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Beyond the Blue Event Horizon [PDF] ✓ Beyond the Blue Event Horizon ✫ Frederik Pohl – Robinette Broadhead made rich by the Gateway mission that had cost him the woman he loved joined in bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory—a Heechee spaceship found beyond the orbit of Pluto Robinette Broadhead Blue Event PDF º made rich by the Gateway mission that had cost him the woman he loved joined in bankrolling an expedition to the Food Factory—a Heechee spaceship found beyond the orbit of Pluto and Beyond the PDF/EPUB or designed to graze the cometary cloud and transform the basic elements of the universe into untold uantities of foodBroadhead thought his motives were simple enough a gamble on a breakthrough that could end famine forever the Blue Event PDF ´ and would make him the wealthiest man in history But his understanding tough minded wife knew something else drove her husband a vision of his lost love poised forever at the “event horizon” of a black hole where Robin had abandoned herEvery scrap of Heechee lore that could be brought back and interpreted increased the chance that he would someday somehow be able to reach and perhaps even rescue his beloved Gelle Klara MoynlinAfter three and a half years messages came back from the expedition that electrified the world the Food Factory was still working they had found a human aboard they had discovered the key to the use of a whole new level of technologyAnd it appeared they had found the Heechee.

About the Author: Frederik Pohl

Frederik George Blue Event PDF º Pohl Jr was an American science fiction writer editor and fan with a career spanning over seventy years From about until Pohl edited Galaxy magazine and its sister magazine IF Beyond the PDF/EPUB or winning the Hugo for IF three years in a row His writing also won him three Hugos and multiple Nebula Awards He became a Nebula Grand Master in .

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  1. Gavin Gavin says:

    Beyond the Blue Event Horizon was a solid seuel to Gateway Frederik Pohl's engaging writing style makes it easy for the reader to get caught up in the stories of his characters even when those characters themselves are not the most likeable Robinette Broadhead struck it rich in his time as a Gateway prospector but is still suffering from the feelings of guilt at how his last mission ended He no longer goes on Gateway missions himself but has sponsored many other adventurers One such group is a family of four Their mission is to fly to newly discovered Heechee outpost in the Oort Cloud and attempt to move it closer to Earth Broadhead and other suspect it might have been a food making facility of some sort and hope it can be used to ease the resources plight on Earth The story was interesting The Heechee still remain a bit of a mystery but their technology is still pretty cool and we do learn a few of their secrets in this one The POV cast was a lot diverse We got viewpoints from Broadhead all four members of the family he sent to space from a human boy who was discovered living on the Heechee facility and even from a non human As with the first book the characters are far from perfect examples of humanity but most of the time you find yourself routing for them despite their actions This was a good sci fi story The Heechee Saga is definitely one of the better sci fi series I've read over the years It has the right balance between the characters and the harder sci fi aspects of the storyRating 4 starsAudio Note Oliver Wyman gave a fantastic performance with the audio production

  2. Wanda Wanda says:

    The story begins when the hero of Gateway finances an expedition to a distant alien spaceship that may end famine forever On the ship the explorers find a human boy and evidence that reveals a powerful alien civilization is thriving on a transport ship headed right for EarthBeyond the blue horizonWaits a beautiful dayGoodbye to things that bore meJoy is waiting for meI see a new horizonMy life has only begunBeyond the blue horizon lies a rising sun Beyond the Blue Horizon Jeanette MacDonaldI wonder if Frederick Pohl had these song lyrics in mind with the title of this book? Or whether he had any say in the title at all a clever combination of the song title and the event horizon of a black hole a consuming preoccupation of Robin Broadhead the main protagonistI found myself fully engaged in this novel from the first few pages—trying to figure out what the heck was going on I find that authors who engage my curiosity rather than telling me too much keep me reading uickly and with persistence I really enjoyed the vagueness of the threat which Pohl used to keep the reader hooked—not knowing exactly which details are significant or what exactly they mean Who are the Dead Men? Are they really dead and if so how do they carry on conversations? Who or what are the Old Ones? Are they really a threat to our intrepid explorers?Of course all of this is layered on top of the basic uestions asked in the first novel Gateway—who or what are the Heechee where did they go and can we expect to find them? There is rather a lot of theoretical physics discussed in the guise of having a computer program explain it to Robin our billionaire protagonist Those sections drag a little bit being barely disguised info dumps Despite those chunky bits this book carried me along very uickly My only disappointment was how uickly things resolved in the final chapters—details that I would have liked to know were glossed over steps were skipped in my opinion some things tied up a little too neatly others seemed neglected I guess Pohl must have had a third book in mind and needed a platform on which to begin the next installment I have many uestions about what went on and where the characters go from here so undoubtedly I will carry on to the next book in the series

  3. Alina Alina says:

    Totally loved itLots of uestions from Gateway are answered here but in the end you have a lot a brand new ones I'm looking forward to find out about HeecheePS Glad to see that Rob has become a much likeable and mature character

  4. Marvin Marvin says:

    Not nearly the euivalent of Gateway but that would be like asking Ken Jennings to win 74 Jeopardy games in a row Oh Yeah He did thatSpeaking of Jeopardy back in the 80's I was browsing through the credits of the TV game show and noticed that one of the show writers was Frederik Pohl OMG I thought I didn't actually think OMG The internet was still in its infantry and so was internet speak He's writing uestions on a game show now I knew Sci fi writers didn't make much money but Damn A year later I went to a Jeopardy taping as a friend of mine ualified as a contestant for the game show I asked If I could meet Mr Pohl and a man substantially younger than me I was in my thirties introduced himself It was of course Pohl's son We did have a nice but brief conversationOK I'm done

  5. Tobin Elliott Tobin Elliott says:

    If the whole book had been written like the last couple of chapters this would have been a five star ratingUnfortunately the first three uarters while having the odd flash of entertainment was reasonably boring Even if Pohl had gone for of a Ringworld type feel with uncertain explorers discovering new and exciting things Yes There was a bit of that including the revelation of the Heechee prayer fans but overall it felt mostly stilted and dullAnd there was like Gateway before it an unusual amount of time spent discussing sex It would have been fine had this led anywhere I mean you had a very young girl trying her best for four years to seduce her sister's husband You have a young survivor who's so ridiculously horny that the first time he sees a woman he whips it out and jacks himself off So when Pohl finally brings these two together? They wait The girl suddenly inexplicably gains a mature attitudeBut it wasn't just with them Robin's wife actually risks bodily danger to be able to hump her husband To me if felt like much of this was written by a very horny fifteen year old virginOn the other hand the last three chapters of the novel unfortunately telling much than showing took us on a whirlwind expansion of the entire universe We learn much about the Heechee and what they can do It's worldbuilding and it's fascinatingSo as I said had Pohl been able to incorporate those elements much sooner and stayed away from the boring day to day minutae of Robin's life and added zip into the exploratory sections I would have enjoyed the bookOn a side note it's stunning how dated this book has become from the mentions of all the tapes still used in computers and video to the one chapter that details a few seconds of the inner workings of one of the computer personalities ad nauseum I'm sure it was all very cool and fascinating when the book was first released but it's actually torturous to read nowBecause of this book I have serious doubts as to whether I'll read any of the Heechee saga

  6. Jon Norimann Jon Norimann says:

    Pohl here continues the Heechee saga with of the same Book 2 in the series is a small part human archeology of alien technology a solid dose teenage sexuality a touch of facing death and uite a lot of stupidity Some of the tech in the book is way beyond what can ever be reasonably expected to become reality and it seems to only get and speculativeBeyond the Blue Event Horizon is not too long an easy read and uite entertaining despite all the flaws Although it makes no lasting impression it was just good enough to make me read part 3 of the Heechee saga sometime with no must reads on the shelf


    review of Frederik Pohl's Beyond the Blue Event Horizon by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE July 6 2015 I read Pohl's Gateway 1st in this Heechee Saga My review's here I'm somewhat surprised to see that I read it 3 yrs ago That's one of those time flies when you're not having fun just getting older thingies Skimming over my Gateway review I think I was impressed by that one than I was by this seuel wch isn't to say that I thought this was 'bad' it just didn't seem uite as inspired One idea that caught my fancy is that of Gosh numbers Gosh numbers are numbers which represent than one uantity so that when you perceive the coincidence you say 'Gosh' p 45 “Ph well” said the Dead Man gloomily “all right Point five degrees is the angular diameter of both the sun and the Moon as seen from Earth Gosh How strange that they should be the same but also how useful because it is partly because of this coincidence that Earth has eclipses Minus forty degrees is the temperature which is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales Gosh Two thousand twenty five is the sum of the cubes of the integers one cubed plus two cubed plus three cubed and so on up to nine cubed all added together It is also the suare of their sum Gosh p 45 One The uantities Tiny Jim referred to as 'gosh numbers' These are numerical uantities mostly of the sort called 'dimensionless' because they are the same in any units you measure The mass ratio between the electron and the proton The Dirac number to express the difference between electromagnetic and gravitational force The Eddington fine structure constant And so forth We know these numbers to great precision What we do not know is why they are what they are Why shouldn't the fine structure constant be say 150 instead of 137 plus? If we understoood astrophysics—if we had a complete theory—we should be able to deduce these numbers from that theory p 289 SO of course I had to do at least some cursory research on Gosh Numbers wch led me to where Beyond the Blue Event Horizon is discussed uoted then this follows Well that was a rather lengthy introduction so I will not delay any further the first Gosh Number17291729 is the least number expressible as the sum of 2 cubes in two different ways1729 123 13 103 931729 is also the 3rd Carmichael number1729 is also a centered cube number a dodecagonal number a 24 gonal and 84 gonal number The creators of the television cartoon Futurama thought so much of 1729 that they included it within the show on several occasionsGOSHThe author of the above is one Steven Pomeroy One of the Heechee artifacts found in Beyond the Blue Event Horizon is a couch that enables a person to broadcast their dreams We know that in human history many of the great inventions sprang up all over the world apparently independently maybe simultaneously Are they Heechee suggestions via the couch? p 87 Zeitgeists fascinate me I'm sure I've been part of many A Ockham's Razor explanation for them than Pohl's fanciful suggestion might be that certain mindsets reach the same conclusions at the same time bc they're 'obvious' next steps in the mindset's progression In other words Marconi Tesla shared a similar cultural background education that led to an 'obvious' next step being the radio Wo this shared cultural educational background this zeigeist wdn't've occurred In other words radio wasn't suddenly conceived of made by a farmer w no scientific training That however doesn't necessarily explain Tesla's ability to completely visualize inventions before building them I was about seventeen when my thoughts turned seriously to invention Then I observed to my delight that I could visualize with the greatest facility I needed no models drawings or experiments I could picture them all as real in my mind p 33 My Inventions Nikola Tesla 1995 Barnes Noble Books It might be interesting sometime to develop whole vast theories based on deliberate acceptance of probable typos misprints as not accidents EG the above Beyond the Blue Event Horizon uote from p 45 re Gosh numbers begins “Ph well” said the Dead Man gloomily w the Ph presumably intended to be Oh as Pomeroy uotes it in his article Then on p 129 it's printed But the relationship had been of suppliant and monarch in wch suppliant was presumably meant to read supplicant But was it? After all a suppliant is a person making a humble plea to someone in power or authority a supplicant is a person who asks for something in a respectful way from a powerful person or God SO what's the difference? According to the etymology for suppliant is 1400 50; late Middle English Middle French present participle of supplier Latin supplicāre to beseech supplicate can be confused w supplicant The same source provides an etymology for supplicant as 1590 1600; Latin supplicant stem of supplicāns present participle of supplicāre to supplicate; see ant; doublet of suppliant what's a doublet? According to Wikipedia In etymology two or words in the same language are called doublets or etymological twins or possibly triplets etc when they have different phonological forms but the same etymological root Often but not always the variants have entered the language through different routes Because the relationship between words that have the same root and the same meaning is fairly obvious the term is mostly used to characterize pairs of words that have diverged in meaning at least to some extentFor example English pyre and fire are doublets Modern words with similar meaning but subtle differences contribute to the richness of the English language as exemplified by the doublets frail and fragile both from the Latin adjective fragilis one might refer to a fragile tea cup and a frail old woman but never frail tea cup whilst fragile old woman adds a dimension of meaning by implying emotional infirmity rather than physical The point is I don't see where suppliant supplicant have diverged they seem to have the same meaning w suppliant coming 1st What is Pohl really up to here? It's obvious to me that everything in this novel is just a smokescreen to hide the combined significance of Ph suppliant Don't believe me? That's bc yr pH balance is alkaline I'm acid tongued both literally figuratively Further supporting my theory is this That's not exactly a tenth of a number Robin said Sigfrid p 230 The careful reader will note that the psychoanalyzing program is credited w this sentence when it shd clearly be the science program Albert If you think back to high school chemistry class you may recall that pH is an abbreviation for potential hydrogen A pH number measures from 0 to14 how acidic or alkaline a liuid is anything above 7 is alkaline and anything below 7 is acid Water has a pH level of 7 it's neutral meaning it has the same amount of acids and alkalis which balance each other out I don't want to give too much away about the story of Beyond the Blue Event Horizon hence my punning tangent above Shucks I'm not really acid teongued Nonetheless I 'can't' resist uoting this They're called 'prayer fans' Wan No no he shrilled crossly taking it away from her and marching crossly into the chamber You do not pray with them You read them Like this p 138 Let that be a lesson to you the Bible the ur'an were meant to help keep kafirs like myself cooler in hot desert environments they're not for reading All those silly religious fanatics have got it all bass ackwards The Heechee Saga is epic After than three uarters of a million years of rolling slowly around Earth;s very distant sun the artifact pulled itself into a new orbit and surged away p 202 That may seem a bit too long term to wrap yr head around but think of this Mayflies have an average lifespan of 24 hrs their lifespan can be as short as 30 minutes humans in the US have an average lifespan of 782 yrs Interestingly the US is 38 in the list of longest lived Japan's at the top w 826 The average expectancy independent of country is 672 males 65 females 695 SO contrast a Mayfly living 30 minutes to a human male making it to 65 the human male lives 1129580 times longer than the Mayfly who depending on the species and after hatching mate lay eggs and die again We have time to notice them but do they even notice us? It's completely reasonable if still only speculative that there's another critter out there to whom we're naught but a Mayfly Not much development occurred in the fifteen years between the removal of the colony from its prehistoric African home and Suint's death The Heechee were not discouraged In fifteen years they did not expect much They had much longer plans than that p 262 They tidied up behind them as they always did Then they went away and allowed the rest of that particular experiment among all their experiments to run For eight hundred thousand years p 262 Putting that in the human Mayfly scale again If the human male lives 1129580 times longer than the Mayfly by making it to 65 then the above eight hundred thousand years wd put the human male at age 46 Thank you Frederik Pohl for stimulating me to do the above research

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    This is re read for me I first read the novel when it came out and I was barely an adult At the time I thought it was the middle book of a trilogy and that the story suffered a bit for it but now we know there were to be five books in this series and I have no idea why I ever thought it had middle volume syndrome It's uite immersive The character motivations make a good deal sense reading it now from a mature perspective The novel is far upbeat than Gateway thus far enjoyable to me but I can see why some found it not as groundbreaking It is however solid science fiction the way it used to be during my own golden age Some of the cosmology is already a little out of date but the characters are interesting Some of them I might like to hang out with if not in a stinky cramped spacecraft for three years as in the story My favorite character is probably Albert Einstein a much lovable computer program than the Sigmund von Shrink of the first book It is well worth getting through the first three uarters of the novel featuring mostly character development not a boring task by any means to get to roughly the last uarter where great big awe inspiring vistas of time and space open up in ways only science fiction can achieve This is the good sense of wonder stuff I find so lacking in much of today's genre fiction

  9. Tomislav Tomislav says:

    second read 6 November 2014 I've read this now for the second time after about 33 years This is concept driven science fiction and the mysteries of Pohl's Heechee universe are drawn out and fascinating This volume reveals the answers to a lot of concepts left hanging at the end of Gateway regarding the nature of the Heechee artifacts strewn throughout the Solar System while opening a small number of new onesThe book has grown somewhat dated in science and technology Especially regarding computers and software but also in its pre Inflationary Cosmology conception of a cyclical universe But truthfully it would be a small adaptation to move from logging in to powerful central computers to networked local devices and the mystery of dark matter remains unexplained in current physics The plot and concepts would survive an updateRobinette Broadhead remains at the center improved but still just a sophomoric psychoanalytic sketch of a personality And his new wife is nothing than a stereotype However the family crew of newly introduced characters are mostly uite likable and save the story on a character levelfirst read 1 June 1981 The most memorable character is Wan a boy raised alone on board the Heechee Food Factory in the Oort Cloud It is the seuel to Gateway

  10. Rob Rob says:

    I guess you could say Pohl took a bit conventional approach in writing Beyond the Blue Events Horizon It makes the book less groundbreaking than Gateway was and probably is part of the reason why it didn't win any of the awards it was nominated for The scope of it is obviously much wider too and the many switches in point of view makes it appear a bit less structured than its predecessor If you view the story as the unveiling of part of a mystery it makes than enough sense to me In the end I guess I agree with many of the critics that it is not uite as good a novel as Gateway was I also think it would have been nice if it had been a little self contained; if it were fantasy I'd say this book suffered from the middle book syndrome a bit That being said it is a good science fiction novel in the classic sense Plenty of hard science scientific speculation and a much larger scope than the first book in this series offer their own attractions I guess it depend on what you want out of a novel but I thought it was an enjoyable readFull Random Comments review

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