اینجا، بنابراین مجبور شدم ماهیتابه ته گرفته را تمیز کنم و بعد سگ را هم به گردش ببرم ساعت یازده و نیم بود که فرصت خوابیدن پیدا کردم پس بگو چرا قَـدم نسبت به سـِـنم کوتاه مانده است اصلاً حاضر نیستم برای گذران زندگی شغل طبابت را پیشه کنم «جمعه نهم ژانویه» دیشب توی خانه یکریز صدای سرفه میآمد همین که یکی سرفه اش تمام میشد دیگری شروع میکرد انگار که داشتند پاداش روز سختی را که پشت سر گذاشته بودم میدادند مامان بزرگ آمد و از وضعیت نامرتب خانه نزدیک بود حالش به هم بخورد اتاق خودم را که همیشه تر و تمیز و مرتب است نشانش دادم و او هم پنجاه پنس جایزه ام داد تمام بطری خالیهای توی سطل آشغال را نشانش دادم و از دیدن آنها حسابی تو لب رفت مامان بزرگ، سگه را از توی انبار زغال بیرون آورد و آزادش کرد گفت که مادرم چقدر بیرحمه که او را زندانی کرده سگه کف آشپزخانه حالش به هم خورد و بالا آورد مامان بزرگ هم دوباره او را زندانی کرد مامان بزرگ جوش توی صورتم را فشار داد بد از بدترش کرد قضیه پیشبند سبز رنگ را برایش تعریف کردم و او هم سرِ درد دلش باز شد و گفت که چطور هر سال به عنوان هدیه کریسمس، برای مامانم یک ژاکت پشمی کشباف از جنس اکریل میخریده و او هیچوقت نشده که حتی یکی از آنها را بپوشد «شنبه دهم ژانویه» صبح سگمان مریض شده چون بیماریش بیخ پیدا کرد، مجبور شدیم دامپزشک خبر کنیم بابام بِهم گفت که مبادا جریان دو روز زندانی شدن او را در انبار زغال به دامپزشک لو بدهم یک چسب زخم روی جوشم گذاشته ام تا جلوی ورود میکربهایی که از سگمان منتقل شده است بگیرم دامپزشک سگ را با خودش برد گفت که فکر میکند چیزی راه مقعدش را مسدود کرده و فورا باید جراحی شود مامان بزرگ و مامانم بـَحثشان شد مامان بزرگ قهر کرد و رفت خانه خودش او تکه پاره ژاکتهایی را که به عنوان هدیه کریسمس برای مامانم خریده بود، توی گنجه دستگیره ها پیدا کرد گرسنگی چقدر نفرت انگیز است آقای لوکاس، همسایه دیوار به دیوارمان، برای عیادت از مامان و بابام که هنوز توی رختخواب افتاده اند، آمد خانه ما یک کارت «انشاالله هرچه زودتر خوب شوید» و چند شاخه گل آورد برای مامانم او با آقای لوکاس گرم گرفت و با خنده و شوخی صحبت کرد بابام خودش را زده بود به خواب نیجل صفحات گرامافونش را آورد اینجا و نشانم داد این پسر تازگی به موسیقی پانکها علاقمند شده، اما من توی این موضوع مانده ام که چطور میشود به موسیقی ای که کلماتش قابل درک نیست گوش کرد؟ احساس میکنم که دارم یک روشنفکر میشوم علتش باید همین نگرانیها باشد بعد از ظهر رفتم سری به سگ زدم جراحی اش کرده بودند دامپزشک، یک کیسه پلاستیک پر از آت آشغال نشانم داد توی کیسه، یک تکه زغال سنگ، درخت کاجِ روی کیک کریسمس و دزدان دریایی کشتی بابام بود یکی از دزدهای دریایی شمشیری در هوا تکان میداد که احتمالا برای آن سگ بیچاره باید خیلی دردآور بوده باشد حال سگه خیلی بهتر شده دو روز دیگه برمیگرده خانه، مرده شور شانس ما را ببرند وقتی به خانه رسیدم دیدم که بابام با مامان بزرگ، بر سر بطری خالیهای توی سطل آشغال، تلفنی دعوایشان است آقای لوکاس در طبقه بالا با مامانم گرمِ صحبت بود بعد از رفتن آقای لوکاس، بابام رفت طبقه بالا و با مامانم یک دعوای جانانه کرد و گریه اش را درآورد بابام حسابی برزخ است این یعنی اینکه از مریضی جسته و روبراه شده است برای مامانم بی آنکه ازش بپرسم یک فنجان چای دم کردم چای هم گریه اش را بند نیاورد بعضی آدمها را نمیشود به این راحتیها راضی کرد جوش صورتم هنوز سرجایش است»؛ پایان نقل از متن ا شربیانی‬

  3. Manny Manny says:

    April 25I start reading a book called Diary of a Nobody It is boring and not much happens also Mr Pooter is pretty dim I don't get it Why would anyone want to write a book about a nobody who takes himself far too seriously? I decide that I will write a book about myself that will be uite different it will be full of important things I do and extremely interesting Perhaps I will call it Diary of a Somebody But then people won't know which somebody it is since everyone is somebody I decide that a better title will be Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and 34 I am just about to start writing some important things when my mother reminds me that I said I would tidy up my room I will write about them when I have finished tidyingApril 26I have received letters from two people I don't know called MJ Nicholls and Knig o lass They both want to be in my diary This is a bit strange since my diary is secret but I write back to say I will put them in if they do some silly things with yoga teddy bears and toffee apples I think this is very original and shows I am a Somebody April 27I have received another letter from MJ He says he wants his own days in my diary so I will not mention anyone else today I had not understood that keeping a diary was so complicated April 28I am trying to imagine what Miss Knig o lass looks like I see her as a beautiful treacle haired temptress like Pandora at school I am hoping that she will also send me a reuest Miss Knig o lass does not seem as demanding as MJ Perhaps this is because she is a nicer person or perhaps it is just because she hasn't noticed me It's often hard to tell with girlsApril 29Miss Knig o lass has also sent me a reuest I don't really understand it but there is a card with a stretched out picture of a lady and something about how chocolate can't get you pregnant I must make sure that Pandora does not find out about my friendship with this sophisticated older womanApril 30MJ has sent me another message He says he might be jealous I think he must be Miss Knig o lass's regular boyfriend He used a Latin word I didn't know I wish I had been paying attention in biology yesterday when we were doing Human Reproduction Since I started keeping this diary my life has become and interesting I am definitely a Somebody

  4. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    It's been a long time since I've even picked up an Adrian Mole book or watched the TV show and reading this one I was expecting lots of unnecessary teen drama Surprisingly Adrian is actually a very witty main character and this book is much funny than griping full of weird mishaps and Adrian's musings of his peers daily life and uirky family Anybody who's ever been a teenager can probably relate to his concise observations and the whole thing is a lot of fun to read through Best of all Adrian isn't the only well developed character in the story Each character even the minor background characters are given a consistent personality making everything vibrant and real

  5. Susi Susi says:

    I've just read this to my daughter who is exactly this age I'd read the book when it first came out but it was great to revisit both it and the memories that it stirred Reliving the Falklands War the Royal Wedding mass unemployment stress over the changes to the school system etc was fascinating if only to realise how little has changed We almost had to stop reading at one point as each day's literary Mole catastrophe coincidentally seemed to then occur in my daughter's real life her first spot the disastrous school trip We both loved it and she has been inspired to start a diary I've read everyone of the Mole books the Weapons of Mass Destruction will remain my favourite for obvious reasons What a talent Word of warning though if you do get these on audio books don't play them in the car while driving I came close to crashing when one anecdote in The Capuccino Years blinded me with tears of hysterical laughter just outside Colchester I had to stop the car to recover and compose myself with a hefty dose of R4 Woman's Hour instead

  6. Amanda May Thai Amanda May Thai says:

    1 dead starYes I hate this book so much I killed its sole lonely star As this was a school assigned book I have written a much formal review from an objective point of view for my English class I also wrote a review purely for me from a very subjective point of view Feel free to just read the objective one but if you want to see how bad the book was for me personally read to the endWithout further adoThe Objective ReviewFrom an objective point of view The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ wasn’t half bad Adrian Mole is your average English teenage boy living in the 80’s As he goes through puberty he must struggle with conflicting emotions parent troubles pimples and first love I would have preferred the diary to be on a interesting character and lifestyle but that is just my personal preferenceThis book is told from Adrian Mole’s point of view in a series of diary entries The mundane everyday updates could provide many points for the reader to relate to Adrian is uite frankly an ungrateful arrogant kid but in the underlying messages you can tell he does have an understanding of love The things his family goes through would be pretty tough for a teenager who also has his own internal problems I did not like him very much as some of the things he said were pretty insulting Teenage boys will probably find traits they can relate to but as I am a girl I did not find anyThe supporting characters include Pandora Adrian’s love interest Adrian’s father mother grandmother and an old man name Bert Baxter He had one of the interesting stories but he was not a main focus of the novelThe plot was not very well done I understand that it is meant to have a very natural raw feel to it being a diary of a teenage boy but I felt that it was very random and disjointed The events had no order to them which I find really annoying as I like things to be organized There was no climax even in the background themes It was a seuence of mundane events with no big event to tie everything together The ending was so abrupt I thought the author just wrote the whole book series at once and told the publisher to chop it wherever they needed to make them into perfectly identical books There was also very minimal character development Adrian has the same personality at the end as he has at the start The writing style was also very jerky As it is from Adrian’s hand it is explainable I just did not like it I have always been a fan of the fluent lyrical poetic prose so this amateurish jerky writing was not to my tasteIn the visual department the cover is very boring There is nothing to really suggest the story or Adrian’s personality The formatting of the text inside the book is rather suashed together as most old books are There are drawings inserted on random pages in the book but I didn’t pay much attention to them I assume they represent certain events in the storyIn the 80’s this book would have been as popular as Diary of a Wimpy Kid is today But as I was clearly out of the target demographic I did not like this book very much Actually not at allThe Subjective ReviewI regret choosing this for Literature Circles If anyone asks it was forced on me See my status updates for my emotions while readingMultiple Choice uestionIs Adrian MoleA sexistB ungratefulC an insult to fourteen year oldsD not an intellectualTRICK UESTION He is in fact answer E all of the above AND THEN SOMEI don't know where to start explaining this horrible excuse for a fourteen year old He calls himself an intellectual yet his poems sound like he ate a dictionary and started vomiting up words at random He spends the whole book whinging whining groaning moaning and complaining about every little thing that goes wrong in his life puts on cutesy kindergarten teacher voice Okay children Today I am going to tell you the meaning of life It's not perfect and it's damn hard If you wanted the easy way out you should have been born dead instead Living is hard Do we all understand that? coughAdrian MolecoughApproaching his caricature from an impersonal critical analytical view like my English teacher said I can see how this would appeal to teenage boysback in the 80's Yeah I bet that back then it was as popular as Diary of a Wimpy Kid But today? A snowflake's chance on the sun PandoraI adore yaI implore yeDon't ignore me Can anyone say INSTA LOVE? Now moving onto plot since the supporting characters were so uninterestingoh waithang onI don't seem to be detecting a plot anywhere within these 187 pages Oh dear Well to sum it up he made New Years resolutions he measured his 'thing' read indecent magazines hid the phone bill his parents split up his dog went missing he caters for this old guy who ends up in hospital then gets married falls in love with Pandora goes to Derbyshire and shaves Not in that order I also do not understand how it ended Just couldn't end at the end of 1982 couldn't you? You just had to throw in three months of 1983 and cut it off in the most random place possible? For Lit Circles we had do this Narrative summary thing where you use that story mountain to identify the parts of the story When we got up to the part where we were supposed to write the climax there was a collective silence THERE IS NO CLIMAX All rising action that shouldn't be called rising action because it doesn't build up to anythingThe writing is so jerky the book should be a piece of beef Again with the analytical approach it fits the story and Adrian's caricature But for the reader who happens to HATE poorly written books? NoWhat I really don't understand is why the book is written about a boring ordinary guy who has nothing happening in his life From the impersonal approach I can see the author tried to appeal to the ordinary teenager back in the 80's But aren't books fiction for a reason? Don't you write and read them to experience the things that would never happen in your own life? In my opinion a diary should be from the point of view of a person who has had something memorable happen in their life Like say Anne Frank?I am seriously considering stabbing this book like Harry Potter stabbed Tom Riddle's diary I don't care that it's school property Give me a Basilisk fang phone charger umbrella plastic spork I'm not fussed and I'll stab it and relish in the way the ink bleeds off the pages into oblivionNo seriously I need that Basilisk fang

  7. James Field James Field says:

    Oh boy this was a journey down memory lane I missed these Adrian Mole books when first published in 1982; I was thirty years old then OMG was that really 37 years ago? and remember the life and times of England well Apart from the nostalgia trip this book is funny with a capital F British irony at its best

  8. Valerie Valerie says:

    The Diary of Adrian Mole is like a snarky one liner that continues for 135 pages Adrian is a self centered irreverent British 14 year old whose diary entries include nuggets of wisdom such as Pandora and I are in love It is official She told Claire Neilson who told Nigel who told me I told Nigel to tell Claire to tell Pandora that I return her love I am over the moon with joy and rapture I can overlook the fact that Pandora smokes five Benson and Hedges a day and has her own lighter When you are in love such things cease to matterIt was entertaining but never really got beyond the point of a uick light readI did learn that there was a short lived BBC series based on the book The intro is actually pretty sweetly tacky

  9. Dimitri Dimitri says:

    I read Adrian Mole first when I was his age but before my interest in the opposite sex was kindled It left enough impression to resurface The secondhand paperbacks in original English are literally leafing loose from overreading in my late twenties What do older readers get out of him ? A hilarious reminder that we were all once this young and stupid coupled with the relief that we came through The first book remains together with its direct seuel The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole the best of the series not just because Adrian's naivité is universally felt in the teenage years but also because even after the passing of Towsend his diary captures the Tatcheresue Zeitgeist as a historical flavour

  10. Mario Mario says:

    “I have a problem I am an intellectual but at the same time I am not very clever”RTC

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