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10 thoughts on “Gaunt's Ghosts: The Saint (Gaunt's Ghosts)

  1. Jacob Jacob says:

    An excellent collection of grimdark military scifi stories One of the finest

  2. Tim Maidment Tim Maidment says:

    Hits hard and keeps hitting The term 'gritty' is over used these days but you can feel the hard surfaces and ash blown environments in his writing He's particularly adept at building characters enough that whenif they die and often in the typically senseless ways of war as an aside in a sentence it really does shockIt won't be to everyone's taste but if you like a good shot of testosterone with your coffee tempered with mysticism and half an eye on historical conflicts this is a book to go for

  3. Peter Peter says:

    Not as good as its predecessor The Founding but still enjoyable The Guns of Tanith as a whole and bits of Straight Silver really stood out and the pitched armor battles in Honour Guard are also very well doneSabbat Martyr is literally one long cityfight with a small break between a skirmish at the beginning and the real battle about a third of the way in It makes the book feel rather shorter than the previous three which isn't necessarily a bad thing and only fitting for the climax of the Saint saga really The ending is appropriately epic and satisfying and of course bittersweet this is a Gaunt's Ghosts novel after all The space battle before the ground assault also stands out as particularly enthralling though all too brief Time to see if Abnett has anything on the Imperial NavyAnother point Abnett handles Soric's 'gift' and the general uptick in miraculous events in this saga uite well True the WH40k universe gives him a lot of leeway on this front Still mixing gritty footslogging uber rational military fiction with non weaponized psychic powers that is miracles without crossing the thin line into deus ex machinae doesn't strike me as an easy task Abnett does it wellOne minor annoyance I understand that Gaunt is basically invulnerable no novels without him after all and while Abnett's insistence on noting every MINOR WOUND NEAR MISS etc as they occur is probably intended to offset that back of the mind fact it only serves to call unneeded attention to it Very minor though it only really jumped out at me in the climactic melee at the end of Sabbat Martyr

  4. Douglas Berry Douglas Berry says:

    The second Omnibus covering the campaigns of the 1st Tanith Regiment of the Imperial Guard Orphans from a dead world they are the Tanith Only First and Last Led by the imposing Colonel Commissar Ibrahm Gaunt they serve in the Empire's endless wars against the alien the mutant and Chaos This is ripping good military fiction with great characters that make me think of some of the people I served with Each new battlefield is fully realized with new challenges and complications The thrust of this trilogy is the concept that the long dead Saint Sabbat has returned to lead Imperial forces to victory The truth of this claim takes several twists and Gaunt and his Ghosts are nearly torn apart in the process

  5. Paul Hebron Paul Hebron says:

    In the grim dark future of the 41st century there is only war And war And war And another war Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts books scratch a similar itch to Sharpe Derek Robinson's RAF books and a multitude of lesser books with a mix of grand military strategy technical descriptions of people being blown apart in creative ways and warm lively characters of whom any could die It's been a long time since I've been involved in the hobby but Gaunt's Ghosts still keeps that connection alive for me for better or worse; I tried another Imperial Guard book this year but it didn't uite match how the series makes me feel Anyway I'll definitely be getting the next one although 40k books are definitely an absurdly guilty pleasure at this point

  6. Matthew Schiller Matthew Schiller says:

    Warhammer and Warhammer 40k fluff has always been a guilty pleasure of mine None so than Dan Abnett’s novels concerning Gaunt’s Ghosts To my dismay my original copies went missing following a couple house moves I sought these stories out and found them contained in these very convenient omnibuses Needless to say I was than happy that these stories lost none of their enjoyment over the intervening years If you’re a fan of 40k I don’t see how you cannot be entertained by the Ghost’s Non stop action from start to finish with characters that have fully developed personalities that you care about Can’t wait to pick up and start the next one

  7. Stephen Darroch Stephen Darroch says:

    Saintly GhostsDan Abnett continues with another excellent omnibus of Ghost novelsThe Tanith have new blood added to the regiment fresh from their pyrrhic victory at Verghast The disillusioned verghast ghosts bring new heroes and new discord to the senior staff as the Ghosts arrive in new deadly battlezones and begin to face the archenemies elite soldiers The Blood Pact

  8. James L James L says:

    Great read Abnett really gets you involved and invested in his character's Almost like losing a close friend when one inevitably dies Final 100 pages are gut wrenching and nail biting

  9. Joanne Joanne says:

    WOW fantastic very hard to put down all the way thru

  10. Mansor Mansor says:

    keep em' coming

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Gaunt's Ghosts: The Saint (Gaunt's Ghosts) ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Gaunt's Ghosts: The Saint (Gaunt's Ghosts) By Dan Abnett ❤ – This omnibus edition follows the second cycle of the Gaunt's Ghost stories in a collection called The Saint It includes the four novels Honour Guard The Guns of Tanith Straight Silver and Sabbat Marty This omnibus edition follows the second cycle of the Gaunt's Ghost stories in a collection called The Saint It includes the four novels Gaunt's Ghosts: ePUB í Honour Guard The Guns of Tanith Straight Silver and Sabbat Martyr The story arc follows the First Only from warzone to warzone of the Chaos infested Sabbats World system fighting enemies in many guises and shapes.