Madam Millie Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan Epub

10 thoughts on “Madam Millie Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan

  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Out from the library in NM Not sure if I actually read it If so no lasting impression remains

  2. LibraryCin LibraryCin says:

    35 starsMillie and her sister were orphans in the early 20th century after their parents died within a short time frame Although they were in and out of foster homes they mostly managed to stay together When Millie’s older sister Florence got sick it was suggested she head for someplace dry They ended up in New Mexico with Florence in a sanitorium and Millie needed to find a way to make enough money to pay for Florence’s care It’s how Millie got into prostitution and not long after she started buying and running the whorehouses herself She married a number of times but held on to those whorehouses and added to them Millie was feisty that’s for sure She was also well respected And had a few brushes with the law I’m not sure she was someone I would like but it takes all kinds She has lots of good stories The book certainly kept my interest Overall it was good

  3. Sherry Sherry says:

    I don't remember how I came across this book written by a New Mexico author about a New Mexico madam At any rate I thought it would be interesting to learn about not too distant historical New Mexicans It was an interesting story about Mildred Cussey AKA Angelina Fantetti I'm a fanatic for stories of how women overcome great obstacles to be successful and this story had than its share of that The writing was a bit basic and over the top but you could tell the author really knew and admired his subject She was remarkable in a life that I would not have wanted I learned a great deal about the profession of prostitutes back in the day and about sisterly loyalty

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    I really enjoyed this bookMillie was definitely a character that I wish I could have met in real lifeShe was a very strongwilled orphan that picked herself up by her bootstraps From orphan to madam she had an awesome life full of ups and downs but she kept fighting no matter what Loved the historical aspect of the book

  5. Deidre Deidre says:

    Really fascinating portrait of a madam who operated in NM until the 1960s Had no idea that such parlor houses existed that long A bit later in time than I was looking to read about but devoured it none the less

  6. Chiemi Ash Chiemi Ash says:

    History defined in the area I live in Good read

  7. Tristy Tristy says:

    As another reviewer said the amazing stories in this book outweigh the choppy badly edited writing The Afterglow section at the end of the book explained that the only way Millie would talk to the author on a deep level was if he would get totally drunk with her so that might explain the chaotic writing style You can tell that the author adored Millie as just about everyone who knew her seemed to And her story is uite amazing I did have a hard time bridging how brilliant of a businesswoman she was with how she also got herself into horrifically abusive relationships I guess the alcoholism didn't help any And yet she was probably the most successful madam in the history of prostitution I also learned that it was the male pimps who came along and took the power away from the women and brought drugs into the scene thus basically destroying the old ways of the female run whorehouse It's a really fascinating book you just have to approach it like you are sitting with Millie on her back porch and listening to her stories as opposed to a traditionally written biography

  8. Amber Ray Amber Ray says:

    Definitely a woman with an interesting life but this book doesn't have a balanced feel to the biography and sometimes the uality of writing is very tell not show A pity Millie didn't write her life story in her own words while I don't agree with her life choices she sure lived an interesting and colorful life Points on being smart and using her money wisely not just depending on what she earned as a working girlThe book makes good arguments for legalized controlled and fair prostitution if men are still paying for it and women are willing to do it making the profession safe clean drug free and free of pimps or abusers would do many women some good

  9. Katrin Katrin says:

    New Mexico became a state in 1912 and my book club read three books this year about some aspect of our state's historyThe first was Murder on the White Sands about the infamous murder of Albert Fountain and his 8 year old grandson The second was No Life For a Lady written by Agnes Cleveland about her life growing up on a rural NM ranch in the late 1800s to 1940 or so This book was the third and was a complete waste of time Every chapter was about sex and drink names of towns were mentioned but there was little redeeming valueK

  10. SouthWestZippy SouthWestZippy says:

    I could not put this book down The writing is not great but the story is WOW what a story Max Evans presents a very open and at time graphic picture of the life of Mildred Clark Cusey known as Millie Millie was orphaned and separated from her older sister At a young age Millie discovered how to use her looks and business sense to make lots of money With this discovery Millie was able to take care of her sister who came down with tuberculosis

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Madam Millie Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Madam Millie Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan ⚡ Author Max Evans – Mildred Clark Cusey was a whore a madam an entrepreneur and above all a survivor The story of Silver City Millie as she referred to herself is the story of one woman's personal tragedies and triumphs Mildred Clark Cusey was a whore a madam Bordellos from PDF/EPUB À an entrepreneur and above all a survivor The story of Silver City Millie as she referred to herself is the story of Madam Millie ePUB í one woman's personal tragedies and triumphs as an orphan a Harvey Girl waitress on the Santa Fe railroad a prostitute with innumerable paramours and a highly successful bordello businesswoman Millie broke Millie Bordellos from PDF ↠ the mould in so many ways and yet her life's story of survival was not unlike that of thousands of women who went West only to find that their most valuable Millie Bordellos from Silver City PDF \ assets were their physical beauty and their personality Petite at five feet tall with piercing blue eyes Millie captured men's attention by her very essence and her unmistakable joie de vivre Born to Italian immigrant parents near Kansas City she and her sister were orphaned early and separated from each other Millie learned hard lessons on the streets but she never gave up and she vowed to protect and support her ailing older sister Caught in a domestic suabble in her foster home Millie wound up in juvenile court with Harry Truman as her judge This would be only the first of many brushes in her life with prominent politicians West to a Catholic home in Deming New Mexico Millie moved with her Expenses ran high and after a brief stint waiting tables as a Harvey Girl Millie found that her meagre tips could easily be augmented by turning tricks Thus out of financial need and devotion to her sister Mildred Cusey turned to a life of prostitution and a career at which she soon excelled and became both rich and famous.