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  • Steinbrenner
  • Bill Madden
  • 19 June 2015
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  1. Dan Dan says:

    This impressive biography by Bill Madden was published just a few weeks before Steinbrenner’s death in 2010 I am not a Yankees fan and most definitely not a Steinbrenner fan Despite my lack of affection I can say this is one of the best biographies I’ve read in my ‘Best 100 Baseball Books’ project Steinbrenner owned the Yankees from 1973 to 2010 and Bill Madden was a sportswriter for the UPI and New York Daily News and covered the Yankees from 1978 until 2015We learn that George was born in 1930 in Bay Village a wealthy enclave near Cleveland Ohio He was born into a multi generational Great Lakes shipping family George excelled at some sports like track hurdles and football in high school and college but ironically he didn’t play baseball He was an intelligent kid who played the piano and he graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts in 1952 After graduating he enlisted for a stint in the Air Force and was stationed near his home in Ohio Upon his release he served as an assistant on Woody Hayes’s staff at Ohio State and Lou Saban at Northwestern With his family’s money he started to invest in different minor league sports franchises While in his thirties George took over operations of the family’s multi million dollar shipping empire in Cleveland which was already uite profitable became profitable and allowed him to purchase the Yankees in 1973 when CBS was willing to sell a failing franchiseAfter moving to New York he hired Roy Cohn as his attorney and began to really play “hardball” in the business and legal sense His success with the Yankees was partly because of his desire to win but mostly because of his deep pockets and a savvy realization that while free agency introduced in 1974 was driving up player salaries he could work this to his advantage because he was one of the richest owners After all who wouldn’t want to play in New York and make a lot of money Over the next thirty seven years the Yankees would win seven World Series for Steinbrenner Now the egomaniacal Steinbrenner certainly had significant character flaws and treated his GM’s managers and even some of his players atrociously He fired Billy Martin one of the most successful and impossibly pugnacious managers of all time no less than five times As far as GMs Steinbrenner on several occasions would employ two GMs and wait to see which one could last amidst the chaos Steinbrenner who did not grow up a Yankees fan often used past Yankees in various PR GM and manager roles because he knew they would put up with a lot of abuse because they felt so strongly about the Yankee dynasty Another one of Steinbrenner’s favorite tricks was to ask an underperforming star player what he thought of signing a potential player If the star player said it was a good idea he signed the new player and traded the underperforming star away just so they could think about the conversation after they were traded away There were some nice things he did as an owner too When old and young Yankees passed away including Martin and Munson Steinbrenner made sure that they had large tributes and funerals In his later years he was also able to soften his image when it was clear he would be handing the reigns to his children at some point 45 stars Highly recommended I docked5 stars because I think the material on the Joe Torre Yankee years was a little thin During much of that latter Torre period Steinbrenner was in poor health and did not make as many public appearances

  2. Lisa K Lisa K says:

    I liked it at first but I think I picked the wrong time to read a book that is mostly a lunatic billionaire yelling a lot

  3. Don Don says:

    Whenever I contemplate reading a biography I always consider the author and if they had a relationship with the person being written of I prefer not to read what Lester Bangs classified as “puff pieces” instead opting for an author that owed no allegiance to the subject Bill Madden covered the Yankees as beat writer for New York’s Daily News spanning thirty years Given the controversial nature of Steinbrenner the only realistic way Madden could write this book was to do so head on In my view he succeeded as not to take a direct approach would have set himself up for criticism from both his peers and baseball fans at largeGeorge Steinbrenner was an adult version of the very annoying kid many of us met in our adolescence born on third base because of the happenstance of his birthright he nevertheless reminded you freuently and unconvincingly that it was rather his athletic prowess in hitting a triple into the gap that initially placed him on third Steinbrenner’s watershed moment was not his birthright but instead his purchase of the Yankees in 1973 from CBS for a mere 10 Million In spite of his constant intermeddling the Yankees won and often Today in 2013 the Yankees franchise was valued by Forbes at 23 Billion in no small measure the result of Steinbrenner’s alacrity and shrewd innovative business practices Arguably “The Boss” was one of the most successful sports business executives and owners not just among his peers but perhaps of all timeMadden provides a balanced view of Steinbrenner’s life among which are the private details of his personal and family life which for me was a mystery until I read this book Additionally I was unaware of his very caring charitable nature to virtual strangers much of which was done anonymously Beneath the coarse rude exterior of an aggressive provocative bombastic man are glimpses of a decent human beingSome of the funniest parts of this book pertain to Steinbrenner’s interaction with his staff his general and field managers and most amusing of all his always awkward interaction with his players Graig Nettles a very clutch hitter with a Hall of Fame glove routinely laughed at Steinbrenner Lou Piniella as both a player and manager openly argued with George Three time American League MVP Yankee manager and Hall of Famer Yogi Berra literally boycotted Yankee Stadium for fourteen years given his disdain for both The Boss’ intermeddling and the manner in which he was dismissed as field manager Perhaps the funniest anecdote is that of Rick Cerone the journeyman catcher who had the unenviable position of replacing the late Thurman Munson Following a playoff loss to Milwaukee George was “blistering his players” to which Cerone interrupted the tirade with “Feck you George You don’t know what you are talking about You don’t know a fecking thing about baseball”The most memorable player is Hall of Fame Pitcher Rich “Goose” Gossage hands down the best multiple innings closer in the history of the game His dominating figure invoked the same fear that Hall of Fame Pitchers Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale did when a batter stepped in to face them He affectionately referred to Steinbrenner as “the fat man” responding to Steinbrenner’s continuous public criticism of his players After his six year contract was up Gossage unceremoniously stated “I’ve just had enough of the bullshitte that goes on there”If you are a Yankees fan a New York baseball fan like me or just a baseball fan that lived through Steinbrenner’s than thirty years of active ownership of the Yankees this is a historical sometimes sad and oftentimes funny book about a very polarizing yet memorable man

  4. Michael Michael says:

    It's funny I'm 28 and started following the Yankees seriously around 1994 the strike year so all I've known is unthinkable success and stability Certainly that's how the Yankee brass wants you to remember the Steinbrenner era just look at the YES Network's love fest for the man on their Yankeeography show; all the guests tripped over themselves to out praise SteinbrennerSometimes you have to be reminded that immediately preceding the 15 years of winning since the strike ended was a period of mediocrity that lasted almost as long and could be sourced back to the same man No club that goes through 17 managers in 17 years and fields players at the whim of a man with the impulses of a 7 year old and the management techniue of your average schoolyard bully could have won the way the Yankees of yesteryear did Is it purely coincidence that the two greatest periods of success since Steinbrenner took over the team the late 1970s and the 1996 2001 run the vestiges of which remain still are due in large part to personnel decisions made because Steinbrenner was banned from the everyday baseball operations of the team?Bill Madden's book is a nice run through for relatively young fans like me about the Steinbrenner era as seen by someone who was in the trenches every day a wake up call that the same man we can credit for turning the Yankees into a global empire is also responsible for some truly grievous decisions as well George Steinbrenner is the definition of a complex character a benevolent dictator a petulant crank whose teams have won way World Series than any other team since 1974 a ruthless entrepreneur who saw the potential in free agency and changed the game forever A novelist couldn't make him up but Madden does a good job at trying to portray him warts and all

  5. Luke Koran Luke Koran says:

    In a lengthy biography befitting his nearly four decade long tenure as owner of the New York Yankees sportswriter Bill Madden paints a near complete portrait of who George Steinbrenner III was in Steinbrenner The Last Lion of Baseball Numerous interviews new primary sources and the author's own experiences shed much light on the Yankees outspoken overly involved owner most notably from 1973 to 1992 Unfortunately this book greatly tapers off following Steinbrenner's reinstatement in 1993 especially after his first health crisis in 2003 Sure this may be due to a lack of Steinbrenner intervention in the Yankees championship teams go figure Steinbrenner doesn't intervene and the Yankees become a winning machine Still I feel that Madden could have dug deeper to find interesting anecdotes to share with his captivated readership Though this book could have waited until Steinbrenner's death or at least have an afterward published in a second edition I am thankful to have learned so much about George Steinbrenner and the true stories that contributed to his legendary persona

  6. Tim Timberly Tim Timberly says:

    Madden makes the case that for almost all of his time as owner Steinbrenner WAS the Yankees He did this completely than King Louis XIV L'etat c'est moi ever was able to do with France I liked the stories Madden included in the book and the interviews from people who knew first hand how fickle Steinbrenner could beI think that Madden left a two important uestions left unanswered First Madden made it clear that Steinbrenner helped usher in a new era of baseball through free agency spending millions of dollars to build championship teams in the 1970s Yet how did this fall apart in the 1980s? Was Steinbrenner unlucky with free agents or did his problems with his shipping company spill over to the ballclub? He hinted to both but no clear answer was ever given And then in the 1990s and 2000s when the Yankees again succeeded what changed with Steinbrenner? For one he left Torre as manager and Cashman as GM for a long time especially given how uickly he went through administrators before them What changed that brought stability?

  7. Brian Brian says:

    As an avid sports fan whether you love him or detest him this book is a great summary of The Boss’s days with the Yankees While there were some glaring mistakes Mets didn’t beat the Braves in the 2000 NLCS to face Yanks in World Series nor did game 2 go to extra innings of that World Series but it gives a detailed view of what The Boss was like during his tumultuous years of owning the Yanks I would say that the easily researched mistakes about the 2000 postseason make me wonder how many mistakes were made from eras I’m not as familiar which is why I took away a star

  8. SWC SWC says:

    Knowing that I am an avid baseball fan one of my daughters picked this book up for me at a second hand book sale at our local library I especially found interesting being reminded how George Steinbrenner became the owner of the Yankees

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Detailed account of Steinbrenner and his relationships with managers players former players fellow owners

  10. Greg Greg says:

    George Steinbrenner was uite the character A very interesting read

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Steinbrenner➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Steinbrenner By Bill Madden ➤ – If you love the New York Yankees arguably the most storied franchise in all of sports—or even if you’re just a fan of baseball history or big business bios—this biography of the larger than life If you love the New York Yankees arguably the most storied franchise in all of sports—or even if you’re just a fan of baseball history or big business bios—this biography of the larger than life team owner for the past four decades is a must for your bookshelf For than years Bill Madden has covered the Yankees and Major League Baseball for the New York Daily News and he brings all his insights and inside connections to Steinbrenner the definitive biography of one of New York’s most intriguing and long standing sports figures Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.