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You Lost Me There ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ You Lost Me There Author Rosecrans Baldwin – By turns funny charming and tragic Rosecrans Baldwin's debut novel takes us inside the heart and mind of Dr Victor Aaron a leading Alzheimer's researcher at the Soborg Institute on Mount Desert Island By turns funny charming and tragic Rosecrans Baldwin's debut novel takes us inside the heart and mind of Dr Victor Aaron a leading Alzheimer's researcher at the Soborg Institute on Mount Desert Island in Maine Victor spends his days alternating between long hours in the sterile lab and running through memories of his late wife Sara He has preserved their marriage as a sort of perfect You Lost PDF \ if tumultuous duet between two opposite but precisely compatible souls But one day in the midst of organizing his already hyperorganized life Victor discovers a series of index cards covered in Sara's handwriting They chronicle the major changes in direction of their marriage written as part of a brief fling with couples counseling Sara's version of their great love story is markedly different from his own which for the eminent memory specialist is a startling revelation Victor is forced to reevaluate and relive each moment of their marriage never knowing is the revisions will hurt or hearten Meanwhile as Victor's faith in memory itself unravels so too does his precisely balanced support network a group of strong women from his lab assistant to Aunt Betsy doddering doyenne of the island that had so far allowed him to avoid grieving.

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  1. Seán Seán says:

    You Lost Me There is the debut novel of the co founder of The Morning News and there probably is no bigger fan of the site than this reader Briefly for the uninformed TMN is the site that launched the Gary Benchley web series the hit than miss Non Expert column and the Tournament of Books the N C Two As for booknerds This is a than fine pedigree for a freshman novelist in the internetty ageAnd Baldwin can certainly write well and engagingly even the worst moments in YLMT are suffused by the light of the guy's obvious talent Victor a dedicated genetic researcherlaboratory salaryman stands at the center of the book Vic's area of expertise is Alzheimer's and it's in his work to seduce and tame the disease that offers Baldwin plenty opportunity to muse on the nature of time memory and that most unstable of elements lurveYet what one finds in YLMT is that most common of writerman problems characters in search of a story While God knows this reader is no strict formalist there is a science to narrative construction When fashioned with a greedy beaux arts eye the gleaming marble balustrade minus one carefully chosen baluster or the slashing cursor of an ego pig deconstructivist DJ CAD Jockey's Bauhaus Fractal Remix structure can be than style or evidence of closed off neural pathways it can be the very wordstuff of the author's voice the very thing that by its girdings transmits the fluttering light of inspiration that set pen to paperInbetweensy fits of subway car narcolepsy I'm reading Roa Bastos' I the Supreme the original Spanish title Yo el Supremo is a life giving mantra when shouted at 4 am on Roosevelt Avenue The book is proving to be one of the most ballsy fuck yous to the ideas of character and plot ever dreamt up by the Dalkey Archive Bastos has something sincerious going on however; one voice by turns shouting and sputtering for 400 pages is all that's needed Baldwin just simply ain't thereIn YLMT Victor's wife's notecards the wife is dead by the way and the notes written for aborted couples therapy are a classic use of the epistolary voice an 18th Century hold over device that continues to pay off from Dear Mr Henshaw to Ada ville Here though they are not enough They don't bracket parts of a story; rather they serve as well executed mind you timeouts Again you like the elements moments and phrases very much But then you have Vic's diversionary loves a slow motion chaos of unfurling grief that strikes the right note here and there but then prematurely runs out of breath Whereupon a heretofore second string character is tagged in for an unsatisfying conclusionPerhaps in a different time last year or a fortnight from now I would be all about Baldwin's first foray But these days? Kiss it up I know But really though every day every day I abandon the el shrouded lee of my ueens and trek to a small room in Brooklyn to proofread reams and reams of shyster deposition transcripts where I am beset by Staten Island's most feared temp trolls and most days I read only in uick snatches on crowded post budget cut trains and then you'll find me working off the books after close of business In library stacks Westlaw used to be a friend of mine These days you got to grab me sonNote An earlier review was lost to 1 Tecate; and 2 GR's lack of an auto save feature This present review is offered to you by Tecate by its damned self Three fourths of the previous review focused on how well Baldwin rendered the setting of YLMT the Downeast Coast of Maine It was all an elaborate set up for this this past Fourth of July I spent a weekend on an island in Casco Bay Maine where George and Babs Bush took in a fancypants restaurant's luncheon a likely low salt repast which coincided with my noontime arrival on that very same spit o' land At that moment I was less than a mile from the molten sulphurous core of whiteness and the scenery couldn't have been lovelier

  2. Stina Stina says:

    Victor Aaron is a dull dull turd Why would any of the other people in this book have a relationship with him? He was lame self centered and shitty I would give 15 stars and would also like to punch the author in the balls

  3. David David says:

    This is turning out to be disappointingly heavy sledding Maybe because the whole thing feels too much like a cerebral exercise the characters are there just as a means of exploring the fallibility of memory not because there's a story that needs to be told I like a good story myselfUpdate 2 months laterOh dear This critically acclaimed novel of ideas turns out to be just the kind of book that exposes me for what I am The kind of reader who finds a certain kind of serious novel of ideas to be essentially unreadable I like Rosecrans Baldwin for reasons I'll explain below I could see him straining to write a serious novel that would receive critical acclaim I was rooting for him to succeed And possibly for some subset of discerning readers he has Those readers will need patience than me I found the characters uninteresting the structural devices a little too forced and the prose was way too solemn for my tasteHere's the thing While he was writing this novel Rosecrans Baldwin spent 18 months in Paris working for a French ad agency He documents this often surreal experience in a much looser almost gossipy account called Paris I Love You But You're Bringing me Down That book is terrific in it he manages to nail the absurdities of Parisian life hilariouslyI hate to say it but the book that was presumably written as a diversion ended up being far better than You Lost Me There Not an entirely fair judgment of course since I never did manage to finish that earnest novel of ideas insert weak He lost me there jokelet ad lib I am of course a confirmed philistine and your mileage may vary Despite my philistine status I make no apologies for holding all authors to the minimum standard of writing a book that the reader will actually you know want to keep reading Because of its failure to meet that standard I can only give You Lost Me There one star

  4. Elaine Elaine says:

    This book was just too much of a painful slog I don't know who or what rang most false the spry drunken 86 year old the vapid invisible 58 year protagonist the weirdly talkative and aggressive 20 something girls who have nothing better to do than hang around the aforementioned protagonist the stilted and improbable dialogue the trite musings on science and memory The whole book seemed to violently violate the old adage of write what you know which fine many talented writers can violate with impunity but in Baldwin's case just leads to a lot of a fill in the blank would never talk like that to her bosslovernephew Plus it's so boring and dreary The revelations are too slight and buried in too many words for the reader to care Seems like a very young man imagining how the late middle aged might live and love Not good

  5. christa christa says:

    My very special gentleman friend has this thing with the last third of movies and books Usually he hates them Probably would rather have the ending lopped off than nose dive into a suck pool Especially in the situation of a really really really good first two thirdsI had that in mind as I neared the ending of Rosecrans Baldwin's debut novel You Lost Me There I considered closing the book Sealing it Shelving it Letting the story end where I wanted to end instead of where Baldwin wanted it to end I wasn't convinced that he had it in him to maintain the loveliness of the book to the final page And by dammit I was right Spoiler alert Fizzle festThis post was supposed to be a love letter to those books that come around and everything in the universe is working in unison and suddenly you have the hots for a collection of words but no idea why This one has got a strong science plot line that includes actual science words It's not an addiction memoir or Japanese horror The words won't lull you into a dreamy Murakami coma It's just really good A pleasant place to live for eight hours Or should I say the six ish or so hours before the story just dissolved Such a shame A damn damn shameDr Victor Aaron a pretty decent scientist researching Alzheimer's Disease is a worker bee whose wife Sara died a few years ago in a car accident Things were a little blotchy in their relationship at the time She was a playwright slash screenwriter with a solid flick on her resume There was a trial separation and also a trip to a couples therapist who assigned a writing project List the five benchmarks for where this relationship took a turnVictor disses the assignment balks at psychiatry but later finds her cards which reveal that her memories of their marriage deviate from his own Confusing times for a biggie in the brain world who specializes in memories In the meantime he's got a handful of ladies in his life and he isn't pulling his weight in any of these relationships There is a sassafrass young lady who spends Friday evenings performing burlesue shows for his personal viewing and a gossip y smoking drinking old bitty he eats dinner with on Friday nights His lab parter is flailing around with big uestions about love And later his goddaughter moves in for the summerBut dude He's coasting Doesn't realize that the young burlesue dancer is developing real feelings for him and he is accused of being inconsiderate by the old dinner partner Poor lab partner is frustrated; He embarrasses the hell out of the goddaughter a sort of confusing character who seems inches from leaning Lolita And those darn notecards are haunting himVictor is a toughie His motivations or lack thereof are frustrating But Baldwin has mastered the art of the supporting role Everyone around him is a real pleasure These two components work really well togetherBut there isn't a climax which is interesting because Victor himself can't finish So unfortunate since there are so many nice thoughts on love and loss and memory and relationshipsIf I had it to do again I'd have followed my instincts with this one and ditched out on the book toward the end before it ditched out on me

  6. Lori Lori says:

    Read 31914 326143 Stars Recommended for readers who don't mind a slow story that turns and churns over loss and regret and misunderstandingPages 304Publisher Riverhead HardcoverReleased 2010I bought this book as a hardcover yeaaaaars ago at a book sale for a couple of bucks drawn to it by the title and cover less so by the jacket copy The blurb refers to the book as at turns funny charming and tragic We'll get back to this in a momentI left it shelved with the countless other unread book sale binge buys I've amassed over the years god knows how many I have enough to overstuff two entire bookshelves and then some and didn't have an urge to pull it down and crack it open until my husband's work related three week long absence from home last monthI was mopey and not thrilled that he was going to be gone from home for so long and I needed to lose myself in a book that matched my current mood And You Lost Me There sounded as though it would fit the bill nicely The main character is a neuroscientist who's having a hard time getting over the loss of his wife Rather than properly grieve her when she first passed away he's been sort of casually dating his very much younger co worker and sort of strangely lending himself out as a non sexual boy toy to his wife's very much older aunt Until he discovers a bunch of index cards written out in his wife's handwriting outlining her thoughts on their marriage as part of a homework assignment given to them during a brief stint of couples counselingSo here it comes the big ah ha moment Our neuroscientist who prides himself on his keen memory since well you know he STUDIES it for a living is suddenly thrown into shock at the fact that his wife remembered their life together very differently than he did Where he was wedded in ignorant bliss and struggles to separate one moment from another his beloved Sara writes about specific defining moments in their lives Moments that had a major impact on her Moments that he remembers uite differently or worse simply cannot recall at allSo the uestion that chews at him and so in turn should be chewing at us is how two people can live their lives together and experience their time together so differently Well I don't need to read a three hundred page novel to be able to tell you that hey guess what people experience shit differently dude suck it up and move on be happy you found those cards because of the better late than never insight it gives you into who you are when viewed from other people's perspectives and just move on GeeshAnd yeah so I get it he's a study er of brains and memory and is totally weirded out by the unpredictable ways in which people experience remember and mentally file away moments This part of it I admit fed right into a thing I've always found myself obsessing over so since I've had kids but I've been doing it since I was in high school which is and you might think I'm a little bit crazy when I tell you this but really what do I care? how we've got to come to terms with the fact that we will never ever really truly know what it is like to be anyone other than ourselves We won't ever really understand how other people see us hear us perceive us we'll never feel how much they might hate us or love us never know how much they think of us or WHAT they think when they do think of us And that's part of life I might not like that my kids and husband have thoughts and feelings that are independent of me but if I sit there and dwell on it I'm likely to drive myself bat shit crazyBut enough about me and my weird ass mental games right? Let's get back to Rosencrans and his failure to write a book that made me grip the pages with a fierce and sisterly sense of sameness This book was soooo not the companion to my misery I had hoped it would be It went down a road I wasn't really interested in going down but followed reluctantly because hell I was already so many pages into it and I needed to finish it so it'd count against my goodreads challenge well no not really I actually kept reading to see if it would get any better I was still holding out hope for the whole at turns funny charming and tragic stuff But no dealI didn't find it funny it was actually kind of boring and sad in a dude please just let it go sort of way I didn't find it charming I actually had a great dislike for our protag and his self centeredness and I was annoyed by his girl friday and really had a hard time buying into the horny old broad And tragic? Well ok I'll give Rosencrans that It was a tragic in this sense our poor neuroscientist was happy remembering his wife and their perfect marriage while bopping a chick that could have been his granddaughter Those cards should have been left the hell alone Watching him literally disintegrate right before our eyes was tragic Tiresome yes But also tragicAh me A mild disappointment yet one that as I sit here one month later composing this review I can still feel I can remember how I felt as I read it and that must mean something yes?

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Bruce Willis Die Hard MoonlightingHow often do you run into Mr Willis and his oeuvre in literary fiction? He may not appear freuently maybe not at all yet he fits in perfectly with this substantial and insightful novel about memor by Rosecrans Baldwin You Lost Me There is a complicated story with twists and surprises and feinted paths as well as scientific details about disease and the research to fight it Beyond the serious details it is a fun novel as well thus Bruce Willis references prevail throughout the story and with surprising relevancy“Years in the past someone thought my wife was a knockout one night long ago in a restaurant A night I didn’t remember”So realizes Victor Aaron a brilliant scientist who is now realizing just how ignorant he’s been In the time since his wife’s fatal car accident he’s been lost and unable to find his way too young to retire but too old to feel any real enthusiasm for his life or work As a scientist researching Alzheimer’s disease he’s enthralled with the concept of memory and works to find a cure His work gives him opportunities to study case histories on how the brain is wired and the novel doesn’t hesitate to dip into scientific explanations That the memory specialist is unable to recall much about his wife anything accurate is a puzzle he needs to solveHe stumbles upon note cards that his wife had written as suggested by a marriage counselor they had hired in an effort to stall what appeared to be an inevitable divorce Their marriage had become a uiet battle of pathos versus logos with a bit of ethos thrown in by crazy Aunt Betsy Aunt Betsy appears to be the voice of balance in the novel even though she is described by Victor as “an amateur anthropologist who studied misbehavior She tracked her stories doggedly and did not hesitate to use them” Victor is most astonished by how his wife Sara describes him in her note cards “He was so focused on research and making a name for himself that we were landlocked by his lab schedule him at sea and me in the window” She had a successful career as did he they were wealthy and he didn’t see a problem in their marriage that couldn’t be fixed without him simply apologizing That his apologies were vague and noncommittal didn’t occur to him and as he continues to read her notes he realizes how differently he and she had interpreted significant events in their lives However the story doesn’t limit itself to their marital discord which would probably be a really sappy novel that would ultimately be a bore and then a television movie Instead Baldwin goes deeper into what memories Victor has from a childhood friend’s suicide to his closest friend’s obvious creepiness It’s as if seeing his wife Sara’s version of himself has freed him to reexamine himself from other angles Yet you can’t be lulled into thinking this is a fable that ends with everyone awakened to their flaws and eager to change Can you change who you are if you can't remember what you've been?“I didn’t want to remember that evening ever again Wipe the synapses clean with some scotch and a hard sleep” Baldwin creates a thriller like pace and he weaves in details such as the “We Will Never Forget” bumper stickers of 911 and how in placing them on cars people are essentially admitting that they need to be reminded Victor admits to not remembering the name of a movie that was the centerpiece of their first date and Baldwin uses this to contrast how there are often so many little things we remember while the important details slip away Even fascinating though is how Baldwin portrays different characters in the phases of wanting to remember or trying to forget Because this doesn’t attempt to sew up all the details neatly it would probably be a great film I’d bet the movie rights are already sold The uestion is is there a role for Bruce Willis?

  8. Judy Mann Judy Mann says:

    Okay I would say he lost me there and there and there and even there and especially there and over there and there and thereThis was one really lousy bookThere were times when the writing was so incoherent that I wondered if the galleys hadn't gotten mixed up in the printing He Baldwin uses metaphors that make absolutely NO SENSE By last night it had gotten so bad that I actually wrote some of them downWatch this He's talking about his lab partners getting a grant application readyPg 103Days slipped by and the world shrank back to our lab's small proportionsWe had the tempo of an umbrella factory???????Will some one out there tell me WHAT exactly is the tempo of an umbrella factory??? Is it fast? Is it slow??? Does anyone out there know?Here's another pg 97His friend Russell is taunting him here about a student who had killed himself after Victor refused to help this kid with his homeworkVictor gets mad at Russell ; Russell is taunting him about this kid and for some reason he asks Victor So I was thinking How old are you?To which Victor repliesDo me a favor You remove your 9 11 sticker from your windshield then we'll talkWhat is he talking about and how just HOW does that relate to how old Victor is????All these incongruitiesUnbelievable I am giving his guy the benefit of the doubt by saying maybe the galleys were all mixed up in the printingOkay watch this pg 121I reached out my hand but she managed in getting up to duck her shouldersWhat??I read that one over 5 times putting a comma in 5 different places Nothing No sense Not one iota of senseYou want me to go on? I won'tLast thing though has anyone done a word count on how MANY times he mentions Wife beaters?I'd say in this book he brings up wife beaters easily 100 times Maybe 150Why? Does the author want us to see how hip he is by referring to men's undershirts as wife beaters?Then he really takes the cake by describing a RUBBER wife beater that Bruce Willis is wearing in a posterStrike me dead but is Bruce Willis married to a dolphin? Does he beat her up??Under the ocean?This book is so incoherent that it gives me the willies Maybe the author was stoned out of gourd That might explain all these weird and nonsensical analogiesI'm desperate here Give me anything at all to explain it What can I say? This is probably one of the lousiest books I've ever readAnd as to the plot don't even get me startedDrek Pure drekJM

  9. Alicia Alicia says:

    A solid first novel by Rosecrans Baldwin Was it my favorite book ever? No but I found it thoroughly enjoyable The strange thing is though I found myself drawn to side characters Sara in particular I thought was very intriguing and was perhaps my favorite character even though she is dead throughout the whole book The main character Victor became relatable later in the book when he started going off the deep end When I was reading Sara's memories about Victor I thought he was completely annoying but I'm pretty sure that was the point All in all this book was a good summer read for me about a smart and strange man who desperately needs some therapy and his twisted relationships with a burlesue dancer a best friend he hates his dead wife's memories his dead wife's aunt and his hippie ish god daughter that doesn't know what to do with her life The book is filled with dark comedy and some oddly touching moments that make me glad I was one of the first to read it My applause to Rosecrans Baldwin

  10. Vikki Vikki says:

    this book lost me somewhere in the first hundred pages i was intrigued by the premise alzheimer's researcher finds his own memories unreliable after his wife's unexpected death but it never really panned out what annoyed me most was the way the characters talked to each other something about their dialogue just baffled me as if they all knew what they were talking about but i didn't the last third of the book picked up a bit and i was satisfied to have finished it but frankly if i'd had something i was excited about waiting on my to read list i probably wouldn't have bothered

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