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The Blacksmith's Bravery [Download] ➾ The Blacksmith's Bravery ➹ Susan Page Davis – Ride shotgun alongside Vashti Edwards saloon girl turned stagecoach driver as she tries to redefine her life into a brave Christian citizen Watch as Griffin Bane local blacksmith and stagecoach manage Ride shotgun alongside Vashti Edwards saloon girl turned stagecoach driver as she tries to redefine her life into a brave Christian The Blacksmith's PDF or citizen Watch as Griffin Bane local blacksmith and stagecoach manager wrestles with his attraction to her When a gang of outlaws target the stagecoach line will The Ladies' Shooting Club come to their friends’ aid again saving Vashti and Griffin to build a future together.

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  1. Werner Werner says:

    Normally I like to read series books in order; but I've made exceptions and this is one of them I picked up a copy of this book four years ago at a thrift store as a present for my wife since I knew it would be right up her alley She's since read it twice once to herself and once as an organically powered audio book that I read to her My original intention was to get the first two books of the series and give her those first; but I then discovered that at the time they were out of print So we approached this one as a stand alone and it works well that way The lead characters here are apparently minor characters in the first two books and the major characters of the latter are secondary characters here; the relationships and any essential back story is introduced here effortlessly in passing with no info dumps though it's probably helpful to have read the book descriptions for the previous volumes in order to understand how and why the Ladies' Shooting Club was formed But in an interesting development I've just learned that paperback copies of the first two books are again available so they're going on my to read shelfOur setting here is the fictional small town of Fergus in the Idaho Territory probably southern Idaho going by the geographical proximity of Boise and Nampa in the late 1880s While I've classified this as a Western and it is since a gang of outlaws robbing the local stagecoach lines plays a major role in the plot Western shoot 'em up action while present isn't a heavy part of the mix here and much of it happens as it were off stage The focus is on the interactions of the characters as they live realistic life in a very well evoked frontier community of that day the Western genre is really a branch of the historical fiction genre that grew into a tree trunk of its own and this is solidly researched historical fiction Davis obviously knows the craft of blacksmithing inside and out though unlike some authors she doesn't try to shoehorn in every bit of data that she knows; and the same can be said for driving four and six animal stagecoach teams Personally in my total ignorance I had no clue that this reuired as much physical skill and dexterity in handling the different reins as it does; this book was a eye opener in that respectWhile the book isn't heavily preachy as a Christian writer the author brings out in a positive way the role of the town's church in the community life and of a Christian faith taken seriously in the lives of the principal characters There's no bad language and no sex scenes Some might classify the book as a romance since a clean romantic attraction grows and blossoms between a hero and a heroine who respect each other and appreciate each other for other ualities besides good looks though they're not immune to appreciating those either; but if it is it's the kind of romance' that reminds us that the term doesn't have to be an epithet There's not much heart fluttering and daisy petal pulling going on in the book and plenty of substantial and interesting things to flesh out the plotRightly or wrongly some readers have the impression that Christian fiction tends to reinforce male chauvinism and patriarchal gender role stereotypes and to ignore ugly social realities and to be sure there are certainly Christians who confuse cultural stereotypes with mandates of their faith and who don't want to be disturbed by the sinful world around them That's not a charge that can stick well to this book however Vashti Edwards is a strong independent woman who expects and wants to pull her own weight in life and who knows what she wants and has the guts and discipline to train for it and to make it happen even if it's doing well in a traditionally male job Griffin Bane is the kind of male who can see the worth of that and who wants an eual partner not a serf And Davis is the kind of writer who without being unnecessarily graphic can take a hard look at the evils of child sexual abuse and teen prostitution and the prejudiced stereotyping and gender double standards that we subject the victims of it toA fair rating of this book would probably be four and a half stars if I could split stars and I suppose I do give out too many five star ratings Readers who demand a lot of action in a book might find this a bit slow paced in places and Davis could have used better editing We learn early on that Griffin's newly widowed sister lives in Cincinnati which obviously is in Ohio but when she fobs her teenage oldest son off on Griffin a subseuent chapter puts his former stamping grounds in Pennsylvania and that unexplained relocation is maintained through the rest of the book And at one point Vashti stuck the holster which she doesn't have back in her belt The author obviously meant that our heroine stuck her Colt back in her belt since she doesn't have a holster and usually packs her gun in her overnight bag but had holster' on the brain and wrote that instead That reflects poorly on Barbour Publishing as does the fact that the binding on the book came loose and let the text block fall apart while I was reading it though granted I didn't buy it new But as a measure of my sheer enjoyment in reading it I had to round up

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Griffin Bane is a busy man and a hard worker managing three businesses in the town of Fergus Idaho Serving as the town smithy and livery owner he also manages the local Wells Fargo stagecoach office His life is further complicated with the arrival of an errant nephew to mentor and the ridiculous reuest from a former saloon girl; the alluring but transformed version of Vashti Edwards wants to drive his stagecoaches Vashti is determined to follow her dream; driving horses along the famed Wells Fargo line making an entirely new life for herself It's going to take some work and a lot of practice but some of the other drivers appear tolerant about giving George a fair chance When the grumpy Mr Bane offers her a part time job in the ticket office Vashti uickly learns that wanting to drive and actually doing it can be harder than she imagined; especially when a vicious road gang begins to rob coaches along their travel routes Griffin becomes uite concerned about her safety because he cares?????Enjoy this third installment of Susan Page Davis's Ladies Shooting Club series reminiscing with former characters and getting to know new ones Griffin and Vashti's road to success is riddled with some wild rides and heavy doses of danger but in the end there just might be a justifiable reward

  3. Lisa at Farm Fresh Adventures Lisa at Farm Fresh Adventures says:

    Love love love I have loved every book in this series I was so happy that this one was just like the other two I giggled a few times and enjoyed the characters immensely

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    I enjoyed this last book in the series but not uite as much as the first two While Griff was one of what I'd consider the main cast of characters I didn't feel the same for Vashti She is in the other books of course but just not in the same capacity as the stars of the other books in my opinion That led to not as many appearances of the ones I grew to love previously They are still there along with the other citizens of Fergus though

  5. Earlene Click Earlene Click says:

    Griffin and Georgia VashtiGriffin was the town blacksmith and Vashti was a spoiled dove working on a better future They have so many ups and downs but the keep praying for their happily ever after They just don't realize that it might be together I have loved each of the three stories in this series I just wish it could continue with folks in this town

  6. rob rob says:

    Good I think this book series was good overall the characters grew on me It seem it took a little while to get into each book in this series versus the series I really enjoyed The Lady 's Maid

  7. Lynnette Lynnette says:

    Loved this trilogyNice story wraps up the trilogy with themes of forgiveness God’s wiping our slate clean and the importance of family found or birth Hope there are books set in this town

  8. Carolyn Tye Carolyn Tye says:

    By far my favorite book in the series The pacing was good and the characters well developed

  9. Diamondgirl2634 Diamondgirl2634 says:

    Great bookLoved this book it was my favorite in the series Great character development and story line Recommend this series and this author

  10. Connie S. Koog Connie S. Koog says:

    Y ofLady DriverThis book showed that the Lord can change lives You have a great way of witnessing through you work I really enjoyed the book

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