Garfield Hits the Big Time Garfield Numbered Paperback

Garfield Hits the Big Time Garfield Numbered Paperback ✿ Garfield Hits the Big Time Garfield Numbered Paperback kindle Epub ❃ Author Jim Davis – GARFIELD the world's favorite feline marks 15 years of laughs and lunches with this special silver volume the 25th in his series of side splitting comic compilations After 15 years of funnies GARFIELD GARFIELD the world's favorite the Big PDF ☆ feline marks years of laughs and lunches with this special silver volume the th in his series of side splitting comic compilations After years of funnies GARFIELD's earned some extra sleep But he'll still move all his muscles for meals and mayhem Whether he's hogging Jon's chair or hog tieing Garfield Hits Kindle - Odie GARFIELD shows us how to grow old disgracefully.

10 thoughts on “Garfield Hits the Big Time Garfield Numbered Paperback

  1. Katrina Katrina says:

    Read at the insistence of my book loving niece who traded me one of hers for one of mine While Garfield comics have a fond spot in my childhood memories it is one example of comic strips that got syndicated and began coasting with recycled jokes The best thing to come out of these is the terribly bleak version the internet has embraced Garfield Without Garfield the story of the world's loneliest and saddest man

  2. Bunny Bunny says:

    I am unashamedly reading all of the Garfield comics from my library Because Garfield rules

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    Sometimes you just have to have some cartoons

  4. Conan Tigard Conan Tigard says:

    Garfield Hits the Big Time had uite a few storylines which is something I really enjoy Single shots are okay but the storylines that last a week or longer is something I always look forward too As for the comic strips in this book they were entertaining but I did not find myself laughing out loud In fact there were only three strips in this book that I had to choose from to display above and those only made me smile no laughingI'm not sure how long Jim Davis can keep this comic strip going with only three main characters one of which never talks or thinks Poor Odie he just doesn't have a voice I think it would be great if he starting thinking out loud like Garfield does Or someone else someone new needs to be added into the mix I'm just not sure what or who it should be Maybe a kid That could lead to all kinds of trouble and laughsOverall Garfield Hits the Big Time is another engaging book in the Garfield library Although not as full of laughs as I would have liked the amount of longer storylines makes this book worthwhile Still I would like to see something change with this comic strip Something needs to be added to make it fresh again I just hope it isn't like when television show from the 1970's The Brady Bunch added Cousin Oliver and it killed the show's ratings which became known as the Cousin Oliver Syndrome

  5. Dolly Dolly says:

    I remember getting the Garfield books as Christmas and birthday presents as a child They were some of my favorite presents I reread them often and laughed like crazy at the antics of this crazy cat and his friends After about ten books however I moved on Our girls have discovered this series recently and are big fans too So we've been borrowing these books from our local library and I've really enjoyed watching them laugh together at the strips just as much as I used to I enjoy reading them too but for nostalgia than anything After all these years the humor is getting pretty redundant

  6. Dale Rosso Dale Rosso says:

    Great laughs as always

  7. Bookworm Erica Bookworm Erica says:


  8. Susan Susan says:

    Garfield is back with his usual hilarious antics

  9. Iggy Igwell Iggy Igwell says:

    Garfield doesn't want to go jogging

  10. Marnina Marnina says:

    He's hilarious

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