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Metal Reign [Reading] ➶ Metal Reign ➬ Nathalie Gray – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The invaders thought they had crushed humanity They messed with the wrong speciesAn Impulse Power storyFrancine Beaumont is tired Tired of waiting for an armada of Imber ships to finish off what s lef The invaders thought they had crushed humanity They messed with the wrong speciesAn Impulse Power storyFrancine Beaumont is tired Tired of waiting for an armada of Imber ships to finish off what s left of humanity Tired of fear and privation Tired of living like a rat feeding off what scraps the cat lets her haveWhen the chance comes to hit the Imbers where it really hurts right at their fuel supply she takes it One stealth cruiser One pilot A cargo hold filled with explosives A suicide mission for sure but better that than doing nothingAs the ship s cook John O Shaughnessy knows everything that goes on aboard the warship And something is definitely up with his Frankie If she thinks he s going to let her carry out this crazy plan of hers alone that stubborn woman has another think comingFrankie thinks she s gotten away clean until her instincts tell her she s not alone on her mission Still it s a shock to find her peace loving John standing there with eyes that spell murder Now is a hell of a time to discover they re than friends But there s no turning back.

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  1. Erica Anderson Erica Anderson says:

    Metal Reign is a SF romance novella length with an engaging HH lots of action and great dialogue It's a uick read and a lot of fun The heroine Frankie is the captain of a fleet of ships that left earth when aliens attacked and took over the planet Many years later the ancient starships are failing and the humans have to reclaim earth or die trying Frankie takes on a suicide mission and spends her last night playing cards with her best friend John the ship's cook He's also the hero I'm not kidding The hero is a cook A beta cook And Grey manages to convince the reader within the space of a few pages that not only is John a great guy he and Frankie are perfect for each other Problem is they haven't figured it out yet It takes a whack on the head several near death experiences and a glorified ice box to convince the HH that they're meant to bePossible spoiler and a minor complaint the novella wraps up uickly and Earth is rather miraculously restored after the aliens are vanuished Although I found that the virtues of the romance outweighed the shortcomings of the abrupt ending some will find the HEA a bit too neat to be believedNevertheless if you're in the mood for some great dialogue and sweet romance give Metal Reign a try Oh yeah as Heather at The Galaxy Express pointed out despite the book cover Metal Reign is not erotic romance There's a bit of mental lusting but that's as far as it goes No explicit sex

  2. Sierra Dean Sierra Dean says:

    As a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica this novella appealed to the Caprican in me Metal Reign is a very fast read about the final battle for dominion over Earth with Commander Frankie a spitfire of a woman and her best friend John hunky Irish cook? Yes please attempting to destroy the alien Imber race and reclaim EarthMy only complaint with the novella was that it was if anything too short I could have read about the world Gray constructed for much much longer and would have loved to witness the growing romance between Frankie and John a little longer The action is amazing though and I do mean action movie type action not the between the sheets action and it reads like a screenplay for an epic filmI highly recommend this one for fans of sci fi or just fans of good action drama set in space

  3. Book Utopia Book Utopia says:

    After reading the first story by this author I went out and bought a lot of her backlist both in e and in print More and I’m finding myself drawn to her work because I’ve yet to be disappointedThe story starts with John and Frankie in one of their poker games private times they spend together John isn’t pleased with Frankie’s plan to bomb the pipeline the Imbers – the invading force that’s taken over Earth – have to the planet but he’s doing what he can to be supportive because he knows she’s going to do it anyway Frankie hasn’t told him that the aircraft can’t be flown remotely which means she’s going to have to fly it herself and probably die in the process When her initial craft is destroyed John provides her with an alternative then realizes at the last moment about the lack of remote flying He goes to confront her and ends up joining her onboard ready to stand at her side to help her mission succeedThere’s so much to love about this short action packed novella it’s tough to know where to start The pace is relentless hurtling from one plot point to the next at a breathless speed The writing is very visual as well making it easy to imagine what is going on without getting caught up in the prose This type of cinematic writing seems to typify this author’s style and though some romance readers might not be as interested in such a driven event oriented story I love it The vast majority of the conflict in this is external providing a vivid backdrop for the characters to come to their senses about each otherWhich brings me to John and Frankie Frankie is the commander of the fleet widely respected and fiercely independent She wears a firm mask for everyone but John who provides the anchor she needs to let loose every once in a while and though she’s a strong woman she doesn’t come across as bitchy or over the top I completely believed this was a woman who had trained for the career she wanted and succeeded based on her own abilities rather than attitude or stepping on others She had just enough flaws to highlight her strengths and make her human without weakening her character or making her unlikeableIn many ways John is the beta to Frankie’s alpha Instead of being military he’s a civilian who’s opted to take this post on Frankie’s ship simply so he can be closer to her He recognizes her strength and power and loves her all the for it but while he might acuiesce to many of her superior traits he makes her fight for that lead His dedication to both her command and her private side doesn’t make him a lesser man In fact it endears him to me all the because he is neither weak nor simpering The simple truth of his admiration for Frankie when he himself is such a strong character only makes him all that much strongerIf I have any complaints about this novella it’s that I would’ve loved to see of it The characters leap off the page even secondary characters like Womack the world building is fascinating and the action is crisp and continuous I can easily get lost in books like this and relish the chance to do so with other of this author’s works Because even when they’re short they’re still worth all the time and money I invest in them

  4. Netanella Netanella says:

    Great short scifi story with a little bit of romance thrown in Earth has been invaded by biomech aliens and humanity has escaped in spaceships all very Battlestar Galactica Loved it I also loved the role reversal between the female ship captain Frankie and the ship's cook John Despite being cast in a beta role despite being a lover not a fighter John was also no pushover when it came to FrankieGreat story

  5. Ella Drake Ella Drake says:

    slightly spoileryEnjoyed this story Nathalie Gray shows her versatility here writing a hot story as usual but with the main characters stuck in full on action not to mention closed into their space suits there's very little actual touchingGreat stuff

  6. Sarah (blissbubbley) Sarah (blissbubbley) says:

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