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La rêveuse d'Ostende [BOOKS] ✴ La rêveuse d'Ostende ✻ Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Éric Emmanuel Schmitt bada kruchą naturę marzeńOna pamięta wszystko Jego smak zapach miękki dotyk jego dłoni Takiej miłości i namiętności nie przeżyła ani nigdy wcześniej ani nigdy póź Éric Emmanuel Schmitt bada kruchą naturę marzeńOna pamięta wszystko Jego smak zapach miękki dotyk jego dłoni Takiej miłości i namiętności nie przeżyła ani nigdy wcześniej ani nigdy później I nie było ważne że był księciem Prawdziwym Wystarczyło że pozostawał władcą jej serca Ich więź nigdy nie została przerwana mimo że niedane było im być razemCzy ta historia to wymysł schorowanej kobiety czy może najcenniejsze ze wspomnień wciąż powracające ze zdwojoną siłą W Marzycielce z Ostendy.

10 thoughts on “La rêveuse d'Ostende

  1. Théodore Théodore says:

    In these five short stories I saw a coherence of one novel Although they have no connection to each other the characters in these stories seem to live in the same space they are part of a hyper reality in which the world gains meaning through the force of imagination These unsuitable heroes of Schmitt manage to live in a far richer imagination than the reality around them But this imagination is not always beneficial too much imagination can cause a distortion of truth with disastrous conseuences If for Emma van A the dreamer from Ostend the imagination could never be benign in the worst case sade on Gabrielle the character on Perfect Crime imagination pushes her to an absurd crime As well as in Bad Lectures the climax of the irony is that Maurice's imagination ran his entire life to reach him in the last with a haunting force making him unable to distinguish the border between his reality and that of the novel in which he had sunk enchanted In each of the five stories love and death are closely linked over the uestion Schmitt leaves unanswered is whether in our expectation death or love will come I could not say however that Schmitt's stories are devoid of realism on the contrary beyond the pregnant imaginative vein these characters contain many of the doubts and fears that haunt all of us so at a certain level there is also a reading of identification an urge to live our lives as intensely as possible without letting the imagination become unhealthy

  2. Lolly K Dandeneau Lolly K Dandeneau says:

    Not even half way through and I am in love with this book It is rare for a reader to fall in love with a book like them sure but love a book not so much I love this so far and am admittedly ashamed for having put off buying it when I would see recommendations for it because I had turned bitter about reading anything other's raved about let's face it often the most popular books are not that well written I love this so far nearly as much as I love anything Simon Van Booy writes Very happy to add this writer to my all time favorite authors list Finished andThe first two stories are just amazing I loved them I felt the first story alone seduced me into giving this book 4 stars even if what followed had been dust I still would have loved it Fortunately the other stories were pretty darn good too I am glad I finally gave in and read it The second story was uite an abrupt change from the beauty of the first and that made it all the riveting Great stories

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    Schmitt's short stories read like lovely and literary versions of The Twilight Zone Some of the stories tend to end rather abruptly and some of those endings may seem a little anti climactic; however the eerie uality about this collection is that the stories stay with you like a dream that may not seem like much at the time but for some reason stays with you for days on end I think the author himself best describes what I felt about this book when he writes What is interesting in an enigma is not the truth it hides but the mystery it contains Mysteriously beautiful and hauntingly complex

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book is incredible and amazing So beautifully written I'm not sure uite how to describe it almost magicallyromantically written but the stories are not about magic or romance I wish I knew French so I could read them in their original language This is the second book I've read by Mr Schmitt and I've adored them both Highly recommend Just reread One of the ONLY books I've ever wanted to re read in my life Still just as good

  5. Alina Alina says:

    Interesting stories well written easy to read Eric Schmitt sure knows how to write novelettes The characters are well defined even in this short stretched format the story is catchy and the reading is flowing

  6. Teresa Teresa says:

    It's a lovely book full of good stories about the power of the mind how our perception changes the world around us from what we think of people the power of imagination or reading a book I especially liked the first and the last story although Bad readings was uite hilarious I also enjoyed how the author presents completely ordinary settings and characters and somehow makes them uite unbelievable? novelistic? magical? Anyway his stories are uite delightful easy to read and gripping

  7. Jeanine Jeanine says:

    255Definitely not Schmitt's best

  8. Elvira Ribacu Elvira Ribacu says:

    Tough one to review Some of the stories are fairly good some of them are awful If you want to read Eric Emmanuel Schmitt short stories try Two Gentlemen of Brussels The Most Beautiful Book in the World or La Vengeance du pardon Don't waste your time with this one he has much better books

  9. Missistnbl Missistnbl says:

    My first french book after a long time 😍

  10. SWZIE SWZIE says:

    I revelled in ‘The dreamer from Ostend’ I find the author Eric Emamanuel Schmitt’s writing mesmerising; he completely draws me into to his simple but cleverly written short stories I loved the story of the young lovelorn writer who retreated to Ostend to recover from a broken relationship where he became acuainted with Madame Emma Van A; an elderly disabled spinster The old woman regaled her tenant with a compelling story that slowly unravelled to reveal a past that seemed too incredible to be true She told about her involvement with a past lover who shared her intellectual and literary interests Her deep feelings for the man were reciprocated Initially the story intrigued the writer but Gerda her niece was sceptical She said that her Aunty had been introduced to plenty of suitors but nobody wanted her But maybe as the writer pointed out she hadn’t wanted them The writer hypothesised that Gerda’s only affection for her auntie was out of pity because she perceived Madame Van A as living in a fantasy world and remembering her non existent past with nostalgia It seemed the old lady had never confided in anyone about the full story of her past as though there was someone she was trying to protect and yet she opened up to the young writer and as the mystery unravelled the story captivated him Until the finale where she claimed her lover had royal connections and she had been choosing appropriate women to be his mistresses; suitable because they were stupid and chosen because she knew that her lover couldn’t have been emotionally involved with someone of inferior intellect But she had underestimated one woman who turned out not to be as stupid as she had supposed Madame Van A felt resentful that this woman had stolen her lover from her grasp By the end of the story the young writer was incredulous because who would have seriously believed that a disabled woman could have captured the heart of such an eligible bachelor such as a handsome royal in line to the throne As a memento of her lost love the elderly woman had kept a single glove It was to be the astounding evidence that she had been telling the absolute truth about her past On hearing of the old lady’s death the Royal Palace carried out their instructions to deliver a glove which was to be placed inside Madame Van A’s coffin It was as if the two gloves coming together as a pair had a metaphoric significance They symbolised that the two lovers were eventually reunited

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