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Random Acts of Blindness ★ Random Acts of Blindness PDF / Epub ✪ Author Kelli Jae Baeli – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In this erotic novella Rachel Leeds is a repressed literature professor who struggles with taboo fantasies that invade her sexual identity with razor sharp intensityJust as Rachel's answers begin to o In this erotic novella Rachel Leeds is a repressed literature professor who struggles with taboo fantasies that invade her sexual identity with razor sharp intensityJust as Rachel's answers begin to overpower her uestions she crosses paths with a clever young lesbian who isn't who she appears to be and manages to turn her staid academia into a firestorm of desire pulling at the threads of Rachel's carefully controlled existenceRandom Act of Random Acts ePUB í Blindness is a steamy lesbian tale that takes an often superficial genre and imbues it with elouence and multi dimensional facets; Baeli has created characters a reader can truly invest in and care aboutEXCERPTSNever in all her days had she imagined herself in a position like this Vivid fantasies aside Rachel had never considered acting on the impulses that invaded her thoughts throughout the day until her session with Dr Bass They were private affairs stored only in some scurrilous alcove of her mind Yet her mind interacted with other minds and often there were fragments of information to be had in decidedly ironic ways René Bass for instance listened to her confession of the scandalous Jaguar masturbation and fantasy bondage scenarios and produced a copy of the bondage magazine While not something Professor Rachel Leeds believed would ualify as a literary device it was nonetheless pivotal in the events in which she was now participating Namely being on her way to a hardware store to find something to use as a whip on the girl who was naked and bound in a hotel room number the Mark of the Almost BeastFaith To believe in things not yet seen they say Patrice was faithful a long time ago Then she communed with the faithless and their cloying demands She needed evidence because it made her feel foolish And faith was lost But the bitterness left her cold barefoot detached from the warmth of love and connection Then she discovered a different faith One born of her own power left untapped for eons swirling ebullient joyful And now coming full circle she found herself wholly unualified still to manifest from faith alone Yet perfectly accustomed to crying alone wishing alone Hope did not float It sat on the bottom of a vast sea of isolation weighted by its own lie.

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Random Acts of Blindness
  • Kelli Jae Baeli
  • English
  • 13 January 2014
  • 9781440461286

About the Author: Kelli Jae Baeli

Even after books Kelli Jae Baeli always tries to write the sort of book she would want to read She says her favorite thing to do is take a common trope and turn it on its ear Where you expect a zig she gives you a zag In her pages you will find strong female characters ethical dilemmas realistic romantic storylines often filled with adventure and intense pacing tempered by Random Acts ePUB í witty dialog.

7 thoughts on “Random Acts of Blindness

  1. Bill Bill says:

    This was only the second fiction work by Jae that I've read and I chose it because of a recent post Jae did on her own blog saying it is A highly erotic lesbian story of discovery and trust that also has a plot and characters you can care about I think the eroticism level was just right for me a la Goldilocks was done tastefully and professionally and acts as icing on the cake to what is otherwise a novella I praise for the realistic and believable other reviewers have used the apt phrase three dimensional characters and plot Baeli now has my attention for her skill and thanks to this book I'll be planning to buy and read of her work

  2. Musa Musa says:

    Love this book You're probably going to be a bit disappointed if you buy thinking it's an erotica Don't get me wrong to a certain extent it is But to a larger extent this is a book with a real story line it's about self discovery and falling in love A recommended read maybe it will strike a resonance in you as well

  3. Kelli Baeli Kelli Baeli says:

    SHARING A REVIEW AT 50 out of 5 stars Smart Clever Romantic Dynamic Again November 6 2012 By Vix Reader FormatPaperback| Verified PurchaseFirst let me clarify I cannot be completely objective when writing a review about a book by this author I have read most of her offerings and have loved every one of them I read this book some time ago and revisited it a few days ago Having said that let's beginFirst of all this book beautifully flows from mood to mood as the narrative unfolds The first several chapters were written in a rather formal third person that in my head I heard as an elderly male English television host Brilliantly the action that takes place in these said chapters is hilarious so the writing style works in counterpoint with the narrativeRachel Leeds the rather staid English professor reminded me of Lydia Beaumont from The Secret Trilogy in that she always seemed to be a little dazed with what was going on around her and the addition of Patrice to her life seems to confound her even while at the same time it spurs her on to fish or cut baitPatrice is a fascinating character I love how Ms Baeli lets the reader discover Patrice Patrice could have easily been portrayed as some crazy obsessive bitch She pulls some really psycho stuff but the author then follows each situation with backstory that makes the reader say Oh I seeAs always Baeli has imbued her characters with wit and their dialogue and actions are very original Some might uestion that this is one of those love at first sight jobs Well not really Patrice has been observing Rachel for uite some time and I think you can fall in love with someone's mind without any personal interaction Haven't we all had a crush on a teacher? And I think Rachel had been looking for Patrice for a long long timeThe novel moves from farcical to romantic to a who dun it seamlessly All the while Baeli uses her clever humor and superb writing skills to keep the reader in rapt attention This author always includes a few very hot and steamy sex scenes which never seem gratuitous and always satisfyGive yourself a good read You deserve it Pasted from

  4. Ameliah Faith Ameliah Faith says:

    Very Nice and Sexy TooI chose to read Random Acts of Blindness months ago but only got to this morning I do not know why I waited so long foolish move on my part I liked the concept and Ms Baeli was a new author to me I must emphasize was I know the uality of her work now and I like it The story is about a newly aware lesbian and her first lover I liked the story line and the characters There was the angst and doubt and insecurities that come with your first love especially with the lead's age and position in her career There was also some who done it mystery as well It was well paced and I totally enjoyed the characters and could identify with both leads The book is a romance so one should not expect long drawn out problems that take forever to resolve The book is too short for that I also feel the story's end was a bit abrupt Everything seemed to get wrapped up too neatly too uickly As I think about what I would have done differently I can honestly say I do not know And keeping in mind that this is a romance not a murder mystery as it were is is very well done I will be reading this again

  5. Dee Dee says:

    3 12 stars rounded up to 4This is the first book I have read by this author It was a fun read with plenty of mystery and drama As for the erotica it started out strong with some uniue scenes view spoilerbeing penetrated with a remote control after giving it just a uick wipe sex with a strap on covered by a condom OO hide spoiler

  6. Bugs Bugs says:

    This book was my first experience with Kelli Jae Baeli's writing and I must sayWhat a FANTASTIC read I finished it in no time at all I'm a speed reader so I was uick It was THAT funny sexy and SO FUN Definitely on my re read list

  7. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    I finished this book the day after I bought it I don't re read most books but a year later I found myself not only re reading it but enjoying it as much as the first time I read it

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