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As You Were [Epub] ❥ As You Were By Kelli Jae Baeli – Tru a performing singer songwriter and Brittany a photographer shared a beautiful home on Red Mountain in Colorado enjoyed horseback riding in the snow laden hills and romantic nights in front of the Tru a performing singer songwriter and Brittany a photographer shared a beautiful home on Red Mountain in Colorado enjoyed horseback riding in the snow laden hills and romantic nights in front of the fireplace But when an average day ends in a tragic accident Tru must embark upon a uest to regain the life she once had with her lover while sinister outsiders take advantage of the precarious situation Yearning revelations and lurking danger pull at the threads of a once idyllic life As You Were is a romantic story driven by mystery and As You PDF \ suspense.

About the Author: Kelli Jae Baeli

Even after books Kelli Jae Baeli always tries to write the sort of book she would want to read She says her favorite thing to do is take a common trope and turn it on its ear Where you expect a zig she gives you a zag In her pages you will find strong female characters ethical dilemmas realistic romantic storylines often filled with adventure and intense pacing tempered by witty dialog.

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  1. Lady Avalon Lady Avalon says:


  2. Bill Bill says:

    I watched the movie Desert Hearts in early September 2011 this movie is mentioned with a fair amount of significance in As You Were The gay bar named Finders Keepers in this novel certainly reminds me of Kate Genet's use of the same name for a short story she wrote Sleep did not come easily is pretty close to a line in one of my poems For now sleep comes not easily The arid alpine setting of this novel is similar to the environment of northern Arizona where I live I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and have to say that Jae is a talented and skillful writer and that I'll definitely be reading of her work as well as her blog in the future

  3. Terry Baker Terry Baker says:

    Singersongwriter Tru Morgan is totally in love with her live in girl friend Brittany Brit Jabot Together they share a wonderful home on Red Mountain Colorado Their lives are idyllic filled with their dreams romantic nights and riding their beloved horses in a fairy tale snowy setting Life just couldn’t get much better for them Until one day a malicious chain of events ends up being the indirect cause cause of a tragic accident Tru finds herself fighting to find the life she once had with Brit This in itself is an uphill struggle but add to it disruptive outside influences and it is going to be almost an impossibility Some people just do not want to see Tru and Brit back together The uestion that has to be asked is Will Tru and Brit ever find their way back to the love so callously torn from them? A well written and highly enjoyable romance mystery and intrigue with a light touch of humor Although this story is basically a romance there is so much packed into it So many twists and turns and ups and downs it’s a real rollercoaster ride of highs and lows I simply couldn’t put this book down and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough I had to force myself to slow down I wouldn’t advise starting this late at night unless you don’t need to sleep The two main characters Tru and Brit are poles apart throughout most of the book I don’t want to put in any spoilers but the emotional ride they are on is hard going for them The only thing I will say is I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome of the story All the characters in the book were well formed and they each played their parts in progressing the story forward The scenic descriptions made it easy to visualize being amongst the characters while the story evolves One thing I particularly liked about this book is the way we saw how Tru and Brit got together in the first instance in flashbacks I do like to know the background of the characters This is the first book I’ve read by this author now that I’ve found her I’ll definitely be buying

  4. Kelli Baeli Kelli Baeli says:

    “What an amazing seduction Reading this book made me cry laugh and feel as though I had been blissfully seducedand I'm not a lesbianLOL But as I have found with other books written by Kelli Jae Baelishe writes both lesbian and mainstream novelsit doesn't matter what your sexual preference is in the end I fall in love with all of her characters as I did once again with those in this novel and feel as though I am personally involved in the story It is a greatly suspenseful beautifully romantic tale of renewedre claimed love that seduced me into staying up til 546 am on a work day because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN until I finished it In the Author's Note Ms Baeli writes I hope you enjoy it Ms Baeli that is an understatement I absolutely adored this story Thanks for yet another wonderful novel to read I've read 5 of them now and am starting the sixth tomorrow”Tanya GotcherLittle Rock ARI didn't want to put this book down I became emotionally involved with the characters and the challenges they faced They reminded me of people I know The ending was great and unpredictable Jae I am looking forward to reading the rest of your novels Thank you so much for putting your work out there for us avid readers I have thoroughly enjoyed As You Were Thank you again and good workShell Smith Truman AR

  5. Sharlie Sharlie says:

    I’d give this book 6 or 7 stars if I could Although it was a little slow to grab me at first it soon caught on and then I had a hard time putting it down I loved Tru’s strength and belief in the love she and Brit shared All of the characters in the story were rich and so well described that I could see them hear them I have lived in the foothills west of Denver for almost eight years and my son in law has played at the Soiled Dove so I truly enjoyed Kelli’s descriptions of the surrounding area I wasn’t sure what to expect when I selected this book didn’t know anything about it or the author The suspense that carried through the book had me on the edge of my seat as it were and I know I’ll be reading of Kelli’s work

  6. Margaret L. Hedman Margaret L. Hedman says:

    Loved this bookReally enjoyed this book I loved the story of Tru and Brittany Stalking is every woman's night mare I loved the setting up in a remote part of a mountain

  7. Nrahmer Nrahmer says:

    I was shocked to find that this was her first story she'd written Loved it the whole way through Couldn't put it down

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