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The Talent Show [Ebook] ➦ The Talent Show ➥ Dan Gutman – When their town gets destroyed by a tornado everyone is pretty depressed So in order to cheer everyone up and raise some money the community decides to put on a talent show Unfortunately no one in tow When their town gets destroyed by a tornado everyone is pretty depressed So in order to cheer everyone up and raise some money the community decides to put on a talent show Unfortunately no one in town is particularly talented But that doesn’t stop everyone from giving it their all Especially the one star in town The Talent PDF or She just might have what it takes—if she can get to the show on time When another tornado hits the kids make every effort to put the show on but there may be surprises in storeDan Gutman delivers another hilarious tale about school adventures.

10 thoughts on “The Talent Show

  1. Toni Toni says:

    Not my favorite Gutman but an interesting read never the less A town in Missouri has been flattened by a tornado and the people of the town decide to put on a talent show to raise money to replace the library books in the elementary school The story follows many characters and their desire to participate in the show The show itself is uite a surprise

  2. Ian Ian says:

    About a school talent show which later had a tornado hit it during the talent show The book shows the viewpoint of multiple characters in the book and doesn't give the view of just 1 character Each of these character have their role in the talent show which ends up being a activity to pass the time through the tornado

  3. C C says:

    Not my favorite book by Dan Gutman Parts of the book were funny but other parts just dragged

  4. Jill Cd Jill Cd says:

    Cute A fun read for those in 3 4th grade especially if their school holds a talent show

  5. Erin Erin says:

    The Talent Show by Dan Gutman was a wonderful read and one that hits home to those who live in the central plainsA tornado has once again ripped through the town of Cape Bluff Kansas The night after the tornado the citizens met at the town hall They were all trying to figure out what to do next considering that this happens often Many people thought about moving out of town however a student of the elementary school named Paul Crichton stated that they need to work together to get the town under way A few moments later it was decided by the town that in order to help restore Cape Bluff they should have a talent show at the elementary school Many of the elementary school kids tried out including; Paul Crichton a fifth grader and his band Julia Maguire a fourth grader who was a ballerina Elke Villa a sixth grader who sings Richard Ackoon a third grader who wants to be a rap star and Don Potash a sixth grader who is a comedian Everyone is excited to participate in the talent show to help out the elementary library and to win the grand prize a hummer Will the talent show make a lot of money? Will everyone show off their real talent or will they be to shy? You will have to read to find out I thought it was a great book for ages 8 12 Every summer in the central plains you hear about how tornadoes have destroyed towns around you It is nice to show the kids that just because your town may be devastated by the destruction of a tornado it is important to help out in the community This book teaches the importance of community involvement along with learning to become creative in your own lives to get through the hard times As a nanny you try to teach your kids how to get through the tough times in life and I think this book really shows them that just because something is hard right now does not mean you can't find a way to make it better

  6. Amy Holland Amy Holland says:

    A tornado has ravaged Cape Bluff Kansas and the elementary school students decide to put on a talent show to raise money to replace the library books that were destroyed in the disaster The story follows five kids as they prepare for the big show Elke singer Paul rocker Julia dancer Richard rapper and Don comedian They all face challenges on the road to the big show but the real challenge comes when another tornado hits just as the talent show is about to start All of the kids show that they can shine under pressure and they are unexpectedly rewarded with a surprise visit from pop sensation Justin Chanda who is a little worse for wear after outrunning the latest twister This is really solid realistic fiction for upper elementary school students They will appreciate how Gutman doesn't dumb down his school age characters they are all intelligent and self possessed Mention of current trends and technology may date this title uickly but that's a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent book It's especially relevant right now as it seems like there have been a lot of devastating tornadoes recently Definitely recommend this one to kids who are looking for realistic fiction

  7. Sharon Layburn Sharon Layburn says:

    5thup35 starsStandard Gutman which is definitely a good thingLoved the premise of a whole town getting together to lift their spirits and their circumstances by holding a fund raising talent show after a disastrous tornado tears apart the areaThis was a uick and fun read that has much appeal for middle school readers I did have to laugh at myself at one point when the lyrics of Stacy's Mom 2003 hit by Fountains of Wayne made me raise my eyebrows a bit risue I thought A few chapters later some of the adult characters say the same thing and the students respond that's censorship it's just a song with lyrics that are meant to be funny Basically you adults take things too seriously Suitably chastised I settled down to enjoy the rest of the story

  8. Bobby Simic Bobby Simic says:

    No frills tale about a town devastated by a tornado and the talent show they put together in order to rally moraleThis is one of those sturdy reads that has enough appeal to engage kids I enjoyed that most of the kids were decent and good and didn't really fall into any stereotypes This probably won't change a kid's life but it's entertaining and harmlessOr mainly harmless It features references to pop culture which made me a little nervous when some of the kids youtubed the video for Stacy's Mom a pretty sexual video I don't know Maybe I'm being a prude here

  9. Beth Beth says:

    After a tornado hits their town and causes severe damage residents move forward through a talent show to raise money for tornado damage A variety of characters and humor add to the appeal Not suitable for religious audiences due to boy girl interaction movie star character and uestionable dancing at the talent show

  10. Lynlee Lynlee says:

    Silly story that will intrigue anyone fascinated with American Idol and other shows like it Some of the references were made to music that my parents listened to which is probably not what children's parents are listening to now Some of Gutman's jokes may not transpire to these kids but overall it will still be entertaining

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