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  1. Nimue Brown Nimue Brown says:

    If you read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel and wondered what the real history of English magic looked like then this book is uite simply the answer Not uite as glamorous as Clarke’s fictional world or the magical England of Harry Potter it is none the less a history resplendent with strangeness eccentricity and curiosities This book brings together the real stories those writing about fictional English magic have been drawing on all along For anyone interested in the literary angle it’s most informative readMagic is here offered as an alternative dialogue to the familiar mainstream narratives of technological progress and historical leaders It’s especially interesting to see just how much magic and superstition have existed since the age of so called enlightenment No matter how rational we may imagine our species to be magic has never been far from us glorious rule breaking and exciting No matter how scientific we get we all still crave a little magic And as the authors point out technology keeps giving us the things that magic once promised The lines are seldom clear cutFor anyone who wants a fascinating read this is an ideal book to get your teeth into For anyone interested in exploring magic not only is this a broad ranging introduction that gives some insight into many different traditions it’s also loaded with pointers for places to go things to try and other books to readI very much enjoyed this book I think it has many potential applications and that pagan readers of all paths should consider checking it out

  2. Holly Holly says:

    The book is really pretty but I am kind of disappointed in the contentI feel like it's been poorly edited too For example here's a pretty eyebrow raising error with regards to astrology signs 6 signs were mixed up and it wasn't caught in editing I feel like if you're trying to teach people what their sign is this segment was doing that then you ought to be sure you leave them knowing what their sign really looks likeYeah Wonky There's a lot of superfluous stuff in here and while the book is pretty the content is uestionable Read it like a travel guide imo Things that I noticed The greyitalic text for all interviews was annoying A lot of the images aren't captioned so I don't know who the artist was nor sometimes what the content was meant to be

  3. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Overview of various traditions of English magic Packed with useful stuff to take you off down byways ie the kind of book that mostly makes you want to go get other booksfind out stuff Which is exactly what I wanted I wouldn't recommend it for casual reading but it's a handy addition to your English magic library The print copy has a bunch of personal accounts by various druids psychics etc that are set apart by being printed in a grey so light it's almost completely unreadable although this isn't a problem as they aren't worth reading

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A beautiful book but disappointing I wanted STUFF not a bunch of warmed over mythology Interviews with current Wiccans self proclaimed sorcerers aside this is a collection of half truths so which trees were sacred? Which parts? What did magicians do with them? and outright misinformation the Druids did NOT build Stonehenge which predates their arrival in Britain

  5. Jana Jana says:

    Finally finally finished this chunker of a book I kept telling myself it took me so long because I was moving house and didn't have a lot of time but the truth is I decided to pick up other books over it even when I did have time It wasn't bad and it wasn't boring in fact most of what it had to offer was actually really interesting and I loved that at the end of every chaptertopic they had a list of things to do and resources if you wanted to put research into the respective field of magic Still it didn't always hold my attention enough and could at times become very long winded Overall still an interesting read but nothing I'd reread

  6. Tim Pendry Tim Pendry says:

    I cannot praise this book enough both for its content and its style It is a hefty tome at over 500 pages but beautifully bound and once you get over the odd use of a lighter typeface for 'practitioner' contributions designed It may not be cheap £25 but it is excellent valueThe structure is worth commenting on because uite simply it works and it puts to shame a lot of the shoddy editing that you currently get in the publishing industryCarr Gomm and Heygate tell the story of English magic in twelve successive roughly chronological chapters each with contemporary resonance taking us from in simplistic terms earth magic druidry Anglo Saxon magic the arthurian tradition the folk magic of the pre modern era alchemy the world of John Dee the cunning folk of rural industrial England freemasonry the magical orders of the late ninetenth century Crowley and his benign contemporaries like Dion Fortune and finally the contemporary world right up to the emergence of chaos magicEach chapter contains a narrative that introduces you to the contemporary manifestations of the historic experience and then intersperses this with practical magical insights for example how to hunt for ley lines or the basics of magical numerology or the tarot as well as extended interviews with practitioners in each field These 'insights' will give you sufficient flavour of a practice for you to decide whether to investigate furtherOn top of this the authors provide exceptional and up to date resource materials fiction related to the era biographies of key figures information on where to go and how to get information including access points to current magical schools even those with a bit of a health warning attached There are of course useful further reading lists advice on bookshops and internet sites and even lists of publishers and academic and specialist coursesFinally the overall tone is measured balanced fair and thoughtful There are even periodic health warnings against misunderstanding or misusing magical techniues or expecting too much or the wrong thingThis book exists well within the contemporary culture of British not just English paganism humane tolerant eclectic There is a certain national pride that England has Wicca as its global contribution to the major growing religions though Druidry may claim some status here and the argument that England is the most magical country in the world certainly seems to hold water as each chapter unfoldsThere are many views of what magic is and what it means and the authors are fair to all of them whether there are really existent realities or whether the phenomena are psychological is all the same to them They take no sides There is an amusing passage where the authors compare the 'styles' of serious pagans new agers wiccans freemasons and the thelemites and chaos magicians at the harder edge of the game so that 'choices' to dump Judaeo Christian restriction and plump for an alternative have very many options that will fit many different types of personalityPersonally I am a pagan sympathetic observer with thoroughly chaotic and thelemite tendencies who is just a little resistant to the professionalisation of the latter For me this is a book of many possible techniues and of many in decades to come by which persons individuals find their own ethical and 'spiritual' paths without benefit of authority Of course there are traditions that do have hierarchies and grades with freemasonry probably at the most extreme end of imposed order and secrecy and weak personalities can be overwhelmed by strong personalities but the general trend of English magic is embedded in that very English blend of individualism and pragmatism that makes us strangely passive yet supremely stubborn if our Ancient Liberties are threatenedMy recommendation to the reader is to relax and let the book flow through you taking notes of those techniues and cultures that most appeal to your nature You can lay the book aside a bit better informed about what is on offer if you ever need something to give you meaning or explain the world better than scientific positivism though intelligent magic as the authors freuently suggest is not incompatible with science by any means Or you can take up one of the traditions follow through on a reference until it has served its purpose and then find another for a new purpose later Basically make your search a pleasure not a chore though the best results clearly come from immensely hard and focused labour This is the real point of magical thinking although the authors end the book with no less than 16 uses of magic in essence the primary use is self development finding your true nature and working it in the world Magic represents a radical democratic and yet oddly conservative tradition of resistance to being told who you are by authority of any type and yet it is not anarchic even at its most chaotic It constructs an ethic from experience an understanding of difference between persons tolerance and of what makes us all so similar nature It is certainly not a tradition for those who can think only in terms of eitheror or in all encompassing universals that dictate what roles we must play in the tide of history or before some fearsome patriarchal or matriarchal judgemental deityAnd one footnote about the English tradition In much of the world the new paganisms have grown because they have to say something to the unsure and disempowered and this is clearly so with the spread in the US of neo pagan ideas but in the UK today the simple egalitarianism of the pagan revolution is expressed in the breadth of intellect and achievement that leavens and assists the paganism of the streetAs you read through the many testimonies in this book you will see people with serious academic accomplishments rub alongside people whose status in society may be 'lowly' but who are accomplished in their abilities to see things the rest of us do not or in giving some sort of 'spiritual' service to others The respect of each for all and of all for each is in marked contrast to cultures that 'look up to' priests rabbis or imams and leave their spiritual thinking at the door of the church mosue or synagogueThis is not to denigrate the latter they have their role as community religions which contain many strands of deep intellectual engagement mysticism and consolation but the structural difference despite the High Priestesses and Grades of some advanced magical and pagan traditions is that power comes from below instead from above The wicked tantric Crowley was seeking to liberate his followers even from their allegiance to himHighly recommended and enjoyable a book I shall keep close by my desk for reference

  7. Simon Simon says:

    A book that definitely falls between two stools The Book of English Magic is both an introduction to magic for the novice practitioner and a historical analysis of the various traditions that make up the wildly diverse body of esoteric thought and practice in England As such it's not very satisfying in either aspect the suggestions for practitioners are somewhat undercut by the rational analysis and the rational analysis is undercut by the suggestions for practitioners It's hard to take an analysis of magic seriously from an anthropological perspective when it's telling you to believe in dowsing and spirit mediums Still it was an entertaining read

  8. Steve Cran Steve Cran says:

    Philip Carr Gomm an expert on Druidry has written a book that is a tour de force Covering the magical history of Britain all the way from it's prehistoric Shamanistic beginning all the way up to the present The book is comprehensive informative and very interesting if you are new to magic I advise you pick up a copy of this book and read it The over view will help you get to where you want to go in the realm of magicNot only does the book offer a rich textured history of magic but it also comes with exercises the novice can do so they can get their feet wet If you are a long term practitioner then this is your chance to dabble in something a bit outside of your field For further exploration the book offers a treasure trove of web links and books for further exploration AwesomeRight now there are magical practitioners in Britain then every before The early prehistoric people began doing their Shamanistic practices in caves often times using chants altered states of mind and visualization in order to control the world around them Such concerns were for hunting crops and warding off sicknessThe state of magic moved on as the landscape of Britain is filled with landmarks that at first modern Brits took no notice of This changed with the likes of John Aubrey and William Stukely who recognized them as Pagan holy sites and worthy of attention later on other people would find our they were connected by Ley lines Originally they were straight line paths from one place to the next Trade caravans and pilgrims followed these routes in around 1925 it was theorized that these land lines were like energy routes and could be harness for magical practice To tap into these Ley lines one could use a variety of methods but one stood out and that was dowsingBy use of tools inclusive of pendulums and dowsing rods Ley lines could be discovered Dowsing is also an effective means for finding water and oil many dowsers will tell you never to use dowsing for personal gain or unearned wealth Druids who were the philosophers among the Celts rose to prominence Their writing was using the Ogham alphabet Now not much is known about the Druids so we have what is called an imaginative reconstruction The Romans obliterated any traces of Druidic culture The reconstructions come from scratch Druidism or neo druidism developed in Britain growing through three stages First group mimicking the Freemason was like a workers club offering fraternity friendship and union style benefits it was a means of support The second phase was of a cultural celebration where in the Brits who joined still retained their Christian affiliation while practicing Celticdruidic rites as a cultural thing Finally the druids became a spiritual magical movement They modeled themselves after the Mason with initiations and ceremonies and casting circles Symbolic use if herbs animal totems and vision uests are made use ofNo magic book on England would be complete without mentioning Merlin Some call him Mardyn the wild one No one knows who he really is They know he existed; of course King Arthur is something else entirely Merlin was an adviser to the king In reality he may have been a chieftain who came from Ireland and Scotland Geoffrey Monmouth spoke of him in his works Many feel that Merlin's prophecies came to pass Others still say they are yet to pass The chapter continues with further talk on the legends of the Grail and their internal spiritual usesAs the Romans were forced to flee the Anglo Saxons and the Jutes entered the scene A system of magic and sorcery was built upon the foundation of what was left behind of the Romans and celts added to the Germanic tribes brought with them The Anglo Saxon brought with them beliefs in elves dwarves gnomes and faeries They also brought the Runic alphabet with them The Runes branched off and took different courses in Britain then they did in Germany The Anglo Saxon had a belief that sickness was caused by mischievous elves The Anglo Saxon sorcerer has verbal charms and herbs that were meant to counteract such things The Herbs were often imbued with powers bestowed up them by certain astral bodies The Runes were used for fortune telling and Binding runes could be used for magical spells Binding is when runes were worn as a talisman or amulet Two runes would be combined for certain desired resultHigh magic came to play with the importation of Alchemy Alchemists in the west have always sought two things how to turn metals into gold and how to perfect the soul Alchemists in the East also wanted to perfect the soul but they were also searching for immortality Eventually Alchemy would lead to chemistry but the idea of certain herbs being associated with planetary influence and perfecting the soul would find their way into High Magic High Magic is all about Theurgist magic which is geared for perfecting the soul The book has a few real interesting activities associated with alchemy that can be performed at homeJohn Dee was very interested in both Astrology and alchemy A gifted magician he plunged into magic whole heartedly His interest in magic would lead to an interest in angels He was a favorite of the Elizabethan court He would get together with a cohort who is clairvoyant who was able to decipher the Enochian language They would later go off treasure hunting with his cohort Edward Kelley Their treasure hunting exploits were not as successful as hoped Edward Kelley ended up getting arrested John Dee retiredLow magic is using magic to procure things like love money and even fighting of sickness It had much in common with Anglo Saxon sorcery The people that come to mind are Witches Wiccans and Cunning folk Wicca was introduced in 1954 by Gerald Gardner Without going into his life details Wicca has been controversial It made the term witch a positive connotation Their focus was on positive magic The controversy is the actual age of whatr is called Wicca Witch craft is not the same as Wicca in al casesThe original witches were actually cunning folk who lived in the countryside villages They would perform magick to protect people from the evil work of witches They would also say their incantation invoking Jesus The second group of witches were those accused of witch craft and burned at the stake Many were innocent Finally there is WiccaWicca took many things of ceremonial magic including invocations from the Key of Solomon They also took the initiation from the Masons Combining theories from India and the far east Gerald Gardner formulated his own brand of magicThe history of magic continues with descriptions of Alesister Crowley Freemason The Golden Dawn all the way through Chaos Magick The book is too exhaustive to give a thorough summarization unless you are writing a term paper It has interviews places to visit activities book you name it This book gets five stars out of five stars if you are any way into magic then buy the book ASAP

  9. Allyson Shaw Allyson Shaw says:

    Not sure who the audience is for this book Serious practitioners will find it all a bit superficial and scatter shot curious skeptics will find it eually frustrating It is poorly edited as well The activities sections struck me as humorous as if they were written for children or perhaps it was going for some kind of Martha Stewart style occult advice? I wish I could recommend this book but I really can't

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    Guess who's back ? Back again IT ME I mean at this point most of my goodreads friend could have entirely forgotten who I am and I wouldn't blame them or you if it relates to you as you read this right now I have let my brain rest for most of January and half of february and traded books for movies for a while add me on letterboxd blissfulzwan but none of that relates to this book I've just read so HELLO AGAIN Alright now let's jump into the actual reviewThis is a wonderful book for anyone with a casual interest in magic or a total beginner The world of magic is so wide there are tons of different ways to practice different belief systems some practice it as part of their religions while others view it as a simple philosophy and considering the amount of people who to this day find it truly shameful or even absolute blasphemy it can be hard to find a mentor This book could help you begin your journey as a magician It presents the reader with an array of easy magical projects you can realise with next to nothing and gives a great introduction to english magic from the middle ages to current day along with an incredibly long list of resources ranging from books to websites to bookshop adresses and sites you might want to visit magical festivals you could take part in or simply assist to etcI think knowing about well known magicians and the movements they have created certainly would help a newcomer to find their footing in the magic world and decide what they want to explore most It is also a great ressource if you want to understand profoundly the basis of the magical worlds of books like Harry Potterthe Lord of The Rings His Dark Materials series etc particularly in the chapters that discuss alchemy The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars to this book is that it's definitely not advertised as a beginner book and I wish I had known that prior to reading it If you are familiar with the history of the UK and magic in Europe you probably won't learn too many new things However it is a very easy and even entertaining read the historical bits being spaced apart with small essays from professors and other magic practitioners on whichever subject the chapter is about giving us a modern take on everything we just read The book contains really beautiful illustrations such as these you may see on the cover really giving the impression that it is an old grimoire It is for sure a nice addition to my collection and one I would consider giving to a teen or young adult with an interest in the occult since it touches on so many things from dowsing to chaos magic and wicca not to mention the old norse gods and druidry

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