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The Confessor [PDF] ✪ The Confessor By Daniel Silva – Aclamado pela crítica e comparado a Graham Greene ou John Le Carré correspondente da United Press International no Médio Oriente e produtor executivo do programa Cross Fire da CNN em Washington Dan Aclamado pela crítica e comparado a Graham Greene ou John Le Carré correspondente da United Press International no Médio Oriente e produtor executivo do programa Cross Fire da CNN em Washington Daniel Silva trocou o jornalismo político pelos romances de espionagem e revelou se um herdeiro de primeira água dos grandes clássicos da intriga internacional O Confessor parte de uma trilogia acidental sobre o tema inesgotável do Holocausto Daniel Silva encena uma crise na Igreja Católica uestiona a conivência do Vaticano com as atrocidades cometidas pelo regime Nazi e inicia nos nos meandros da vida dupla de Gabriel Allon talentoso restaurador de arte e ex agente dos Serviços Secretos de Israel A história cruza as vidas de três personagens emblemáticas um Papa ue pretende revolucionar a Igreja e abrir os aruivos do Vaticano; um assassino a soldo ue é um mito na história do crime europeu; um anti herói obcecado com a ideia de vingança e empenhado em restabelecer a verdade.

  • Livro de Bolso
  • 462 pages
  • The Confessor
  • Daniel Silva
  • Portuguese
  • 01 September 2014

10 thoughts on “The Confessor

  1. Brian Brian says:

    He wanted to be a statesman when what the world needed most was a priestI tore thru this novel Read it in a day or so This is the third novel in Mr Silva's Gabriel Allon series and the best of the three so far Don't get me wrong this is not great literature However it is decently written has a great premise that has some basis in historical fact and brings together facets of the Jewish state the Holocaust and the Vatican There is a lot of hay to be made from those ingredientsWhen it comes to thriller's Mr Silva is one of the best I have come across for pacing I found this text less eye roll inducing than its predecessor although it is just as formulaic as the first two But if the formula works for its intended purpose is there a need to redo it? A Jewish spy has to save the Pope from those within the Church who would hurt him Come onthat's funI will continue to read through the series I guess that says enough

  2. Karen Karen says:

    I don't normally go for thriller spycraft fiction but I confess I am totally addicted to Silva's spy novels about an Israeli assassinspy and part time art restorer named Gabriel Allon The first book was written in 2000 and the latest in 2012 and in that time span Silva draws a geopolitical arc starting with Nazi wartime crimes and the complicity of the Vatican and the Swiss in Nazi wartime looting Then to the Palestinian conflict Black September and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism And after that the end of the Cold War and the emergence of the Russian oligarchs After that 911 the war on terror and the Arab Spring Even the IRA had some chapters devoted to it Probably the only incendiary current event not touched is North Korea but that's because Gabriel Allon is a Europhile at heartI read all 12 books completely out of seuence but it wasn't a problem as each stood on its own In fact by reading the books completely out of order I had the added pleasure of discovering the genesis of relationships between various characters after bonds were formed later on in the seriesGabriel Allon is way sexier than James Bond

  3. Tim The Enchanter Tim The Enchanter says:

    Excellent Intellectual Intrigue 4 Gabriel Allon is not the typical spy and assassin I have enjoyed the intelligent tone of these books and the complex political social and racial matters the stories discuss The third installment of the series continues in this veinI enjoyed this nearly as much as the last book in the series but the subplot and resolution of the story was far too similar to the previous installment Because of this the book lost a star in my rating Additionally there has become a pattern in the stories of new love interests with each subseuent book After a while this will become tiresome Here's to hoping that does not happenEarly in the book we learn that underlying intrigue in the story will focus on secrets in the Vatican Ever since the Da Vinci Code everybody and their dog has written a story dealing with the catholic church and their liescover ups and secrets For what its worth this book was published one year before the Dan Brown novel That said the involvement of the Catholic Church in the story is much different that the recent novels and deal with real historical issues between the Jews and the Catholic Church Here is an excellent

  4. Karl Marberger Karl Marberger says:

    Very terrific This series does well with the exploration of wounds of people through history and the deception and violence used to keep the past buried As a Catholic I felt particular empathy with this particular case of Allon’s My view of the Holy See has always been one of benevolence and although I always knew that it had some skeletons in its closet it was never something I went out of my way to read up on Although this was fiction it was in a way pretty eye opening and introduced me to a newer perspective on the Church A magnificent series

  5. Tim Tim says:

    I admire Mr Silva's writing with every novel he pins that feature Gabriel Allon I realize I have not appreciated them all the same but that's because some are better than others 9 of 10 stars

  6. Rob Rob says:

    Book 3 in Gabriel Allon seriesAn interesting tale concerning the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s involvement or lack there of in the treatment of the Jewish people during the 2nd World WarAfter a period of some 50 years after the wars ending the now newly appointed Pope has decided to make available all the highly secret and highly damaging files pertaining to the Church’s involvement in the Jewish solution during WW2This decision does not go down well with the far right of the church who now feels that this threat to the good name of the church must be removed and are prepared to go to great lengths to achieve this aimPeople start dying; not least of them is a highly regarded Jewish academic The Israeli intelligence agency wants to know why and to that end Gabriel Allon is summonsed from his art restoration work in Venice to get to the bottom of itWhat unfolds is a story of supreme corruption from within the Vatican Death is in the air for the Jewish academic is not the only casualty there is also two dead priests and a dead nunAs Gabriel Allon closes in on the cancer with the Vatican a hired assassin is closing in on Gabriel which makes for thrilling readingIn an ironic twist the Israeli Intelligence Agency now finds itself desperately trying to protect the life of the PopeA really entertaining spy type thriller and I gave it a 4 star recommendation

  7. kartik narayanan kartik narayanan says:

    This is another excellent entry in the Gabriel Allon series As always there is a holocaust nazi connection but this time the Vatican is also involved in it I was getting the Day of the Jackal vibes when I was reading it

  8. Judy Judy says:

    Daniel Silva's third novel in his Gabriel Allon series takes place mainly in Rome where a new fictional Pope has plans to reveal the complicity between the Catholic Church and the Nazis during WWII as regards the Final Solution It is a gripping and well written thrillerI am enjoying this series because it gives me insight into the Jewish point of view at least as regards the Israeli secret service Truthfully as I have learned in the many spy thrillers I have read the secret service of any nation at any time is about as reliable as the governments of the countries served Dirty deeds and assassinations carried out in the interests of power and domination not always based on completely accurate intelligence or good foresight make for moral ambiguity by the bucketload As it turns out a controversy has been raging for years in real life between the Catholic Church and Israel as to the role of the Vatican in forwarding the aims of Hitler's Third Reich The official line of the Church to this day is a denial of any complicity in the Holocaust while certain Israeli officials work to expose itNaturally Daniel Silva has told the Israeli side of the story Given that the persecution of Jews has gone on for centuries I am inclined to believe his version Read it and decide for yourself if you are interested

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    Another really good entry in the Gabriel Allon series This starts with the murder of one of Gabriel’s friends and The Office’s desire to find out why It ends up revolving around the Catholic Church and it’s “involvement” with Nazi Germany during WWII A very interesting story I will have to do some research about the subject We also meet Gabriel’s future wife Chiarra A really well written book I will continue this series

  10. Phil Phil says:

    Daniel SilvaInteresting and very informative; a current day Israeli agent tracks the killer of a close friend and colleague uncovering the sins of The Vatican during WWII A fictional story with factual history The story is not so much an indictment of the Vatican but a revelation of how any religion can put politics and greed above the church's any faith's mandate

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