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Things the Grandchildren Should Know [Reading] ➽ Things the Grandchildren Should Know ➳ Mark Oliver Everett – Mark Oliver Everett el llamado ‘Kurt Vonnegut’ del rock independiente líder y cerebro de la banda Eels es hijo del físico cuántico Hugh Everett ue inventó la teoría de los mundos paralelos y Mark Oliver Everett el llamado ‘Kurt Grandchildren Should PDF/EPUB ¼ Vonnegut’ del rock independiente líder y cerebro de la banda Eels es hijo del físico cuántico Hugh Everett ue inventó la teoría de los mundos paralelos y en ellos se perdió cuando E como también se conoce al autor de este libro tenía años Con el cadáver del padre iba a empezar un ciclo de desgracias ue culmina en una rara y preciosa autobiografía musical porue la desgracia siempre dio mejores historias y sobre todo si son de Everett ue se ha puesto a Things the ePUB í escribir y componer en lugar de por ejemplo lanzarse al precipicio Un libro tan raro como ese apartado «dysfunctional americana o down lo fi» ue según alguna enciclopedia y como se explica en el prólogo de este libro empieza y termina con eso ue la cambiante formación de The Eels ha hecho a lo largo de tantos y tan importantes discos Y precioso porue es verdad y conmueve incluso al despistado ue no sepa uién es este hombre Y otro tanto hará por la infortunada ue no haya escuchado jamás un disco the Grandchildren Should PDF ✓ de la banda pero ue felizmente aún está a tiempo Chico introvertido y maldito coge el virus de la música en un familia disfuncional era normal ue a los diez años su disco favorito fuese el terrorífico primero en solitario de Lennon se muda a Los Angeles trabaja en lo ue toue y a fuerza de tenacidad y fortuna consigue firmar su primer contrato El primero de tantos como obligará la anormalidad de la banda celebrada por otros elementos atípicos como Tom Waits Van Morrison y Neil Young Banda ue según la leyenda Bush y Cheney intentaron prohibir por nociva Hasta este punto la historia suena familiar pero volvamos a la tragedia convertida auí en comedia de la ue sin embargo no cabe reír a carcajadas Eso ue ha empezado con la muerte del padre al ue seguirán la madre el manager de la banda y la tía azafata ue iba en uno de los aviones secuestrados el de septiembre además de la hermana adorada y perturbada ue se suicida para acabar con la estirpe O casi porue esta historia no ha conseguido acabar con E ue no nació hasta aunue este libro podrían leerlo sus nietos Los ue no ha tenido aunue no sería del todo imposible ue los tuviera incluso sin haber pasado antes por la paternidad como él mismo preferiría Y es broma desde luego porue para Everett el mayor de los éxitos es vivir cada día otro día y eso ya es mucho Pero el chiste como es bien sabido siempre tiene algo de verdad y hay ue seguir viviendo y pensando en los nietos en las cosas ue éstos deberían saber De eso va este libro.

  • Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • Things the Grandchildren Should Know
  • Mark Oliver Everett
  • Spanish
  • 02 August 2016

About the Author: Mark Oliver Everett

Mark Oliver Everett is the lead Grandchildren Should PDF/EPUB ¼ singer songwriter guitarist keyboardist and occasionally drummer of the rock band Eels Also known as E he is known for writing songs tackling subjects such as death loneliness divorce childhood innocence depression and unreuited love.

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  1. D. Pow D. Pow says:

    There is in this world certain songs books movies that get to the human condition like no other Or maybe just an aspect of the human condition Or maybe just an aspect of one humans condition The aspect I am thinking of is a certain tenderness a rawness and an emotional vulnerability A life of nakedness and need of bird like frailty and beauty an opened hearted way to life that lets all stimuli in no matter how razor like hurtful it is how lacerating and potentially lethal But there is toughness here too not the posturing homo erotic MMA bullshit kind but a soul courage wherein a person stares straight at the harrowing dehumanizing things of this seemingly godless world and doesn’t bat an eye This is the place where lovers live and artists mad men and potential suicides This is the place where Mark Oliver Everett aka E to his fans does his best work Everett or E is most famous for the work he has done with the long standing indie band The Eels Everett is famous in his songs for confessional sometimes morose lyrics that delve into a screwed up childhood bad break ups and the constant anxiety and sense of impending doom that certain perhaps overly sensitive souls feel every waking moment of the day He’s a lover and a fighter but also a neurotic and a dweeb He’s one smart fuck up and he knows we are all doomed He dresses his sad sack poetry in such beautiful melodies that even when he recounts tales of his sisters suicide and his mothers death by cancersee the Eels brilliant 2nd album Electro Shock Blues the music itself partially transforms the lyrical message and serves as temporary balm to the searing message the lyrics are delivering With Things the Grandchildren Should Know Everett has written a straight forward autobiography recounting much of the same ground familiar to Eels fans But here there is no Beatlesue hook or clever middle eight here to lessen the impact of the story only Everett’s spare but effective ‘just the facts maam’ prose But they are interesting facts and they are artfully if simply told and I think for people who have never heard of The Eels this was still be a damned sight better than your usual woe is me my life sucks memoirThe book is filled with a plethora of fucked up events Mark discovers the body of his dad Hugh who was a world class physicist who just missed the boat to the fame and fortune this entailed and was instead grinding out his years in lackluster suburban servitude And of course Hugh died right as teenage Mark was making a connection with him Later the book recounts Mark’s obsession and drive to make with his music and there are scenes here that are as good as any in discussing the nuts and bolts of the gestation of a song the recording process and the wonderful buzz one feels when someone gets your stuff and a wider audience is reached But always there is pain mixed with the joy Even though The Eels are famous for almost baroue pop there is something bluesy earthy and gritty to them Their music is the blues re imagined by a white geek with a dead science genius dad a suicide sister and a big record collection It is rife with the stuff the old blues records are death lust women subsistence living and both incredible joys and down in the bowels of hell horrors The stuff of life And here in this wonderful memoir you’ll find some of the same things Hurtful and harrowing as it can be it is also courageous and thoughtful and full of insights you won’t find elsewhere

  2. Ian "Marvin" Graye Ian "Marvin" Graye says:

    What a RideThis is the first book for years that I've started and finished in one afternoon I thought it was going to be a train wreck but it was like a roller coaster ride E and IThe pace started off at a million miles an hour and never let upE went all over the place and finally on the last page when he came to a stop he realised that he had reached a point of some wisdom and contentmentSo did IFebruary 22 2011

  3. Katie Katie says:

    This is a lovely little memoir written in a relatively sparse straight forward style Mark Oliver Everett usually just referred to as E is an interesting enough person that his writing doesn't really reuire much flourish and he manages to make his self effacing style of humor charming and relatable rather than grating or affected not an easy taskE is best known as the frontman for eels one of the first rock bands I discovered on my own I remember picking up Blinking Lights and Other Revelations from a local record shop pretty much on a whim and thinking that while it was weird and very different from all of the music I'd grown up on it was also really vulnerable really pretty and really affecting Like most eels records it's sad but not depressing morose but tied together by a tough string of optimism or hope Everett's autobiography works largely the same way He has what sounds like a nightmare of a dating life a cluster of terrible family tragedies and a generally kinda depressive nature but there's a resilience in his personality that's really attractive and inspiring It's an honest book but not the sort that defines honesty as cynicism

  4. Johnny Johnny says:

    Things you should know Mark Oliver Everett is the mastermind behind The EELS commonly referred to as E This book is heavy on the sarcasm but light on the condecension I would say that despite what some of us may have faced in our lives thus far 82% of us should count ourselves lucky that this is not our life The other 18% are entitled to a hug at any time even considering my near legendary space issues I absolutely loved this book I have been a fan of The EELS from the moment I heard 'Novicaine for the Soul' on KDGE in Dallas Tx I am grateful that they had at least one radio hit It was a uick read straight forward and honest with several heartbreaking moments that caused me pause Also a great insider view of the music industry featuring cameos by Tom Waits Van Morrison Neil Young others

  5. RandomAnthony RandomAnthony says:

    Mr Everett better known as E from the band eels tells his harrowing life story with grace and humor I'm a huge eels fan so I found the book illuminating and inspiring but I'm not sure a non eels fan would have the same reaction Still this is a great story of artistic integrity and the role art can play in helping one survive dark times

  6. Paul ZombieVintage Paul ZombieVintage says:

    I read this book during the Thanksgiving 2008 drive from Chicago to Minneapolis This book will probably go down as the most pleasant memory of that trip with the possible exception being the moment I was introduced to the singing strumming and smacking around of guitar hero world tourBut back to the point the book is a fantastic read but I am a poor judge in this case as I am a rather rabid follower of E short for ME which is short for Mark Everett and his various musical endeavors I've been to two shows in Minneapolis at the Pantages Theatre and was fortunate enough to be sitting in the fist couple of rows for both of them I own all of the cds and would love to get my hand on vinyl copies of them but I think that the small fortune I'd need to shell out will foolishly be spent elsewhere like on food and shelter or maybe spent wisely on Guitar HeroI wouldn't argue with someone who feels cheated by an autobiography written when the author is still uite healthy and relatively young its kind of like a band putting a greatest hits record out shortly after their third record drops In this case though the history of short lives at one point he describes looking at a photo of his sister and the three generations that proceed it and remarks that he is the sole living person from his family and the amount of life he has stuffed into his time on earth make it seem justifiableI told a friend that I wanted this to be my favorite book before I had even opened a page It doesn't reach those heights but at least I really enjoyed it and feel like it was well worth the money I handed over to for it

  7. Jeroen Jeroen says:

    Can we kind of re do my bio? I don’t want to keep being the sad sack whose house burned down Timothy Showalter of Strand of OaksReading Mark Oliver Everett's Things the Grandchildren Should Know gives me the very opposite feeling of what Showalter expresses here Everett who goes by the stage name E and is best known as the singer of rock band Eels seems totally fine and comfortable with being the sad sack This is his right of course He mentions in the introduction here that people who write books about how interesting their life is make him uncomfortable I'm happy he expresses this and agree with him but the thing is that he does it anyway I don't know what that tells us about himAnd really contrary to the blurbs that suggest the book is suburban American novel than rock memoir this will really only add something to those looking for background information on the band or the man behind the band Or detract something I have never been an Eels fan but the Live with Strings record was important to me eight years ago when it came out There was a feeling of unwarranted solace to it; without knowing about the horrid details of E's life I still got that sense of being in the eye of an enormous shitstorm a sense of the peace with life that E describes at the end of this bookUnfortunately most of this book deals with the shitstorm Everett's life has clearly been marked with remarkable bad luck has been horrible by all standards Everyone around him was dying In some sense you could say E himself was the eye of that perfect storm The book works with the contrasts Eels the band was on the way up as the rest of the singer's world crumbled Curiously E does not really look into the causality of the two He acknowledges that writing music keeps him alive and that this makes him write music but he doesn't seem to realise that the horrors of his life helped his band on its way up Any Eels fan will tell you that it is precisely that candid funereal feel of that second Eels record Electro Shock Blues that makes the band so special I suppose Everett does not want to look under that stone and that is understandableUnfortunately also Everett is not a great writer At the start of the book he makes a point of explaining how he doesn't want to bullshit the reader with flowery phrases and imagery he wants to tell it as it is I am always annoyed by this kind of talk If you want to tell it as it is just do that No there is something else lurking in this statement namely the idea that the short to the point sentence is honest than the labyrinthine claptrap of uote unuote poets It is the kind of cult that Hemingway nurtured It is the idea that being a man of the people means playing it simple which is always an idea I found rather offensive to the people Personally I think the writer has an obligation to work his hardest on every word The concise style can be great if it fits but so can the elaborate oneIt was only toward the end of the book that I started to realise what was going on I'd had a nagging feeling about the tone the narrator took from the very start There was something dishonest about it a sense of desperation From the childish denunciation of his schoolteacher Mrs Bitch to the self congratulatory tone he takes in his music business travails talk of not selling out to commercials always doing your own thing and never repeating yourself – which are all traits I admire but less so if presented in such a boastful fashion I wondered what exactly the man was trying to prove or who he was trying to win over Who was he trying to convince? He had a loyal fan base He was an artist loved by many There was no need for him to pat himself continuously on the shoulderBut then it struck me the one he was trying to convince is himself He talks a lot here about his confidence suddenly plummeting upon some or other rejection or incident It is Everett making up the balance of his life and telling himself it is okay Or that he “is okay” as he concludes at some point toward the end of the narrative This is essentially a self help bookUnfortunately again he had nailed that sentiment already in Things the Grandchildren Should Know the song after which this book is titled It is my favorite Eels song by far and a large part of the reason why I picked this book up in the first place It perfectly sums up the feeling of loving life despite so so many things When in the penultimate chapter titled after the book titled after the song he provides a verse by verse gloss of the lyrics of this song it becomes abundantly clear how unnecessary this book is and how a folded flower can be poignant than an unfolded one can pack punch pollen All the glosses do is overexplain things that the song had already captured perfectlyAs with that chapter so with the whole book that sense of perseverance that runs through the Eels discography no longer packs a punch when it is unfolded and unfolded and unfolded into a serious number of uires folded back into a book It perfectly shows that songwriting and prose writing are very different things

  8. Kristy Kristy says:

    In this trek through Mark Everett lead singer of The Eeels ' life he is honest He is not trying to win me over with his dynamic prose or his thesaurus found words He is not wasting my time with flowery shit He is straight with me and I dig it We follow ME through his crazy non supervised childhood into his spiraling stair climbing adult years through his music ups and downs and into his own self awareness He of course talks about his success in music but he is no braggart he is not shoving it down my throat Music is part of his life part of his being so naturally it is focused on in the book When I picked up the book I really thought it was just going to be some jumbled up lessons on life for the authors Grandkids and while it did have some life lessons I was most surprised at how funny parts of it was Seriously laugh out loud moments were happening I was also surprised at how sad parts were through it all he was so honest with the audience I commend ME Some of that had to be crazy hard to put down into words he has gained a fan No I don't really know much of his music but I'm going to have to change that he gave so much insight to his songs I feel like I could reach out and touch his heart I know that's cheesy but man it was an emotional ride I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone especially those who like memoir's I'm going to take a leap and suggest that if you liked The Glass Castle you'll probably like this oneExcerpts from book Kids know what's going on They always respond to The Beatles for instance Doesn't matter when they were born they always seem to respond Show me a kid who innately doesn't like The Beatles and I'll show you a bad seedReviews don't really mean anything if you look at the history of rock journalism The usually can't tell you what will stand the test of time when they review something brand new on a tight deadline but I'm going to let myself feel good about this Book reviewers this doesn't mean you of course I have nothing but utmost respect for what you do How do you like the book so far?And If I'm such a nonbeliever why do I keep catching myself sitting on the back porch with my head tilted toward the night sky talking to Liz and my Mom and Dad?Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises Sometimes beauty is too much for me to handle Do you know that feeling? when something is just too beautiful? 45 starslove

  9. Anna Maria Ballester Bohn Anna Maria Ballester Bohn says:

    This should probably get three stars because it is well written and entertaining but I'm tired of men it's always men writing books about how special they are how they never compromise how the insights they've had have made them humble and uniue at the same time Hello my name is E and I write the best music of everyone ever I just can't help it; everyone else is just so mediocre how can they even stand to live? Also I've had a sad life but I managed to see the good part of it too This means I'm wise Learn from me I mean No As I said I'm tired

  10. Nikki Stafford Nikki Stafford says:

    I've long been a fan of the Eels and think Electro Shock Blues is one of the best albums of the 90s And since my work on the TV show Lost I've also been fascinated by the work of Hugh Everett and his many worlds theory So I was happy to pick up the book written by the Eels' frontman E who also happens to be the son of Hugh Everett This is the most honestly written memoir you'll probably ever read by someone who is in the public eye this is a no holds barred account of his difficult childhood and of the one two three punch of his father's sudden death his sister's suicide and his mother dying of cancer leaving him all alone the last man standing in a family that had been wrought with secrets and hardships On the flip side there's a lot of griping and complaining about people ex girlfriends ex friends record company execs so after a while it's one thing to read E's thoughts; uite another to imagine ever being friends with the guy But in the end he's not asking you to be his friend he's simply pulling you into the world in which he lives a world that he's survived to become one of the best indie artists working today And for that I would definitely recommend this book

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