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Storeys Guide to Raising Rabbits ❴Reading❵ ➹ Storeys Guide to Raising Rabbits Author Bob Bennett – Storey s Guide to Raising Rabbits is as essential to the owner of pet rabbits as it is to the farmer raising rabbits for meat or fur Breed selection year round care and feeding safe housing humane han Storey s Guide to Raising to Raising Epub ß Rabbits is as essential to the owner of pet rabbits as it is to the farmer raising rabbits for meat or fur Breed selection year round care and feeding safe housing humane handling and disease prevention and treatment are all addressedThis is the classic comprehensive essential reference for all rabbit raisers.

10 thoughts on “Storeys Guide to Raising Rabbits

  1. Jake Jake says:

    This is a book full of good information on one method of raising rabbits Unfortunately the author is very opinionated and close minded against any method besides his His description of diseases prevention and treatment comprise only a few pages and all boil down to cleanliness which is important yes But a reference for when things go wrong is much usefulTo any rabbit raisers I'd recommend the Rabbit Raising Problem Solver by Karen Patry

  2. Greg Greg says:

    I'll give it two stars because Bennett writes what you would expect him to but not what you were hoping for I think this book was published before we all started getting pissed off about factory farms but the heavy regimen of daily antibiotics he prescribes might make anyone look twice I'll keep searching for a progressive approach to the topic

  3. paul paul says:

    Far from organicVery informative but my man is far from organic and should brush up on the definition of humane Also he's riding food science's nuts All in all I got a lot for this book

  4. michelle yates michelle yates says:

    For rabbit farmers I was uite disappointed in this book This book is for those who are using their rabbits for enterprise not for people who want to keep rabbits for pets or companions The first chapter talks about how your rabbit doesn't need to be let out of its cage Its perfectly happy to stay locked up in a cramped cage because it doesn't know any better Really? Good info as far as husbandry butchering breeding etc But does not teach you how to enrich a bunnies life

  5. Heather Heather says:

    ARC Copy from Netgalley for review Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits 5th EditionIf you've ever been interested in raising rabbits for meat show andor for business purposes this book could be for you If you're looking for a book about raising pet rabbits this book is not for youBob Bennett believes his way of raising rabbits is the best way to raise healthy productive rabbits He doesn't believe in the colony method nor raising them in natural settings He goes into why cages are better when you need to control all aspects of raising the rabbits for the best health genetics and production Raising rabbits for show meat or other production aspects is completely different than raising pet rabbits He also believes very strongly that rabbits should be fed commercial rabbit foodSince I'm new to raising rabbits I found many aspects of the book very helpful including housing reuirements and methods as well as best breeding methods The information about the different breeds was uite interesting and I learned that I've already made some rooky mistakes when it comes to getting my first breeding trio which he doesn't recommend It would be nice to have the various recommended forms included in the book so new rabbit owners could make copies until they decide exactly what they personally need Some examples are given but actual forms would be niceBecause this book includes raising rabbits for meat he includes details on how to process a rabbit as well as recipesBennett approaches raising rabbits as a business and the methods in the book reflect that approach Breeding the best rabbits for your desired purpose and creating a good business model to make money off those rabbits are the ideas that are woven throughout the book While I am not at the point where I want to sell rabbits it's good information to have on hand as you want to start off on the right foot so you can sell down the road if desired

  6. Katey Katey says:

    I bought this book to educate myself in my consideration of buying a rabbit for a pet and all it entails after reading the guide to raising beef cattle; in all its detail of care I thought this would be a good buy However I have to say I’m disappointed I’ve already had to skip whole pages to avoid the authors rankings of inbreeding As someone who has worked in pet care I can vouch to the horrific conseuences of inbreeding and the toll it takes on the life the breeder createdthe author proclaims himself someone who loves rabbits and than likely does but refuses to acknowledge or accept any opinion on the subject than his own To uote “Better than anything else purebred stock will help you start raising rabbits the right way”reasons purebreds are superior”But first consider crossbreds Crossbreds Are Least Valuable Crossbreds are mongrels” reasons that they suck He then goes on to advise you on how to select a breeder afterwards he states “depend upon the raisers judgement as to which pairs to buy Don’t insist upon unrelated rabbitsunrelated rabbits will not the job nearly as well as unrelated stock” The author tries to persuade his audience that his opinion is undebatable and absolute while trying to convince HIS CUSTOMERS not to uestion him to uestion anyone challenging his beliefs and insuring you buy from himThe book is good in terms of care but you’ll have to skip uite a few pages

  7. Missi Missi says:

    This book is very much for beginners But not really for pet beginners Author is very opinionated and I disagree with several things Rabbits are happy living in cages because they don’t know anything else Um there’s this thing called instinct Rabbits like to do rabbit things they need enrichment just like any other creature Snake keepers mostly feed FT and not live rabbits That is mostly a non issue Author really only discussed breeds he liked Many breeds not mentioned And I would have liked a comprehensive health section Common diseases and the treatment would be helpful

  8. Cora Robles Cora Robles says:

    Not the book I was wanting I got a pet rabbit and this book was for raising feeder and show rabbits not ones for pets So if you’re looking for of a farm rabbit book this is a good one but not if you’re wanting a book to pet care

  9. Jon Jon says:

    Enjoyed this book immensely As a new rabbit raiser I learned much I modeled my hutch system after the one described in book Simply hanging wire cages up While the plans in the book were a bit unclear it has done well So far my rabbits have remained happy and healthy And delicious

  10. JC JC says:

    Lots of good info Looking forward to the day when I can raise rabbits

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